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Engagement Highlights : 2010

s 2010 comes to a close and the holiday cheer abounds, I wanted to take a chance to highlight a few engagement photos from the year. I absolutely love what I do and engagement sessions are the cherry on top of the cake...getting to know my clients before their wedding is my favorite and an added perk to my life!

Here are 25 Engagement Highlights from 2010...

Shannon + Jody's San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session...

Keren and Pieter's San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session

Jami and Joel's Costa Mesa Engagement Session

Catherine and Jimmy's Costa Mesa Engagement Session

Bianca and Matt's Silverado Engagement Session

Erin and Mike's Palos Verde Engagement Session

Gladys and Chris' San Francisco Engagement Session

Amber and Matt's Los Angeles Library Engagement Session

Katelyn and Michael's Red Rock Engagement Session

Anne and Cory's Los Angeles Engagement Session

Meg and Tim's Los Angeles Observatory Engagement Session

Monique and Mike's Laguna Beach Engagement Session

Sarah and Chris' Santa Barbara Engagement Session

Marie and Charlie's Los Angeles Engagement Session

Happy Monday!
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Alison Howard - Gorgeous! Love seeing the different couples and different locations. Everyone looks fabulous; every photo is interesting and captivating. Well done! :)  04.08.11 - 3:22pm
St. Louis Photographers - Your photos are beautiful. Even above your technical ability and your processing ability is your ability to capture that perfect expression. Each shot tells a story, and it is largely conveyed through the expressions these people have on their faces. Beautiful shots.  03.07.11 - 6:41pm
garret - gorgeous! fantastic photos!!!   02.17.11 - 12:32pm
Jenna Danelle - My fav is the one with the striped setee - is that a word? The one above your sisters... Anywho, where is that, a store somewhere? Cause it's great! You take such FUN pictures!!!! Love ya!  01.30.11 - 9:53pm
cassandra-m - I dito all the comments I made on previously blog posts. Your clients are beautiful and your photography captures all the emotions of LOVE & HAPPINESS.   12.30.10 - 12:57pm
צילום אירועים - I like the Keren And Pieter and the field the most. My second is Marie and Charlie(the last one). Moshe Samuel, Israel.  12.28.10 - 9:35pm
eija aziz - i really love all your photo. i wonder, what lens did you always use?  12.24.10 - 7:04am
Molly Kate - I'm sure it was hard to pick these highlights. Love them all!  12.22.10 - 9:48pm
Lincoln Car - Awwww those are so gorgeous! Great job!   12.22.10 - 3:25pm
amanda thiessen - so so beautiful...sighhhhhh  12.21.10 - 10:50pm
Julie O'Dell - ooh...ahhh...sigh, so pretty  12.21.10 - 6:58pm
s h e r r y - So much gorgeousness in this post! <3   12.21.10 - 3:58pm
Jessica Chavez - BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I got to see these when you first posted them and they still make my heart warm :) Love your work as always!!   12.21.10 - 2:05pm
Naomi chokr - I was getting goosebumps looking at the pictures! So gorgeous!  12.21.10 - 1:47pm
Shauna - Jasmine - long time fan here :) I have to tell you, i've seen all of these images in their orginial posts (and loved them all) but this is my first time seeing the image of Matt & Amber in the library shot. (Somehow I missed it before!) This image is FANTASTIC! I love the emotion you captured on her face and the slight hint of a smile about to break on his. The image tells so much about them. LOVE IT. Sincerely yours, Shauna  12.21.10 - 12:09pm
Jorge - Wow! very nice pics!  12.21.10 - 11:34am
Yvonne - Gorgeous work as usual! Congrats on a great year and many blessings for the year/s ahead.  12.21.10 - 10:01am
Sarah Miller - Love how your personality shines through your work Jasmine.  12.21.10 - 7:22am
