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Malibu Wedding : Mandy + Travis

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'm currently nestled in the green hills of Del Mar, California and the skies are so blue I want to take a gulp. I'm at the Engage Conference and I'm loving every minute of it. It's a place where wedding professionals gather to collect inspiration, trade ideas, and challenge each other to think BIGGER.

There's also bubbly drinks involved, but that's a whole other post.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding in Malibu with Meg Perotti. I blogged about the experience here, but on this Tuesday I'm truly honored to have photographed a wedding with a peer and experience a wedding day from an entirely different perspective: a second shooter.

Mandy chose to wear a beautiful Maggie Sottero wedding wedding and it looked beautiful on the beach in Malibu...

Mandy smiled the entire day and not a single detail was overlooked...

One of the perks of being a second shooter is capturing images I from an entirely different angle...I'm usually at the front of the altar on wedding days, so watching the bride descend the aisle was particularly cool for me...and the awesome light was helpful, too!

There's something about the way Travis loves Mandy...wholefully. Like, fully with his whole heart. Of course I made up that word, but it's befitting, so let's it slide, eh? This photo is my favorite from the session...

One of the best things as a second shooter is the ability to do things differently. As Meg and I were shooting, we used similar fixed lenses, but our settings were very different, according to the type of picture we wanted to take. Case in point: f/1.2 400 ISO 1/80. It was quite dark on the beach after sunset, but we pushed forward and made the best of the hazey beach light.

To Happily Ever After...

