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Power of Photographs

've always known the power of a photograph. Even as a child I embraced the grip photos had on my emotions. I suppose I got it from my mother, a woman who catalogues photos the way one might do with stamps. She's an avid collector. Of memories.

For Christmas I decided to combine recent family photos on a canvas for her gift. I had a little difficulty finding the perfect place to get the custom 18x24 canvas made, but when I discovered Simply Canvas, I knew I was in great hands. Many thanks to Adam for helping me out in a pinch!

Here's a few reactions to her gift...although she might kill me for posting pictures of her without her makeup on. Oh, and I should also mention I inherited a love for Christmas cards from her, as seen here....

Shortly after opening the gift, my mom asked my dad for a hammer because she wanted to put it on the wall. That instant.

I love my mother. And I think this photo proves I'm definitely her favorite! ;)

Happy Sunday!
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allan z - that's beautiful!  01.11.11 - 6:58am
Anne - very sweet Jasmine. :)  12.31.10 - 9:58pm
cassandra-m - thanks for sharing. I can feel the emotions just looking at "your photos" online here. Merry belated Christmas to ALL your family! :)  12.30.10 - 11:20am
wenyin - LOVE that canvas. i'm going to have to do that next year...what a perfect gift!  12.30.10 - 10:55am
Jonni - Absolutely stunning Jasmine! I can see how much your mama loved your awesome gift. What a fantastic idea. Hugs, Jonni  12.29.10 - 1:38pm
shannon leith - lululemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  12.29.10 - 12:32am
naomi chokr - i was choking up as i was reading your post. then bam... the "chokr" choked as i read the last part.. about you being her favorite. Hillarious!  12.28.10 - 11:05am
Sacramento Wedding Photographers - Love the emotion in the photography! Excellent Work!  12.28.10 - 7:56am
Willa Kveta Photography - I LOVE this and this is the best present a photographer can give! The photo at the bottom on you and your mom hugging is so precious!!!  12.27.10 - 7:35pm
Shuva Rahim - Wow! That's a beautiful gift!  12.27.10 - 2:47pm
Mikaela - Aww, I've got goosebumps!   12.27.10 - 12:35pm
jackie lamas - my mom and i are really close and this is exactly how i feel about her too. so happy for you and your family :)  12.27.10 - 9:45am
Manya K. - That is a wonderful gift and your mom looks so happy and excited! Beautiful!  12.27.10 - 8:56am
Jorge - That is wonderful Love that idea!   12.27.10 - 7:43am
Rich Park - what a great gift! such a priceless expression on your mom's face =).  12.27.10 - 6:59am
Lisa Scherer - Your family is so so so beautiful! Love seeing the love just radiating from these photos.  12.27.10 - 6:29am
Dawn and Michael Mitchell - Such a great gift, Merry Christmas  12.27.10 - 6:11am
Jaz Ampaw-Farr - I had the same experience with my Mum on Christmas Day! Such a special gift!  12.27.10 - 4:05am
Sachin Khona - You rock Jasmine! Beautiful shots and a great gift!! Love the moments captured! Hope you and the fam' had a great Christmas Sachin x   12.27.10 - 3:37am
Pamela Topping - Soo sweet!!  12.27.10 - 1:11am
marcy rodriguez - 'MAMMA' ALWAYS LOVES THE ROSES.........  12.27.10 - 12:20am
צילום אירועים - The canvas is a great Idea for a wedding gift. You can see by the mom's face/ Moshe Samuel, Israel.  12.27.10 - 12:11am
s h e r r y - :) That is SO sweet. I really need to do a canvas (or at least a print) for my parents!! Eep. Maybe for their birthday. PS. I spy Lululemon product placement in the last photo!  12.26.10 - 11:18pm
corrie - What a sweet daughter you are!!!Love the canvas, such a perfect gift.  12.26.10 - 10:24pm
Ria - Your mom is gorge, even without any makeup on!! Such a pretty lady :)   12.26.10 - 10:08pm
Rudi - Pictures are the best present you can give and get. Love the design of the canvas!  12.26.10 - 9:48pm
leah g - Love this post, especially the last photo. That one deserves a place of honor on your walls. :-)  12.26.10 - 9:14pm
Darina - Beautiful, Jasmine!  12.26.10 - 9:02pm
Carly - You ROCK! Love, love, LOVE your work... Thanks for always sharing yourself so honestly!  12.26.10 - 8:00pm
Linda - Such fun pictures - I love how they capture the memories but also the emotion of the memories. The framing ROCKS - in all 3! And I can't stop thinking about what color the walls really are - fun texture!  12.26.10 - 7:47pm
Rich - Beautiful  12.26.10 - 7:14pm
samantha - beautiful moments.  12.26.10 - 7:03pm
Angela Hubbard + Whiskey dawg - LOVE how you are hugging your lululemon and tight as you are hugging your home! x  12.26.10 - 6:56pm
Lydia - Your mom is beautiful without makeup, and I think you just proved the benefits of changing out of pjs before opening presents! Someday, when my family finally poses for family portraits, I'll do this and become my mother's favorite child as well!  12.26.10 - 6:47pm
