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Merry Christmas

he pointed out the obvious. But I suppose it was so obvious I never noticed. While in my kitchen, Bri rummaged through cabinets and then said, You have a nice crockpot. I wanted to rush over from the living room and interject in the conversation she was having with JD and be all, Yeah, I crockpot is awesome...look at that fancy digital timer...and the illuminated screen! But I didn't. Because I'd then have to admit I've used it once this past year. Once.

Last night--while Christmas music played and rich aromas filled the air--Bri served dinner. FROM MY CROCKPOT. If I wasn't feeling so pa-rum-pa-pa-pum at that moment and filled with holiday cheer, I might have been jealous. Nat King Cole serenaded us as we sopped up the flavors with warm french bread and I felt like I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. The long, lost ethnic one.

It felt like Christmas. And I want to make sure I'm enjoying every minute. In light of this, I want to thank YOU. You, who comes to this blog and shares your life, time, space with me. With all my heart, I'm enriched because of your stories and your friendship. You make me feel like I'm perpetually walking in a Norman Rockwell painting. The long, lost cyber one.

Merry Christmas.

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Leo Bojesen - Merry Christmas! You're too awesome!  12.26.10 - 3:54am
Victoria O'Connor - I know my life has been enriched by reading your blog - I've laughed, I've cried and I've soooo enjoyed spending a little time with you and JD! In October, I was working 12 hour days and would only have the odd 10 minute break and I would choose to read your blog - if time was currency, I was spending my last dollar on your blog and what a great way to spend a last dollar! Merry Christmas to you, JD and Polo!!  12.24.10 - 5:59pm
angel - merry CHRISTmas to you and your family, including the furry one. i only wish i had a sister who threw a birthday party for jesus! that's awesome! ;-)  12.24.10 - 2:01pm
Eileen Seiberlich - New to your blog - Love your style, Red Christmas bulb....less is more!   12.24.10 - 12:31pm
Thierry Garcia - Merry Christmas Jasmine !  12.24.10 - 12:23pm
Kansas City Wedding Photographers - Merry Christmas! You had me at "...I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. The long, lost ethnic one." LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for all of your sharing. God knows you don't have to. The funny/sad thing is...I feel like I know you. You know like that long lost friend/ sister that I never knew. But you don't know me. So someday when I walk up and sound like I know you, I am not a crazy stalker. Just a friend that you haven't met yet. God Bless, fo' real. Jesus Rocks!!!   12.24.10 - 10:18am
Hannes Uys - Thank you for all the inspiration Jasmine. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas ~H.  12.24.10 - 9:30am
Narelle - I ALWAYS read your blog but I never comment on it so thought its about time I did! So THANK YOU for being so generous with your words and time all year round. Merry Christmas to you and JD and all the best of everything for 2011!   12.24.10 - 7:55am
Elizabeth - Merry Christmas Jasmine and JD!!!!  12.24.10 - 7:14am
Laura Beekmann - Merry Christmas!  12.23.10 - 6:57pm
Heather Corporan - Merry Christmas Jasmine, JD and of coarse Polo ; ) Praying that your holiday season is overflowing with love, laughter and blessings! I love being part of your {cyber} world : D  12.23.10 - 6:18pm
Mona Alicia - Merry Christmas Jasmine and JD! I love that your family is enjoying the season together, I can't wait to do the same with mine!  12.23.10 - 2:59pm
Holly - Merry Christmas Jasmine & JD!!!   12.23.10 - 2:03pm
Rudi - Merry Christmas to you all from the Netherlands! It's freezing cold here, but we will have a white Christmas! Thanks for all your inspiring blog posts!  12.23.10 - 1:19pm
