Shooting Star : Flash, Lights + Pocket Wizards

fter a few days of running around like mad and working at my desk (none of which require me to, oh, say, look even remotely presentable), I took a shower and got dressed. Oh, Internet, the way JD looked at me when I reappeared downstairs was like he saw an old friend for the first time in years. Oh, THERE you are! Geesh, I really need to, like, wear lipgloss or something so these transformations aren't so intense. This, of course, led me to think we should do another installment of Shooting Star because I doubted I'd be out of sweatpants the rest of the week.

In this video, I'll be discussing Lighting...
*Two handheld lights we use: 1. Sunpack Readylite 20 and 2. DotLine Video LED Light
*If I use flash outdoors and if I use standard flash settings when shooting a reception.
*Working with videographers and dealing with their light set-ups during a reception
*How I attach my Pocket Wizard to my camera and still have the ability to mount an on-camera flash.
*I won't be discussing my off-camera light set up since I blogged about it HERE.

Also, please note...
*I spoke WAY too much in this video. I annoyed myself.
*I wore my wedding ring in this video. So now those inquiring minds won't wonder anymore! ;)

Like always, you can submit questions for future FAQs on Facebook!
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Tatyana - The new Canon flash is supposed to trigger everything wirelessly - do you suggest this over the 580 you use?  02.16.15 - 3:19pm
Amanda Turner - I see a lot of bad reviews for using a pocket wizard with a 580EXII (or any 580) Flash. Do you have problems with that?  01.23.12 - 7:09am
PHILIPPE MONK - Cool, thanks for sharing... :)  11.29.11 - 3:37pm
Chanelle - Hello Jasmine. Thanks so much for this video. I have some Bowens triggers that are very similar. I have a 580 on the camera and a 430 off camera. The 430 triggers fine from the Bowens transmitter but as soon as I turn the 580 flash ON then the 430 stops firing. I have asked on The B School and nobody seems to know. Any ideas?? Much appreciated. Chanelle  10.10.11 - 12:27pm
Monica Martin - As always thank you so much for sharing, you’re amazing.   02.01.11 - 8:50pm
Ashley - I love the intro music and your info is very helpful as always!! =D  01.30.11 - 11:57pm
Jessica Williams - Don't ever think your annoying! You are so helpful and I've learned so many photography tips from you. I'm just thankful I found your blog about a year ago.  01.27.11 - 7:16am
Carl Reid - Thanks for the great advice. But quick question, I noticed that you upgraded lights from one of your previous posts. "When is it the right time to upgrade your gear?" Regards, Carl from T.O.  01.25.11 - 11:55pm
Josephine - Hoorayyy! as always, loving and looking fwd for each Shooting Star episode....forever grateful Jasmine! ;p  01.25.11 - 4:33pm
Cathy Deschamps - Thanks Jasmine for the tip on using the videographer's light to your advantage. I read so many photographers complaining about the video set up. I'm a big fan of Switronix lights for my constant source.  01.25.11 - 3:58pm
Dan - Thanks for sharing with us. I appreciate it.  01.25.11 - 11:17am
JamieY - Thanks, you rock.  01.24.11 - 9:29pm
Jenn - When using the pocket wizard what do you set your camera/flash to to get them to both trigger at the same time? Does your flash have to be set to slave, etc? I have the same set up but cant get my pw's to trigger both flashes at the same time.   01.24.11 - 7:48pm
Joanne F - Thanks so much for the info! BTW, the hole in the bottom of your camera is how you mount to the tripod and there is another one in the grip so you can use your setup either way! Just wanted to add that in case others didn't clue into what you were doing with your set up. Love ya!  01.24.11 - 7:48pm
Erica Velasco - Great info as usual!  01.24.11 - 10:14am
Catherine - Brilliant as always Jasmine, thank you for sharing!  01.24.11 - 12:18am
Kate Maxwell - Thanks Jasmine! You are a good girl!  01.23.11 - 5:14pm
Lucy Munoz - Thanks Jasmine! You never talk too much because we all want to hear what you have to say!! Thanks for all your help. I know that for me-- even with all the classes I am currently taking (trying to ge better) your work is INSPIRATIONAL!!  01.23.11 - 11:01am
Shannon Wimberly - Jasmine!!! thank you!!  01.23.11 - 5:06am
cassandra-m - I'm ending a long day of spring cleaning (yes in January) with a smile on my face cause I finished the day with your video. It makes my heart happy watching u share your knowledge....thanks!  01.22.11 - 11:48pm
Sally - Great post! Love it, your videos are sooo good. The LED light is a fantastic tip, thank you for that.  01.22.11 - 9:14am
