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Happy Birthday, Jasmine!

h, Jasmine, who would've thought life gets better with age? Today is your birthday and I can't wait for what this year has in store for you. I remember being a little hesitant, maybe even fearful, about working from home with you two years ago...but somehow we've managed to make it work and I love it!!

We've come a long way from the days when you'd walk over to tell me you emailed me...and I no longer cringe when you try to add things to my job description like Official Maker of Lunch. In fact, I want to thank you for doing life by my side. Thank you for being the co-worker who makes me laugh out loud. Thank you for embracing my made up office holidays and midday matinees. Thank you for always taking the time to breathe and live life. Thank you for never stopping at your mistakes. Here's to pushing each other to dream bigger, to laugh harder and to many more interoffice make-out sessions ;) I love you!

P.S. Speaking of mistakes, here's a video I made as proof you're one of the most determined people I know...
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sadie - My daughter and I always love this post, happy birthday today (tmrw)!   04.05.13 - 5:23pm
Diana Elizabeth - laughed so hard, i had to watch it twice. and. maybe a third time.  04.20.11 - 11:26pm
Tracy - Haha, I love it!   04.18.11 - 3:40pm
Angela Higgins - lol - well done JD! :) Happy birthday gorgeous girl and props to you doing the robot :)  04.14.11 - 9:46pm
Aisha - Hilarious to watch! I thoroughly enjoyed your creative live seminar over the weekend! My boyfriend and I both felt so inspired after watching. You make your shortcomings your strengths and that's what I so love about you. Yes I'm jealous, and shy, and hyper-critical at times, but I can still be a great photographer and have a lot of fun doing it! Happy Birthday!  04.14.11 - 1:00pm
Anthony Quesada - I miss you and JD so just had to watch this video again. Hahahahahah I love it. "Wait are my bangs continuous?" So glad you put this together JD, so fun   04.13.11 - 9:39am
Emma Godfrey - All the best people are born in April!! Happy (belated) Birthday Jasmine!  04.12.11 - 10:31am
Christy Cropper - interoffice make-out sessions! lovesit! jasmine you are ADORABLE! Gosh dang I love you. Hope the lows of this year are better than the highs of last year. xo  04.12.11 - 1:40am
Mikaela - I'm a few days late but I'm here sending you a big birthday hug!! Reading this post made me smile but then I watched the video and I couldn't help but grin and laugh - with you, of course! You guys are awesome. xox!   04.11.11 - 3:01pm
Patricia (Patty) Hildebrand - I think I may have just peed my pants. No joke.   04.11.11 - 2:54pm
Abra Michelle - THIS IS AMAZING! Makes me love you guys that much more so. LOVE it. Thank you for leaving me with a huge smile on my face. I may have to watch this every Monday. :D  04.11.11 - 9:38am
adela - loved watching your bloopers! hope you had a fabulous birthday!   04.11.11 - 9:15am
Faith Bowyer - Happy Be-lated birthday Jasmine! This video is too cute, I love your bloopers. : )  04.10.11 - 2:49pm
Nessa K - My mistakes during video blogs are usually much more curse-word filled, so I especially loved that you giggled every time you messed up. So cute!  04.10.11 - 7:55am
Melissa Grooters - Hahaha! Love the video. JD you are so sweet. I feel like I know yall, which is a little weird, but I know that's what you're trying to put out there. Anyway, happy birthday, Jasmine!  04.10.11 - 6:27am
GingerM - Ohmygosh, LOL! My favorite was, "why am I talking? why am I talking? what am I saying? What should I do." ... I often ask 5 questions at a time, and my husband will just not answer any of them until I realize I just asked him 5 questions, and he always says something like, "Which one do you want me to answer?"  04.10.11 - 3:47am
