Shooting Star : Copy Cats + Profit Centers

esterday I parked myself on the couch and read. It was Sunday, which meant guilt-free indulgence in...well...everything. While JD watched a documentary about impeding doom from South African bees or mating orcas, I slipped my toes against the crevice of his back and fell into reading. On a commercial break, I grabbed the remote and flipped through channels. I randomly came across a promo for My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Then I died and went to Heaven. I mean, mixing gypsies and weddings?! Midriffs, neon lights sewn in gowns, and four-foot tiaras?! SIGN ME UP.

JD groaned from the couch and forever banned me from the remote control. I'll leave him with the mammals and primates...and keep my reality shows. And really thick books. Because, occasionally, I like to pretend I'm smart. In light of feigned intellect, it's time for another installment of Shooting Star.

In this video, I'll be discussing...
*Copy cats.
*Viewing business costs as profit centers.
*And please don't ask my my shirt is THAT wrinkled...looks like I was rolling around in a cardboard box all day.

Like always, you can submit questions for future FAQs on Facebook!
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Sonya Payne - Good advice, and just so you know, I'm going to copy those earrings! :o)  06.09.11 - 4:56pm
Jodie Lemke - I liked this post. I have personally made the mistake of copying a photographer once from my local area. not because i wanted to COPY but because i was inspired. I loved their work, I loved the location ideas from our small community. I kow that you have also said we can never be anyone but our selves so I know my photos will never look exactly the same, i put my twist on things! But i have come to learn that i need to be inspired by others who are not from my area. Thanks for your view on this. I feel the same way but i know others don't.. I try to be really careful!  06.09.11 - 4:03pm
Jessica Sweeney - Yeah! Way to pump out the positive vibes. Thanks Jasmine!  06.04.11 - 5:22pm
Tabatha - I don't know you but you make me feel so much better about my little business. Any other photog with your amount of talent is so negative towards "newbies". Thank you for being you and for being inspiring.  06.01.11 - 1:47pm
Jonni - Great job Jasmine. Thank you so much for all you give to everyone. You have hit upon some really great topics to think about. Thanks! :)  05.27.11 - 5:21pm
the detailed life - I really appreciate all of the honest advice you give. Thanks alot!  05.26.11 - 2:10pm
Bobbie Brown - Okay, next video, try sitting on your hands and see what happens...JUST KIDDING! I promise, I am kidding, I love the fact your hands never stop moving - but I had to tease ya about it! Thank YOU for another wonderful video and great advice. I love each video you post :)  05.25.11 - 8:36pm
Whitney (Utah Photographer) - Absolutely fantastic. It is hard sometime when I feel like my ideas get "stolen." But I love that advice, and it's so true. Just get better. As long as I'm still working, learning, and improving, it doesn't matter. They won't be able to copy that unless they are working just as hard. And if they are working that hard, props to them!  05.25.11 - 4:47pm
Neda Lahrodi-Blake - I bought the DVD for my mum as practical joke - but it is seriously addictive : )  05.25.11 - 2:13pm
{natalie bray photography} - I adore these posts! They are insightful and fun! Thanks for the info, as always! Also, thanks for inspiring me to keep growing personally and professionally! :)   05.25.11 - 12:17pm
Christiana - Jasmine, you are the best- so positive all the time! And your mum, so cute how she always comments on your blog xx  05.25.11 - 12:51am
Erica Velasco - Going through the same thing with copiers...only their using my text and product names...  05.24.11 - 12:31pm
Lisa O'Dwyer - These gypsies are called Travellers in Ireland where I live. I'm American too, and was so amazed when I saw some at a communion in a church where I was taking photos for someone. I really wanted to take their picture because of their dress. The woman was wearing a neon orange skin-tight dress that was more like a bathing suit. It was cut out at places and wrapped around her body. And she had a tiara, and 4 inch silver heels. I tried not to look, and I caught everyone trying to get a sneaky peek as I was. It was a typical Irish May day, rainy and cold, and I can't believe she didn't freeze. Next time, I'll definitely ask for a picture!  05.24.11 - 11:23am
