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The Hobbit

ell, it's Monday and I'm just gonna come out and say it: I threw my back out last week. Oh, and it was ugly. It happened in public and I stood in the front of my gym class hinged at my waist debating melting into the floor or praying for the Rapture to occur. Right then. I grabbed my gym bag and hobbled (yes, hobbled...I looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings in stretch pants) out the door. Then I sat in my car and did lamaze-style breathing to alleviate the pain.

After six visits to the chiropractor, I'm scheduling an appointment with a specialist because the hobbit-look isn't so cute. I didn't highlight my back last week because I had an engagement session and a wedding...and I wanted to prove to myself I could get through them. With pain killers. Thankfully, everything went well and JD carried every bit of gear...I could get used to this!

I'm still working and trying to keep my normal pace of life, but sitting at my desk for hours isn't possible so I've been relegated to working on the floor...and Polo seems to love this new arrangement...

Happy Monday, y'all...go give your back a kiss!
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Wedding Photogrphers Sussex - What an amazing portrait..... Great job.....  07.10.11 - 11:52pm
Erin - Oh, hell no!!! That had to hurt. Hope you are better now...I am writing this a few days later. Happy healing!   07.07.11 - 2:43pm
Łukasz Kawałkiewicz - is great :)  07.01.11 - 6:56am
Paulette - Oh, how awful, Jasmine.. I'm so sorry. I know how discouraging this sort of thing can, but I love how positive you are! Thank you to JD for doing the gruntwork. ;)  06.30.11 - 8:28pm
ALLISON LEE PHOTO - I feel ya! I throw mine out at least once a year and end up paralized for about a week. It's awful. My fear is it happening while I'm shooting a wedding!  06.30.11 - 8:54am
brideandjoy - Ah you poor thing, hope the back is 'back' to normal soon. That photo of you and the pooch is soo cute  06.29.11 - 9:37am
Kristin T - That rapture comment was great! :-) Prayed for you just now and hope you heal quickly...although pics done on pain killers might open a whole new world! ;)  06.28.11 - 10:52pm
Michael Anthony Photography - Just discovered your stuff Jasmine. Must say, you rock! I am inspired by all you have accomplished.  06.28.11 - 8:45pm
Philippe Monk - For the need to strengthen your core muscles, and you may want to look into an inversion table. Crunches, ads, etc. Tall thin photographers + heavy glass = bad. :)   06.28.11 - 7:33pm
Pupparazzi Pet Photography - I don't think Polo will be letting you work anywhere but the floor from now on!  06.28.11 - 7:07pm
diane ( - adorable!  06.28.11 - 6:06pm
Vickerstaff Photography - Sorry to hear about your back, your dog seems to be enjoying your company on the floor!   06.28.11 - 11:47am
Kathie Thomas - You obviously have quite a following. I was looking for photography blogs to see what other (photographers) are doing out there.   06.28.11 - 5:24am
Marc Hunter - I pray for healing for your back my friend. Keep the faith and know that healing is around the corner.  06.28.11 - 4:47am
Mindy Metivier - I hope you feel better soon Jasmine!!! Poor thing!!! Love your "go get 'em attitude" even if you're in pain...:) Hugs!!!  06.28.11 - 2:01am
Mindy Metivier - I hope you feel better soon Jasmine!!! Poor thing!!! Love your "go get 'em attitude" even if you're in pain...:) Hugs!!!  06.28.11 - 2:01am
Elizabeth - Having thrown my back out years ago and it is still not the same I feel your pain Jasmine....hopefully the road to recovery is a quick one for you!  06.28.11 - 1:38am
Kevin Cull - I have and will always have a non existent L5 S1 disc, so you have my deepest sympathies, Pilates, core stability excercises and keeping mobile are your priorities! Polo seems like he's enjoying your company though! Take care  06.28.11 - 12:18am
Tonya Lewis - Acupuncture! My husband throws his back out SNEEZING. Yep, sneezing. And this started before he turned 30. He always gets adjusted once and then does acupuncture. The acupuncture is the only thing that takes the pain away and relaxes his muscles. I hope that helps!!!  06.27.11 - 9:58pm
angel - Aw, I'm so sorry. I hope you get better, I truly know how you feel. I pulled my hip out, the sacroiliac joint, in the beginning of wedding season in 2008. I had to wear a belt to "keep it in place." Horrible. Embarrassing. I know what you mean about not telling anyone - you don't want people to judge you on your physical ability... which I personally believe sure will power will always trump physical ailments.... I know how it feels to be in breath taking pain, but hopefully you will find that throwing yourself into your work and love of it will help keep your mind off of it. Much love, get better. ;)  06.27.11 - 9:41pm
emily - get better soon jasmine!   06.27.11 - 6:36pm
Christa - Feel better :)   06.27.11 - 6:35pm
Angela - Get better soon Jasmine!! I have had back problems for oh my gosh...20 years now!! It never goes away and it can come if you cough the wrong way!! Speedy recovery for you...I can completely relate to your pain...I'm sending out positive energy to you!!!! :)  06.27.11 - 6:29pm
Paula - Understand your pain. :-( I did that to my back this past March and was down for the count. Couch or floor and cold packs. Hope you get to feeling better and will praying it takes you less time to get better than me :-( had my last appt at the beginning of this month --finally feeling better.... Praying for you!   06.27.11 - 5:54pm
di - Don't forget to ice your back!  06.27.11 - 5:38pm