Shelley - A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks so much for the session on creative live! Loved your presentation and how you're not afraid to be you-real!   04.10.11 - 1:39am
Jewelielyn - hahaha! i LOOOOVE the comment about your bangs!! that is my mantra. not a photo is ever snapped of me where i have not said, "wait, are my bangs ok?" my bangs are the bane of my existence! and yet, i need them... loved the video :-)  04.09.11 - 11:24pm
Hayley - You seriously have the cutest personality ever! You guys are amazing.   04.09.11 - 9:04pm
Katy - Happy Birthday! I hope it was FABULOUS and everything you wanted it to be! You are amazing and your work always makes me smile. You bring spunk and sunshine with you everywhere! I hope Ill be able to afford you when I finally get married because your presence there would be nothing short of EPIC!  04.09.11 - 4:48pm
lucy munoz - Happy B-day Jasmine! This is the laughter that I needed this morning!! I love that you don't take yourself so seriously!! Love, love you!! =D  04.09.11 - 3:09pm
Michelle Hires - I'm a little late (not typical - I promise) but I wanted to say Happy Birthday! This was fabulous! I loved every minute of it!!  04.09.11 - 2:31pm
sue jean park - awww Jas!! Love you and JD! LOVE THIS VIDEO!! HAPPY BELATED TO YOU AND BI!! Hope you had a FAB DAY! MUAH!!   04.09.11 - 11:10am
Jaimi Allen - LOVED this post! I laughed so hard (I needed one). My 4 yr old even asked to watch repeatedly. Thanks for showing the imperfections and just being who you both are! :)  04.09.11 - 10:44am
Yuki - This is amazing!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! This video was so funny!  04.09.11 - 4:38am
sarahmoriah - Happy Belated Birthday! My birthday is today (the 8th) and honestly you saved it! I was going to spend the day alone and instead I'm enjoying your smiling face via the workshop. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing of yourself. You are an encouragement on such a deep level today!  04.08.11 - 2:21pm
Jenn {bow tie & bustle} - Probably one of my favorite posts to date! Loved seeing all these bloopers! Jasmine even in your moments of trip-up you are still uber fabulous! Happy birthday!  04.08.11 - 1:34pm
Crestine - Happy Belated Birthday--hope you had a wonderful day and wishing you a great year!  04.08.11 - 12:40pm
gladys jem - Ok. I've watched this like 5 times, and I showed it to Chris last night. haha. We love you!  04.08.11 - 12:26pm
Christy Hayhurst - Outtakes are always FUN. Just found you and love your work. As beginning photogs my hubby and I can't wait to work from home together, it's a dream we've had like for Forever. Happy Bday, I can def feel the love .)  04.08.11 - 11:41am
Wedding Photographer Columbus GA - Happy Happy BDAY Jasmine!  04.08.11 - 11:30am
Magalie - Awesome! Best J* video, ever!  04.08.11 - 11:26am
Mathieu Wauters - Haha, brilliant! Happy belated birthday Jasmine!  04.08.11 - 10:31am
Sheree - Happy Belated Birthday Jasmine, hope you had a great day. Mine was on the 3rd, and on Mother's Day no less (in the UK). Aren't us Aries just awesome ;P  04.08.11 - 9:10am
Maria - You two are such a dynamic duo! You guys are such an inspiration.. Hope your birthday was as fabulous as you are, Jasmine! Air kisses ;)  04.08.11 - 7:17am
Laura - As a person who bangs her head on the wall.... repeatedly, after each mistake and each time I remember said mistake, I want to thank you for being so open and honest about yours. It is so inspiring to see you move through them to the good things that happen on the other side! I am gonna try to laugh a little more in the face of my mistakes instead of the head banging technique I have employed in the past and hope that this constant headache goes away. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE*!!!!   04.08.11 - 7:15am
