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creativeLive : Course Attendees Announced

he past few days have been spent compiling lists, sending them for feedback, comparing lists, comparing notes, and then pulling my hair out. For those of you who don't know I'm notoriously non-commital. Like, I reign supreme in the land of Let's-Touch-Base-Next-Week-Or-I'll-Email-You-Or-Send-Smoke-Signals-If-I-Want-You-To-Call. I hate planning things far in advance because chances are I'll want to stay home and wash my hair. Or something like that. Making decisions isn't my forte, so when the crew at creativeLIVE and I joined forces to choose the in-class attendees for the next online course (April 8-9, 2011), I wanted to hide.

To those who submitted videos, THANK YOU. I appreciate your time and efforts with all my heart. There were so many great submissions and I want to invite, really, I do. I vote we plan a party and invoice Chase Jarvis for the bubbly.

The creativeLIVE team contacted the winners yesterday, but I'm following up today as a way to introduce the amazing photographers who'll join me throughout the course.

Candice Benjamin

Candice Benjamin: Jasmine Star + creativeLIVE Entry from jakfoto productions on Vimeo.

Tim King

Untitled from tim king on Vimeo.

Ashley Goodwin

Jasmine Star & Creative Live Submission from Ashley Goodwin on Vimeo.

John Payne

CreativeLive Video - John P from John Payne on Vimeo.

Erin Brant

Anthony Quesada

The Social-less Network & CL from Anthony Quesada on Vimeo.

Christy Cropper

Creative Live w/ Jasmine Star 2011 from christy cropper on Vimeo.