Linda W / Seattle - Jasmine, thank you for all of your wonderful, funny and educational posts through out the year...your blog has been amazing....THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND JD !!  12.23.10 - 12:33pm
Lisa - Thank You for all of the inspiration this past year!!! You rock my photography world!!  12.23.10 - 11:55am
Lindsay - Rejoice! Merry Christmas!   12.23.10 - 11:10am
Maria - Merry Christmas to you!! Looking forward to meeting you in a few short weeks at the workshop! =)  12.23.10 - 11:02am
Adriana H.G. - Merry Xmas!!! :D Hope you and your boys have a great holiday and THANKS for sharing your life and your fabulous photography and tips with us!! :)  12.23.10 - 10:57am
Martin Bartnicki - Merry Christmas guys!!!  12.23.10 - 10:38am
Heather - Merry Christmas to you and JD. And of course Polo! And a big THANKS to you for sharing all you do with us!   12.23.10 - 10:29am
George - Merry Christmas Jasmine!!  12.23.10 - 10:17am
Joanna Kapica - Merry Christmas, Jasmine! Thank you for all your advices, tips, help, thank you for you! :)  12.23.10 - 9:33am
Rich Park - thank you for always sharing with us and letting us be a part of your life! merry christmas!!!  12.23.10 - 8:22am
gladys jem - Merry Christmas Jasmine!!! Xoxo  12.23.10 - 7:27am
allison - Awww - how sweet of you. It is entries like this that keep me coming back to read about your life and your talents. Remember that while you may be jealous of others, many of us are jealous of you! :) I mean, how can we compete with your talent in the *jack department???!!! Merry Christmas to you!!!!  12.23.10 - 7:26am
Christina - Thanks for always sharing your business & your life with us too : ) Merry Christmas JD & Jasmine and have a Happy New Year! Always be true to who you are. Loveyaalot's   12.23.10 - 6:31am
Jan - Merry Christmas wishes from Hamburg, Germany! Enjoy the next days and PLEASE keep posting a lot next year ... YEARSSSS!!!  12.23.10 - 6:19am
Sheree - Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a good one! Big hugs to Polo!  12.23.10 - 6:14am
diane ( - Happy Holidays! Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.   12.23.10 - 5:48am
denise karis - merry Christmas to you and your family! :) love you much!  12.23.10 - 5:10am
Tira J - Merry Christmas Jasmine, JD and Polo. Enjoy your holidays and relax a LOT! xoxo  12.23.10 - 4:35am
Maribel - Long time reader, first time commenter! Happy Holiday to you! And thank you for the great posts all year long. :D  12.23.10 - 12:01am
katie b - merry christmas!!  12.22.10 - 10:10pm
Colleen - ...and thank YOU and JD for your inspiration to struggling photographers, your widsom to new photographers, and your virtual friendship and love to all. Merry Christmas and God bless both of you (and your lovely family) from snowy Michigan....  12.22.10 - 8:55pm
Lydia - Merry Christmas Jasmine, JD, and Polo!  12.22.10 - 8:25pm
Walter - Thanks to you for all your sharing --very inspirational. Merry Christmas!!  12.22.10 - 8:17pm
Stacy Anastasia Elwell - Merry Christmas and a Happy New years!!! :)  12.22.10 - 8:08pm
Rebecca Patterson - Merry Christmas to both of you. Thank you for your honesty, spirit, knowledge & sense of humour. Being able to read your blog everyday has become a ritual of happiness for me. God bless you & your family. xo  12.22.10 - 6:49pm
ashley barnett - Merry Christmas to you, JD and little fluffy man!! I have been dropping hints to my mom all year that I so desperately need a crock pot. Twenty bucks says if I do get one, it remains untouched for at LEAST 6 months...maybe 7.   12.22.10 - 6:40pm
Christa - I know I don't comment as often as I used too but I'm still here...reading, following along, learning, being a fan and so grateful for your being you! Merry Christmas to JD, Polo and of course you Jasmine :) May 2011 bring you even more than you ever dreamed possible.  12.22.10 - 6:18pm