michelle white - that was hilarious!!!  04.08.11 - 7:01am
Evonne & Darren - Awww... you guys are just too cute. Hope you had a FABULOUS birthday!  04.08.11 - 4:06am
Thierry Garcia - Happy Birthday Jasmine !  04.08.11 - 3:36am
Cindy Habel - Happy Birthday Jasmine!! Hope you had a wonderful day! Love this post JD!  04.08.11 - 2:21am
Jade Alayne - Jasmine I hope you know what a lucky girl you are to such a wonderful marriage. God bless you to have a wonderful and greatful birthday. Remember ....... Stay young!  04.08.11 - 12:23am
Jessica Moores - you guys are so ridiculously adorable it's disgusting. and i mean that in the best way possible. okay?   04.07.11 - 10:59pm
Kristen - Love the video - what a great birthday surprise! Happy birthday, Jasmine!  04.07.11 - 10:12pm
Ashley Smith - That was so cute! Love it and love the way you both love each other. Makes me smile :-) **CHEERS** to many more happy years!  04.07.11 - 10:09pm
Paulette Stewart - Oh, you have to do another one of these outtake videos - soo funny! Loved it! Happy Happy Birthday to you, Jasmine. :)  04.07.11 - 8:57pm
Anthony Quesada - Yeah Jasmine, so excited we get to celebrate it in Seattle. JD, very cute post  04.07.11 - 7:48pm
MrB - ok ok... so this may be late but happy B'day nonetheless  04.07.11 - 7:47pm
Cindy Lee - Happy birthday fellow April buddy ... mine's the 9th. This video made me smile .. that's why you are so Fabulous!!  04.07.11 - 6:59pm
Brooke Drellos - This is too cute!! You are awesome Jasmine! I've been following your blog for awhile now, and just finished your creative live videos..but this is my first time to leave a comment. I know it's been said, but you are good people, girl! So inspiring, so real, and HILARIOUS! :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday!  04.07.11 - 6:59pm
Elise - Hilarious video! Happy Birthday!!!  04.07.11 - 6:43pm
Agi - Photoartology - Happy happy b'day MONTH! P.s.: Mistakes are the flavor of life - without them it would be pretty boring... ;)  04.07.11 - 6:38pm
Michelle Nakasato - I LOVE this! :) great job JD! :) Happy B-lated Birthday Jasmine! :)  04.07.11 - 6:13pm
kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Happy Birthday!  04.07.11 - 6:05pm
Denise Prichett - Hi Jasmine! Happy Belated Birthday - I hope it was wonderful!!  04.07.11 - 4:58pm
kim - and that's why I love you.  04.07.11 - 4:07pm
Kent Wedding Photographer - Happy Birthday!  04.07.11 - 3:18pm
Idie - Awesome!!  04.07.11 - 3:01pm
Iris - Happy Birthday Jasmine* Hope you had a great day! Oh well I guess you did JD probably planned something amazing for you.  04.07.11 - 2:45pm
Bobbie Brown - This totally made me smile! I loved it!! Happy Birthday to you Jasmine!!!!! (a day late..)  04.07.11 - 2:08pm
Shuva Rahim - that. was. awesome.  04.07.11 - 12:58pm
a little bit of whimsy photography - ha, ha.... really cute. Happy B-Day Mrs. J*. May you always breathe fabulous!!  04.07.11 - 12:26pm
Spicytee - Happy Birthday to the world's most inspiring teacher. I love you. Nice post JD. You guys rock!!!  04.07.11 - 12:22pm
Malinda - You're hilarious & fabulous Jasmine! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   04.07.11 - 12:00pm
JC - Luv it! Happy Bday J*!   04.07.11 - 11:35am
Chantae Whitaker - This is sooooo ca-yute and HILARIOUS! I had tears streaming down my face from laughing! Fab-tab-lus job JD! Ok, so I'll be looking next year for J* to do the WOP! LOL Glad you had an awesome day!  04.07.11 - 10:51am
