Changing from a Reactive to Proactive 2nd Shooter

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few days ago, JD and I spoke about how things have changed. In life. In the business. In my shoe collection. When we thought back to specifics, it was a perfect way to measure growth and mistakes. Oh, like that pair white wedges I bought out of impulse. Do I need to repeat the white part again? Because, really, they're as tragic as they sound. JD--the normal person in this duo--spoke about his role as a second shooter. If you'll remember, he posted a Top Ten List of Tips for Second Shooters in 2009, but much has changed for him since then. Besides having to walk next to me while I wore white wedge heels (oh! the! embarrassment!), his approach and vision has changed when it comes to photographing a wedding.

As JD recounted the differences, I asked him if he'd be willing to list a few of them in a blog post. Lucky for me, he agreed, so this post is like an addendum to his previous tips. And, yes, I fully realize how lucky I am to have such an incredibly handsome extremely competent photographer at my side. Rawr.

One of the biggest things that's changed for JD is his desire to be proactive (acting in anticipation to my needs) instead of reactive (responding to my requests), but I'll let JD get more into this by using examples...

From JD:
It's crazy to think back to my very first wedding as a second shooter as I enter my fifth wedding season with Jasmine. Time has definitely flown by, but throughout the last four years as a second shooter, my approach to a wedding day has evolved for the better and I thought I would share the pivotal parts of my evolution.

The number one thing that has impacted my approach to a wedding day is learning to be proactive instead of reactive. During my first two years I would find myself doing things in reaction to what was going on throughout the day. My job was to shoot the groomsmen as they got ready and I would do just that. If asked to shoot cocktail hour, I would do just that, shoot cocktail hour. But now, instead of only doing things I'm asked to do, I'm finding ways to diversify the wedding portfolio as well as doing things that will benefit the main shooter at a later point in the day. In order to explain my thoughts further, here are five tips to being a proactive second photographer on a wedding day.

1. Photographing ceremony location and ceremony details, while first shooter is photographing family portraits.
I always found myself gathering members for family portraits, and after, would stand and watch Jasmine shoot the 10-20 different variations of the family. Now, after gathering the family, I use that valuable time to photograph candid moments in between the formals and then quickly walk to the ceremony site and shoot detail photos before guests arrive. I know Jasmine needs an overview photo of the ceremony site as well as detail photos of undisturbed chairs, programs, and floral decor, so I get a jump start before she arrives.

2. Photographing groomsmen individually, and collectively, with the groom.
Shooting the groomsmen hanging out and getting dressed is always on my to-do list when I first arrive. Once the groom and groomsmen are dressed, I continue shooting the groomsmen while waiting for the bridesmaids to get ready. Most of the time, I shoot photojournalistically (candid moments), but there are times (especially when the wedding schedule is packed tightly), when I'll ask the groom to pose with each groomsmen. This saves Jasmine time so she doesn't have to take these photos later in the day, when time is stretched and precious. Yes, I just said precious.

3. Reception photos.
Once inside the reception site, we don't have very much time to photograph the room before guests arrive. I make it a point to look for the table best illuminated (be it with natural light or pin light) for the first shooter. From there I begin to move the less desirable items from a table (i.e. salt/pepper, butter, water/iced tea pitchers). This saves the first shooter valuable time and allows us to focus solely on table details.

4. Assessing lighting situations in advance for first shooter
Finding ways to compliment ambient lighting in advance is always helpful. As a second photographer, it's common to carry around a lot more equipment than the first shooter. I make it a point to always carry a variety of lights in case I need to set up artificial lighting to enhance photos for the first photographer at a moment's notice. When time is of the essence, and I pop out pin lighting in a pinch, Jasmine looks at me like I'm a Knight In Shining Armor. It's one of the job perks!