Ennio Felucci - How can you be so sweet? I haven't ever seen a photographer cute like you :)  01.22.11 - 3:45am
Sarah Maizland - SO helpful! I am trying to make some off camera light purchases and I just referenced one of your older posts about the small light dome (16X22) that you use and I can not figure out how that is used in relation to your off camera lighting. Help!   01.21.11 - 9:09pm
Kelsey Anderson - Thanks for the tips! Just bought me a video light :)   01.21.11 - 8:19pm
amanda thiessen - these are my favorite posts! so much learning! :)  01.21.11 - 6:26pm
Amy Vogel - Can you adjust the intensity on the LED light like on most video lights? I think I want to get a couple! I do a bunch of event decor and food photography and those would be super handy.  01.21.11 - 5:53pm
Deb Peluso - Thanks Jasmine!  01.21.11 - 5:10pm
James Reyes Photography - Thanks for covering that Jasmine. I will add that Pocket Wizard's upcoming generation will allow a flash head to be mounted on top of them so that essentially you won't have to struggle with velcro or a screw in mount.   01.21.11 - 5:10pm
Sandra Benton - I haven't even watched it yet and I'm impressed. You are a GREAT communicator!!! I like you and I don't know you. You do not irritate - ever. Thank you for putting yourself out there so the rest of us can learn, watch and listen! S  01.21.11 - 5:02pm
Shannah P. - Brilliant...loved the music!  01.21.11 - 4:39pm
shani - As always, I learn so much form these videos and reading your blog, kind of an addict. I just wanted to point out, and someone may have done it (sorry for not ready the 67 comments posted already ) that even if you use a battery grip, the camera will still have the little hole for screwing in a tripod plate or a pocket wizard contraption.. :)   01.21.11 - 3:28pm
Bill Davis - Great post, certainly not too much talking. Keep it up, you'll have all of your blogstalkers shooting at your level in no time!  01.21.11 - 11:49am
Josh Gooden - Thanks for the great post Jasmine! As a cinematographer, I really appreciated you encouraging photographers to work with us. We personally don't use on camera lighting since we shoot with DSLRS and film, but I could see where that would conflict a little. Looking forward to more of these! :]  01.21.11 - 11:44am
jackie peters - Hi Jasmine! I just watched your new blog post and had a question about metering for the off camera flash (softbox). I am trying to use my brain here and would think you would just meter your on camera flash and let the softbox just be a fill light. Or am I wrong and you are metering for both? Seems a little much to meter for both in a reception situation, but if I am wrong please let me know! Thanks 4 all u do!!!!  01.21.11 - 10:45am
Maïa - YAY !! You answered me ! Thanks !! But I can add a word you have problems to pronounce to your list: my last name lol ! But I understand it's not an easy one :P Thanks for the links on top of the video too !  01.21.11 - 10:21am
Laura Gordon - Awesome, awesome video! Thanks for all the info :)  01.21.11 - 8:55am
Laura Stricklin - So awesome! So great! Lovin this new way of answering questions!!! Hope its working for you so we can see more!! :)  01.21.11 - 6:42am
Serena - Thanks for another great post Jasmine. I do have a question re your on camera flash. Obviously, you must shoot some vertical shots. What do you do with the flash in that case since your white bounce card doesn't swivel?  01.21.11 - 5:54am
Felix Lim - Good stuff Jasmine, this video is very very very helpful.. Thanks a lot for sharing.  01.20.11 - 10:01pm
Jennifer - Like the review and detail on lighting. I found out what the name of the piece of equipment you used to connect your camera to pocket wizard is called. The items are Manfrotto 014-14 Rapid Adapter - 5/8" Stud to 1/4-20" Thread and Manfrotto 118 Universal Short Spigot with Double Male Thread. About $15 dollars at B & H for both.  01.20.11 - 8:22pm
Christy - I never thought to get those little LED lights for detail shots! That's a great idea! So much easier than dealing with setting up so many off-camera flashes, etc. Thanks for the tips and links! :)   01.20.11 - 7:39pm
Jennie Baer - I LOVE the video format you're using Jasmine! I love having the visuals you give with your explanations. THANKS and lots of HUGS  01.20.11 - 7:24pm
Jason - You are just amazing Jasmine. Your energy and determination is contagious! Keep speaking! Don't change a single thing.  01.20.11 - 7:11pm
Janelle Baptist - Thanks for these! It's really great to see how the pro's work and what set up you use, you can learn a lot from a little bit :)  01.20.11 - 4:58pm