Grace Tan - That was such a cute blooper video! Happy birthday Jasmine. Wishing you many more years of excitement, funny bloopers and lotsa love!!  04.07.11 - 10:20am
Chanelle - LOL that did make me laugh. Good to see that it's not that easy... did my first couple of video interviews and it is really WEIRD. Best of luck for Creative Live, looking fwd to it.   04.07.11 - 10:01am
Yen - awww JD you're so sweet lol you done good jasmine! have a fabulous birthday!  04.07.11 - 9:55am
shannon cline - Thank you for the giggles JD that was awesome... Happy Birthday J*   04.07.11 - 9:39am
Doug S. - Happy Birthday Jasmine!   04.07.11 - 9:07am
Julie O'Dell - Hip Hip Hooray! It's Happy YOU Day!   04.07.11 - 7:59am
Britney - Happy Birthday Jasmine!! I just had a chance to watch this and it was so cute :) That JD is a keeper! My 4 y/o daughter thought you were hilarious too - just so you  04.07.11 - 7:55am
Stacy Hart - So flippin Cute! Happy Birthday to you sweetie. I hope JD made it fabulous :-)   04.07.11 - 7:23am
Kati - LMAO!!! Love your JD!! Happy Birthday girl!! Hope it was da'bomb and your bangs looked AWESOME!   04.07.11 - 7:17am
Sha - Awww... so sweet! happy birthday jasmine! =)  04.07.11 - 6:14am
Kirsten - Happy Happy Birthday Jamine have a wonderful day... loved the post JD x  04.07.11 - 6:13am
Sarah - Strangely, I know exactly what "Are my bangs continuous?" means! Happy Birthday... a day late!!  04.07.11 - 6:04am
Jan Frieden - All the best wishes from Germany! Happy Birthday Jasmine!  04.07.11 - 5:39am
Nic - Happy Birthday to you Jasmine! Hope you've had a fabulous day. Sending a bit of love from Brisbane, Australia  04.07.11 - 4:58am
Leani Holmes - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS STAR! I knew all the awesome people's birthdays are in April. It is mine as well today! :) Hope you got spoiled rotten!  04.07.11 - 4:53am
Antonia - Happy Jasmine's B'day, JD! You and all those who are happy she is around get to celebrate on such occasions :). Enjoy!   04.07.11 - 4:46am
Felix Wu - Happy Birthday Super J*! You are such a champ and source of inspiration and joy!  04.07.11 - 3:46am
Laura - Buon Compleanno Jasmine! Happy Birthday   04.07.11 - 3:43am
Katherine - Happy B-Day Jasmine!!!   04.07.11 - 2:13am
Adriana Morett - Feliz Cumpleaños J*!!! I love you. Really. Lots of happiness and sucesses for you and JD!! kisses from Madrid-  04.07.11 - 1:35am
denise karis - Happy Birthday!! xoxoxoxo  04.07.11 - 1:12am
Jessica Sweeney - JD, if you ever become single again, girls will be LINING UP! If I weren't so happily engaged, I might consider getting in that line. Great tribute to Jasmine, but it shows how wonderful both of you are, together.   04.07.11 - 12:41am
Rachel R - This is really great. Happy birthday!  04.07.11 - 12:11am
Linda W / Seattle - OMG - that robot dance rocked ! Happy Birthday Jasmine !!  04.06.11 - 11:50pm
Ann Molen - Happy Birfday Jasmine! You're THE best!  04.06.11 - 11:15pm
jodii - Happy Birthday Jasmine hope you have a great day. From Australia  04.06.11 - 10:53pm
kristan - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had a "picture" perfect day! (Get it?) Haha.   04.06.11 - 10:41pm
Jenny Smith - "are my bangs continuous" LOL!  04.06.11 - 10:40pm
Jentry Aileen - Oh my Gosh, this is too funny! Sweet robot moves!! Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday Jasmine - I hope your day was absolutely, gloriously, amazingly fabulous :)  04.06.11 - 10:26pm
Stephanie Reeder - Happy Birthday!! I must say even through all the hiccups you still looked fabulous....Hope you had a great day!   04.06.11 - 10:09pm
Mirian Silva - Happy Birthday Jasmine!! Stay Fabulous...JD loved the song!  04.06.11 - 10:03pm
Jackie - I wish you the happiest birthday! And I hope you have a fabulous birthday year ! You deserve it!  04.06.11 - 9:48pm
