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Kisses+Disses : Jellyfish + Protein Bars

ou know, for as much as I like the beach, I've come to realize she might not like me. I mean, really. If the Beach was a person, I'd call her into my office so we could hug it out. A couple weeks ago, while JD and I were swimming along the Gold Coast, I felt the strangest a fire whip struck both my shins at once. I screamed. JD immediately turned around to gauge my drama-queenness as the shriek could've meant I was drowning, or I saw a Zac Efron lookalike.

At first I thought it was my imagination, but, no, something definitely happened. And I was in pain. That's when JD saw the jelly fish swim away. He helped me from the water and while we inspected the severity of the sting, large red welts formed across both my legs. Wow, this fish had it in for me. I think I embarrassed JD because I walked with my feet turned out in a slight squat, like I just got off riding a horse for 14 hours. This was CLEARLY not the impression I wanted to give to the Australian lifeguards. Oh, yes, help me...I'm John Wayne's stand-in.

They sprayed a solution on my legs (why didn't I shave today?!?!) and bid us a g'day. I hobbled back to our beach towels and winced from the embarrassment of it all. JD--ever the optimist--said, Well, look on the bright side: At least you got to talk with the lifeguards!

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses...

This week's DISSES go to:
*Jellyfish. Of course.
*Australian lifeguards. I was hoping they'd carry me to my towel and offer to share their coconut sunscreen.
*Realizing the piece of floss you just cut was too short. Hate when this happens.

This week's KISSES go to:
*Zac Efron. Because he's scream-worthy.
*Think Thin protein bars. They're low in sugar and surprisingly tasty...I mean, it's no Snickers, but you don't feel guilty liking the chocolate off your fingers later!