Happy Tuesday!
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RBADAL PHOTOGRAPHY - The DOF on those beach shots are insane..  12.01.15 - 11:56pm
Pedro Gonzalez - Very Nice. You do great work  01.02.14 - 1:25pm
AlexanderKiselev - They are really lovely couple!  02.01.12 - 5:34am
Kelly Easter Photography - What I love most about this post is the photo where the couple's noses are touching. Being 5'1" I love the image just for the angle.  11.01.11 - 10:56pm
Fotograf Ślubny Śląsk - WOW.! Beautiful Day.!  10.06.11 - 12:03pm
Diego Molina Photography - You are amazing, beautiful pics!  06.27.11 - 1:47pm
Immo Fuchs Fotografie - Oh! I want to shoot a wedding on a beach, too. To less beaches in Cologne, Germany, i guess! Nice work :-)  06.22.11 - 5:00am
WHITELIST PHOTOGRAPHY - Love these photos Jasmine. Can't wait to see your next shoot!  06.04.11 - 9:21pm
kelsey {las vegas wedding photography} - These are all fantastic!   06.03.11 - 9:49pm
Sydni Jackson - oh my gosh i LOVE the one of them on the blue lifeguard stand!!! sooooo awesome!!  06.03.11 - 5:22pm
Sachin Khona - Awesome stuff Jasmine.. will you be adopting the second shooter role more often? I love the creative freedom it gives, having less pressure to get the safety shots allows me to move about and see things differently.. trying to get what the first shooter isn't getting .. I think I'll always second shoot whenever I can.. I love it.. hope you do more too.. Its time JD pulled up his socks anyway :)   06.03.11 - 4:12pm
s h e r r y - :) Lovely. Beach light at sunset is KILLERRRR!  06.03.11 - 12:03pm
Kathleen Clipper - Your images as a second shooter are just as fabulous and emotional as your first shooter photos! However, that is no surprise to me :)  06.03.11 - 10:04am
Annett Klitzschmüller - lovely! Pictures to keep forever.  06.02.11 - 4:26pm
Laura Stricklin - Gorgeous!!!  06.02.11 - 8:27am
Erica Velasco - nice!  06.01.11 - 3:38pm
Jennifer Jar - Jasmine! These images are gorge! You are so amazing and never cease to amaze me :)  06.01.11 - 1:17pm
Cindy Habel - Jasmine, these are stunning!! Love. :)  06.01.11 - 8:13am
Samuel Burns - Really pretty light in the beach shots, nice work.  06.01.11 - 7:17am
Kellee - These are simply beautiful. Very elegant start to finish.   06.01.11 - 12:40am
AnneMarie - The 7th photo down is amazingly beautiful! So are all the rest but that one is particularly striking. Great job!  06.01.11 - 12:04am
Erin - Kansas City Wedding Photographers - Beautiful.   05.31.11 - 11:09pm
Dawn & Michael Mitchell - As usual, love the pictures!   05.31.11 - 6:52pm
Cassie @ Creative Island Visions - Gorgeous photos--gorgeous bride! It is nice to get multiple perspectives, and observe from behind another lens:)  05.31.11 - 5:47pm
YarraValleyWedding - Beautiful beach shots. Hard to believe that the sun had gone down!  05.31.11 - 5:32pm
WeddingSnapper - It really is quite liberating being a second shooter for a change - I've done it recently too. Having 2 people on the job definitely gives you alot more creative freedom and makes everything that bit more relaxed. I also LOVE the BW kiss pic!  05.31.11 - 5:31pm
Jess @ JQ Photography - Beautiful! Love the close-up of them almost kissing!  05.31.11 - 4:46pm
Denise Hunt - Gorgeous pics!! As always....  05.31.11 - 3:25pm
LEOLAK - One word....GORGE!!!! =)  05.31.11 - 2:43pm
jackie lamas - so pretty! my fave is the one of them kissing on the beach and their back is to the camera... so sweet! and the glasses toasting :)  05.31.11 - 1:56pm
Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries - Jasmine, I am prepaing a humungus email about what impact your old blogposts have one me (I cry because of YOU every day! and in a positive way... but more on that later...) but for now i just wanted to say that i´ve got home 10 minutes ago from my first ever wedding as a second shooter and my life will never be the same again.... i just hope that one day my images will be as stunning as your! :) I also mentioned you in blogpost today by the way... :) I ADORE YOU! ;) xxx  05.31.11 - 1:39pm
Alex - Miss J*, You are a rock star. Ha, I rhymed and I didn't even mean to :). I'm beginning to have a true appreciation for your photos and all the greatness you achieve. You are definitely upping your game and I love it. Keep up the amazingness. Big hugs to you and hoping we get to meet one day! xxx  05.31.11 - 1:33pm
Ashley A-Photo - She's soooo photogenic and you really can FEEL the love from this wedding! THanks for sharing!   05.31.11 - 12:51pm
ashleigh - hey! that's where i got married! the sunset restaurant!!! ;)  05.31.11 - 12:14pm
Amy Arrington - Amazing! Wonderful pics!   05.31.11 - 11:52am
Andrea - I looooove that you still second shoot! A different perspective is a great way to grow. Once again, amazing pictures.  05.31.11 - 11:32am
Life with Kaishon - Wholefully is the best word I have heard all day.  05.31.11 - 11:30am
Lydia - I was able to second shoot a few weeks ago and loved it! It was refreshing to see things from another perspective and get creative!  05.31.11 - 11:28am
Pam - Jasmine these are gorgeous! Question for you... do you use your 35L inside simply so you dont have to use flash? Currently my only wide angle is my 24-105 and its amazingly sharp its not great for low light, so I was thinking of getting the 35L as well even though I have my 50L which I love... Or do you use a lens + flash inside... just curious!  05.31.11 - 11:20am
Natalie bray photography - Love love love these! Super gorgeous and great to see your perspective as a second shooter:)   05.31.11 - 11:18am
Sabrina - Yours and Meg's images from this wedding are gorgeous. I'm second shooting this weekend and then shooting a wedding the following weekend... and I can't wait! I love the chance to shoot and be more creative and do things I don't normally get to do. So fun!!  05.31.11 - 11:05am
Jason Mark Harris - shots all look great j* hope you had fun.   05.31.11 - 11:05am
sherri lynn - What a beautiful wedding! Beautiful dress, beautiful couple, beautiful setting!  05.31.11 - 10:58am
Emily Heizer, Photography with Flair - Lovely! And great to keep it in perspective! I am sure there must be things you never think about (artistically) as a primary shooter that you got to experience as a secondary shooter. In the six years I've been at this, I've never second shot. I totally taught myself, shot my first wedding by myself and never had any help ever (I"m dumb LOL) so I can't imagine what it's like! Now that I"ve been alone so long I would be scared to death to shoot with someone else. What if I do everything wrong or totally different than how everyone else does it? After all, I just made it up as I went along! I never intended to be doing this for more than a summer! I'm still not sure what happened! lol  05.31.11 - 10:58am
Tammynize - I love that you are still second shooting. :)! Yay!  05.31.11 - 10:56am
Two Ring Studios - Beautiful and elegant, as is typical of your work. The emotion jumps off the photos and screams at you :)  05.31.11 - 10:39am
Barnaby Aldrick - Stunning as always Jasmine. Shooting as 2nd shooter is always refreshing eh? The pressures off and you find yourself in new creative pastures!   05.31.11 - 10:37am
kathy - "Wholefully"...come on, haven't you ever heard of "whole, soul, and full" all put together with a cherry-on-top "ly"? I think it is appropriate and perfect, as is this post!  05.31.11 - 10:31am
kari - STUNNING!!! I have to stop and let you know you are my mentor... (the fact that you are self taught helps all that much more)....Thank you CreativeLive for introducing me to Jasmine!!!!!  05.31.11 - 10:29am
Mikaela - so sweet! love that shoe shot :)  05.31.11 - 9:59am
Kate Douthwright - LOVE the shot with the umbrellas!! Looks like you enjoyed being a JD for the day :)  05.31.11 - 9:37am
AlexFrame - Amazing pictures) Jasmine,is it possible to see the whole story? Thank you)  05.31.11 - 8:48am
Claudia - beautiful   05.31.11 - 8:24am
Rachel Tatem - I love it... I enjoy second shooting every now and again... it is fun to see it all from a different angle! You did a great job as you well know. ;P  05.31.11 - 8:20am
gaby Fuentes { NJ Wedding Photographer } - Gorgeous wedding... and so nice to see the same wedding from two different photographers' eyes and perspectives.  05.31.11 - 8:19am
Penny Wolfe - Beautiful as always!  05.31.11 - 8:13am
Meredith Sledge - This wedding makes me happy but your pictures of this wedding make me happier. They're gorgeous! I love seeing you shoot from different angles in these. So great.   05.31.11 - 8:05am
Kristin Nicole - Gorgeous...always love the raw emotional images a second shooter gets to capture.   05.31.11 - 7:58am
Autumn Teesdale - Beautiful! I can't wait to shoot more weddings! I love capturing people in love!  05.31.11 - 7:57am
ys - Third picture. The reflection of the bride's face on the window pane is absolutely brilliant!  05.31.11 - 7:53am
Abby Grace Photography - I love Meg Perotti's work! YOu two working together must have been nuts- like an explosion of creativity!  05.31.11 - 7:40am