Marie - Ooooooo weeee JDeeee is gunna be in trouble....but I igotta say....I KNEW it, I knew it I KNEW it!!!! I knew it wasn't filmed in a single run. I love u even more now.   04.06.11 - 9:26pm
Malia - Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! I hope it's the best ever! JD you're amazing! You two are my favorite couple!   04.06.11 - 9:22pm
Jasmine - Happy Birthday, Jasmine! I must say, Aries twins rock!!! Me and my twin sis have our bday on the 15th. ;)   04.06.11 - 9:22pm
Christina Hastings - LOL! That video was so awesome! You keep staying fabulous all the days of your life, Jazz! God bless you!  04.06.11 - 9:21pm
Renee Tucker - Happy Birthday Jasmine. I am a new follower and all your blog posts have made me smile!!! You have true grit...Thank you for giving us peek into your world!!   04.06.11 - 9:15pm
Margie Bonilla - HA-HA-HA!! Hysterical! I love it! Happy Birthday Miss Jasmine! You are FABULOUS even when you make mistakes;)   04.06.11 - 9:02pm
cristina Sullivan - Happy Birthday! awesome video JD!!!  04.06.11 - 9:01pm
Sarah Danaher - AWESOME!!!! Love you, Jas!!   04.06.11 - 8:58pm
Bincy - Happy Birthday, Jasmine :)  04.06.11 - 8:31pm
Laura - Thanks, needed a good laugh after studying all afternoon!  04.06.11 - 8:22pm
Tara Sharma - Happy Happy Birthday  04.06.11 - 8:15pm
Rebekah Lyn - This is so cute! Happy Birthday!!!  04.06.11 - 8:08pm
Christa - Ha ha ha ha!!! Awesome....happy birthday :)  04.06.11 - 8:02pm
Kim - Happy Birthday Jasmine. :)   04.06.11 - 7:48pm
Stacey - Total City Girl - So cute and so funny! Hysterical what you said about your bangs but even funnier that JD knew what you meant! :) Hope you are having an amazing birthday! You deserve it!  04.06.11 - 7:38pm
Michelle Simpson - Happy birthday! I hope it's been incredible!  04.06.11 - 7:17pm
Norman - Happy Birthday Jasmine!!  04.06.11 - 7:16pm
Kamille - Happy Birthday J*!! :)   04.06.11 - 7:15pm
Lloyed Valenzuela - Happy Birthday Jstar!!! Love the video...hilarious!!!  04.06.11 - 7:10pm
Kim Chan - Adorable! Happy, Happy Birthday Jasmine! ♥  04.06.11 - 6:55pm
ardean - here's to MANY more happy birthdays and CONTINOUS bands!!! Love it :)  04.06.11 - 6:54pm
Terri Keefer - Happy Birthday Jasmine! I love the blog post from JD. At least I think it was from JD, he didn't sign it! Many more happy years to come!  04.06.11 - 6:52pm
Bella Johnson - U HAVE THE SAME BDAY as my baby who TURNED 1 years old today - and I turn 21 on Friday. amazing loves april :P   04.06.11 - 6:43pm
Ariana Watts - This blooper reel is hilarious! Jasmine u rock. JD - you're such a good hubby!  04.06.11 - 6:24pm
terri z - happy birthday jasmine !  04.06.11 - 6:23pm
Heather M - Happy Birthday Jasmine! You are a rock star in and out! Not to mention you are one fashionable hot chick!  04.06.11 - 6:18pm
Ariana Watts - This is super sweet! JD -you're such a great compliment to Jasmine. :)  04.06.11 - 6:17pm
Brittany Schlamp - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's a great one! Love the video, and JD, you ROCK!!! Love ya'll!  04.06.11 - 6:17pm
Kimberly - Happy Birthday to just the sweetest person EVER...and I've never even met you! Video is SUPER CUTE!  04.06.11 - 5:39pm
Nicole - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great day. Love the video.. made me giggle!!  04.06.11 - 5:35pm
Jess - Jasmine, are you going to kill JD? And by the way, I think I'm in love with your hair. No matter what the style, it always looks great on you!  04.06.11 - 5:30pm
Jo - way cute. happy birthday!   04.06.11 - 5:24pm
Karen Darmanie - Happy Birthday Jasmine !!! I adore watching you !! YOU ARE FABULOUS !!!  04.06.11 - 5:16pm
Marissa Rodriguez - OMG I cannot tell you how much I love this!!!! So awesome!  04.06.11 - 5:04pm
