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Happy New Year

We're getting all gussied up to ring in the New Year in there here parts. What started off as a roadtrip to San Francisco morphed into a Oh-my-goodness-you-mean-you-didn't-call-the-hotel-to-see-if-it's-pet-friendly?! We made a pleasant detour (all on account of POLO), and we're spending the weekend ringing in 2011. Together.

May this year bring happiness, joy, and love.
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Adriana H.G. - Happy New Year!! :) Hope this year keeps bringing success, health and happiness to you and your family!!   01.08.11 - 2:04pm
Jonni - Jasmine - Happy New Year and hope you have a rockin' 2011. Hugs, Jonni  01.05.11 - 6:41pm
Nicki Henne - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! Thanks for all the inspiration!   01.05.11 - 9:50am
Mikkel - Two words: handddd-someeee!!!  01.04.11 - 8:55pm
cassandra-m - Happy New Year J*, JD & Polo!!! from me + Mocha  01.04.11 - 10:11am
Juni - Ooooooooh my gawrsh -- Polo is sooo handsome. The tie, the vest... his stance... I want to steal him ... oooor if you ever need a pet sitter on the east coast... ahem.  01.04.11 - 8:45am
Emily Dobson - I am not by any means a pet lover; in fact, I'm allergic to cats and slightly allergic to dogs...but your posts of Polo are making me reconsider my ban against ever owning a pet...   01.04.11 - 8:44am
oakstream photography - Your dog is the most famous pup around....He's dang cute! Hope you had a fabulous holiday season!  01.03.11 - 8:22pm
Berkshire Wedding Photography - Hi Jasmine, If your meatloaf is a 1/10 as good as your sumptuous wedding photos or your stunning website, then Gordon Ramsay better move over :-) But seriously, I love your work and wish you and your family all the best for 2011. Luben  01.03.11 - 1:07pm
amanda thiessen - polo is looking very dapper in that sweet tie!  01.03.11 - 9:33am
Jorge - Happy new year for all people!  01.03.11 - 3:30am
Charisma Moran - I love Polo's little tie!   01.02.11 - 8:52pm
Becca - Polo is so stinking cute dressed up!! loVe iT News years challenges.. Great post! I'll be working on the branding!  01.02.11 - 8:44pm
Caitlin - What kind of dog is Polo?!?  01.02.11 - 8:30pm
Nicole - I'm kinda in love with Polo's outfit!! Happy New Year!  01.02.11 - 6:09pm
Taylor Jackson (Toronto Photographer) - Happy New Year Jasmine! Can't wait to see what your blog brings in 2011  01.02.11 - 6:09pm
Carrie Mundy - Happy New Year!!! One of my goals for 2011 is to blog everyday (Project 365)! You inspired me to blog more often. Looking forward to a very eventful 2011 with many new adventures and challenges. Cheers!  01.02.11 - 4:42pm
Kim Pace - Words can't describe the cuteness of Polo in that photo.. Happy New Year Jasmine & JD.. :)  01.02.11 - 4:28pm
Chrissy - Happy New Year to you too Jasmine! I've been following you for about a year now, and you always continue to inspire me with each and every wedding you do.   01.02.11 - 2:23pm
Victoria O'Connor - Happy New Year Jasmine, JD and Polo! Thanks for a great year of sharing and caring!!!  01.02.11 - 11:56am
Nathalie - Yasmine, JD & Polo, I hope you had a wonderfull new year's eve with family & friends. I wish you an outrageous 2011, with luck, joy, health & love!! May what you'll dream come true & may the love that you share, return to you!! Happy New Year!! *x*  01.02.11 - 2:19am
Marlana - Happy New Year Jasmine, JD, and Polo!   01.02.11 - 1:29am
kelly marie - OH NO YOU DIDN'T!! There is something so wrong, yet so cute about that picture! :)  01.01.11 - 9:44pm
Angie - Too cute. Polo's outfit is adorable. Happy New Year to all three of you.   01.01.11 - 5:46pm
Stacy Cross - The tie seriously kills me! :) I LOVE IT!  01.01.11 - 4:47pm
Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer} - Happy New Year! Polo's outfit is very cute!!  01.01.11 - 3:13pm
