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'm always upfront and straight-forward in letting people know I don't have it together. In fact, I'm making it up (and making it work) as I go along, so when I received an email from my good friend Crash Taylor inviting me to join a project for Professional Photographer Magazine United Kingdom, I was nervous. The royal wedding of William and Kate is coming up, Crash wrote, and the editor requested three international wedding photographers to address issues he presented in a royal brief and how we'd handle a myriad of situations on a wedding day.

And then I was all, Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaa there. I didn't know what a royal brief was, so how the heck was I suppose to address it?! I read the brief and then responded the best way I knew how (although I assumed, Crash, Yervant, and I were all photographing the wedding together...silly me). I even emailed Crash and told him I thought I did it wrong.

Fast-forward to today: I received word from PPMUK that the article was published! I was excited! I couldn't wait to read it! I opened the pages! Then I realized I was wrong! I wasn't hypothetically shooting the royal wedding with Crash and Yervant...I was supposed to be positioning myself against them to get the job. Awesome sauce. Little did I realize, I was essentially pitching myself to William and Kate. Had I known this was the case, I would have written I'd ride into Buckingham Palace on a unicorn and hand-out cupcakes and noise makers. Duh.

Either way, I was incredibly honored and if Willie and Katie are still looking for a wedding photographer, I'll get the unicorn warmed up.

**Update to Add**
I wrote this in the comment section, but I'm adding it here just to ensure we're all on the same page! :)
Thank you SOOO much, friends! One thing I want to clarify is that this article was a complete hypothetical...I realize the Royal Photographer was chosen months ago...Crash, Yervant, and I were simply asked for our input and approach. However, if you'd like to get together with cupcakes and noisemakers, I'm ready to party.
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Mirian Silva - Congrats Mama!  04.28.11 - 8:18am
Andrew Lipsett - Jsmine, just bought the magazine and read the article:) Great stuff!  04.19.11 - 3:19pm
Immo Fuchs Fotografie - On the one hand I'm really wondering how wedding photographer is having so much fans all over the world, on the other hand I definitly understand!!  04.08.11 - 1:13am
Tim May - I am based in the UK and subcribe to this magazine. I love your take on the royal wedding. I'd choose you any day of the week.  03.21.11 - 4:23am
MICHAEL HICKEY - Great article!  03.08.11 - 10:27pm
la cursiva argentina - amazing shots, good technique and great imagination. Greetings from Argentina  03.08.11 - 7:39pm
Cole Gorman - Congratulations Jasmine. You deserve it! You've been running the game and teaching the rest of us so much along the way. Thank you!!  03.05.11 - 7:50am
DJH - Brilliant blog, just put on to it via a forum, will bookmark and comd back for more, although got some catching up to do...  03.04.11 - 6:23am
kim lowery - What the WHAT?! Jasmine, I would pee my pants for you, but you could totally do it=) you know.. just in case.   03.03.11 - 2:47pm
Lucy Stendall - I subscribe to this magazine and a copy popped through the post the other day...when I read this article I was a little confused, I read the front cover and thought woah, Will and Kate have gone ALL OUT and hired all 3 of you!!! Now I get it's just hypothetical. Oops! I live in the UK and have taken the whole week of the royal wedding off, just so I can be in London and enjoy all the build sad is that?! I know I'm not alone though, they're making it a national holiday...woop! x  03.01.11 - 1:04pm