Like always, it'll be an honor to see you online for this FREE course, so don't forget to register here. Happy Tuesday!
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Ashley Goodwin - I just did a search for Creative Live on your blog to see the post about your upcoming one (Marissa is submitting a video--she presented it as a 'possibility' to me and I am now officially forcing her to) and I found this one instead--AND NOW I AM SAD.   11.17.12 - 3:17pm
Mike Visser - I love Candice's video. So creative with the cupcakes!  04.03.11 - 9:01pm
Lindsay - Anthony's video is sooooo awesome! 600.00 Dollars! Laughed my ass off! Totally relate.  04.02.11 - 2:59pm
Shuva Rahim - those are some great entries... Loved the Social-Less Network one, very cool!  03.26.11 - 11:36am
Amanda Tacie - Oh my gosh I can't wait for this just watched all the videos and I think I can relate to almost all of them especially the working multiple jobs just to get by and trying to start a business! Can't wait!  03.25.11 - 9:28pm
Sachin Khona - Awesome choices!! Looking forward to tuning in J and learning more from you :)  03.24.11 - 1:23pm
Cecilia Flaming - Awesome videos! Congrats to all of them!  03.24.11 - 1:12pm
ali - I don't know Christy Cropper, but she is so cute! And I love how she is watching Creative Live in the background]. Get it, girl!  03.24.11 - 11:07am
Rach F - Not gonna lie. I kinda wanna marry Tim King.  03.24.11 - 12:41am
Kansas City Wedding Photography - Congrats everyone. Some of those videos are great and very creative. Love it!  03.23.11 - 8:25pm
Amber Fox - Congrats to all the people who won. I love all the videos and you guys rock for taking a risk like this. You are going to learn soooo much!   03.23.11 - 5:22pm
ReginaMarie - OMG!! I'm So excited!!! Erin is a good friend of mine and I'll get to see her at the workshop!!!!!!!!! YYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! And congrats to everyone else too! This is going to be an AMAZING workshop! I can't wait!  03.23.11 - 2:42pm
Kate Neal - These videos are excellent! They all made me laugh, and were all so great in their own unique ways:o)  03.23.11 - 12:52pm
Bobbie Brown - These video's were awesome!! Congrats to all the winners :)  03.23.11 - 11:05am
Kiera Faye {Jakfoto Productions} - Wow! What a talented and creative group! Loved all the videos. Congrats to everyone! And YAAAAYYY Candice! Helping with your video was a blast - with your personality, it's easy to create something "AWESOME!"  03.23.11 - 10:47am
Kristen @ {K Leigh Ford} - These are perfect candidates for attending the course! I'm excited to watch!  03.23.11 - 9:55am
Christina Glawe - Loving Erin Brant!!  03.23.11 - 7:26am
Maïa - WOW ! These guys seriously made my day !! They're so skilled, I need a video workshop with the girl who adds cupcakes to her video ! lol And the social-less network was really good too !  03.23.11 - 7:03am
Victoria de Martigny - Great job on the choices Jasmine! I wish I could be there in person for Part 2, but you can bet I'll be joining you from the interweb and pitching in with lots of questions. Have fun with this year's class :-)  03.23.11 - 5:54am
Petra Berggren - Wow, this was a great little break from my soooo boring (but important!) bookkeeping day... I would have applied with my own video if I had the chance, but I´ll be in sunny Florida for work, taking my photographybusiness higher and higher I hope. Really hope to join you guys another time. YOU ROCK! Loved all of the videos! Love from Sweden  03.23.11 - 4:05am
ErikaM - Yay! My girl Christy Cropper is on there! Congrats!! Also, I gotta say, I looooved the unsocial network. So awesome. :)  03.23.11 - 1:18am
cassandra-m - I loved all the videos! What a great diverse group that will be attending. Congrats to the ones chosen...cant wait to watch you guys from my computer. Have FUN!  03.22.11 - 11:20pm
Christine - Props to Christy Cropper for wearing a 3 wolves howling at the moon t-shirt! That alone lets me know she is AWESOME!  03.22.11 - 10:23pm
AnneMarie - The Social-less Network one is genius!!! Love it!!! Congrats to everyone!!!  03.22.11 - 10:23pm
nayely Cortez - I LOVE CANDICE VIDEO SOO MUCH  03.22.11 - 10:07pm
Karen Feder - I had such a blast watching these videos! Thumbs up to everyone who participated and for entertaining me for the evening!  03.22.11 - 9:02pm
Feuza - I did not see most videos but just watched all of the WINNERs and they all made me Laugh, smile and be joyous so you did an awesome job choosing and can't wait to see this team live on web so we can take some awesome notes  03.22.11 - 7:47pm
Lloyed Valenzuela - Congrats to the winners!!!  03.22.11 - 6:59pm
sadiemae - you picked great ones Jasmine! I love John's video! And Anthony's video too...they were all awesome!   03.22.11 - 6:25pm
Shane O' Sullivan - It's like the build up to a reality tv show, bril. Ashley is gonna rock it!  03.22.11 - 6:23pm
emily - congrats to the winners! next time around i need to NOT forget to enter. and i need to make sure to get it now to add to my ipod when it debuts! can't wait!  03.22.11 - 5:52pm
