12.13.10 Photography

Speaking in Brisbane, Australia

hen I first got the email from Joel Strickland, I thought I misread it. Or he sent it to the wrong person. Luckily, he also cc'd JD on the email and he was downstairs reading at the same time. I checked my calendar before I joined JD on the couch. Next thing we know, we're booking flights to Brisbane, Australia. And, yes, it happened just like that. My life? IT'S RANDOM.

I've been asked to speak at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography's Hair of the Dog Conference. I'll be giving the keynote on Monday, February 7, 2011 and I'd be honored to meet you there.

As I've said many times before, Australia holds a special place in my heart, a dreamworld of sorts. It's a country that's captivated my childhood dreams and to go in a professional capacity is, literally, beyond my wildest dreams. JD and I taught in Sydney earlier this year, so I revisited some of the photos I took and found this little photo taken at Manly Beach...

I suspect I didn't edit it before because it looks like we're mad at each other. We're not. The photo is a composite of two photographs since we didn't get very many photos of us together. If I remember correctly, it was a lonnnnnnng day, we just finished dinner (Thai), waited in line for Ben&Jerry's ice cream, and walked along the ocean at night. And look at the blue shopping bag...if that doesn't scream TOURIST, I don't know what does.

Dear Australia, please get your blue plastic bags ready...I'm coming back!
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Agi - OMG! Jasmine!!! I just saw this now! Are you stopping by in Sydney too by any chance?? Would love to come to Brissy, but can't due to work commitments in Sydney :(   01.27.11 - 1:19am
Polka Dot Bride - Can't wait to have you back on our shores Jasmine!  01.01.11 - 2:49am
Michelle (NZ) - Thats awesome! Ok its not New Zealand lol, but cool, so there!  12.17.10 - 12:22pm
Mark Matthews - OMG OMG OMG!!! I HAVE to come to this! I love your pic btw I was shooting in Manly the other day! tee hee! see you in Feb!!   12.17.10 - 7:55am
Album fotografico matrimonio - I am so excited to read how excited all your fans are Jasmine that we are bringing you to Australia!!! I am very happy to see this blog. That's having a lot of excitement.   12.15.10 - 9:54pm
Leani Holmes - I wish you'd come to South Africa too!  12.15.10 - 7:00am
Jo Lynch - What an awesome opportunity! I'm flying back into Aus on the 5th...I wonder if I can make it to Brisbane on the 7th... Enjoy your trip!  12.15.10 - 5:25am
Geoffrey Sinclair - Fantastic that you are coming down under again, would love it if you would do any workshops while you were here, I would love to attend one.  12.15.10 - 2:19am
Geoffrey Sinclair - Fantastic that you are coming down under again, would love it if you would do any workshops while you were here, I would love to attend one.  12.15.10 - 2:18am
amanda thiessen - congrats!! that's so great! and i can't wait to see and read all about it!!  12.14.10 - 11:02pm
Rebecca Patterson - Hey Jasmine, i have read your blog for what feels like forever... I am so, so, so excited to hear you are coming to Brisbane!!!!!!... First Oprah now you.. It's just like Christmas...Bec   12.14.10 - 9:17pm
Jodie - Merge Photography - OMG!!! Thats soooo exciting! Just wish the AIPP here in Western Australia could lure you over here to do a talk, I for one would love to hear you speak.  12.14.10 - 8:06pm
Joel Strickland - AIPP Events Manager - WOW I am so excited to read how excited all your fans are Jasmine that we are bringing you to Australia !!! The link has been fixed for bookings look forward to seeing you all at HOTD!!!  12.14.10 - 7:21pm
flava - absolutely keep the video blog going!!! u r awesome, Jasmine!!! this is a great idea, i think your video blog will be a huge hit.  12.14.10 - 12:25pm
Neal Edgeworth - I had to double check I wasn't seeing things. When I saw Brisbane, Australia I thought to myself surely not I've just misread! Thankfully it's a dream come true. Now all I need to do is tell work I'm having the day off & purchase a ticket! I'm sure yourself and JD will love sunny Brisbane even more than you did Sydney!!  12.14.10 - 2:58am
Geoff Dunn - .........with tears streaming down my face, I get to see and hear my hero! Jasmine, you have made my year! :o))  12.14.10 - 1:18am
Josh - We look forward to seeing you at Hair of the Dog Jasmine :)  12.14.10 - 12:23am
Melissa - Let me know what you think of the Wedding Photography Scene in Brisbane :)  12.13.10 - 6:47pm
Captured - the website says this seminar is 28th Feb...???   12.13.10 - 5:27pm