Brooke - Okay O M G I just totally squealed for you. How FLIPPIN' excited! The holy trinity of wedding photographers? CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine - that is amazing!!  02.28.11 - 11:55am
Jorge - Congratulations Jasmine! You are one of the top international photographers, enjoy it!  02.28.11 - 11:49am
Bethany - Have you heard any news yet?? I hope you get it!!! How fabulous would that be?  02.28.11 - 9:00am
Tabitha - OMG! Was JUST having a conversation about how a photog would be chosen for the royal wedding and if the vendors that do their wedding would be paid or if it's just an honor to do it at all. Holy MOLY congrats on at least being considered. (P.S. you will probably get it.)  02.27.11 - 9:31pm
Robyn - I'd totally go to that party. Holla!   02.27.11 - 4:13pm
Brittani - Congrats on getting in the magazine!!! That is soo awesome. Woman, you really are international. =) (And I would have rooted for you and your unicorns the whooole way.)   02.27.11 - 2:24pm
Sue - Add Jerry Ghionis to the team and what an awesome foursome! You are each original, unique and passionate about what you do. I say dispense with royal protocol and tradition and tell those Brits to give you guys a go. Wills and Kate will be blown away. Guaranteed !!  02.27.11 - 1:41am
Eric Kotara - That is awesome. You must be absolutely thrilled :)  02.26.11 - 11:51pm
Juli L. - Wow, how cool! That's pretty exciting to be called out as one of the Holy Trinity of International Wedding Photographers! Congrats!j  02.26.11 - 3:27pm
Adriana Morett - "The Holy Trinity of international wedding photographers"?!?! =O WOOOOA THAT'S AWESOME!!   02.26.11 - 10:21am
Jonni - So cool! I love it.   02.26.11 - 8:20am
Louisa Coulthurst - If only all wedding briefs were so detailed! Hugo Burnand will be the wedding photographer of the royals as he shot Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding in 2005.  02.26.11 - 6:40am
Yasmin - J* at least you are tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing. A Brit will be given the wedding gaff, an established royal tog. The unicorns are the only way to go...  02.26.11 - 12:55am
JOHN NACCARATO - Good luck J.D.! Oh and you too Jas.. :) (I couldn't resist)  02.25.11 - 10:45pm
Kristin Nicole - So fun, but what would you wear? lol  02.25.11 - 9:22pm
Christina Juleson - You're so Awesome! The "royal family" should book you, cause you're THAT good and I think we all agree!  02.25.11 - 7:58pm
Jackie - Oh my gosh! I'm so excited for you!You are so deserving of this wonderful exposure! I love Princess Diana, and one of my favorite books is, Diana Princess of Wales by Mario Testino. He captured her effortless beauty and grace just as you would or will for Kate and Will! So happy for you! XOXO  02.25.11 - 7:18pm
Brian Kraft - I wish I could read the article better. Anyway- looks like a really cool idea. Your shot there looks awesome.   02.25.11 - 6:42pm
P Ness - Super....amazing are the queen of weddings....  02.25.11 - 6:02pm
kelsey - This shows they type of person you are. You are thinking about working together with other photos rather then against each other. So awesome!   02.25.11 - 5:57pm
Agi Magyar - Fantastic exposure Jas!!! Is there any chance you can put up a better quality one? It's so hard to read the article on this one and I'm dying to see what the 3 of you wrote! :)  02.25.11 - 5:11pm
Roger - That's awesome, if you did get chosen how could you go on, what more would there be to do with respect to wedding photography after shooting the Royal Wedding? You could retire for sure...  02.25.11 - 3:05pm
nadine austin - Congrats Jasmine. I saw you speak at the Ignite, and in just 5 mins you had me crying. Keep on being yourself!  02.25.11 - 2:58pm
Kendra Cook - OH! MY! GOSH! I'm sooo incredibly thriilllleeddd for you Jasmine! I seriously almost cried seeing this. You inspire me to no end.  02.25.11 - 2:14pm
Britany Simon - So exciting... and in all honestly, your work is FAR more amazing than the other two...  02.25.11 - 1:54pm