Dawn & Michael Mitchell - Michael & I would like to thank YOU, you who have provided us with so much enlightenment, insight, education, and even a little entertainment this year. We both are so much the better for it. Wish we could repay you some how. Thanks and Merry Christmas!  12.22.10 - 5:44pm
Carrie - Merry Christmas to you and many blessing for 2011.  12.22.10 - 5:06pm
Cristina - MERRY CHRISTMAS dear Jasmine, thank you for your generous heart and for continually inspiring me with your beautiful personality, have a super time! x   12.22.10 - 5:04pm
Dee - Merry Christmas to you (and your family) too! :)  12.22.10 - 5:01pm
Sue - Merry Christmas to you, JD and adorable Polo! Hope Santa brings Polo everything he wants.   12.22.10 - 4:43pm
shannon Wimberly - Merry Christmas to you Jasmine, JD and Polo! Wish you three the very best in the coming new year and joys forevermore! *smile*  12.22.10 - 4:26pm
Louise Fletcher - So lovely to "discover" you this year. Thanks for your generosity and telling the world about my fave restauarnt (Mortar & Pestle). Merry Christmas.  12.22.10 - 4:09pm
Gabriela Fuentes - Merry Christmas to you too.   12.22.10 - 4:06pm
Andrea Mull - Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being so inspiring, for being open and willing to teach so much, for loving your life and sharing it with the world. You are awesome and I have learned so much from you this year! May God continue to bless you and JD in 2011. Merry Christmas!  12.22.10 - 3:35pm
Angela Woolridge - Wishing you a restful and wonderful holiday season!! Thanks for all you do!!  12.22.10 - 3:25pm
Julie O'Dell - Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!  12.22.10 - 3:13pm
Maria - A very Merry Christmas to you and JD.   12.22.10 - 2:57pm
K Size - i love you oodles and oodles! and i love your orni! ;)  12.22.10 - 2:32pm
Pamela Topping - Merry Christmas Jasmine and JD!  12.22.10 - 2:10pm
Jess Robertson - Merry Christmas to you too! And thanks for sharing your life and heart with us :) I look forward to your blog posts every day!   12.22.10 - 2:03pm
Laura - This year you've inspired me to become a better photographer, through your blog, photographs, teachings ... thank you so much and wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  12.22.10 - 1:55pm
Dave Keys - OC Photographer - I think Norman Rockwell would have loved the web, and FB too. He was dissed as an artist for selling to Saturday Evening Post but his work was awesome. I see someone holding a camera, in the middle of that red Christmas bulb. Who could it be? Who...?  12.22.10 - 1:48pm
Anahy - mele kalikimaka!  12.22.10 - 1:34pm
Anh - Ummm what's a crockpot?? Crikey me .. atleast you've used once .. I normally cook and I dont even what it is! Merry Xmas Jasmine & JD :)  12.22.10 - 1:31pm
Christopher - I've got something cooking right now for my weekly CrockPot Tuesday. . .a day late.  12.22.10 - 1:28pm
Mark - I like the reflection... and a Merry Christmas to you of course.  12.22.10 - 1:18pm
Yuliya - Thank you for making my entire year a whole lot merrier with your posts and tips, and your big heart that wants to help. You set a pattern for me in giving. Merry Christmas!  12.22.10 - 1:02pm
Malinda Warder - Jasmine- I've never posted until today. Just this morning I was thinking I want to thank Jasmine for....inspiring me and providing inspirational blog posts that I look forward to daily!! THANK YOU!!!  12.22.10 - 12:50pm
Hope Easter - Merry Christmas to you and JD!!!! Hope you guys have a blessed one!!! :)   12.22.10 - 12:48pm
Carrie K - Merry CHRISTmas to you to Jasmine! I am so thankful for YOU and your willing-ness to share your secrets, fails, tricks of the trade that inspire me to continue to improve (Lord knows I need to!) You are a blessing to those around you. Happy New Year!  12.22.10 - 12:47pm
