Los Angeles Union Station Wedding : Vince+Tina

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e says the city sounds are what lull him into a state of happiness. Cars honking, sirens crying, music blaring, and a taxi driver yelling out the side of his window. While on a medical trip to Costa Rica, his roommate woke in the morning and sat in a hammock, listening to the sounds of crashing waves...and Vince missed the noise. It was amongst the noise when he met Tina, a girl who lived in his Hollywood apartment complex. Smart, ambitious, and witty, her credentials paled in comparison to her heart. She was on her way to Harvard University for business school, having completed medical school at UCLA and founded a non-profit organization in Africa.

Tina left for Harvard and Vince completed medical school at USC and residency in Los Angeles, still fond of the noise dancing outside his windows on Sunset Boulevard. Through a series of events, Tina and Vince reconnected while she was in L.A. for an interview and when she returned to Boston, she took his beloved noise with her. He couldn't hear when she wasn't around...or perhaps nothing sounded as nice as her voice.

Years later, they're listening to the noise. Together. In their New York City apartment and in the bustle of the emergency room. They're the type of people trusted taking care of people's hearts because they take such great care of each other's. Their love spills over into their work, passion, and commitment...and people who make others want to be better versions of themselves.

Vince and Tina, I'm sure you're tucked away in Italy enjoying vino, pizza, and espresso, recuperating from your transcontinental wedding planning ventures, but I just want to say how honored I am to have witnessed and documented the fusion of your lives. And love. I adore you both and hope tomorrow is always twice as bright as today. Much Love and Appreciation... j*

Wedding preparations took place at The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles...

Food...for body and mind...

Rawr. On two counts.

Vince and Tina opted for a First Look...and I just LOVE their reactions...

...shedding a few tears always makes me choke up too...

Once the tears were wiped, we started wedding photos at The Standard and nearby areas of Downtown Los Angeles...

We were lucky to have Vince and Tina hop in our car for a ride to the church because we happened upon a random building and asked if they'd be willing to have a few wedding pictures taken before the ceremony...they agreed and I'm thankful for it!

Tina's brother gave a toast during the reception listing the Top Eight Reasons Why Vince Is Awesome (or something loosely along these lines). Reason number four was Vince's affinity for jumping photos. Yes, we all know they lost their coolness, but Vince still pushes forward. Jumping.
Way to keep the dream alive, Vince.

The wedding reception was at Los Angeles Union Station...which is an awesome venue. What made it particularly fabulous was Vince. You see, he explained that he and Tina had a bit of role reversal: she planned the honeymoon and he planned the wedding. He explained the difficulty of choosing the flowers, uplighting, and linen chargers and said he can't wait to get back to non-wedding decision making...I think he did a great job! ;)

You see, Vince?! This is what you get when you plan a wedding...a beautiful girl whispering sweet nothings in your ear. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. From my view point, you walked away with a bargain!

Vince and Tina allotted extra time for wedding photos at Union Station and I was more than happy to oblige...

The First Dance...

To see more of Vince and Tina's Los Angeles Union Station wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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