Thresha - You are too cute! Happy Birthday!!  04.06.11 - 4:59pm
Dee - This video TOTALLY rocked! Are my bangs continuous? is the best line ever. Happy Birthday girlfriend!   04.06.11 - 4:58pm
SIMPLY DASHY PHOTOGRAPHY - Happy Happy Blessed Birthday, Jasmine!!! =) Wishing you an abundant year ahead. Loved the video, thanks for sharing! You were still fabulous even though they were blooper clips. =) Have a super awesome birthday today!  04.06.11 - 4:56pm
Lacey - It's your biiiiiirthday!!! Hooray! The world is glad you are alive -- hope you have/had a day full to the brim with laughter and love, celebrating all things you.   04.06.11 - 4:48pm
Cris D - PRECIOUS! Happy Blessed Birthday!  04.06.11 - 4:40pm
Ashley - "Are my bangs continuous?" Oh Jasmine, I just love you! Happy Birthday!!!  04.06.11 - 4:21pm
Emily Dobson - Stinkin' hilarious. LOVE IT! Glad I'm not the only one who has redo's!  04.06.11 - 4:19pm
Claudia @ Fabuluxe Photos - and Jasmine sings too!!! wow!!!... Anyway, cute video - HAPPY BDAY!  04.06.11 - 3:54pm
Diana Lupu - how cute is this video?!?! omg.. hilarious! Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday to the most fabulous photographer in the world! I love you even though I've never met you! :)   04.06.11 - 3:19pm
Kristin Nicole - So precious... and I am so glad I am not the only one that gives my husband new titles. I try to use the word expert to make it sound really "you are my CF Card uploading expert" Have a fabulous Birthday!  04.06.11 - 3:19pm
PAPI - Happy Birthday, Fathead!!! Remember: "Know who you Is. Know Your place. Know who you Ain't. Much love. Dad  04.06.11 - 3:16pm
Joni Bilderback - Happy birthday!!!!!!!! :) hope its fabulous!   04.06.11 - 3:13pm
Nicole - Happy Birthday! This was hilarious! Love it!  04.06.11 - 3:09pm
Tricia - Happy happy birthday to you! I hope you continue to have all the love laughter and joy in the world!  04.06.11 - 3:08pm
Stine Pedersen Photo - Happy Birthday Jasmine! You are amazing!!!  04.06.11 - 2:59pm
shani - HAppy Happy Happy Birthday, and a wonderful Wednehsnsday too - or however it's spelled!)  04.06.11 - 2:57pm
jenni nielsen - so cute! happy birthday!!!  04.06.11 - 2:53pm
Kelly Sauer - UnbeLIEVABLY funny! Happy birthday, Jasmine - here's to being human! I love it! (And JD, you're awesome. Seriously. I love your relationship!)  04.06.11 - 2:51pm
Edouard Montfort - Jasmine, Very funny video ! HB to U... Take care EDOUARD  04.06.11 - 2:42pm
Priyanka Sachar - Loved the video shots in evening light or what looked like it .. what mistake? ur appearance distracted me totally :p :)  04.06.11 - 2:41pm
imthiaz houseman - Seriously, that is the coolest video EVER!!! Happy Birthday Jasmine. :)  04.06.11 - 2:35pm
Taryn - Happy Birthday Jasmine! I love the, very cute!  04.06.11 - 2:32pm
Cathy L. - Happy 21st Birthday Jasmine!!!!!! Wishing you a FABULOUS day full of robotic dance moves! ;) Keep rocking it out girl! <3   04.06.11 - 2:29pm
Cathy L. - Happy 21st Birthday Jasmine!!!!!! Wishing you a FABULOUS day full of robotic dance moves! ;) Keep rocking it out girl! <3   04.06.11 - 2:29pm
Barbara Z. - Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! You are awesome!!!!<3  04.06.11 - 2:28pm
Brittani - =) Happy birthday Jasmine. Great post and video JD. =)  04.06.11 - 2:28pm
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Happy Birthday, J* and Bianca! I hope you guys have a great birthday :)  04.06.11 - 2:27pm
Suzanne - Happy Bday J*! PS: I want my own JD! Sighhhhhhh!!!!!!!  04.06.11 - 2:27pm
Anne - Happy birthday, Jasmine! All the best to you and your family. Stay as fabulous as you are! xoxo  04.06.11 - 2:25pm
