Greystone Mansion Engagement : Gabby+Adam

hey have a president to thank for bringing them together. And, no, it's not Obama, although they work for the Democratic party in Washington D.C. It's President John Adams who caused Gabby and Adam to end up together one night curled up in front of his television watching an HBO miniseries on his life. Getting to the couch, however, was no small feat.

Adam saw Gabby and he noticed she possessed a certain something that made her stick out from all the other girls in the Capitol. She was bright, beautiful, and Jewish...with an amazing set of eyebrows. Yes, they spoke about her eyebrows the first time they met at a party for a mutual friend. Noticing his interest in all things in addition to her eyebrows, Gabby told Adam they were just friends. After a few failed attempts of fostering more than her platonic affection, Adam ignored Gabby for two weeks. No calls, texts, emails. Nothing. At a St. Patrick's party--after weeks of his blatant disregard--Gabby went out of her way to talk to Adam.

Armed with her Prada clutch in one hand and a drink in another, Gabby partied and flirted. Perhaps a little too much because, whoa, she needed a ride home. Adam dropped her off and said goodnight with nothing more than a farewell, much to her chagrin. Undeterred, the next evening Gabby invited Adam to watch John Adams. They cuddled on the couch that evening and have spent every day together since then.

I was incredibly excited to meet Gabby and Adam for their engagement photos at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills last week. The weather was beautiful and I had a blast getting to know them better...I can't wait for their wedding this June!

One of the most beautiful things photographing at Greystone Mansion is the abundance of amazing light...and, clearly, Gabby and Adam know how to work it to their advantage...

One of things I was most impressed by Adam was his acute attentiveness to it his wit, charm, or humor, he constantly kept Gabby on her toes...

Gabby, you're gorgeous.

We joke that Adam is a buttoned-up East Coaster with limited capacity for fun and lightheartedness (his words, not mine), so I'm adding this photo to ensure we got at least one portrait that displays his uber cool part-time model side! ;)