LENA - You definitely did not talk too much!! :) I love the advice, and hearing how you set everything up.   01.20.11 - 4:16pm
flaii - JAZ! I will always adore you, thank you so much for taking the time and explain us all about your off-camera flash light settings and tips. :) I don't mind if you did these videos in sweats, I would still love you and love them! :)   01.20.11 - 4:09pm
Aimee - Honestly, I wasn't going to watch today because this is WAY beyond where I'm at, but then you said you wore your ring for inquiring minds. Since I just asked and you kindly responded, I watched the entire video. Lovely ring and you are still very sassy with that necklace :)  01.20.11 - 4:00pm
Leah J. - THANK YOU!!! I always appreciate info on outside lighting :)   01.20.11 - 4:00pm
Stephanie Dunham - Hi Jasmine, I am not a wedding photographer, I do some photography for fun. I mostly enjoy blog and information because I really like your personality, humor, and your work.  01.20.11 - 3:53pm
naomi chokr - thank you thank you thank you for sharing the Dot line LED. great video  01.20.11 - 3:42pm
Life with Kaishon - Thank you so much for taking the time to do these : )   01.20.11 - 2:49pm
Jackie Lamas - This is such a great video! Thanks for sharing. Quick question: I know you and JD shoot with Shootsacs but what do you carry all of the extras (like lighting) in? Do you have a seaparate bag?  01.20.11 - 2:40pm
chesley - love this! i just bought a rig from Michael Bass- google it - to attach mine & it's super easy & lays a little bit more flush for those that might be interested. I haven't done any of this yet, but I'm gearing up to try it all out & this definitely helped! Thank you so much!!  01.20.11 - 2:19pm
Elizabeth - I look forward every week to Shooting Star!!! Thanks for doing this Jasmine!!! I love it and all your advice is great!  01.20.11 - 2:09pm
Noelia Kline - I don't think you spoke TOO much, it was perfect. Thank you again for your insight on how you do things. It always helps me out since I'm always freaking out about doing things right. Thanks again!  01.20.11 - 1:00pm
Dorelies - I love love love your video-posts. Can't get enough of them!  01.20.11 - 12:58pm
Romonia Isaac - Loved this installment of shooting star! Great tips/advice on off camera lighting and other lighting devices and techniques! Since we can only see the top portion of your body...I love that top!!! Not sure if it's a dress or not but it is super cute!   01.20.11 - 12:48pm
Annetta - I agree with Jessica about writing a book...with lots of photos!  01.20.11 - 12:47pm
maggie fortson - Thanks so much Jasmine. You are so sweet to share :)  01.20.11 - 12:40pm
Manya K. - This was a great video, thank you! And your ring looks really pretty! :)  01.20.11 - 12:36pm
Whitney Moore - Jasmine - you read my mind - that is the exact FAQ post I was wanting to hear! Thanks again for a great workshop and for continuing to educate. Love the ring, btw. JD is tha bomb:-)   01.20.11 - 12:32pm
Chung Nguyen - Another great episode! And P.S., I don't think you were talking too much or too fast. Don't be so hard on yourself, lady. P.P.S. Any chance Polo can make a video appearance!?! :-D  01.20.11 - 11:52am
Elisabeth Carol - So so great Jasmine! Loving these more and more every week! I agree...Polo should make a guest appearance!   01.20.11 - 11:40am
Noa - J* - I just wanted to say that you always make me smile!! Thanks for being fabulous :)  01.20.11 - 10:51am
Christy Cundiff - Miss Jasmine, stop saying you talk too much! We eat up every word you speak! : ) Thank you for sharing a bit more of your wisdom with us.   01.20.11 - 10:50am
quicoto - Great vídeo Jasmine. I need to test everything you said :P Looks a little bit difficult though. Thanks for sharing.  01.20.11 - 10:48am
Karen Taggart - While watching your video my husband, Reid, asked "who's that?" and I said "that's my favorite photographer Jasmine Star whose going to photograph us for our 25th anniversary this fall! She's in California!" (I'm dreaming here...) His response? "Let's do it! And we can visit your Aunt Mary in San Diego too!" You gotta love supportive hubbies! :)  01.20.11 - 10:43am
Yuliya - Thank you, seriously! A big thank you. I had those questions, and I really want to learn how to be in control of every lighting situation and this was very helpful. Can't wait till the next video ;)  01.20.11 - 10:35am
Marissa Rodriguez - Hahahahahaha! I totally get what you mean about the 'transformations' being intense. That is the story of my life! Anyway, awesome video thank you!  01.20.11 - 10:34am
