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Good Reads : Selected Works of T.S. Spivet

t's the type of book I'd write, I told him in bed. Well, like, if I was smart and stuff. And the drawings? Well, I'd totally draw them like that. If I could draw. And I'm pretty sure the author is a genius, so I don't know if Reif Larsen would be my friend, but if I ran into him at a coffee shop (because, really, where else do genius writers hang out?!), I'd buy him a soy latte (clearly, this is what geniuses drink) and make him be my friend.

So...I take it you liked the book, JD said as he looked up from reading his book.

To say I liked the book would be an understatement. I mean, com'on, it's getting it's OWN BLOG POST for crying out loud! I feel like Larsen opened my brain and wrote the type of book I can see and feel, but never put into words. And it's beautiful. So, so beautiful. It's the story of a gifted child who decides to follow his dream and accept a fellowship at the Smithsonian, but--more so--about a child who finds his past.

Okay, so I made the book sound totally lame. Which is why I don't drink soy lattes. Obviously. If you're in the mood for a delicious read, pick up The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet. And thank me later.

Happy Friday!
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Julie O'Dell - I love this...  03.29.11 - 7:00pm
melinda hough - I love your book review, Jasmine. Keep 'em coming. =)  03.29.11 - 12:36pm
Kristen - Thanks for the book recommendation! I've been looking for something fun to read.  03.28.11 - 8:17pm
Gail - I read this entry with the biggest grin on my face 'cause I would be that fan girl who'd grab your arm and make YOU buy the soy latte and then I'D be the one to flip the coin and, hand shaking, get to give it to Reif and be "Ohmygodyourbookissoamazing." I'm already looking forward to his next title :)   03.28.11 - 6:28pm
Ashley - Jasmine- I strongly suggest you read anything by Paulo Coehlo, I think you'd really like/enjoy his writing.  03.28.11 - 6:50am
shane O' Sullivan - Is that JD's shadow by any chance ha  03.27.11 - 8:30am
gwyneth colleen - i bought and read this book on gail's recommendation (did she tell you to read it, too?) and i feel strangely about it... it is clearly is unique and different and there is a story there that is i liked it, but it also felt just slightly inaccessible...or like it tried a teensy bit too hard? or in being so different it lost some of its readability? i dunno...all the illustrations, which i didn't want to skip or let slip through my fingers...but they did seem to distract me or lose the momentum of the story. there's probably a lot more i could take from evaluating this if i thought some more...but i didn't think that deeply about it until just now, i think. :-D  03.26.11 - 7:03pm
kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - I will have to check it out! TFS!  03.26.11 - 7:00pm
Victoria O'Connor - Hey Jasmine, keep those book reviews coming - I love them! It's so good to have a recommendation from someone whose taste you trust, and let's face it, life is too short to read less than amazing books! A book that I adored is "Astrid & Veronika" by Linda Olsson - both heartbreaking and beautiful ...  03.26.11 - 4:39pm
Columbus GA Wedding Photographer - Will check it out. At first when you mentioned soy latte I was like who drinks those... Then later on you clarified that you didn't. Now I feel better lol  03.26.11 - 4:09pm
Jasmin - Saw the book in the bookstore today, thought of your post and bought it without a doubt. Hope I like it... ;-)  03.26.11 - 3:21pm
Katrina - Hi Jasmine - I met you when you came to Connecticut (I still have to post that picture..) anyway, I wanted to recommend an amazing book to you !  03.26.11 - 6:27am
Kristin Nicole - Looks like a good one...  03.25.11 - 9:17pm
Rebecca Black - Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday...partyin' partyin' yeah!!!!  03.25.11 - 8:49pm
Kaylee Sizemore - My favorite part of this pic is the empty wall. You and JD are amazing photogs, but you keep your bedroom wall blank... quite beautiful if you ask me :) simple.  03.25.11 - 5:26pm
a little bit of whimsy photography - Girl.. how do you find the time with all that stuff in your head. You must sleep for just 15 minutes I just finished The Hunger Games and am currently reading Catching Fire.. read something else you recommended months ago.. you have not missed yet..... thanks for putting it out there......  03.25.11 - 3:48pm
Tanya De Leeuw - Don't you just love it when that happens with a book?! You both have a great weekend, too!  03.25.11 - 3:09pm
Marissa Rodriguez - I always love your books/reading posts!  03.25.11 - 2:54pm
Life with Kaishon - I want to read it this instant.  03.25.11 - 2:27pm
Noa - I'm currently in the midst of reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (which is AMAZING, btw) but I'm adding this to my ever growing book list! Thanks for the recommendation :)  03.25.11 - 1:59pm
E. Kitchens - I drink soy lattes...must mean I'm a genius! THANKS!   03.25.11 - 1:52pm
sherri lynn - thanks for the suggestion! you've made me excited to read this book  03.25.11 - 1:36pm
Brittani - Every book I've read that was recommended by you is awesome. You have a talent here. ;) Can't wait to check out this one.  03.25.11 - 1:35pm
a - LOVED this book, read it over a year ago and still think about all the great illustrations (which are a must - don't read this on an e-reader).  03.25.11 - 1:30pm
Lydia - Both you and Bianca posting about reading today makes me want to snuggle under the covers with my newest library book! That and the fact that all the snow outside and the cozy fire inside equals the perfect cup of coffee and book day!  03.25.11 - 1:22pm
Jasmine* - @Petra: I actually read that book and, yes, I LOVED it too! :)  03.25.11 - 1:19pm
Petra Cross - I felt this way about "Curious Incident of the dog in the night time". I can't put it in words how awesome that book is, but I'm sure it would deserve it's own blog post. I'll check out your book...  03.25.11 - 1:17pm
Tabitha Blue - You totally DIDN'T make the book sound lame... you made me want to RUN to the nearest bookstore and buy one to read TONIGHT! Oh, and for the record, I drink soy lattes. Okay, soy chai tea lattes... same thing, right?! ;)  03.25.11 - 1:14pm