Robyn - The wedding photography industry is in good hands if these are our rising peers. Looking forward to the CreativeLIVE shoot in April!!! Have fun, winners! I'm only a smidge jealous because you're all awesome! :)   03.22.11 - 5:47pm
cristina Sullivan - congrats to the winners! the videos were awesome!  03.22.11 - 3:50pm
Shilpy - Congrats to all those were picked. Will be pre-ordering the workshop from Creative Live soon! Yay!!  03.22.11 - 2:52pm
RAMYAD London Wedding Photographer - I can connect with Anthony and his plight. Really looking forward to the show and your advice on building a high-class brand that brings in the clients. Would also like to know how much work is needed to maintain the brand and presence once established.  03.22.11 - 2:49pm
Jamie - OMG. Erin Brant's video was hysterical. I've watched it 4 times already. She looks like she needs to be my bff! LOL. She's too funny. Great addition to your team!  03.22.11 - 2:39pm
Stephanie Durocher - Looks like a great group! Can't wait to watch!!  03.22.11 - 1:24pm
Jayme - YAY for another J*/CreativeLive course!! My heartfelt CONGRATS to all the winners!! I look forward to watching the magic unfold!  03.22.11 - 1:19pm
Liz - Candice and Anthony Amazing videos..   03.22.11 - 12:57pm
Allyson Garrison - I'm glad you picked Ashley Goodwin too because although my husband isn't military, we do get transferred (both temporarily and permanently) often because he's a design engineer with a firm that designs and builds chemical plants all over the world. I can't wait to learn about how to market my brand so that I can take it with me wherever we go without having to literally start over every time. See you online!  03.22.11 - 12:50pm
Jenelle Sewell - Those were excellent! So creative!   03.22.11 - 12:44pm
kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Congrats to all the winners!  03.22.11 - 12:42pm
Adriana Morett - YES! Another CreativeLive Jasmine Star course!!! I'm SO gonna buy this one (too)!   03.22.11 - 12:38pm
Kristin Nicole - So excited for all of the winners and for Creative Live! It is going to be fabulous!  03.22.11 - 11:48am
Jen Anway - I LOVE all of your people already! I can't wait to see you online again!  03.22.11 - 11:22am
Ashley Goodwin - Accent? What accent? HAHAHA. What a great compliment that I know is far from correct! I feel like Jessie Spano singing "I'm so EXCCITEDD that I just can't HIDE ITTT" but, of course, without Slater & the addiction to pills.  03.22.11 - 11:20am
Crystal Lee Photography - Congratulations to the chosen winners (very creative video entries!) and thank you for the opportunity! I am anxiously waiting for this CreativeLive course. Thanks Jasmine!  03.22.11 - 11:13am
Trish - Hooray for Christy! You always have my vote girl! Congrats to all the winners!  03.22.11 - 11:12am
TIm king - I'm Blasting my master p song in celebration of this. Cant wait! Make em say ungh...nah nah NAH NAH!  03.22.11 - 11:06am
Mom - Congratulations to all the winners!! Have a great time with Jasmine, Chase and the whole CreativeLIVE crew!! I will be watching..........Love J*'s mom........  03.22.11 - 11:06am
Britney - Holy macaroni! You picked an awesome bunch of characters for this workshop. I CANNOT wait for it.... Thank you and Creative Live so very much for what you do!  03.22.11 - 11:01am
Jo-Anne Kyle - Congratulations to all the winners!! Great videos. Looking forward to your second CreativeLive event, Jasmine!  03.22.11 - 10:58am
Brianna - These videos were so fun to watch! For some reason Ashley reminds me of you...but with a cuter accent of course   03.22.11 - 10:30am
Marissa Rodriguez - Why I'm crying after watching Anthonys is beyond me! SUCH an awesome video, story of my photography career so far! And Tim! YAY for someone to represent San Diego, Whoop-Whoop! And I loved Johns video also! I'm kicking myself for not making the time to make a video. Seriously. There was nothing to loose. But I'm excited for everyone who got chosen and I'll be watching! Fo' shaw!   03.22.11 - 10:28am
Svetlana Yanova - So excited for the winners and can't wait for the workshop now!!! Next time I won't be a chicken and will submit a video, too!! :)  03.22.11 - 10:19am
Susan - Congrats everyone and I can't wait to see you on CL Jasmine! ;)  03.22.11 - 10:13am
A - In Anthony's video the friend looks like a younger Brad Pitt... Super hot!!   03.22.11 - 10:12am
jemimah b. - i'm so glad you picked Ashley Goodwin! i am in the same situation with taking my biz with me on military moves. i'm so looking forward to watching Creative live and hearing what you have to say on the subject! can't wait!!  03.22.11 - 10:08am
Jenna Danelle - I sooo can't wait to see this crew on with you! And, well, of course - to see you!!! Despite my desperate need to get all the hours I can at my part time job - I actually requested for that weekend off just to see this!!! I'm sooooo excited! Whoooohoooo! Did I mention I was excited? I wish I still lived near Seattle!  03.22.11 - 10:02am
Claudia - love those videos! :)... specially the first one....   03.22.11 - 10:00am
