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1950s Mod Wedding

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very so often I get the honor to collaborate with a group of amazing peers and friends. Today's post is a reflection of one such collaboration. Jesi Haack and I met two years ago when I met with a small group of photographers at Starbucks one sunny afternoon. Jesi was just starting her wedding design and coordination business and came along for great conversation. I distinctly remember meeting her and liking her after 30 seconds of conversation. I adore her love-me-or-hate-me-I-don't-care personality and the fact that she says precisely what's on her mind.

Jesi designs weddings for unique and quirky brides, so when we had the chance to join forces for a styled shoot, I was thrilled for what was in store. I suggested a 1950s Mod Wedding photo shoot and Jesi spun the idea into deconstructed vintage theme, adding a modern twist. Using Pucci patterns, leather jackets, and oversized lashes, this vibrant shoot was infused with bright colors and bold accents.

The shoot couldn't have happened without these amazing vendors, whom I am forever thankful for their support...
Styling and Design: Jesi Haack Design
Florals and Design: JL Designs
Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop
Paper Goods: Wiley Valentine
Hair and Makeup: 1011 Makeup
Dresses: Shareen Vintage
Venue: Memphis Cafe Downtown Santa Ana
Linen: Latavola
China + Flatware: Classic Party Rentals
Bridesmaids Hairpieces: Pixel and Hank
Bride Veil and Bow: Mary Me Bridal
Models: Jackie+Matt ... Hilary+Mitch ... Stacey+Tyler ... real life couples who are just as beautiful on the inside, as on the outside. I asked for models on Facebook and these couples kindly gave of their time to help with the shoot. Love them!
Photography: Jasmine Star

There's always a HUGE part of my heart that goes wild when I get to work with Carissa of JL Designs...she's a former bride of mine and a truly amazing girl!

Melody at Sweet and Saucy Shop just wows me every time...

The seating chart...

My angle...

JD's angle...I think I like his better...

I wasn't expecting JD to photograph portions of the day, but of the few he captured, I'm very thankful...

Again, he's a few more of JD's photos...the photo on the right just kills me.

We ventured outside for a few bridal party photos just past sunset...

Many thanks to Jen at Green Wedding Shoes for featuring this shoot, so definitely check it out to see more photos!