Bethany - Hi Jasmine! :) you're shooting star post is very helpful :) Thanks! I hope you do get to be a part of the Gypsy Wedding shoot :)  05.24.11 - 7:13am
kelly marie - such great advice jasmine!   05.24.11 - 2:44am
Elizabeth - I am so looking forward to my big fat gypsy wedding.....and thanks for the shooting star segment...they are always so informative.  05.24.11 - 2:30am
Bee - You have to watch! Big fat gypsy wedding took our UK ratings by storm. The dresses so giant they dont fit down the aisle and weigh more than a human. Not only a show about weddings but cultural differences and customs. A really interesting show. Everyone this side of the pond knows of the gypsy weddings, very popular topic. Oh god and wait until you see the little kids! Their skimpy outfits and bootay shakin. Shocking. Enjoy! Let us know what you think of it!  05.24.11 - 12:56am
Natalia - "There's nothing you can do that can't be done...." -John Lennon Great answers on the copy cat thing! Everyone gets inspiration, even the old photogs had to copy SOMEONE once or twice in their lives!   05.24.11 - 12:13am
Simon Woodcock - Great video - I totally agree, if you're worth copying, you're doing something impressive and people want to emulate that. I can't wait to be copied. I draw the line at stalking though!   05.23.11 - 11:16pm
Carolyn Egerszegi - Great post Jasmine! When you were talking about copy cats and said "get better" it reminded me of something my mom taught me. When I played soccer as a kid, we would travel to neighbouring towns where the local refs would often call the game in favour of the home team. As kids we would cry and complain that the ref wasn't fair, but my mom would always say, "Score More Goals. Just Score More Goals." In other words, at the end of the day if we scored more goals it wouldn't matter how unfair the ref was because we would still win the game. So... if somebody is being a copy cat, you can either cry and complain about it, or just score more goals, or as you said, Jasmine... "get better" and you'll still win in the end. Thanks for reinforcing this idea Jasmine. You're awesome!  05.23.11 - 10:46pm
Mom - You are brilliant and selfless with all the information you share each week.   05.23.11 - 9:57pm
Linda Dalton - As always a fabulous post by you Jasmine! Thank you for sharing.   05.23.11 - 9:42pm
Jennifer - Great advice! You are keeping it real! That is so true, if people are copying you, then you are doing something right and then up your game!   05.23.11 - 9:01pm
denise karis - love this.... I have ONE person who has copied me consistently and it was discouraging because I REALLY WORK to try and be as original as possible. Sure I draw inspiration from other photographers but I always try to make it my own.... but a friend said to me "Photographers copy better photographers all the time. So you can either keep being awesome and deal with the copying or start sucking." :)  05.23.11 - 7:52pm
sydney wedding photographer - Lol, I wouldn't have noticed the wrinkles in the shirt, but now that you point it out!! .. well I guess if rolling around in carboard boxes is your thing...  05.23.11 - 7:37pm
Jil Roberts Manuel - You are so right, my late father said if your not being copied then you must not being doing it right. It is a complement for someone to copy your work.   05.23.11 - 5:47pm
Kelly Green - I loved MY Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!! Watch out for the special - My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding - it's even better!!  05.23.11 - 5:29pm
Claudia - love your videos!!!... the only thing I hate is that they are too short! :) ... Really!, I can watch you talk all day...  05.23.11 - 4:12pm
Columbus GA Wedding Photography - Thanks guys. Really helpful info.  05.23.11 - 3:19pm
Melinda Leal - HAHA, girl, so funny you said that because I glanced at your shirt and went right back to eye contact. Than read your "don't ask about wrinkled shirt!" funny. Good info!   05.23.11 - 3:07pm
Erin K. - You always give such great advice! I love how you change a seemingly negative situation into something flattering and positive. Thanks!  05.23.11 - 2:16pm