Dustin Stone - Jasmine, great video. Wanted to throw in my $.02. I use an adapter for my On+Off Camera flash setup that cost about $12 and I think is sleeker and more versatile. Thanks for the great blog!  01.20.11 - 10:23am
Carrie K - I second the idea of having Polo make a guest appearance! :) Well done and all of what you said was very helpful-not too much talk at all. THANK YOU!  01.20.11 - 10:04am
Vincent de Vries - I 'paste' my Pocket Wizard with some velcro on the head of the flash  01.20.11 - 10:01am
Evie Perez - Thanks for a great blog post!!! You need to have polo make a guest appearance on you shooting star videos ;)   01.20.11 - 9:33am
Emily Dobson - I love Shooting Star! I LOVE the pocket wizard rig. And someday...when I'm able...I'm going to rig mine the same way! Woot!  01.20.11 - 9:24am
Claudia - I L.O.V.E. your video posts!!!  01.20.11 - 9:19am
Jessica Hunt - Jasmine ! You never talk too much, trust me. Also, do the world a favor and write a book . :)  01.20.11 - 9:11am
Serendipity Photography - Thanks Jasmine.. been thinking about getting the LED light for a while. This model is much cheaper than the one we saw at Imaging USA!  01.20.11 - 8:56am
Becky - Thank you so much! My husband DJ's, and even with all of the weddings we go to, I have not seen one photographer with this much equipment. Most often they are only using an on-board flash! I appreciate seeing it deconstructed and know the reasons behind it all.  01.20.11 - 8:50am
Kenna Klosterman - Thanks Jasmine! Stay Fabulous yourself! ; )  01.20.11 - 8:47am
anouschka - Love your videos Jasmine! Great info yet again :)  01.20.11 - 8:47am
Dawn and Michael Mitchell - Jasmine we want to thank you again for your continued interest in helping us (all) better our photography skills. We both love the videos you are creating, please keep doing them. And if you are ever in Northern Indiana give us a call!  01.20.11 - 8:46am
laura - So were there questions to whether or not you were married? Haa haa Thanks for the awesomeness!  01.20.11 - 8:45am
Megan@ COUTUREmotion Films - Everything in this post was....dare I say it...illuminating. (yeah, I crack myself up.) Seriously. Thanks for the tips. And as a videographer, thank you for not throwing us under the bus. So many photographers have had such bad experiences with other videographers, that when they meet us (my husband and I) they already have an attitude. I'm with you. We are on the same team!!!! Let's help each other out! Anyway, thanks so much for these posts! Keep em coming. And now two silly questions. Love the NY Times wallpaper. Did you stick those up yourself? How did you get them up there? I'm curious because I conduct a lot of interviews with my clients and that's a perfect base background. Secondly. Love the necklace! Where did you get that?  01.20.11 - 8:43am
JESSICA@DOSSIEA - these short little bursts of information are invaluable!! thanks for caring enough to share your work + life with all of us. you ROCK!  01.20.11 - 8:43am
Kate Douthwright - Great post! Flash is my biggest obsticle right now. I'll take any advice I can get. :)  01.20.11 - 8:39am
steve - The new pocketwizard miniTT1 allows you to mount the wizard to your hotshoe of your camera and then mount your flash to the hotshoe of the miniTT1, works awesome...  01.20.11 - 8:36am
Oakstream Photography - Oh I liked this segment. Thanks millions! Great info!  01.20.11 - 8:34am
JC Ruiz - I find these videos so helpful and full of information. Thanks for sharing!  01.20.11 - 8:32am
maryana - Jasmine, as usual, you rocked it. thank you for being honest and so informative. Can't wait for the next episode.   01.20.11 - 8:31am
Tina - PERFECT, I'd say that was a wrap! Thanks so much for the awesome post and video/ loaded with lots of great tips! Thanks for Sharing and as alwasy - "KIR" - South Ga Friend, Tina  01.20.11 - 8:28am
Adriana H.G. - Great video!! Thanks as always for taking the time to do this! :) You rock!!! BTW, maybe in a next FAQ video you could help us by telling us what is the criteria you use to choose which photos to turn to black and white? I just have NO IDEA when a kiss photo will look better in B&W or in colors... Thanks again and kiss Polo for me! :)  01.20.11 - 8:15am
Shuva Rahim - Awesome post! Thanks for the explanation, especially on the LED light.   01.20.11 - 8:10am
Sarah Danaher - super, super helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these!!  01.20.11 - 8:09am
Penny - Great info and ideas! I think lighting is key to great photography (and I don't mean just the use of off camera lights - I mean any lighting - sun, reflectors, lights). Thanks for sharing!  01.20.11 - 8:03am
LEOLAK - No you stay fabulous! Love the Shooting Star videos...very cool! Thanks for sharing as always!  01.20.11 - 7:52am