Starbox Lunch

e sat the dark room oddly lit with Christmas lights tucked away in the corner and spotlights on random pictures of Italian paraphernalia—Meatballs, soccer players running along the Spanish Steps, and the Pope. As the plates and plates of steaming food were placed in front of us, we talked, laughed, and swapped stories like we were veterans. Only, we’ve never been on the frontlines…just in front of brides and grooms.

A few weeks ago, I hosted Happy Hour on Blu Domain. Not only did I have a blast, it was awesome meeting other photographers and answer a few questions. In the midst of the crazy typing frenzy, I encouraged photographers to ask another photographer out to lunch if they had questions or just wanted to get to know that person better (I got this idea from [b]ecker…who’s pretty much an industry forefather of giving back). Well, shortly thereafter, I received quite a few emails from photographers inviting me to lunch…so cool! Because I wanted to keep the lunch small, I invited a few photographers (some of which had contacted me about going to lunch before Blu’s Happy Hour), to join me at Buca Di Beppo in Irvine this afternoon. We had a GREAT time together and I’m so stoked to have made new peers within the industry! I’m honored to be associated with such a stellar group of people, and I’m happy to call them friends!

Who’s Who (and their bloggity blogs)…
*Amy of AHS Photography
*David and April of Ohana Photography
*Katy of Katy Regnier Photography
*Kimberlee of Boucher Photography
*Marlene of Marlin Munoz Photography

Here's a group shot...

...And apparently only THREE of the seven of us know how to make silly faces!!! :D

I want to send a special thanks to David for bringing EVERYONE a box of Godiva chocolates and awesome Suzy's Zoo star sticky notes...he's so wonderful! I had an awesome time and I also want to apologize if I spoke too much or too quickly...I'm working on it! :) Thanks again and I can't wait to see what your futures hold for you!!!
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Cairith Turner - OK J*, You mentioned you create your own? Or do you purchase them? and if you purchase them, who do you use mainly? Thanks!  12.31.12 - 11:13am
Kay English - Omg!! cool! Can I go out to lunch with you? That would be so much fun :)  07.28.09 - 7:51pm
erin - love the silly face photo!! What a wonderful looking group of photographers too!!  09.01.07 - 5:39pm
Carlie Davis - JD does know how much of a stud his wife is right? stud in a pretty feminine way.   09.01.07 - 12:22pm
Kimberlee Kinney - Jasmine, I have to agree with the others... I couldn't believe how fast the time flew by! It was so great to meet you, and I definitely could've stayed there all afternoon. Your humility and openness is so awesome. You are a huge encouragement to me... and after our lunch meeting, I'm much inspired to just take the plunge and get going on my own! (Always a little scary, but I know it's time!) :) Thank you SO much!  09.01.07 - 10:37am
kerri - i put dibs on jasmine for lunch when/if she comes to Tampa!!!! :)  09.01.07 - 7:48am
Shannon - Hi Jasmine, I don't know you at all, only what you want us (blog stalkers) to know..... but I get the feeling from your blog, & reading the comments, that you should run for MAYOR!!!!!! Sounds like you have the personality to draw a good crowd!!!! I too wish I lived closer to have lunch with you, but if for whatever reason, you end up in Alabama, let me know, I would LOVE to have lunch with you;)  09.01.07 - 12:43am
Jasmine* - Hi friends!! Please, please forgive me for the jacked up links...I don't know what happened, but they're all fixed bad. Thanks again for such an awesome time! xoxo...  08.31.07 - 9:37pm
Katy Regnier - Hey! Don't knock my silly face. I just happen to have a silly face that's very similar to a smile :) Or maybe I didn't hear the "make a silly face" directions! It was so great to meet everyone this afternoon. THANK YOU so much Jasmine for inviting us to come out and hang with you. You did talk a lot but you can tell JD it wasn't your fault... we had all those questions :) And it definitely wasn't too much talking... I could have stayed all afternoon! Thanks again!!  08.31.07 - 9:12pm
David Baxter - Sorry for the book Jasmine. I like to talk too. Sadly, I'm not nearly as good at it as you.  08.31.07 - 8:48pm
David Baxter - DO THESE GIRLS MAKE ME LOOK FAT? :) What are you talking about Jasmine? I definitely look silly standing next to all of you beautiful women. Who's that guy in the back? He kept staring at us. I think he wanted some chocolate. Thank you so so much for inviting us to lunch. We were so honored. The food was great, but your company was even better. Everyone there was super nice. I love meeting other photographers & hearing their stories. It was awesome getting to hang out with so many talented people. We were all chatting amongst ourselves while waiting for you to get in all the way from...where was it again? Oh ya, Irvine. :) Tell JD you didn't talk too much. Fact: You left us all wanting more. I could have stayed there A LOT longer. I'm not just saying that because I didn't want to get on 5 south heading back to San Diego during rush hour on a Friday on a holiday weekend. :) I truly wish we could have all talked longer. That's part of your magic Jasmine. You make hours feel like minutes (in a good way). I feel like saying "thank you" just isn't enough to express our gratitude for you taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with all of us & talk shop. Gracias for sharing your time & knowledge. Mahalo for sharing your fun spirit (and your pizza). You are definitely a shining star in this industry & we are so blessed to not only know you, but to call you a friend. Aloha Oi, until we meet again.   08.31.07 - 8:45pm
Callie - That sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer to have lunch with you! :)  08.31.07 - 8:40pm
Marlene Munoz - Jasmine, thank you soooo much for lunch today! I had such a great time! I really hope we can do it again soon! David--thank you for the adorable goodie bag! You are so thoughtful!   08.31.07 - 7:31pm
gloria - How fun!!! When we are you going to do this again. Let go out to Dinner!!! Hope you can do this gain. Gloria  08.31.07 - 6:46pm
Brian Khang - Oh man.. i'm in Irvine and I missed this!! Let me know when's the next one. I would love to meet so other photographers out here. I'm still new to the area.  08.31.07 - 6:40pm
Kristen Dawn - jelouse..... i wish iiiiiiii lived in calli so i could hang out with cool photographers, everyone here is cut-throat man! love, the east coast  08.31.07 - 5:34pm
Amy - Thanks so much Jasmine! You're the best!  08.31.07 - 5:09pm - ahh, man none of the links work boo hoo. i had an awesome time with everyone. everyone was super nice and a special thank you to jasmine* for taking the time to sit with us and share your knowledge. you are like the funniest and nicest photographers i've ever met , yes i've met a few :) hopefully someday i'll be half as good as you. thank you!!!! you are a blessing to the photography world! may God bless you & all your loved ones always!   08.31.07 - 3:49pm
olivia - Wish I lived closer :(  08.31.07 - 3:41pm
kimi b - i'm so bummed i missed this!! whaaaaa :(... my hubby doesn't know how to make silly faces? ha, you should see him when i ask him to do something. hope you all had an awesome time! hope you liked the chocolate my hubby is a bit girlie at times.  08.31.07 - 3:32pm