nena - I liked your attitude, and if youuuu can say this, then I know every one should act this way! =-)  05.23.11 - 1:18pm
adrian - that was a good one. very positive and peaceful. but, what if the person just keeps copying you ?   05.23.11 - 1:16pm
kat - rocknrollbride - re: copycats. this is JUST WHAT I NEEEEEDED to hear. thank you  05.23.11 - 11:22am
Jet Kaiser - Very informative. I love your approach to this subject, Jasmine.  05.23.11 - 11:09am
Tori Gillit - I am forever floored by how positive you are and always encouraged by reading your posts. Thanks for telling us to be flattered and just get better!!   05.23.11 - 11:07am
Nick Rose - Great post. I loved my Showit site and wasn't worried about thr $39. As a wedding photographer your website it your shop window. Unfortunately I had to drop it because of SEO limitations but I loved to look of it. Nick Rose | Kent Wedding Photographer  05.23.11 - 10:49am
Life with Kaishon - Loved it. Valuable advice : ) One day I saw someone complaining because a person had shot some pink crab apples the same way they shot them. SO hilarious. How many ways are their to shoot pink crab apple blossoms? And who cares if someone shoots them just like you?  05.23.11 - 10:46am
Tacey - Dang it girl! You always nail it....and always seem to give me the push in the derriere that I often need (not for the copying issue...although you are so right about that) but for the cost/profit issue...I've been dreaming about a natural light studio for a while, knowing what I could/would/will? do with it....thank you for touching on this you've got me thinking....and I like it! Love you!  05.23.11 - 10:43am
AlexFrame - Thank you Jasmine very much)  05.23.11 - 10:35am
Allison - Great advice on taking the opportunity of being copied and turning into a challenge.   05.23.11 - 10:11am
Georgina Webb - Jasmine - I love how you manage to put such a positive spin onto something that bugs so many people. You really are an inspiration! P.S. You will love My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - it is fantastic viewing and highly addictive!  05.23.11 - 10:06am
Kat - I love your take on copy cats. Not only a form of flattery, but using it to get better! Thanks J:)  05.23.11 - 9:50am
Wendy - You are oozing of 'positive' and it looks great. I am trying to copycat that positive attitude of yours. I think more people should be as happy and confident as they want to feel. I need to go happify my blog now :)  05.23.11 - 9:35am
Jillian Tree - Icebergs! haha :)  05.23.11 - 9:35am
Carlise - AND she nails it, touchdown!! Thank you for putting what was in my mind into well thought out words and a video!! Bookmarking this!! <3  05.23.11 - 9:22am
jade alayne - Thank you great post! And your make-up looks great.( didn't notice the wrinkles at all!)  05.23.11 - 9:18am
Kathleen Clipper - Thank you for shedding positive light on the whole copy cat situations. It seems that many photographers deal with this and to read about their disgust and anger on social media on a daily basis gets kind of gloomy. Thanks for the inspiration yet again! Love your "fresh" outlook :)  05.23.11 - 9:13am
TMSphotos - copying is the sincerest form of flattery  05.23.11 - 9:11am
ala - you's cute!  05.23.11 - 9:08am
carlotta - your advice on copying was perfect. I've been dealing with this lately -- but really, imitation is the best form of flattery. thank you!  05.23.11 - 9:08am
Rachel Tatem - What a positive outlook on copy cats. Yes, they are giving you tribute in a way and yet it can be so easy to get bogged down. I would imagine like everyone you have your down days but I feel like you take things in such a positive light.   05.23.11 - 9:00am
Maria - Thanks so much for this. Love your positivity and loved the advice about copy cats. I hope to start using that new mindset :)  05.23.11 - 8:53am
LEOLAK - Thanks! This is awesome...and I love the positive spin on being copied. Actually..this who thing rocked! Cracking up that you will be watching the gypsy wedding reality show...I've seen the previews and I'm just not sure but I know I'll probably get sucked in too. I'm such a reality junkie. lol Happy Monday!  05.23.11 - 8:51am
Katelyn James - ohhhh the copy cats!! you nailed it. Thanks for the reminder! and the wrinkles add character....somehow....I'm just being positive:) Ps. super jealous of your laid back Sundays!!!!!!!  05.23.11 - 8:41am