5. Creating a mental checklist of all detail photos and going over each look with first shooter.
In a sea of details throughout a wedding day, it's easy to forget one or two detail photos. Making a mental checklist of certain photos (did you photograph the rings? The ring bearer's pillow? That picture of Uncle Tom and Aunt Susie that the bride's mom asked for?) and discussing it with the first photographer during dinner is a great way to tie up any loose ends that might have been overlooked.
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Adriana Morett - lol! precious... I'm sure J* knows how precious your work as a 2nd shooter is, and I'm totally making my hubby (and 2nd shooter) read this post! ;) Thanks a LOT JD!  07.07.11 - 5:27am
Charlotte Wedding Photographer - I will have to have assistant wedding photographers read this post. As a wedding photographer in Charlotte NC I shoot a lot of weddings and have worked with a good amount of second shooters. As a wedding photographer with S L Media Productions I do not like to micro manage. I agree with JD points a second shooter should photograph what is asked but they also should be proactive by finding additional shots etc. This is a great post very informative.   05.09.11 - 11:26pm
DC Events Planner - awesome great info this will help in future thanks.  05.04.11 - 5:56pm
Samuel Burns - Interesting points, thanks for sharing  03.22.11 - 7:14pm
Jenna Danelle - I have found that I am now helping some of my photog friends when I have gaps in my own calendar to keep honing my skills and I thank you for all your great tips JD! It has really helped me to be a great support as a 2nd shooter, which is such a change of pace from when I'm primary in my own business!   03.21.11 - 9:43pm
Jamela Robledo - Amazing blog post guys. Thanks for sharing!  03.21.11 - 7:48pm
Danny Shum - JD, I think you are awesome! Thanks for the helpful tips. I just started reading Jasmine's blog not this month, and I'm loving the fact that both of you are growing together.  03.15.11 - 4:24pm
Deidre - Perfect list :)  03.14.11 - 7:16pm
Amanda Hagood - Great post! If I have to use a temp 2nd shooter then they usually ask me what I want, and I actually have a little checklist like this :) Way to go JD, being proactive is awesome!  03.12.11 - 8:45am - I remember that post. I'm glad you have posted the revised list!  03.10.11 - 4:59pm
anthony quesada - Way to go JD! Jasmine is so lucky to have you.   03.10.11 - 12:25am
image masking - excellent wedding photography! very nice job my friend!  03.09.11 - 11:51pm
Kimberly Kay - These are fantastic and valuable tips to put into practice. Thank you for sharing! ~K  03.09.11 - 8:19am
amanda thiessen - such a great read! definitely great points!!  03.08.11 - 9:18am
Emily Kicklighter Photography - Great article to send to my second shooters! Thanks!!  03.07.11 - 10:47am
David Hartstein - These are all great points. I think all too often second shooters "play it safe" and sort of wait for directions. Being more proactive will definitely help get those unique and special shots to compliment the work of the first shooter. Thanks for the post!  03.06.11 - 3:40pm
Ivana - Awsome advice, i have only been hired as a permanent second shooter and i find its so much more easier to be proactive then to be standing around waiting for order's!You two are such a great team...   03.05.11 - 11:24pm
Paula Franco - Thanks for sharing!! Great post!  03.05.11 - 7:08am
Jorge Tortajada - Thanks, great tips!  03.05.11 - 6:49am
Laura Leslie - Thanks for sharing this! :)  03.04.11 - 9:12pm
cassandra-m - awesome JD! such wonderful info. happy to see a post from you :))))))))  03.04.11 - 7:42pm
Ashley Kate - Thanks so much for this JD! I'll definitely use your tips to up my game as a second shooter =)  03.04.11 - 5:41pm
Wedding Photographer New York - Great post. I love your ideas. I admire your work.  03.04.11 - 4:06pm
Ashley - JD! Your posts are the best! I'm gonna make J read this. Really good advice (: P.S. I missed seeing you at WPPI!  03.04.11 - 2:50pm
Jodi - I love these ideas! I shoot with my husband, too, and its so nice when you have someone to work with that knows you so well they are always one step ahead of you!  03.04.11 - 1:18pm
Jayme - I can't wait to share these tips with my second shooter! I am very blessed to have my very own incredibly handsome "JD" by my side as well :)  03.04.11 - 1:12pm
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Brooke{BrookeB Photography} - I am 2nd shooting my first wedding next month! These tips are PERFECT! Thanks for the amazing insight!  03.04.11 - 8:34am
Chelsea - JD, I loved getting to visit with you after Jasmine's talk at WPPI. I told my husband about how you got started and he's been a lot more interested in the idea of shooting with me. Thanks for your time and words! And I'd love to hear more from you on Jasmine's blog, you're a great writer as well!  03.04.11 - 6:57am