Elizabeth Kaye - Lol this is amazing! "Are my bangs continuous?" ahaha I feel ya girl. so funny you said that. Thanks JD for making this! loved it. Happy Birthday Jasmine!  04.06.11 - 2:18pm
Nikki aka EpicDanger - BAHHH I STRAIGHT UP LOVE THIS!! That man of yours is a keeper... Happy Birthday Jasmine!   04.06.11 - 2:17pm
Lauren Brown - Happy Birthday to my beautiful neighbor, Jasmine!!! I am obsessed with your pictures and your blog. Don't find me creepy! haha. Have a lovely birthdayyyyy :)  04.06.11 - 2:14pm
Lupe Ruiz - LMAO @ "are my bangs continuous?" HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!!   04.06.11 - 2:12pm
Whitney Schey - Wait. No way. This video made me laugh so hard. Especially when you're all, "Bat-ta-rieeees". Happy birthday mama!!!!  04.06.11 - 2:09pm
Gary Lashmar - happy birthday Jasmine :)   04.06.11 - 2:04pm
Amaia - Happy birthday from Spain! Have a gorgeous celebration, you deserve it!  04.06.11 - 2:03pm
Swedeitis - Hysterical! Happy Birthday!  04.06.11 - 1:50pm
Jenni Lillie - Happy day to you! That video is great.   04.06.11 - 1:49pm
Angela Young - She is always smiling so big, because she is so lucky to have such a sweet husband who takes the time to make videos for her!! How awesome you both are!! :) Happy Birthday Jasmine! Many blessings thru the next year of your life and beyond! Hugs, Angela   04.06.11 - 1:46pm
Angela Hubbard - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! happy bday j*  04.06.11 - 1:44pm
Chelsea - This may have been my favorite post ever. You two are great together, I love it. It's nice to see when a married couple has become best friends, not in a cheesy wedding invitation kind of way, but two people who genuinely enjoy each other's presence. Keep rocking it.  04.06.11 - 1:40pm
Mindy Metivier - Happy, happy birthday Jasmine!!! I hope that you have a fabulous and yummy birthday!!! You are truly an inspiration to never give up!!! And yay JD!!! Beautiful post and very well are such an awesome husband!!!  04.06.11 - 1:33pm
Kira Lauren - p p p p p p p POISON! You're a hoot. Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! :)  04.06.11 - 1:33pm
John Batdorff - Funny video....Happy B-day  04.06.11 - 1:29pm
Lindsay Kay - A birthday tribute doesn't get more adorable than that! :) Love the video...annnnnnd HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J*!! Have the best day EVER.  04.06.11 - 1:07pm
Jessica Chavez - Happy Birthday Jasmine!! Love the dancing fingers!! Have a great and fabulous day!!   04.06.11 - 1:07pm
Jihan Cerda - Happy birthday, Jasmine!! xoxo  04.06.11 - 1:07pm
Karla Smith - Happy Happy Birthday to You! Wishing you lots of Happy ahead. Warmly, Karla  04.06.11 - 1:05pm
Lydia - Happy B'day Jasmine!! May your day be fabulous! And JD, you're pretty amazing and perfect for Jas!  04.06.11 - 1:01pm
Shy - you both make me sooo happy. ...And Happy Birthday My sweet Jazzy  04.06.11 - 1:01pm
Allison - haha That's awesome JD!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!!!!! May you have another great year filled with dream come trues!!! :)  04.06.11 - 12:59pm
Eileen - too funny! Happy Birthday!!!!  04.06.11 - 12:58pm
Nicole Benitez - That was a-freakin-dorable!! Happy Birthday Jasmine!! I hope Jd has lots of special things planned for your birthday month celebration :)   04.06.11 - 12:55pm
Melissa - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE!!!! You are hysterical :) Stay FABULOUS!!!  04.06.11 - 12:51pm
Alli Mc - Happy Birthday J*! Love the video and how you and JD work so well together!   04.06.11 - 12:46pm
Stephanie Stewart - Happy Birthday, Jasmine!!! Ok, just for the record, you and JD need to co-write the book that I'm ready to pre-order. Just sayin'! What a talented, amazing duo you are!   04.06.11 - 12:44pm
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