Brian Davis - Awesome, congrats on the feature. You totally deserve it!  02.25.11 - 1:36pm
Alexis - Wow! What an honor! Your resume is going to be set for life! :) What a highlight of a wedding photographer's career! I hope you win! :)  02.25.11 - 1:28pm
Kristine - Jasmine! I'm so incredibly excited for you! I'm uber shy and I don't normally leave comments, but this post is worth commenting. I'm praying for you and I can't wait to see what God does in the months to come. Oh man! What an opportunity!!  02.25.11 - 12:53pm
amanda thiessen - damnnn girl!!! you are on top of the world!!! so thankful you were able to capture our wedding because soon you're gonna be on a 2 year waiting list!! you're awesome  02.25.11 - 12:50pm
Phil Dag-reek - Jolly fantastic smashing it would be to have one of our cousins from accross the pond shoot the long as the Tea Party in Boston isn't you say go girl..Ossum  02.25.11 - 12:43pm
Dawn & Michael Mitchell - Congratulations!  02.25.11 - 12:32pm
Chris Mann - Ummmm.... I hate to rain on amyone's parade, but the people behind this article have now said it was never meant to be taken seriously - the photographer for the Royal Wedding was chosen months ago and none of the photoraphers mentioned in the magazine was ever actually in the running for the job. The idea was cooked up by the magazine as a way to sell more copies by cashing in on Royal Wedding fever. Sorry, but that's the truth. Jasmine I'm afraid you have been the victim of a practical joke.  02.25.11 - 12:20pm
Angela - Wow, congratulations! I've been reading your blog from almost the beginning of your career and I've always gotten excited each year, each day to see your work and all of the experiences you've gone through. I'm so happy to see that you're work is being recognized internationally. Congratulations again!   02.25.11 - 12:18pm
Lydia - Congratulations Jasmine! You are one of the top international photographers and deserve to be featured!  02.25.11 - 12:17pm
Priyanka Sachar - Hey, is there anyway we can read the bigger size of these pages? Can't make out the text right now  02.25.11 - 12:10pm
Priyanka Sachar - whoa! well it's no surprise you are fast on your way to super stardom! (as if you weren't already) Congratulations! Hope to walk the same steps some day.  02.25.11 - 12:08pm
Stephanie Stewart - Wow, Jasmine!!! I'm so excited for you! What an honor!!! Keep us posted!  02.25.11 - 12:04pm
Marissa Rodriguez - Oh Jasmine, this is so awesome. Every time I visit your blog I see more and more things that you do. You just keep getting better and better. Bigger and bigger. And really, it's inspiring. Although sometimes I feel like I'm so so so sooooo behind, still, it's inspiring. You go girl. Do your thang!!!  02.25.11 - 11:54am
Denise Conrad - That is fricken awesome!! I got all goosebumps for you! You are riding with the big boys and I couldn't be prouder to be a fan of yours AND I have no doubt if you are chosen... you, Jasmine would find away to whip up a Unicorn!   02.25.11 - 11:52am
Laurie Noblit - Pretty redonkculously awesome!  02.25.11 - 11:48am
blue elephant photography - i'm sure you did an awesome job writing it!  02.25.11 - 11:35am
Hugo Tepe - Oh MY Gawsh!!! That would be the coolest thing ever, But NOOOO! If you were to photograph this wedding, afterward, your Prices would Sky Rocket, we wouldn't be able to afford you! LOL, I'm just kidding. We would be SO, SO, SO, SO PROUD OF YOU. Not that we aren't already. Celebrate to the fullest J*! Don't worry about those carbs!   02.25.11 - 11:31am
Jasmine* - Thank you SOOO much, friends! One thing I want to clarify is that this article was a complete hypothetical...I realize the Royal Photographer was chosen months ago...Crash, Yervant, and I were simply asked for our input and approach. However, if you'd like to get together with cupcakes and noisemakers, I'm ready to party.  02.25.11 - 11:14am