Happy Tuesday!
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RBadal Photography - I love that makeup. Which lens are you using here J, or is it more than one?  12.01.15 - 11:59pm - Beautiful pictures, Got to love the make up. Well Done J.   06.27.11 - 1:58pm
Sarah B - I absolutely love these, your colors are so beautifully saturated, as always!  06.16.11 - 7:44pm
Tabatha - In LOVE! This shoot truly captures the things I love most: fabulous photography, the 50's, fake eyelashes, and super hot people! Way to go, awesome vendors!   06.10.11 - 10:29am
Lyndsay London - Wow! This is one of the coolest wedding posts in all the lands! Nicely executed J*!!!  05.18.11 - 12:06pm
WeddingSnapper - I've got clients on the punkier side of mod that I'm shooting later in the year - I think they're going to dig this. But then I have to try living up to Jasmine's exceptionally standards. Eek!   05.18.11 - 4:13am
Carissa Woo - Great Photography.  05.11.11 - 11:44pm
Natalie Licini - Absolutely breathtaking! I love the feel of this glamorous 50s style wedding!  05.09.11 - 12:59pm
Morten Fjord Stengaard - I just LOVE this theme. Great setup for the shoot. What stunning and beautiful pictures.  05.09.11 - 9:32am
Paige Overturf - Wooowww! I love love love this!! Love the colors as well!!  05.09.11 - 12:27am
Alex Beckett Photography - Great wedding Jasmine, really love how your style fits the wedding style.  05.08.11 - 9:56pm
Peter {Memories of Tomorrow} - Lovely work. A real retro feel.  05.08.11 - 6:23pm
Kechi - This is FAB!.....but wasn't the mod era in the 60's? just sayin', lol  05.08.11 - 2:11am
Les Wollam - What a wonderful sense of whimsy in the whole design of the wedding. you've captured it wonderfully.  05.07.11 - 11:06am
cassandra-m - absolutely gorgeous. I still love that you always push yourself to be different. ;)  05.06.11 - 12:22pm
MARK MARTINEZ PHOTOGRAPHY - Beautiful work Jasmine! Bringing the models outside takes the set to a whole new level!   05.06.11 - 8:51am
Kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Oh I love these! That cake is gorg! Love the colors1  05.05.11 - 5:07pm
Katie - These are absolutely gorgeous. Amazing!!  05.05.11 - 12:28pm
JamieY (Las Vegas Wedding Photographer) - Wow, this is so beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her eyelashes. This is such an awesome shoot  05.05.11 - 11:15am
Parv - Given that I'm always trying to learn from your stunning work, could you provide some insight into what kind of gear you used for this? Specially, lenses? Would I be correct in guessing an 85mm/1.2?  05.04.11 - 10:01pm
s h e r r y - AWESOME. I loove her lashes :)  05.04.11 - 5:18pm
ashley barnett - I love her dress, veil, makeup- everything! I totally want to rock a sequined wedding dress!! :) I love this shoot- it is very fashion forward but with a nod to classic cool and has a great vibe. The "Time to find your seat" wall is AWESOME!   05.04.11 - 1:59pm
Michelle Hebert - These are SO stinkin' awesome Jasmine! You NEVER disappoint!  05.04.11 - 10:32am
Anne T. - This is seriously my favorite shoot you've done! I love all your real couples, but I just love everything about this. The styling is gorgeous and all the details are awesome! Well done Jasmine + team!!  05.04.11 - 10:09am
debbie steeper - Love this. You've inspired me to set up a stylized shoot too. Thanks.  05.04.11 - 9:17am
Mona Alicia - I love your eye for angles, and these shots are like eye candy! Please, please, please don't think I am dissing you because I love your work, but wouldn't this style be 1960s instead of 1950s? Or am I totally wrong? I wasn't going to ask but it's been bugging me since yesterday so I just had to!  05.04.11 - 9:15am
LaVon - Get out of here!!! Jasmine...that shoot is too cool!!!!   05.04.11 - 7:54am
Kathryn Andrews - Cool shoot! Love the colours and style!  05.04.11 - 6:22am
Jessica Sweeney - Love these! The colors in the first few images are so great, and that eye makeup is the definition of dramatic.  05.04.11 - 12:45am
fotografia ślubna Kraków - Wow! Great shoot, style and colours are perfect.  05.04.11 - 12:39am
AnneMarie - What a totally cool shoot!!!!  05.03.11 - 9:02pm
Lloyed Valenzuela - Awesome!!! I love the colours, another inspiring shot from JS.  05.03.11 - 8:10pm
Carlee M - LOVE!! That last shot gives me goosebumps!! SO awesome!!   05.03.11 - 7:52pm
stephanie h - I Love everything!!  05.03.11 - 7:12pm
Dawn & Michael Mitchell - Love the concept and of course your execution!  05.03.11 - 5:44pm
Danielle Aquiline - Awesome shoot, Jasmine! Those lashes are killer. And I'm loving all the sequins and the birdcage veil!  05.03.11 - 5:27pm
Lydia - What an amazing shoot! Love how the theme was taken to the next level!  05.03.11 - 4:58pm
gina - just saw this on my fb feed through green wedding shoes and went wow!!! so fresh, so sassy, so , yes, so mod(dy)!!!!!  05.03.11 - 4:44pm
Paula Franco - One thing I like the most of your work is your ability to capture details and thing like they were alive. The light and the colour are amazing. Great session and great post! Thanks for sharing I always learn a lot!  05.03.11 - 4:43pm
