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e had met before. But--if I was being totally honest--my recollection of the event was vague at best. For me, I met Meg four years ago when we shared a cab in Las Vegas. Wait, wait...hold on...let me relish the fact that I sounded cool right now. I mean A CAB in VEGAS?!? Pffft, in a few seconds I might say Paris Hilton and I partied together last night, too.

There was a random group of photographers heading to WPPI from McCaran Airport and we decided to share a cab and split the fare to the hotel. {This is where the appearance of cool dissipates.} Meg sat smashed between a group of people and regaled us with stories of road trips and her random outbursts of show tunes. And right there? Well, right there I decided I really, really liked her.

As years passed, Meg and I became peers who saw each other at industry events and occasionally had the chance to connect over a meal. When she got engaged--much to my delight and surprise--she asked me to photograph her wedding. I was beyond honored to document her wedding in San Francisco. No, really, I pulled her aside on her wedding day to thank her profusely because it was a sweet moment for me, both personally and professionally.

To make things even sweeter, Meg and Tim's wedding was published in The Knot honor I feel extraordinarily blessed to see...

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Matt Foden Photography - Beautiful images- we love the way you've shot the details :)  08.07.11 - 4:17am
Tyler Austin - No matter how seasoned you are, what a great feeling to have your work published. And its always such a humbling experience when you meet somebody and then how ever many years down the road they get a hold of you wanting you to shoot their wedding. Which goes to show that couples looking for a photographer/s are in fact looking for more then good technical skill and beautiful images. They want to hire somebody they are proud to have among their guests and family.  06.27.11 - 1:49pm
Diego Molina Photography - Congratulations! Gorgeous Wedding!!!  06.27.11 - 1:41pm
Taylor - Hiring a wedding photographer to your wedding really is a great way to immortalize your memorable moments. Everything seems to be a blur during the big day and now you can relive them by browsing through your wedding photos!  06.27.11 - 6:40am
Shaun David - Wow, featured in The Knot! That is great to hear, so much of your great work should be published.   06.25.11 - 3:59pm
Delaware Wedding Photographer - Jay Clark Photogra - Congrats! Your work is stunning!  06.24.11 - 2:37pm
Lydia - Congratulations! Her wedding was beautiful!  06.24.11 - 2:07pm
Kathleen Clipper - Congrats on the publish, Jasmine! I always love going through The Knot and other wedding mags for inspiration and ideas.  06.24.11 - 9:37am
Deborah Zoe - yay! Congrats Jasmine:) One of my favorite weddings:)  06.24.11 - 7:40am
jeweller - awesome pics! love them.  06.24.11 - 6:23am
Man with a Camera - I love it when there is a personal connection to a wedding photography job.  06.24.11 - 4:18am
Adriana Morett - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! =) Meg and Tim's photos are gorgeous, no wonder why they got published!   06.24.11 - 3:32am
Aurea - It's always an honor for your photos to be featured in a magazing! Congratulations!Your photos are amazing and you absolutely deserve it. :D  06.24.11 - 2:33am
Dawney - I love these pics! Congrats! :)   06.24.11 - 1:33am
Annetta - Congratulations!!  06.23.11 - 9:51pm
Toni Raper - Oh yes I remember them. I think it is one of your most beautiful weddings!   06.23.11 - 5:11pm
anda - i'm so happy for you, jasmine! and congrats to meg and tim too ... that's exciting!  06.23.11 - 2:27pm
LEOLAK - Awesome....congratulations! I vividly remember their photos...congrats again! Keep on rockin' J*!!! =)  06.23.11 - 1:42pm
Marian Majik - Really nice story ... and of course, amazing pictures :)  06.23.11 - 11:44am
Donna Richens - Beautiful wedding photo's as always and very deserving of the magazine is all your work! An inspiration as always :-)  06.23.11 - 11:43am
ashley barnett - Aw! Yay! Love Meg and have always loved her wedding. Congrats!  06.23.11 - 11:32am
Alaina Bos - Congrats!! Congrats!!  06.23.11 - 11:31am
Jamie Solorio - Wow! That is so great! Good for you! :) One day when I grow up ( I am 34!) I wanna be like you! :)  06.23.11 - 10:23am
Rachel Tatem - That is awesome. Such a compliment that a peer would respect you work (like all of us that use you to drive us towards success) and then to get published in The Knot! Congrats! She made for a beautiful bride  06.23.11 - 10:12am
Liz Lovi - I loved everything about this wedding! Beautiful Meg and Tim!! Congrats :)  06.23.11 - 9:51am
Maria - Congrats on getting featured. Beautiful photos as always!  06.23.11 - 9:36am
Renee - Simply gorgeous!  06.23.11 - 9:36am
Live. Laugh. PHOTOGRAPH. - Beautiful feature! Congrats!  06.23.11 - 9:33am
Julie Story - Jasmine this is lovely. These pictures are amazing! I love how your sweet heart just shines through your view of love and all things gorgeous. XOXO!  06.23.11 - 9:29am
Abby Grace Photography - SO awesome! It must feel amazing to see your work in print like that!  06.23.11 - 9:24am
Meg - you forgot about my vibrating toothbrush :) xoxox  06.23.11 - 9:23am
gladys jem - Yay Meg and Tim! :) Congrats Jasmine!  06.23.11 - 9:23am
steph - Very, very cool! I love the layout & I remember her GORGEOUS flowers; it's nice to see them again. :)  06.23.11 - 8:57am
Lupe Ruiz - Yipee!! Congratulations!  06.23.11 - 8:49am
naomi chokr - that was such a unique wedding! you images of the day completed and was able to convey the vision of the couple. it deserved to be published!   06.23.11 - 8:42am
Life with Kaishon - Congratulations on your feature : )  06.23.11 - 8:41am
Bobbi Petersen - Awww, love this wedding! Congratulations - the spread looks awesome and the wedding looks GORGEOUS!  06.23.11 - 8:36am
Whitney Moore Bower - Jasmine - amazing. I am so very very proud for you. Congrats, what beautiful work!   06.23.11 - 8:34am
Stacey - Total City Girl - Congrats Jasmine! That's amazing!  06.23.11 - 8:29am
Sarajane Case - They are one of my two favorite weddings of yours! So happy for them and you!  06.23.11 - 8:25am
Kristin Nicole - Gorgeous wedding...congrats on the feature!  06.23.11 - 8:19am
kelly marie - such an honor Jasmine! you deserve it. :)  06.23.11 - 7:45am
Jenelle Sewell - Congratulations! The detail shots are amazing!   06.23.11 - 7:42am