Columbus GA Wedding Photographer - Love every single one of the vids. These guys definitely deserve it. I'm totally going to do this next time around. Looking forward to watching online though for FREE! Thanks Jasmine and CreativeLive  03.22.11 - 9:58am
Aimee - Such great videos. When I saw the one of Tim, I thought, "he's cute, I wonder if I could set him up with my sister." Ugh, I'm so "that" older sister. They both live in SD and love dogs - I mean, it could happen!   03.22.11 - 9:55am
Anthony Quesada - Thank you so much Jasmine! This is such an honor and I am so excited. Perhaps I will actually have a clue after this workshop:)  03.22.11 - 9:52am
jacin {lovely little details} - whoa these are awesome! i love the social-less network one  03.22.11 - 9:45am
jamie delaine - i LOVE erin's video. she has the greatest hair! and that song. i enjoyed it. so excited for the winners!  03.22.11 - 9:42am
ashley barnett - Woohoo Ashley! I'm so excited for all the winners! And thank you Jasmine for putting yourself out there again for all of us. I can't wait for the workshop!   03.22.11 - 9:40am
MartaV - Bummer. I wish it had been me but I am super excited for those who were chosen. Congrats to you all! :) I will totally be watching online.   03.22.11 - 9:38am
mariana herrera mosli - Congrats to all the winners! I was happy to participate and will be cheering everyone via online! Thanks for the opportunity, Jasmine!   03.22.11 - 9:38am
Jessica C - SO bummed I didn't get picked but that doesn't make me any less excited! Congrats to all the winners and kudo's to Jasmine and her team for digging through all the fantastic videos!   03.22.11 - 9:36am
Sacha Blackburne - Oh - so creative - love them!!! They deserve to win - will be amazing for all of them - congrats to the winners!!   03.22.11 - 9:25am
diana - you picked the best videos! awesome job! love them all! Go Ashley!! Represent NC :)  03.22.11 - 9:21am
Amy Jo - I am so excited for your Creative Live course! I was first introduced to your work from the Creative Live wedding, and you have been changing my life and perspective ever since. I only wish I had enough vacation time at my job that provides the health insurance to have submitted a video and been in the running to attend. I loved Candice's. So creative!  03.22.11 - 9:21am
Faith Bowyer - Congratulations to the winners, they're very lucky : ) Love all the videos! I'm happy to see that Candice Benjamin won a spot, I just love her video. Can't wait to see ya'll on CreativeLIVE!  03.22.11 - 9:14am
angel - Ha ha. Those are great! I enjoyed watching and can't wait for the event!  03.22.11 - 9:09am
Kate Douthwright - Those videos are amazing and so fun. You picked some great people to come out to Seattle. So excited for your business class!  03.22.11 - 8:47am
Jill Samter Photography - LOVE IT! Congrats to your winners and I can't wait to hear how they grow after attending this seminar with you! What an awesome treat and honor! Would love to hang with you too ;-D  03.22.11 - 8:39am
Tanya De Leeuw - What a great bunch! Can't wait!  03.22.11 - 8:38am
Paulette Stewart - Wow to all of the lucky winners! Their videos are awesome, and I enjoyed each one. I'm so looking forward to watching, and Jasmine - thank you again for giving so much of yourself.   03.22.11 - 8:31am
Erin Oveis Brant - Jasmine, thank you SO much for this amazing opportunity! I have been dancing around and squealing since I got the news :D I can't wait to meet everyone...we are going to have so much fun!!! Oh yeah, and learn a ton too ;-) THANK YOU J* & creativeLIVE!!   03.22.11 - 8:30am
Ashley Goodwin - Oh Jasmine, I can't even explain how grateful and EXCITED I am! I can't wait!!! Thanks for teaming up for this amazing opportunity again! Can't wait to meet everyone!! I feel like I need to immediately work on toning down this drawl of mine. & shop!  03.22.11 - 8:15am
Keri Doolittle Photography - I love these!! The Social-less Network cracked me up, so fun!  03.22.11 - 8:14am
tamsen - awww, i loved Candice's video, it was done so well! good luck with the choosing!  03.22.11 - 8:11am
P E N N Y - What an awesome group! Can't wait to tune in  03.22.11 - 8:08am
Julia A. - Woooow! How cool and awesome are these photographers?! Loved the Social-Less Network! Brilliant!  03.22.11 - 8:07am
Hannes Uys - I'm happy for all of them.  03.22.11 - 8:04am
MelissaFoscardo - Wow, what awesome, creative submissions! Love them all!!  03.22.11 - 8:03am
kat - rocknrollbride - what a cool bunch of winners! my fave vid wastrhe first one but they are seriously all ace. cant wait to watch this online again!  03.22.11 - 7:59am
Melinda Leal - UUmm....I am pretty sure i had a GREAT laugh with some of these! Wow, i can only imagine what the competition looked like. I am SUPER STOKED about April 8th!  03.22.11 - 7:54am
Life with Kaishon - Such a fun group! I know you will have a fantastic time and be SO happy you are not at home washing your hair : )  03.22.11 - 7:46am
Katelyn James - omg...LOVE anthony's! haha  03.22.11 - 7:43am