samantha - omg kinda of cute! happy new year jasmine.  01.01.11 - 3:12pm
Kansas City Wedding Photographers - Happy NEW year!!!!  01.01.11 - 1:19pm
Holli True - HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) I hope 2011 is a fabulous year for you, JD & little Polo, too! :)  01.01.11 - 10:30am
Amber - He is so cute in that outfit. Since you like cute dogs come and see mine @!/pages/Amber-Lee-Photography/161978673815601. I would die if you became a fan by the way.  01.01.11 - 9:49am
Studio Hera Bell - Love his outfit Jas. He is such a stylish doggy. Happy New Year to you both and Polo as well.  01.01.11 - 7:56am
Jenna Danelle - Need more pics of Polo dressed up!!! That isn't a good resolution, you're right cause he's too adorable like this. Pets are family!!!  01.01.11 - 7:46am
Rudi - Great outfit! Happy new year to you and all the ones you love! May all your dreams come true!  01.01.11 - 12:53am
Kim - I need a dog now, just so I can buy him this outfit. This is adorable!  12.31.10 - 7:58pm
Astrid - HAPPY NEW YEAR You're the best!!!  12.31.10 - 6:31pm
Desiree Cherisse - His outfit is sooo cute!!  12.31.10 - 6:03pm
prema - OMGosh.....too adorable!   12.31.10 - 4:37pm
Michelle Feeney - Love Polo's outfit. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing you. Looking forward to what you and JD have up your sleeves for 2011! :)  12.31.10 - 4:20pm
Tanya Petraglia - Happy New Year!! thank you for everything you have taught me. YOU ROCK  12.31.10 - 4:19pm
Anahy - Jasmine, I couldn't be happier with your decision. I would do everything to have my Pepe here with me. Every day is just as painful as the day he passed. Enjoy Polo every second you have with him. God bless you all.   12.31.10 - 4:13pm
Debbie Carlton - Polo is absolutely adorable and is part of your branding now!! Wishing you, JD, and Polo a wonderful happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!! Thank you for all your inspiration from Toronto, Canada!!  12.31.10 - 4:07pm
Stark Mom - Precious Pooch! I'm thinking Polo needs his own link in your "Categories" list on your blog menu. That would be fabulous. Happy New Year to you and JD, and Polo!  12.31.10 - 3:53pm
Paulette Stewart - It's MINI-JD!!!  12.31.10 - 3:30pm
Kristi Chappell - Oh my word! How CUTE! Happy New Year to you and JD! I've been watching your workshop today...totally inspired for my new year!  12.31.10 - 2:49pm
Amy Pinney - He looks just like JD! ;)  12.31.10 - 2:47pm
Salwa - Happy New Year! I sincerely hope JD has a matching tie and vest ;) Thanks for all of your wonderful blog posts - looking forward to following you into 2011!  12.31.10 - 2:36pm
AnneMarie - Polo's going to get lucky tonight! Happy New Year!  12.31.10 - 2:28pm
Kim Bauer - LOVE the tie! He's so adorable!  12.31.10 - 2:20pm
feuza - so cuteeee, have a great New Year  12.31.10 - 2:19pm
Theresa - What hotel could possibly say no to a dog that arrives in a tie??? Happy New Year!  12.31.10 - 2:19pm
Shannon Allison - I cannot even believe you did this to your ... I always thought better of you. ha ha ha  12.31.10 - 2:13pm
Anna Kim - What a handsome pooch!  12.31.10 - 2:00pm
Suki - Happy New Year Jasmine. Polo loos beyond adorable. I could never give dressing him up. Ever! Wishing you a most pleasant new Years Eve with your loved ones!  12.31.10 - 1:57pm
Wendy - Hella cute! Happy New Year!  12.31.10 - 1:56pm
Evonne & Darren - Happy New Year to you, JD and Polo! And all the best in 2011!  12.31.10 - 1:55pm
Denise Prichett - Polo is so fabulous in his outfit. I need one for my dog - lol. Happy New Year J* and JD - Thanks for all you do to help other photogs!  12.31.10 - 1:27pm
Evie Perez - Happy New Year!!! I adore this picture. Where do you get Polo's clothes. They are too cute.  12.31.10 - 1:14pm