Angela Higgins - Yay you! I knew you'd be back soon :)   12.13.10 - 5:22pm
Jess Jarrett - OMG, OMG, OMG !!! I can't wait to see you and JD. I look at your Blog EVERYDAY!!!! What a shock to see today that you are coming to my home town Brisvegas!!! :) :) :)  12.13.10 - 5:03pm
LEOLAK - Ohhhh...jealous! Australia is my dream destination!   12.13.10 - 4:48pm
Josephine - OMG OMG OMG....*goosebumpssss* i might just i might just.....have a dream come true of meeting YOU and travel from SG to Brisbane just to see YOU!!! Oh Universeeee, hear me out!!!!!!!!! *on my knees*  12.13.10 - 4:44pm
Kansas City Wedding Photographers - I love the pic Jasmine. And I to agree, there is something fascinating about the Outback. I used to sing, take opera classes, and preform before I was a photographer. In fact my husband, Marco and I, met IN an opera. Well, Sydney was a dream. To sing there, to photograph there, to sit way up in the nosebleed section and it sound as though I were in the front row. Enjoy your conference wish I could go! :)  12.13.10 - 4:39pm
Rebecca - Booked! Just my luck - I buy tickets to WPPI to come and see you in Vegas, then you come to Australia! Oh well - double dose of J* :)  12.13.10 - 4:30pm
Hayley - Awesome - any workshop in the pipeline for Australia?  12.13.10 - 4:28pm
Louise Fletcher - Oh yay! We'd love to have you back in Manly.  12.13.10 - 4:26pm
Kristen - Booked and bought, can't wait :)  12.13.10 - 4:03pm
Christine - You already know I'm excited but... WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! SEE YOU THERE CHICKY!!!! :) xoxoxo  12.13.10 - 3:46pm
Annie - Also, the link doesn't work... do we register through aipp?  12.13.10 - 3:35pm
Annie - I think I might faint... Can I meet you!?!?!?! :) :) :)  12.13.10 - 3:32pm
Michelle - Yay! I've already booked my spot at HOTD and cannot wait to hear you speak!   12.13.10 - 3:29pm
Joyce D. - Your randomness is quite amusing!   12.13.10 - 2:38pm
Melinda - AIPP Queensland President - We're so excited to have you speak for us at Hair of the Dog in February, Jasmine! You're sure to bring a whole new crowd of folk...!  12.13.10 - 2:24pm
Joel Strickland - Yes we can not wait to have you hear Jasmine   12.13.10 - 2:16pm
Sam@Shuttersnap - Woohoo! Just bought my ticket! I'm so excited! See you in Brissy next year:)  12.13.10 - 2:11pm
Bec - Awesome! I might just get to meet you this year! excellent!  12.13.10 - 1:41pm
Nicole - Yay!! We are so excited to have you visiting us in BrisVegas!! I can't wait to hear you speak at HOTD!!   12.13.10 - 1:20pm
Pamela Topping - I love Australia!! You're a lucky girl :)  12.13.10 - 1:15pm
Candace Prokopets - Love getting to watch you live out your dreams. Always in inspiration.   12.13.10 - 12:56pm
Life with Kaishon - How exciting Jasmine and JD. Hope you have the most sensational time!  12.13.10 - 12:48pm
Tracy Jane - woo hoo your coming back... very excited for u Jasmine ;)  12.13.10 - 12:44pm
Jessica - If you need someone to carry your camera bag when you are there..just let me know...I'm just sayin'.  12.13.10 - 12:26pm
Rich Park - sounds like an amazing event! hope you have a great time out in australia again!  12.13.10 - 11:52am
Gabriela Fuentes - Totally random question. If this is a composite, which you said it is, why is your purse only JD's side? Does he carry your purse? even while he was taking your Picture? I love it :-) You see, I tell my husband that it's OK to carry my purse when I'm tired, but he doesn't trust me.  12.13.10 - 11:38am
Kaylee Sizemore - Can you fit me in your bag? pleeeease?  12.13.10 - 11:36am
Angela - Hey Jasmine While you are down under why dont you pop across to New Zealand?? We would love to see you over here :)  12.13.10 - 11:33am
Kelsey Anderson - How exciting! I so want to visit AU someday. I just love the accent!!  12.13.10 - 11:04am
Jessica Hunt - I absolutely love that JD is wearing Toms. Love it!  12.13.10 - 10:41am
stephanie - have a great time in the land down under! take lots of pictures so we can soak in the beauty as well :) you are truly blessed, jasmine star!   12.13.10 - 10:25am
jeramy - wowzers! we've got friends in brisbane. maybe i could carry your suitcase? :-)  12.13.10 - 10:16am
Robyn - Our 20 hour drive across the states when we moved to Boston this summer just left the two of us... and the camera. And, I swear, we have a photo just like this that I had to edit together. And we also kind of look mad. Too funny. Thanks for sharing! Safe travels in February!!!   12.13.10 - 9:09am
JudithRomance - Fab photo! My sister is currently in Australia, your post makes me think about her EVEN more! Thanks!  12.13.10 - 9:06am