Erin - Kansas City Wedding Photographers - Love it what a great group of artists. Congrats!!!  02.25.11 - 11:11am
Ana Gabriela - WOWWWW!!! I'll just say... what you say! STAY FABULOUS!!!  02.25.11 - 11:03am
Julie Mast - I hope you get the gig cause I'd love to see your unicorn and hear you say "gorge" to Kate.   02.25.11 - 10:55am
Carolyn Egerszegi - Since Prince William is my 13th cousin, perhaps I could pull some strings for you Jasmine! I'm still waiting for my own invitation in the mail...  02.25.11 - 10:55am
Gaby Fuentes Photography - Now, I'm curious to hear your pitch.  02.25.11 - 10:47am
Marie Photographie - Seriously. How cool!!  02.25.11 - 10:39am
Amy - How amazing would that be if you photographed the Royal wedding!! I could be all like "oh I know her and read her blog allll the time." You never know....  02.25.11 - 10:38am
Shannon Gray - That would be Ahhhmazing if you got the gig! Good luck! (can I be your third shooter? lol)  02.25.11 - 10:37am
Rachel - That is very exciting! I love the handing out cupcakes and noisemakers comment, absolutely cracked me up.  02.25.11 - 10:30am
Phillip Marshall - I was so into reading this and thinking 'goodness JS that is so cool' and then it just kept getting cooler. BUT the image of you riding a unicorn and passing out noise makers is so beyond funny...I had to stop belly laughing and wipe the tears from my eyes long enough to wish you all the best...I hope you get it!!  02.25.11 - 10:18am
LEOLAK - is this your life?!?! So cool and unreal all at the same time....I mean that in a this is fantastic kind of way! Reading your blog is never a disappointment and I always leave feeling better about life's possibilities! You are simply fabulous!!!  02.25.11 - 9:56am
Faith Stone Photography - If you get the gig, I'm available to assist... an American living and working in Essex, only a short train ride from London!  02.25.11 - 9:56am
Chad Morgan - J, you know what you need to do? Bottle up whatever mojo sauce you're taking and start selling that! You gotta be riding some special high today!  02.25.11 - 9:43am
kathy pilato - Seriously? Royal Briefs or was it Royal Boxers...nah, just kidding. For you to be considered among the top three, INTERNATIONALLY, says something about your talent. You are humble and talented and I hope that Kate looks at your stuff and goes "WOW". Who knows? The wedding planners are probably all pondering your talents right now. If not, maybe some great shots of W&K informally could be in your future. Hey, < seven years ago, you were sitting in college, studying law. It can happen!  02.25.11 - 9:39am
Tacey - If anyone ever needed proof that KARMA exists....Here's the pudding. Dang girl....You've got the world rooting for you...and me.   02.25.11 - 9:29am
donna good - fingers crossed!  02.25.11 - 9:25am
Columbus GA Photographer - WOW.... Just to be considered to shoot there wedding is a huge honor. If it turns out for the best and you get the gig.... Well that would be nothing short of amazing.   02.25.11 - 9:23am
Tira J - This is so completely awesome! So, I have a tiny confession. When Will & Kate got engaged, I sent the Palace an email and gave them your name. HOLLLA! TRUF! I will be praying that they choose you to document their wedding. And if they don't, they will be missing out, but it is still an incredible honor to give your perspective. Wow. Lots of love. xoxo  02.25.11 - 9:22am
Kristin Guynn - BAHAHA!!! Not to offend you or anything, but that sounds like something I would do!   02.25.11 - 9:14am
Geert Lisabeth - I wish you could do the royal wedding... Good luck with that!  02.25.11 - 9:09am
Annetta - WOW!!  02.25.11 - 9:08am
Lorelei - Oh.My.Goodness. Congrats on the awesome feature! They would be incredibly LUCKY to have you Jasmine!!   02.25.11 - 9:03am