Mindy Metivier - Love this post, love your gift to your mama and love the last image!!!  12.26.10 - 6:38pm
christina - What a wonderful & unforgettable moment you gave to your mother. P.S. You would be my favorite daughter too : ) Always be true to who you are. Loveyaalot's   12.26.10 - 6:20pm
Giovanna - aaawwww Jasmine, I love Christmas, treasure your mom dearly...mine is gone.  12.26.10 - 5:55pm
Karen Stott - that last photo seriously got my eyes all wet. Is that even normal? geesh.  12.26.10 - 5:33pm
Jessica Chavez - They're beautiful! I agree that the last one is my favorite too! I can feel the warm and the love of the moment!! Happy Holidays!  12.26.10 - 5:16pm
Claudia - .... love the last photograph...!   12.26.10 - 4:53pm
Tanya Jose - Now you need to get that photo of you & her on canvas for your home!! I love the candid moment & all the love that radiates from that photo!!  12.26.10 - 4:31pm
Angi Davis - Beautiful, Jasmine...simply beautiful! And I adore the photo of you and your mother - hang onto THAT!! PS. Can I ask what the canvas says down in the corner?  12.26.10 - 4:01pm
Jane - Simply beautiful - all of it. I loved the photographs of your family. True inspiration!  12.26.10 - 3:58pm
Robin McQuay Anderson - Simply Canvas - my company of choice. What a lovely gift and the emotional perfection of the gift opening sequence is priceless.  12.26.10 - 3:49pm
Alexis - Jasmine, You are the photographer I aspire to be...capturing the beauty of life in snapshots that speak a thousand words. May God continue to bless you and keep you in your ministry. Best wishes, Alexis  12.26.10 - 3:47pm
Kati Smith - I just love Millie. Too sweet.  12.26.10 - 3:46pm
Penny - What a great gift idea!! Love it!! (And I'm my Mom's favourite too!! :)  12.26.10 - 3:45pm
Jaclyn Lippelmann - I spy lululemon...lucky girl! :)  12.26.10 - 3:42pm
Paula - Gorgeous! What are the words in the last block? And I agree, that last picture is the one that brought a tear. Perfect.  12.26.10 - 3:27pm
Dawnn Marconi - Bellissimo!!! A picture can say a thousand words...but that last photo of you and your Mom make me speechless. Awesome  12.26.10 - 3:21pm
Kim - That last photo is spectacular.. and a memory that is captured forever.. wonderful .. (the canvas is beautiful)  12.26.10 - 3:15pm
Damaris Mia - That is beautiful! Love that idea!  12.26.10 - 3:02pm
Matt - My favorite photo is the one of you and your mom. To me that's what the holiday is all about.   12.26.10 - 3:01pm
Danny Douglas - AWESOME! Great Idea! I plan to steal it!!  12.26.10 - 3:00pm
Keith Ludwick - Your mom sounds a lot like mine. Tons of photos all through my childhood and this day, she is trying hard to "go digital." It is an exercise in patience but I love her dearly. lol thanks for posting this and Merry Christmas.   12.26.10 - 2:57pm
Evie Perez - Wow Jasmine! Your mom's reaction is priceless. Your gift was gorgeou. I can only imagine how happy she was when you gave this to her. The Canvas looks great!!! Thank you for always sharing your family with us!!!  12.26.10 - 2:55pm
LeiLani @Elle Golden Photography - Love this post. I'm refinancing my house at the moment, so I gave all my family members free photo sessions for Christmas. I think it ending up being better than other gifts I would have given. I mean think about it, can you really remember what you got a few Christmases ago? But they'll always remember the Christmas cards and prints I got them this year because they're always on display! :)  12.26.10 - 2:55pm
Michelle Dudley - AHHHH!!! Chills.Tears.Wow!  12.26.10 - 2:55pm
Kelsey Anderson - Fabulous gift! I would like to hear your siblings thoughts on you being favorite though lol Merry Christmas!  12.26.10 - 2:54pm
Tammie - My dad is a memory keeper too, and I gave him a canvas for Christmas as well (and from simply canvas :) You can't go wrong with pictures for the parents!!   12.26.10 - 2:53pm
feuza - I need to do more canvas for us, as photographers we forget to give our selves the gift  12.26.10 - 2:52pm
annaliza - haha. are we sisters? cuz this is a post about me. (;   12.26.10 - 2:52pm
TammyWilliamson - Precious! You have a beautiful family~~obviously on the inside and on the outside! Keep keeping it real~you inspire me~and I am an old lady compared to you!  12.26.10 - 2:52pm
Heather - What an amazing gift! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!  12.26.10 - 2:51pm
Rachelle - beautiful images. I love the composite photo gift. Might have to gaciously borrow this concept.  12.26.10 - 2:51pm
Elizabeth - What a great present!!!! Love it!!!  12.26.10 - 2:50pm
No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane - The picture of you two in an embrace is beautiful. I think that should be the next to go on a canvas in her home.   12.26.10 - 2:49pm