Sandra Finner - Merry Xmas Jasmine, JD and Polo. Thank you for sharing so much info this year ...   12.22.10 - 12:27pm
Shannon Gray - Merry Christmas to you, JD and your family! It's life's little things that make you feel so blessed. I could definitely do without the gifts, just to have my family close to me during the holidays!  12.22.10 - 12:21pm
Francine - Happy Holidays, Jasmine. Thank YOU for filling my days with laughter, inspiration and learning. Wishing I could reach right out and hug you - a big, loving hug - to express how much you have been a part of my year. Even just through cyber space.  12.22.10 - 12:21pm
Michelle Sibley - Cheers to Cyberspace Rockwell Moments & Friendships. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours. Bring on 2011.   12.22.10 - 12:17pm
Nicole Landgrebe - Merry Christmas to You, Jd and your family Jasmine...... May all your Christmas wishes come true... x   12.22.10 - 12:12pm
Jennifer Jar - Merry Christmas to you and JD and Polo! <3  12.22.10 - 12:05pm
Yanina - Merry Christmas to you, JD and Polo!!! Thanks for sharing, encouraging and always entertaining your blog readers :)   12.22.10 - 12:03pm
felicia gwen - Merry Christmas!  12.22.10 - 11:55am
Woman of Faith Photography - Hi Jasmine and JD, This is the one blog that I check every day! You inspire and teach and show your wonderful faith in God by how you communicate about family and love. Thank you and Lord bless your year ahead!  12.22.10 - 11:48am
Angie B - Jasmine - I read your posts/blog regularly, you continue to inspire me with photography & your writing. You don't know me, and really I don't "know" you... yet I feel like you are a friend - you open the cyber doors and welcome us all in to your life. Thank you for being YOU. Maybe one day we will "know" each other! Merry Christmas to you!  12.22.10 - 11:47am
Whitney Dupuis - Wow. I am just so amazed by you. Your work, your writing, just you. Thank you for what you give me-- inspiration. Merry Christmas to you and your family!  12.22.10 - 11:45am
Kelsey Anderson - Happy Holidays to you and JD!  12.22.10 - 11:42am
BeckeyZ - Merry Christmas to you!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and tips and life with us.  12.22.10 - 11:36am
Salwa - Hurray! Merry Christmas to you too!  12.22.10 - 11:35am
Kim - Merry Christmas to you, JD, Polo and your family! May God bless you all in the coming year!  12.22.10 - 11:35am
Carlos Bruno - "I see photographer ..."! Hehehe ... just saying. Love J* ... tons of from us Bruno's family!  12.22.10 - 11:34am
Judy - Merry Christmas to you too. Hope this next week is filled with family and love and blessings. You are the gift to all of us. Blessings!  12.22.10 - 11:33am
Kelli Taylor - Thank you and Merry Christmas! You are a wonderful writer and amazing and inspiring photographer and it's a pleasure to get a peek into your world! :)  12.22.10 - 11:25am
Shannon - I had to read the first paragraph 3 times. I kept reading Crockpot as Crackpot...I just couldnt believe you were actually posting you have a crackpot for all the world to see :). Wow, must be all the christmas goodies making me loopy. Merry Christmas!  12.22.10 - 11:23am
Marge E - Jasmine, you have such a wonderful sense of humor and you make your blogs come to life --- wishing you and your family a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!  12.22.10 - 11:17am
chuck kovach - Jasmine, Love your blog, love your work and cant wait to see what you're up to next year! You're just the coolest person and such an inspiration. Happy Holidays to your whole family! Chuck  12.22.10 - 11:11am
Peter - Merry Christmas to you and JD! Hope the New Year brings more of your amazingness!  12.22.10 - 11:09am
Kelli - Merry Christmas Jasmine! Hope you, JD, Polo and all of your extended family has an AWESOME holiday season and a blessed 2011!  12.22.10 - 11:04am