Marissa Nicole - Ah...I am loving the last picture. Glamor & rustics-ness (word? I don't know). Crazy Good, J. Crazy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (FB...hehe)  05.03.11 - 4:06pm
Columbus GA Wedding Photographer - Details Details Details. Great looking shoot.  05.03.11 - 2:07pm
Erin K - I'm always amazed that you are able to find such talented people to work with. What a fun shoot! The silver dress is amazing.  05.03.11 - 1:05pm
jenn {bow tie & bustle} - girl! this shoot gives me chills! so stunningly awesome! brilliant and totally gorg! you rocked it!  05.03.11 - 12:10pm
briana Moore - I love this! Santa Ana, right?  05.03.11 - 12:08pm
David Wegwart - All I can see is her eyes. Just about every shot is this great big pair of eyes. C'est magnifique.  05.03.11 - 11:25am
Nicole - OMG! That cake stopped me mid-scroll! Love! Great shoot!  05.03.11 - 11:11am
AlexFrame - Wow) Nice Style)  05.03.11 - 11:02am
Ashley Swallow // Live. Laugh. PHOTOGRAPH. - STUNNING! What an amazing shoot and opportunity to work with so may fabulous vendors. :) Great job!   05.03.11 - 11:00am
Joel - Jasmine, you did an amazing job shooting those details. Really phenomenal! I LOVE the first photo on the right with the repetition of the red chairs in the background. Beautiful.  05.03.11 - 10:44am
kristin cook - oh girl...what a fun, fun shoot! just fabulous, dah-ling ;)  05.03.11 - 10:41am
Mirian Silva - Jasmine, I absolutely loooooved this theme wedding. Tangy!  05.03.11 - 10:39am
Marissa Rodriguez - Whoa. Freakin' amazing!!!!!!! That is all.   05.03.11 - 10:29am
Mikaela - wow, how fun!! her gown is amazing, love all the sparkle!   05.03.11 - 10:29am
Angel Canarys - I'm shrieking with delight! LOVE this!! Fabulous job! love love love!  05.03.11 - 10:22am
The Memory Journalists - I love the styling! What a great shoot. I would love to see some cool couple have a wedding like this. Amazing photos as usual!  05.03.11 - 10:20am
Terri Cannon - Just Lovely!!   05.03.11 - 10:14am
Kate Douthwright - I love every single detail. The sequin dress and long eyelashes are amaze! You captured the perfect vibe as well.  05.03.11 - 10:09am
Gail - WOWZERS!! I mean, I knew I already loved you but hearing that this whole '50s homage was YOUR idea? I LOVE YOUR BRAIN!!!! :) One question though ('cause Don asked me to pass along)—he wants to know why he wasn't invited? After all, cocktails WERE involved. And beautiful ladies ;)  05.03.11 - 10:06am
Anthony Quesada - wow what a collaboration! So beautiful and so much fun. You brought it all to life. Great job!!!  05.03.11 - 10:06am
jesi haack - you are my hero.   05.03.11 - 10:04am
Yen - i love the tablescape! it's great seeing all these images. thanks!  05.03.11 - 9:47am
rich - wow - what a super unique/beautiful shoot! great shots!!!  05.03.11 - 9:44am
Allison Rawlings - Love. Love. Love - everything about it. Thanks for the inspiration. My favorite part is all that orange!  05.03.11 - 9:36am
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Regina White - Love it. The colors and the style are fabu.   05.03.11 - 9:20am
Diane -{Harrisburg Family Photographer} - How awesome! What a really cool inspiration for those who love that style....completely classy!   05.03.11 - 9:19am
Damaris Mia - Love! Beautiful setting and gorgeous models! Great job!  05.03.11 - 9:19am
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Latrice - This shoot is amazing, so many details! Love love love IT!  05.03.11 - 9:16am
tanya Petraglia - This is amazing Jasmine, no words! I LOVE the detail in the last one.   05.03.11 - 9:16am
Catherine Mac - SENSATIONAL! Love the vibrance and richness of these Images!  05.03.11 - 9:15am
MIGUEL ANGEL south texas photographer. - Nice tones and vibrant color. 1950 my favorite fashion decade. Leather jackets lots of gel on the hair.  05.03.11 - 9:15am
Suzie Bell - Absolutely amazing. I love the hair, the eyes, the clothes and what gorgeous poses. JD hit a home run with those shots. I think I like the b/w shots best, very classic.  05.03.11 - 9:10am
melanie bittick - LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!!! you knocked this one out of the park.  05.03.11 - 9:04am
Sabrina Nicole - LOVE IT!!!! You all did such a fantastic job collaborating. My favorite shots are the last two!  05.03.11 - 9:04am
Bianca - Gah-gah-gorgeous, darling!  05.03.11 - 9:04am
Nicole - always! I wish I lived closer so I could bug you to let me second shoot with you!  05.03.11 - 8:51am
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Abby Grace Photography - I love that second to last shot- so cute! It looks straight out of the 60's. Adorable shoot!  05.03.11 - 7:45am
Lulù - Every single detail is definitely AMAZING... love your works :)  05.03.11 - 7:43am
Brittani - Someday, you're gonna take my picture. =) And that of my love. ♥  05.03.11 - 7:43am
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Brittani - Wow, this is so cool!! Love love love this session. The models are dramatic, and awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  05.03.11 - 7:36am