Karisa - That would be amazing. Is this all just hypothesis or are they really considering between the 3 of you?!  02.25.11 - 9:03am
loriana Daubenspeck - seriously what an honor! you are a rockstar! and soooo blessed! congrats, and God bless! xoxo  02.25.11 - 9:02am
Allison Carenza - Shut the front door! That's awesome!!!!!!  02.25.11 - 8:57am
Shauna Ploeger - I can see you on a unicorn and stealing the show. Too funny!  02.25.11 - 8:52am
Christina Dely - What an interesting concept! Looove the photo of Chrisoula you submitted :)  02.25.11 - 8:51am
Hai Doan - Yes, you absolutely deserve this, and USA are proud of you. I wished you would be one of the photographers for the royal wedding!   02.25.11 - 8:43am
Grant Scott - I'm the editor of Professional Photographer magazine in thUK and I just wanted to say thanks to Jasmine for taking part in this article. If anyone ants to get their hands on a copy of the magazine they can by visiting our website at thanks again Grant x  02.25.11 - 8:43am
kym vitar - holy wow! you'll need more than just JD second shooting for you if you land that one, so i gueeesss I could miss my son's birthday and quadruple shoot for you! :) just sayin...   02.25.11 - 8:42am
EvyH - Oh my goodness Jasmine! You seriously crack me up! I love how you don't admit to being an expert and things just fall in your lap. I know you hear this so much, but you have inspired me to do what I love because life is too short. Congrats on the article!   02.25.11 - 8:42am
Julie P - Go get 'em Jasmine! I think they would love you in the would take the "stuffy" out of Royal! Wink.  02.25.11 - 8:39am
Kelly Green - OMG, I am going to have to rush out and buy my copy right now!!  02.25.11 - 8:37am
Taryn - That would be insane! Now that bigger than the world series! That is history. But you would be able to handle that!  02.25.11 - 8:34am
Feuza - is there a PDF version so we could read this article? p.s just to be cited anything to do with the royal wedding probably just doubled your visitors and google page rank, lol  02.25.11 - 8:28am
Luciana Justice - Congrats!!! can't wait to get my copy and check it out, girl!!!!!  02.25.11 - 8:27am
Feuza - How could the girl of 5 years ago be today now a candidate to shoot the royal wedding? I think you deserve some pinkberry to even be considered is such an honor and girl Prince William would be a fool not to pick you. I mean you got this, oh my would be such a highlight, and what next, this really inspires me to dream, no we are not all Jasmine Stars but we are who we iz and we aint who we aint and I love it, I own it, thank you for reminding me of that  02.25.11 - 8:27am
Diana - omg jasmine!! this is so cool!!  02.25.11 - 8:26am
Vada Michelle - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Even though we've never laid eyes on one another, I feel like such a proud mama!!! GIRL PHOTOGRAPHERS ROCK!!! I'm claiming in the name of JESUS right now that you get this assignment!   02.25.11 - 8:25am
Josephine - I'm LIKE. WHOA WHOA WHOA,toooo hahaahaha ...they're soooo tooo lucky to have you you know! =) Nevertheless, if there was a voting'll be virally spread YES for J*! =) xxx  02.25.11 - 8:21am
Heather Soskin - WOW!!! What an incredible honor that would be!! I just got goose-bumps for you! You would be perfect for the event!  02.25.11 - 8:17am
melanie janse - That would be SUPER SUPER AWESOME!! You will be the perfect photographer for them!!  02.25.11 - 8:16am
Raquel - Congrats on the feature! You are accomplishing some amazing things! So inspired by you! <3  02.25.11 - 8:14am
Crystal Heft - What a neat article to be a part of!  02.25.11 - 8:13am
Jessica Burner - Your picture is definitely the best. I would totally pick you.  02.25.11 - 8:12am
anouschka - congrats Jasmine!  02.25.11 - 8:12am
Ann Steward - Seriously...all I can say is, "O.M.G.!!!!!" and, "YAYYYYY!!!!!!"  02.25.11 - 8:11am
Darina - CONGRATS!!!!! :))  02.25.11 - 8:09am