Happy Friday!
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Elizath R - Took a trip to Trader Joe's and you are right on point anout the Think Thin protein bars! They are delish ;)  02.22.11 - 5:23am
amanda thiessen - not sure about efron haha but i do love me some showit!!  02.21.11 - 10:54am
Adriana Morett - You're right. Zach Efron is soooo scream-worthy! ;) Sorry about the sting, big diss to those jellyfish!  02.21.11 - 5:06am
Joyce D. - Your visuals are hilarious!!!  02.19.11 - 9:58pm
Christina Juleson - Well it could have been worse, at least the life gaurd didn't offer to pee on your leg and instead offered some other solution! :)  02.19.11 - 6:32pm
Salwa - Hm, thanks for the tip on the protein bar - I always like trying new ones!  02.19.11 - 4:45pm
Carrie K - A couple questions for a possible Shooting Star episode: "Have you ever been sick the day of a shoot? If so, how do you deal?" Also, "I love the frame in your sister's wedding photo booth. What's a classy way of setting up something like that without using PVC pipe to hang the frame from? Any ideas would be really appreciated." Thanks Jasmine!  02.19.11 - 1:02pm
Karisa - I literally laughed out loud at the John Wayne comment. Hil-arious. Also, I am actually attempting to use one of Promise's new templates for showit. Which of course, being the web designer that I'm NOT, means changing the colors.  02.19.11 - 8:57am
Ashley Cherie - Sorry you got stung :( And I too hate short pieces of floss. They annoy me. #bleh  02.19.11 - 6:55am
Giovanna - HA! Loved the comment about the floss...funny enough when I first started following your blog I got this image in my head of the scene from "Prettty Woman" when Julia Roberts is flossing her teeth because of the strawberry seeds..."you shouldn't neglect your gums" :) That was a compliment about your beautiful teeth, not a suggestion of prostitution!!!   02.19.11 - 6:45am
Sara S - Oh no! I was stung by a jellyfish on our honeymoon. Later my new father-in-law told me the "cure" and I realized there was something worse than getting stung on your honeymoon, getting stung and then peed on by your new husband!   02.18.11 - 8:10pm
Jessica Sweeney - I had a student get stung by a jellyfish once. We offered to have someone pee on her, but she wasn't having it. Vinegar seemed to help, though. What did they give you?  02.18.11 - 8:01pm
Jackie Lamas - Zac Efron is definitely scream worthy!   02.18.11 - 7:23pm
Kristin Nicole - Love it! Jellyfish are no fun, but at least you got to chill with the Aussie life guards.   02.18.11 - 6:42pm
Kare - Jellyfish stings are super nasty! Just the sight of jellyfish is enough to keep me out of the water.  02.18.11 - 6:27pm
Nathan Leduc - Jelly Fish Stings are no fun. My wife got stung by one in Hawaii and had a similar reaction. Hope your doing better.  02.18.11 - 4:59pm
Bethany - yes, I may be twenty...something, but that darn Efron makes me squeal too!  02.18.11 - 4:41pm
blue elephant photography - you are definitely funny and very entertaining! have a wonderful weekend =)  02.18.11 - 4:28pm
Lydia - Laughed hard at the third diss! I'll have to see if I can find those thinkThin bars at the store. Recently tried Luna bars and loved them!  02.18.11 - 4:25pm
Tira J - Yikes! Glad you are okay. If you would have shaved your legs, it would have been worse when the handsome lifeguards sprayed the solution on them. Well, probably. You crack me up. I always "waste" some extra floss for the fear of running short. You were great on [b]school yesterday. I always learn something new from you every day. Thank you. xoxo  02.18.11 - 3:20pm
Yen - you're so funny jasmine :) JD often sounds like my own husband haha "at least you got to talk with the lifeguards!"   02.18.11 - 3:10pm
James - Jasmine, I'm sorry to hear about your jellyfish experience. You're lucky JD was there because you would have been abducted. Jellyfish are space aliens and I don't care what anyone says!  02.18.11 - 3:04pm
Brittany - Ha ha ha!! Jasmine, I laughed out loud at this post because I can totally picture your walk to the lifegaurds. Awesome!!  02.18.11 - 2:52pm
Carrie Joy - Thank you so much for sharing on the B School last night. Loved watching you! I have to say that the most encouraging thing I heard you talk about was how you didn't go into debt when you first started. I have seen so many other photographers in my area go into debt over equipment and it's been discouraging for me who's made the promise to slowly build my business up as I can afford it. Like you, my parents also taught me to never go into debt. Thank you for giving me hope and showing me that it can be done!  02.18.11 - 2:25pm
Rebecca - Sorry to hear you had the misfortune of of a jellyfish sting while you were here :( They're nasty!  02.18.11 - 2:23pm
Life with Kaishon - O u c h!!!!! I screamed with you! Love, a fellow drama queen   02.18.11 - 1:49pm
Sukhi - Thanks for the breath of fresh air post - so fun to read! I think I'm needing a think thin bar just about now.   02.18.11 - 1:26pm
Jessica ROzof - Love!  02.18.11 - 1:20pm
Lorrie Prothero - hmmm - make those lifeguards work - nearly drowning last trip, jellyfish this time... you sure these aren't planned? they must be great looking lifeguards =)  02.18.11 - 1:09pm
Crystal Heft - Fun post Jasmine! I'm glad the Jellyfish didn't do too much damage!  02.18.11 - 1:03pm
Emma Rhoades - Argh! Please don't let that turn you off coming back to Aus! If you do come back, I'll find some lifeguards to carry you around for a while and parade you up and down the beach!! Sorry about the jellyfish...they are terrible.   02.18.11 - 12:56pm