{15:51} photography - Wowzers...there is some serious sass going on in some of those pictures!!! I love it! Well done!  12.21.10 - 5:45am
Anne Elisabeth - Gorgeous :) They are all smiling like they are so comfortable !  12.21.10 - 12:05am
Sumreen Safdar - Amazing shots. Love the way you have captured them.! You RocK Jasmine... Truly a Star.:))  12.20.10 - 10:33pm
ashley barnett - Ah Jasmine I LOVE seeing this kind of re-cap. As soon as I see the couples that have had their weddings I can instantly remember their wedding pictures. And Marie's French Connection dress rocks. And I want it for New Years Eve!  12.20.10 - 10:00pm
LaRiche - Amazing Jasmine..thanks for sharing!  12.20.10 - 9:11pm
Cindy Habel - Stunning photography as always....Gorgeous! I want to thank you Jasmine for blogging daily, I know it would sometimes be an effort but it is so inspiring to me...Huge Thanks! xx  12.20.10 - 6:00pm
Jennifer Hudspeth - I absolutely adore your work. Please keep doing what you do. You inspire me everyday.  12.20.10 - 4:33pm
chuck kovach - Jasmine, I love your work! You are able to capture the individual person, as well as the 'couple' in each of your photographs. I've watched you on 'Live' and you emit such a positive attitude, its such a pleasure to see all the success you continually enjoy and deserve! Best wishes and Happly Holidays!!   12.20.10 - 3:53pm
Brittani - I sigh everytime I see a new post. And go through your photos. My all time favorite engagement session are Keren and Pieter's. Oh yea, and Monique and Mike. <3  12.20.10 - 3:34pm
Katelyn James - last debut on the blog:) We loved our engagement session....snow and all:)   12.20.10 - 3:06pm
Thanos - Bravo, you are getting better !  12.20.10 - 3:04pm
Laura - Gorgeous photos!  12.20.10 - 2:27pm
Kelsey Anderson - All gorgeous but I am loving Red Rock since it is here in Vegas lol   12.20.10 - 2:23pm
AnneMarie - Each couple has their own style and you captured it really well!  12.20.10 - 1:37pm
Life with Kaishon - So creative and fun. I remember them all : )  12.20.10 - 1:18pm
Paul Anslow - Love you style!  12.20.10 - 12:43pm
Susan Jennings - Absolutely Beautiful! It has been amazing finding you this year and watching your work, someday I will be as fabulous as you!!   12.20.10 - 12:13pm
Gabriel Gastelum - Incredible. If these were under a printed magazine it would be labeled as BAM!   12.20.10 - 11:48am
Rich Park - you do such an amazing job bringing out the best from your couples! what an awesome year in engagement shots!  12.20.10 - 11:46am
Emily Scott - you had so many beautiful brides in 2010 ;) LOVE THEM  12.20.10 - 11:16am
crystal - LOVE LOVE LOVE! beautiful images like always Jasmine!  12.20.10 - 10:58am
Keith Ludwick - once again, I am amazed by your ability to catch such simple yet dramatic compositions. The expression of emotion is what makes your work stand out to me. Thank you for posting and giving us all something to aspire to. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you.   12.20.10 - 10:46am
Andrea Ellison Photography - they all rock it.....but I must admit..if I had to pick it....Marie & Charlie........fav shots EVER ! she looks AMAZING x  12.20.10 - 10:44am
Sharon Neves - BEAUTIFUL! Love them all! Love the one especially where the guy is sitting on the tree stump and girl is sitting on his lap and the one of you looking through the book shelves! <3  12.20.10 - 10:44am
David Garmsen - Beautiful, I especially like Keren and Pieter's shot under the tree  12.20.10 - 10:43am
lisa Cour - Gorgeous, amazing! Love the library one and the last of the three of Catherine and Jimmy.  12.20.10 - 10:41am
Cecilia Grace Mizin - Jas, thanks for sharing and keeping us all inspired. You are awesome! -- and JD, too. Your images breathes life. They always seem to jump out of the blog pages. Tootles!  12.20.10 - 10:41am
robbie hickman - beeeeeautiful! Merry Christmas J*  12.20.10 - 10:39am