daria bishop - J.D.~ Haha...i love that you said *precious* Great post!! :)  03.04.11 - 6:49am
Lydia - You're awesome, JD! Thanks!  03.03.11 - 9:13pm
keren macklin - Thank you this was very helpful information and your work shows your attention to detail.   03.03.11 - 8:18pm
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Maria - Loved this post. I just forwarded it to my hubby, who happens to also be my second-shooter! He looks up to JD and I know he'll get so much out of it. Thanks for sharing!! Air Kisses ;)  03.03.11 - 6:49pm
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desiree - this is a great post from JD's view! i love the idea of being proactive rather than reactive! you guys really are a perfect team!  03.03.11 - 2:56pm
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Chris Massie - Thanks, JD, for the refresher as we gear up for wedding season. May you and Jasmine have a successful year!  03.03.11 - 1:56pm
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Faith - Wow this post is awesome! Bula! (hello) from Fiji, I am a second shooter and I cannot wait to be more proactive rather than reactive!Thanks Jasmine and JD.  03.03.11 - 11:15am
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Orlando Wedding Videographer - Very useful tips, I had no idea I was re-active and now I'm gonna try to take some steps to change...  03.03.11 - 9:05am
Rachel C. - This was REALLY helpful. Thanks Jasmine and JD!  03.03.11 - 8:58am
Alejandra - Imaginale - Ahhhh, I love this :) I feel like this speaks a lot about marriage too. I won't get into all the deep stuff, but I definitely see how God has blessed the two of you. UH-MA-ZING insight by JD :)  03.03.11 - 8:57am
Whitney - Such a great team, in life and on the job...hopefully Jack and I will find the same rhythm in our work:) xoxo  03.03.11 - 8:48am
Samantha Foster - I am so thankful JD wrote this! I'm pregnant and about to have to drop our of my role as 2nd shooter for a little bit and need to train and bring in someone to do what I do and it has been hard a) finding someone b) explaining the role Very excited to see what is to come. P.S. Jamie Delaney's blog is on 2nd shooting as well. Weird and Great timing for me!  03.03.11 - 8:46am
anda - wow -- jd, you are AMAZING. i think i will post this list on my blog as the qualifications in a job posting for a 2nd shooter, haha. so glad jasmine has you!  03.03.11 - 8:33am
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JennP - What a great partnership you and JD have, both professionally and personally. God is blessing you two! Can't wait to see what awesomeness you'll produce this coming wedding season... and I'm not even a professional photographer! ❤  03.03.11 - 8:26am
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Gail - JD, these tips for second shooters are AWESOME! Since it sounds like you're a pro at this now, I think you should spend your free time cloning yourself so those of us on the hunt for awesome second shooters can "borrow" ya :)   03.03.11 - 7:53am
JESSICA@DOSSIEA - So grateful for this!! Couldn't come at a better time as I step into a second shooter role come April!!   03.03.11 - 7:47am
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mike - precious. too funny. How time flies, I read JD original post when it was posted back in 2009... 2009?!?!?! I swear that was only a few months ago, like late summer early fall. 2009. Really? I love reading your blog (and JD's too!). Oh how I wish I could talk Mrs. Reed into 2nd shooting with me.  03.03.11 - 7:31am
Tanya De Leeuw - Thanks, JD! I just read the original article, as well as this one! Great tips to bear in mind as I head into my first assistant job at a wedding in September!  03.03.11 - 7:25am
Terri Keefer - Thanks for the post Jasmine and JD! I know you guys shoot in RAW on the wedding day. Are you shooting in the largest RAW format or the medium? I would like to shoot in the medium, but in the event the bride may want a larger wall portrait later, I'm afraid to shoot too small. The size issue for me is not anything more than it takes a million years for Lightroom 3 to upload the largest files. I shoot with the 5D Mark II. Keep up the awesome work you two!  03.03.11 - 7:08am
Columbus GA Photographer - Really great post!! I'm not a second shooter but this list definitely helps and will be a great go to when I bring a 2nd photographer on for a wedding. Thanks JD and Jasmine!  03.03.11 - 7:01am
Salonee - Wow! This is a great post about practical, anticipatory, and as you very correctly put it, proactive second shooting. And I'm going to put in practice pretty much everything you mentioned here. Cheers!  03.03.11 - 7:01am
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