To see more of Gabby and Adam's Greystone Mansion engagement pictures, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with music found at WithEtiquette...
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Whitney - you know what I love - ALL of these images &&& that you used the word "uber." I get made fun of a lot for the use of that word - but it's one of my faves=)   04.03.11 - 12:17pm
Samuel Burns - Love the 2 black and white backlit shots. gorgeous  03.27.11 - 3:14am
Kansas City Wedding Photography - This e-session is so sweet.   03.23.11 - 8:31pm
Renee - What an ADORABLE couple!!!!  03.22.11 - 12:39pm
Jenna Danelle - Just love this couple - too cute. And I love the ones of them on the grass!  03.21.11 - 9:34pm
B - Love it! Great job, Hammy ;)  03.21.11 - 9:03am
Tim May - Love the yellow shoes.   03.21.11 - 4:20am
Jessica Sweeney - They look great. It's nice to see a couple who are so happy with each other and natural in front of the camera.   03.20.11 - 6:17pm
Mom - Can't wait to see their wedding pics.!!!! I love the pictures of Adam and Gabby on the lawn. Beautiful couple.   03.20.11 - 3:56pm
Erica Velasco - so cute~!  03.20.11 - 10:50am
Shuva Rahim - yellow shoes... I approve.  03.20.11 - 9:59am
Karen - Beautiful couple, and photographs! =]   03.20.11 - 12:54am
Rachel C. - I lOVE these! Reeeally cute. 5th from the bottom was my special favorite. :)   03.19.11 - 6:36pm
Jorge Tortajada - A great session Jasmine! looks that are very much in love, Greetings!  03.19.11 - 11:49am
kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - beautiful couple and story!   03.19.11 - 9:22am
Edouard Montfort - Nice yellow shoes Lovely B&W photos  03.19.11 - 5:55am
Tara - Super work. Their personalities jump off the screen. Beautiful.  03.19.11 - 4:13am
Ana Sofia - Gorgeous couple!  03.19.11 - 3:39am
Whitney Schey - All of the black and whites kicked major A.... and obviously, her yellow pumps made me jealy.  03.18.11 - 10:15pm
Gail - Hey, so you know who's in the John Adams series? PAUL GIAMATTI!!! (tell JD that; maybe he'll start Netflixing it! haha) (Laura Linney's in it too; I have such a girl crush on her) PS--Speaking of crushes, Gabby's CLOTHES!!! LOVE her color picks! Sweet couple!   03.18.11 - 8:31pm
Erin Z - love them ALL. the B&W is my favorite. Wonderful.  03.18.11 - 7:49pm
Paula Franco - I love the light and l love the photos, is amazing how you capture the esence of love!! Can't wait to see the wedding!!  03.18.11 - 7:21pm
Caz - CLN Photography - Jasmin, I've spent the last few weeks reading through your entire blog, and I've learnt a phenomenal amount, so thank you sicerely, you are truly inspiring. Out of all of your shoots though, this is by far my stand out favourite! Gabby and Adam are such a beautiful couple, so obviously besotted with each other, and they are ' keeping it real'. They are gorgeous together and i can't wait to see their wedding. Thank you for being so generous with the information and images you share, my photography has improved so much just since watching your creative live, can't wait for the next one!   03.18.11 - 7:15pm
Jenny Meng - They're adorable! Love her shoes. :)  03.18.11 - 4:04pm
Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography - They look like a fun couple! You have caputred them beautifully!  03.18.11 - 3:36pm
katie - I just LOVE her outfit.. the orange shirt, blue sweater.. Gabby if you are reading this.. where did you buy it?? Cute photos too!!   03.18.11 - 3:30pm
Lydia - The b&w's are beautiful! Their love and joy is so evident!  03.18.11 - 3:25pm
kelly marie - I bet he has a secret wild side!! Great photos always :)  03.18.11 - 3:24pm
Kim J Martin - Your brides just have the most fabulous taste in fashion. These two are so adorable together!!  03.18.11 - 2:40pm
dearly loved photography - i love this location. beautiful shoot, as always.  03.18.11 - 1:51pm
LEOLAK - I love their story...and love that he kind of made her work a little because he was clearly digging her but she wasn't ready...and when she was he was there. I really like the laughing one..and the two b/w(s) where he's looking at her and she's looking off somewhere and then they look at each other. I dig a dude who can rock some glasses! Thanks for sharing...great images as always!   03.18.11 - 1:30pm
nena - what amazing photos of such a great couple! =-)  03.18.11 - 1:26pm
Pasha Belman - Jasmine. They are all great. They are always great. Loved their photos, their outfits. Cant wait to see their wedding photos...   03.18.11 - 1:24pm
Rachel Peters Photography - What a super sweet looking couple! her face lights up when she smiles! r  03.18.11 - 12:41pm
Christa - Love her dress!!!!! Beautiful shots as always :)  03.18.11 - 12:37pm
Columbus GA Photography - I LOVE the location! Lighting on the subjects look amazing as always. Great shoot!  03.18.11 - 12:25pm
Becca - I hope what I have to say won't offend anyone; especially the gorgeous couple featured here. I am SO happy to see these pictures. Jasmine, you have a true talent. I've always found your style of photography the most appealing in my search for a wedding photographer. But I have to admit (and this is all on me, not at all on your clients, or you for that matter) I often become discouraged that I will ever have engagement photos as fabulous as what it typically seen on this site. I'm sure the reason is obvious to those who are reading, but I've always felt like truly beautiful photographs were out of reach for my fiance and me because of some less than ideal body weight. And that is why I love this post so much. It's just blows my fears out of the water. We CAN have gorgeous photos, because we ARE gorgeous people with an even more gorgeous love. So, congratulations Gabby and Adam. You're beautiful and so is your love.  03.18.11 - 11:53am