Emily Schumann - Those Think Thin bars sound pretty good! I might have to check 'em out :) P.S., I was reading a blog post from another photographer who was complaining about how much he hates when photographers put too much of their person lives on their blogs. I have to say I totally disagree, I'd rather read your blog any day than some robot who doesn't talk about themselves in the slightest. Which is I try to model myself after you, because I definitely don't want to be a robot and have my blog be boring to others. Thanks for being a source of inspiration Jasmine <3  02.18.11 - 12:43pm
gaby Fuentes Photography - I was stung by a jellyfish while snorkeling in Key West, no hubbie to rescue me, no lifeguard to walk with me, but embarrassment? oh yeah. I hear your pain.  02.18.11 - 12:32pm
Kara Janelle - You are so aweseome Jasmine!! I seriously LOL'd at this post! :)  02.18.11 - 11:38am
Elizabeth - once, I had to have someone pee on my jelly sting. that my dear, is the most-est of embarrassing.  02.18.11 - 11:32am
Maïa - Not shaving your legs before going to the beach ? that's a no no ! lol And after that you say you don't share your real life with us ?? lol   02.18.11 - 11:30am
Noa - Goes to show: one should never get lazy about shaving one's legs when going to the beach.... Australia or elsewhere! Because Murphy's Law WILL bite you in the ass :)  02.18.11 - 10:12am
Michelle Lunn - Ahhh! LOVE SHOWIT! Just launched my website and used one of the new style groups! :) Much love to everyone at showit for all of their help!  02.18.11 - 10:07am
christina {simply modern} - haha! i hope james doesn't see this...otherwise the next time he sees you, he'll share his wild theory about jellyfish are space aliens!   02.18.11 - 10:01am
Mike - I was stung by a jelly fish when I was a kid and it made the creepiest buzzing sound on my leg. Love your posts as usual!  02.18.11 - 10:01am
Stephanie Moreland - You are hilarious!! laugh out loud. Anyway, peanut butter chocolate are my favorite think thin bar!  02.18.11 - 9:30am
naomi chokr - hahah! i thought you were going to say that JD said... "at least they didn't pee on you" hahahahh gross i know... but thats how they take care of jelly fish sting too i heard. I love think thin bars too!!!! my favorite!  02.18.11 - 9:29am
Christina Dely - First of all, I love this entire post! Hilarious! And second of all, I just discovered Think Thin bars & have been having them for breakfast every morning! Love pretending to eat candy bars in the morning ;)  02.18.11 - 8:57am
brianna - i'm pretty sure i was the one who turned you on to think thin bars. because i'm awesome. and so are they.  02.18.11 - 8:53am
Carrie K - Luna protein bars are really good too! They have 8-9g protein, folic acid, fiber and are 70-80% organic! Found at Target in the pharmacy section. :)  02.18.11 - 8:52am
Jihan Cerda - Yes! Think Thin for TJ's?? Make sure you try the chunky peanut butter. Oooo and the chocolate brownie. I was ADDICTED at one point. =)  02.18.11 - 8:39am
MartaV - Booo! to jellyfish. Like Brooke I remembered the peeing cure too and for just a second I was thinking NO! JD NO!. :) Thanks for mentioning the Think Thin bars. I have been looking for a protein bar that actually had a decent amount of protein in it. These look good I am going to give it a try. Again, great job on the Bschool yesterday!   02.18.11 - 8:33am
Aranda - Can I just say that I LOVE how JD responds to you? It's refreshing to know that he gets you, he's not a jealous husband, and he knows that you love him most of all! Oh, and the floss thing, yeah, story of my life.  02.18.11 - 8:07am
Laura Stricklin - How great that you share uncomfortable moments. Oddly enough... I am more terrified od jellyfish than sharks!! :-)  02.18.11 - 7:49am
Monica - I just love you, Jasmine! You make even a jellyfish sting sound so fun!! Lol....  02.18.11 - 7:46am
Taina Cunningham - LOL!!! Thanks Jasmine, totally needed that laugh. You are HILARIOUS! Maybe you should take up Comedy along with Photography. Just a thought!  02.18.11 - 7:44am
kelsy mccartney - *thank you for the reminder that we all need to floss our teeth more *yes!!!! i LOVE think thin protein bars! try the little cookies & cream "bites" - they're my fave!   02.18.11 - 7:44am
Joseph Chan - Very good slide show by on Wedding Photography  02.18.11 - 7:43am
Candace Prokopets - Love your writing! And it was great seeing you on the B School yesterday. Loved it!  02.18.11 - 7:42am
Kelly - Ok, LOVE JD's guys are adorable!!! Sucks about the jfish though, but great to hear you got to chat with the lifeguards ;)  02.18.11 - 7:42am
Andrew - I love the taste/texture of Think Thin bars as well, though I found that their protein is all soy which isn't highly recommended for men (great for women). I, consequently, changed to EAS protein bars with higher levels of whey protein and still tasty! Anyways, food for thought.  02.18.11 - 7:42am
P E N N Y - Your colourful commentary always makes me smile. :)  02.18.11 - 7:41am
Sarah DeShaw - Thanks for this. Totally cracking me up this morning! :)  02.18.11 - 7:39am
Brooke - I believe the cure for jellyfish sting is to have someone pee on it. Gross but true. :) I'm sorry you got stung, those lifeguards totally should have carried you around for a few hours. Happy Friday!  02.18.11 - 7:34am
Carrie LeighAnna - Hahahaha! Jasmine, you're hilarious! And yes, I hate the floss problem too.  02.18.11 - 7:17am
lisa - jellyfish are sneaky! got stung myself and had the exact same reaction :) love your kisses and disses posts!!  02.18.11 - 7:10am