kayla :) - omg! Polo is sooo stinkin' cute in that outfit!!!! hope 2011 brings you, JD and Polo lots of happiness, laughs and success.   12.31.10 - 1:13pm
ramyad london wedding photographer - Happy New Year! I have really enjoyed following you every since I say you on CreativeLive. I wish the best for you and your family and a prosperous photography new year :-)  12.31.10 - 12:59pm
amelia - ah so cute! love polo's outfit! i m near SF can i come to meet you? :) happy new year!  12.31.10 - 12:19pm
Lydia - Happy New Year to you, JD, and Polo!  12.31.10 - 12:06pm
Christy - Oh goodness. That pic is fabulous! Enjoy ringing in the new year with your whole little family! :) Here's to all the best in 2011... I can only imagine all the great things it has in store for you! :)  12.31.10 - 11:49am
Jenika - Polo looks hip. Love it! Happy new year!  12.31.10 - 11:46am
Claudia - oh my god.... that dog has more outfit changes than I ....   12.31.10 - 11:10am
Jessica Chavez - Happy New Year!!! From all of Polo's outfits THIS is my favorite!! I agree with Kate, Polo looks like a little DJ!! Enjoy your family day!! May this new year bring more challenges, dreams and blessings than this ending year!!  12.31.10 - 10:52am
Laura Radniecki - Happy New Years to you, JD and Polo. You've had quite the amazing 2010 year - and I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for you. For all of us in this industry, actually. God bless you!  12.31.10 - 10:44am
Aga Luczakowska - Happy New Year!  12.31.10 - 10:32am
diane ( - So fitting for his New Year's Eve get up! You are rocking that tie and vest sweater like Mr. Rogers!  12.31.10 - 10:12am
Nelly - More POLO in 2011!!! hahaha! Happy New Year!!! Best Wishes..  12.31.10 - 9:42am
LEOLAK - OMG!!!!! Polo you are so handsome and cute it should be a crime!! So worth a trip detour! J* and JD enjoy ringing in the New Year together on your getaway! Happy New Year!!!  12.31.10 - 9:19am
Jackie Lamas - how freakin cute! i wish my dog stayed clean enough to dress him so cutely. totally made up that word. happy new year!  12.31.10 - 9:10am
Larita - My GOD, that dog is just about the cutest thing ever. And I say that having the cutest baby ever and my own adorable little white dog.  12.31.10 - 9:02am
Kate Douthwright - Polo looks like a mini JD in that outfit! Have fun on vacation!  12.31.10 - 8:53am
Martin - Just found your site, love the way you shoot, delightful and full of narrative...happy new year to you, will definitely be popping back.  12.31.10 - 8:41am
kelsy mccartney - oh my goodness!! could POLO get any more adorable?? love this look on him ;) happy new year, guys!  12.31.10 - 8:36am
The Zadge - Well, isn't he the most bespoke, handsome fellow!  12.31.10 - 8:27am
Sheree - Happy New Year 2011 to you, JD and of course Polo! Hope all that you wish for in the coming year and beyond become attainable and true!  12.31.10 - 8:24am
Diana Lupu - What a STUD! look how sharp Polo looks! Love it! =) Happy New Year to your beautiful family and may God bless you! =)   12.31.10 - 8:20am
Kristina - Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2011 :)   12.31.10 - 8:13am
Melissa - Loving the tie!!! Happy and Healthy New Year!!!  12.31.10 - 8:12am
Tricia - oh my goodness!!! that tie, that vest! love it!!! i think that could be the cutest thing I have seen! :) happy new year to you!  12.31.10 - 7:55am
Patricia - Happy New Year for you, JD and Polo! Wishing a 2011 full of blessings for you!!   12.31.10 - 7:23am
stacey - Happy New Year Jasmine! I don't comment often (if ever) but I'm a loyal reader and want to thank you for everything you shared with us this year - I wish I was as brave as you to open up my life to the world! All the best in 2011 - you deserve every bit of success!  12.31.10 - 7:19am
Elizabeth - Happy New Year!!! Love this picture of Polo!  12.31.10 - 6:53am