sherri lynn - these images are so crisp, i love them! gabby has awesome style and totally rocks those yellow heels. LOVE it.  03.18.11 - 11:30am
Ann Molen - love these! Greystone is a photographers dream spot and you totally utilized it to its full potential!. i especially love the ones in black and white. they are dreamy! you're amazing Jasmine!  03.18.11 - 11:22am
Taryn - I love the black and white set where they are in each others arms. The lighting is great and it is just such a sweet moment.  03.18.11 - 11:22am
Melanie - Loove the way you describe the couple. Gorg pictures!!  03.18.11 - 11:19am
Sarah Danaher - awwwww, his "buttoned up East Coaster"-ness is adorable. And she is lovely.  03.18.11 - 11:15am
maryana - stunning. So much energy and light. so amazing! You forget about photos you just think of how much love is there!  03.18.11 - 11:02am
ashley barnett - Aw I love these! Her sense of style is great! Those yellow shoes rock! Beautiful as always Jasmine!  03.18.11 - 10:52am
Candee - Beautiful session and I love her second outfit! That color is -- wow!  03.18.11 - 10:43am
Diana Lupu - Amazing as always! what an adorable couple and i love their outfits! too cute... my fave is the blk and white where she's laughing as he's kissing her. :)   03.18.11 - 10:38am
Deborah Zoe - LOVE this session and the location:)  03.18.11 - 10:20am
Stephanie Stewart - LOVE this couple! What a pretty location, that light is amazing! Can't wait for their wedding!   03.18.11 - 10:20am
Kristin Nicole - Gorgeous  03.18.11 - 10:17am
Jenelle Sewell Lifestyle Photography - What an adorable couple! LOVE the way Adam looks at her. Fantastic!   03.18.11 - 10:15am
gladys jem - awwww i LOVE them! they seem like a super awesome couple, and anyone who rocks yellow pumps is just darling to me :) happy friday jasmine!  03.18.11 - 10:11am
Em - Wow! I love how you captured these two. Gorgeous color on Gabby and the way you take your pictures make them melt off the page. Love, love love :)  03.18.11 - 10:06am
tamsen - awww, these are SO cute! Love them all as usual! Love her bright pop of color in her shirt!  03.18.11 - 10:03am
E. Kitchens - Love the rim light! Great use of backlight!   03.18.11 - 10:02am
Bethany Ann - How sassy and fun is she!? And he's so handsome and you did bring out the model in him. Love these!!!! And the story of how they got together. :)   03.18.11 - 9:56am
Shannon Sorensen - Gorgeous photos! I love their story, good job playing hard to get, Adam! And I covet her yellow heels. COVET.   03.18.11 - 9:53am
Laura Stricklin - Oh the lighting was wonderful! So glad to see photographs again! Beautiful work as usual!! :)  03.18.11 - 9:51am
Anita Larsen - They are beautiful together.   03.18.11 - 9:50am
Kate Douthwright - Gorgeous! Love the way you write their stories like you've known them forever.   03.18.11 - 9:43am
Salwa - What a cute couple! I love the set of B&W ones where her hair is backlit - so pretty!  03.18.11 - 9:41am
Alicia Candelora - Love these! And hey, what's so bad about an "East Coaster with limited capacity for fun and lightheartedness"??? :) I think the friends you made in CT last week would beg to differ.  03.18.11 - 9:40am
Maria - Love the photos! I've been itching for you to post a wedding or engagement session! You rock!   03.18.11 - 9:36am
Melissa Cramer Photography - When a man not only genuinely loves you but ADORES you, THAT's the man you marry! Gabby is one smart cookie! Gorgeous photos... the light is amazing.  03.18.11 - 9:36am
Colleen - I LOVE this shoot...this couple....beautiful, real, rawr....  03.18.11 - 9:32am
Mike - Beautiful photography! Love the black and white.   03.18.11 - 9:32am
Francine - LOVE this session. Such sweetness. You rock J*!  03.18.11 - 9:25am
Beria Charles - Oh Jasmine! What a lucky couple for having you as their photographer; and "lucky you" for having - as you say - amazing clients! Lovely couple, awesome pictures! I specially love the top black and white! Love the moment you captured! May God keep blessing you and your work (May He also bless me so I can afford to attend one of your workshops someday!) Love you, girl!  03.18.11 - 9:23am
Linsey Wilt - Adorable! My favorite is the black and white one of her giggling as he whispers in her ear, perfection!  03.18.11 - 9:22am
Isaac Stott - Beautiful pictures Jasmine! I love the one were he is leaning against the wall with a little smirk on his face, priceless!  03.18.11 - 9:22am
Lauri - SO gorgeous! The light is really pretty in these and she is just beautiful! I love how you give couples permission to be a model for a day. :) Would love to know where she got her red shirt, it's super cute and looks comfy too!   03.18.11 - 9:20am
Julia Azcona - What a beautiful couple. And as always amazing work Jasmine.  03.18.11 - 9:19am
Faith Cherisse - What a beautiful couple! You captured their love for eachother beautifully!  03.18.11 - 9:19am
Elizabeth - Fabulous pictures!!!  03.18.11 - 9:18am
Mary Marantz - Buttoned up East Coaster....I object!! :) These are absolutely gorgeous J...I adore this couple!   03.18.11 - 9:18am
Life with Kaishon - I love this couple. They might be my favorite couple I have ever seen on this blog. So much beauty : )! DC people are the best! I am glad they ended up on the couch together! I hope they have tons and tons of wonderful couch cuddling sessions together in the years to come.  03.18.11 - 9:14am