Nadya - I personally hate anything that comes out of a crock pot LOL @_@ ! I hope you and JD have an awesome christmas and new year! thanks so much for always sharing and i look forward to learing more from you next year! ^.^  12.22.10 - 11:04am
Kim Graham - too much facebook for me, I guess...was looking so hard for the "like" button on here. LIKE! : )  12.22.10 - 11:03am
Life with Kaishon - This was such a great post : ) I just used our crockpot for the first time in November. I am not going to lie. I felt like a rock star : ) right up until everyone got sick from the Sometimes I feel like such a dork leaving comments on your blog. Like, I wonder, do you ever read them and think who the heck is this that always has something to say about my posts? It's nice to know you appreciate us. Wishing you the merriest of Christmases. Love, Becky Stranger  12.22.10 - 11:01am
Taina Cunningham - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to YOU Jasmine! Such a sweet blog. Love reading ALL of your blogs. You inspire me!   12.22.10 - 10:59am
Liz Rusnac - You rock Jasmine! Have an amazing Christmas :))   12.22.10 - 10:59am
Fabuluxe Photos - Merry Xmas! to you and all of you reading your blog. Claudia :)  12.22.10 - 10:58am
Diana Lupu - Been married for 4 years and my crock pot? Sits in the box, UNOPENED. Sad, but so true. Jasmine, we thank YOU for all that you share with us and I know I speak for everyone when I say, you are a true blessing!   12.22.10 - 10:57am
Irela - Merry Christmas to you and JD and Polo. May your Christmas be blessed and your New Year with health, happiness and much love. Thank you for always sharing so much with us. Feliz Navidades!  12.22.10 - 10:56am
Mahera - I wish I blogged as much as I read yours. Here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your wishes and dreams come true and may this upcoming year be better than the last!   12.22.10 - 10:54am
Lauren - Merry Christmas to you, JD & Polo! :)  12.22.10 - 10:51am
Naomi Chokr - have a wonderful christmas!!!! thank you for sharing your life with us!   12.22.10 - 10:50am
Jessica Chavez - Merry Christmas!! I hope JD, Polo and you have a wonderful holiday!! Once again thnx for sharing and encouraging us to be better at shooting and in life!! xoxo :D  12.22.10 - 10:45am
Brianna the Chef - And I'd like to thank YOU. I am blessed to be in your house, using your kitchen, and experimenting with a crockpot for the very first time. The three of us make a very awesome trio and i have a feeling your thoughtfulness is going to produce many meals in that awesome crockpot of yours in the future. Or... The idea of being thoughtful at the very least. :)   12.22.10 - 10:42am
Rachel - love you j*, from the bottom of my <3 merry christmas!  12.22.10 - 10:35am
kay* - I have a crock pot that I got for Christmas last year (after strongly hinting that I wanted one)....and have not used it once. So I feel your pain :) Now it's in storage since I'm moving to India for a I suppose I won't get to try it out until 2012 :$ Merry Christmas to you too!  12.22.10 - 10:31am
Kelly Sauer - Back at you... You're one of the coolest people I "know," you know that? I love hanging out here, love that you leave the door open, love that you invite us in. You're an example to me of how to be who I am, how to dare it. So, dare to have that merry Christmas, girl. Wishing the moment for you!  12.22.10 - 10:25am
Jorge - Merry Christmas also for you Jasmine, that you spend a few happy holidays together with your family and friends. Feliz Navidad desde EspaƱa!  12.22.10 - 10:25am
LEOLAK - Merry Christmas Jasmine and JD! Thank YOU for the knowledge and entertainment...face are funny...through this past year! Oh yeah...and getting to meet you this year was pretty awesome too! High-paw to Polo!  12.22.10 - 10:20am
Violet - You take wonderful pictures with a camera and your amazing writing style. Hope to see and read more this next year. Merry Christmas!!  12.22.10 - 10:07am