Chantae Whitaker - OMG Jasmine!!! This is utterly AH-MAY-ZING!!!! God, I'm crying right now because I am just so extremely HAPPY for you, to even be CONSIDERED, MENTIONED whatever you want to call is so GREAT! I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to learn from someone like you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  02.25.11 - 8:09am
Delia - This is HUGE J* and as I am living in the UK can tell you that if I were Kate I would have picked you :0)....if you were to be chosen could I pretty please meet you, to me you are the Princess of Photography, wanted to say queen but scared you might think it sounds a bit old!   02.25.11 - 8:09am
Tanja - Wow, Jasmine... How totally amazing is this publication? This is HUGE! So happy for you!  02.25.11 - 8:06am
Lisa Cour - That is CrazY!! I have to say when the announcement came out, I thought of you first. :) Wow....crazy.  02.25.11 - 8:06am
Jessica - all I can say Is WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! and I think your a WINNER!  02.25.11 - 8:06am
Courtney - Wow! This is seriously cool. That would be an amazing opportunity!  02.25.11 - 8:05am
Rich Park - wow, congrats!! you would be the perfect wedding photographer for them!  02.25.11 - 7:46am
Astami - Can we vote somewhere? Democracy à la US of A baby! No, just monarchy... hmm. Dang... If you do shoot the wedding, promise not to make out with Harry... save some for me!!! You are TRULY makin' it happen!  02.25.11 - 7:18am
Elizabeth - Ah, that would be amazing if you got to shoot the royal wedding! And you would do an incredible job as always!!!  02.25.11 - 7:00am
Jill Samter Photography - HA! You seriosuly are funny! I'll be praying you get to shoot their wedding and if not what an honor to be selected amongst the best to be considered! Not sure I would be able to concetrate with all the HOOPLA around them. :-)  02.25.11 - 6:50am
Diana - Hope you do get the job ....they would be honored also :)  02.25.11 - 6:47am
Chie Sipin-Bjarenas - This is sooooooooooooo exciting! Hope the unicorn gets to make an appearance!  02.25.11 - 6:45am
Life with Kaishon - Definitely get the unicorn ready : ) Congratulations Jasmine. How very exciting! You are an international super star!   02.25.11 - 6:45am
Troy Woods - I am reading this with my jaw on the ground!!!! Just the thought of that is great! Congrats on the recognition that is amazing! Sorry I missed your platform in Vey-Gus.  02.25.11 - 6:42am
Leya - Oh Jasmine Oh Jasmine Oh Jasmine!!!!! I fervently wish and pray and cross all ten*x fingers on my hands and feet that you get this job! Go girl! Proud of you!! That would be such a great wedding and such an awesomest couple to shoot!! (AND, if you do get it, tell me asap, so I can entangle my twisted criss crossy fingers.. :))  02.25.11 - 6:39am
Marivelle - Oh. My. Gosh. How awesome that you have the opportunity to fight for the chance to photograph the royal wedding! AHHH! So amazing! I hope you win!  02.25.11 - 6:35am
amanda west - HOLY MANNA HOLY MANNA HOLY MANNA!!!!!!!!! Praying that they decide to go with you, they won't regret it!!!  02.25.11 - 6:31am
JESSICA@DOSSIEA - I'm rooting for you girl!!  02.25.11 - 6:30am
Mona Alicia - Just to clarify, I meant they are really missing out on NOT having you as their photographer :)  02.25.11 - 6:23am
Mona Alicia - You still did a great job expressing how you handle the event and I love that you said Kate should feel like a beautiful bride, not an international spectacle, so true! I am really looking forward to seeing this wedding, they are missing out on having you as their photographer!  02.25.11 - 6:20am
Carrie LeighAnna - Congratulations Jasmine!! I know your work is published like all the time, but it's still just as exciting to see it! And please. William and Kate would be LUCKY to have you as their photographer! I bet you're already booked on their date anyway ;-)  02.25.11 - 6:13am