Eileen - So funny.. but not funny.. a couple of years ago at work I tweaked my back. I was in so much pain that I left work..A co-worker helped me to my car but when I got home I didn't know how I was going to make it to my front door. let alone get out of my car. I sort of rolled out on to the drive way.. purse in hand and crawled to the front door. I could only imagine what the neighbors thought with me crawling like a drunk at 10 am. I feel your pain.. .  06.27.11 - 5:37pm
Suzy G - Praying you feel better soon. Back pain is no fun. Glad you made it through the sessions. Hang in there.  06.27.11 - 4:55pm
Carrie K - My dog does the same thing! If anything is taking my attention away from her, she'll put a paw on the computer, phone etc...until I recognize her presence. Take care of yourself!  06.27.11 - 4:33pm
Maliha Faruki - awww get well soon!!! take loads of rest.... and well masages are the best... and loads of hot milk!!! oh and soaking in a hot water bath!!!! and get a haldi (don't knwo the english name for it) rubbed into the spot. Makes a major difference. Get well soon!  06.27.11 - 4:09pm
Shane - I hurt my back last week too. Not fun. I'll pray for your recovery!  06.27.11 - 3:16pm
LEOLAK - poor thing! I hope you have some relief soon. I hope Polo time helps with it some. =) Way to go on the ninja style shooting in pain. =)   06.27.11 - 3:06pm
Bobbie Brown - Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear this! Back pain is nothing to mess with and seems to effect everything :( My hubs has dealt with it a few times... best of luck to you, I hope you feel back to yourself SOON!   06.27.11 - 3:00pm
Marissa Nicole - yep, i know something about trying to prove yourself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could shoot a wedding 7 months pregnant. everything worked out fine, but man was my body mad at me the next day. Yes, i concure. Polo is enjoying your new working arrangement.   06.27.11 - 2:40pm
Gurpreet - Pain shouldn't be ignored. I learned the hard way. Thanks to a fabulous chiropractor, an amazing massage therapist, an ergonomic work station, a change in my pillow, stretching the right way, strengthening my muscles... things are falling back into place. Let's hope for a quick recovery for you. It's about lifestyle adjustments that suit our professional for wedding photographers.  06.27.11 - 2:15pm
Ashley Cherie - I prayed for your back!  06.27.11 - 1:58pm
Kate Neal - Awww:o( Feel better!  06.27.11 - 1:27pm
rich - amazing that you were able to shoot a wedding in your condition! hope you feel better soon!  06.27.11 - 1:19pm
Angela Woolridge - Speaking healing to your back in Jesus name!! My knees have given me trouble and shooting in a body that has unexpected hiccups is scary!! So I speak healing and believe that it is mine in Christ! Enjoy that Polo floor time, though!!  06.27.11 - 12:44pm
Adriana Morett - I'm so sorry you're having back pain, hope you feel better soon. Lots of love xoxo  06.27.11 - 12:39pm
Tiffany in Topeka - Oh Heavens!!! I've thrown my back out before and I can totally empathize!!! Luckily for me, I'm a teacher which means standing all day. If I had to sit, I would have died - or something close to it! It took me 18 months after the incident to find a chiropractor who actually helped! I did finally get relief. Here's hoping you find relief too - and SOON! Best wishes!  06.27.11 - 11:54am
Sarah Danaher - so sorry to hear about your back! my right shoulder has been shouting "mutiny!" at me for weeks now... can't seem to get it to stop. I appreciate your hobbit feelings. =)  06.27.11 - 11:54am
Sona aka Lila - I loooove the photo, so cute:)   06.27.11 - 11:53am
kim james - SO know this one. I now practice the Alexander technique, yoga 15 min x 4 a week plus my regular. So far so good, but I was wondering if I was always going to have a messed up back forever until I discovered the Alexander technique, via Oprah 3 years back. Now it's all good, but so scarey.  06.27.11 - 11:53am
Diana Lupu - Ay so sorry to hear about your back! It's the most awful feeling ever!! I have had excruciating back pain and used to work for a chiro back in my day which gave me unlimited amounts of adjustments. However, that never really "fixed" the problem. I've been doing reformer pilates now for a few months and for the first time in YEARS, I can honestly say, I've been back-pain free!!! Can I hear an amen-hallelujah?! When you feel better, I def recommend you try it..and then blog about it, of course. :) Feel better!   06.27.11 - 11:43am
Lydia - It's crazy how I don't appreciate the little things that work well in my body until something goes wrong! I hurt my shoulder/arm playing volleyball last November and still am not fully recovered. Need to do those strengthening exercises! :-S  06.27.11 - 11:39am
Aia - Oh man that stinks. Hope you are feeling better soon. I find yoga helps to regain mobility in myself.   06.27.11 - 11:34am
Carolina - Hope you get well soon! Just make sure to leave the hairy Hobbit-feet aspect to Polo ;)  06.27.11 - 11:30am
Erin Potter - Praying for you Jasmine! Something to try, is Topricin ( It's AMAZING stuff!! It's a natural pain reliever that works by increasing blood flow to the area, to heal. They usually carry it at health food stores (like Whole Foods).  06.27.11 - 11:20am
Andria Lavine - OUCH! I feel your pain! Been there. Done that. Have the t-shirt! Get better soon :)  06.27.11 - 11:07am
Dawney - I am so sorry to hear about your back! (...but yeah for JD packin all the gear! ;) ) Back pain is the WORST! Good luck, prayers are being sent your way, and I hope you feel better soon!  06.27.11 - 10:55am
Catie Ronquillo - Oh girl, I've been there! I threw out my back AT a wedding and was walking around like a woman 9 months pregnant. It wasn't pretty. Thankfully, I was the second shooter that day and the first shooter hooked me up with some Motrin to make it through the evening. I've been going to the chiropractor since which fixed my back, but then I angered my sciatic nerve and have been dealing with sciatica for a couple months. Argh. I just want it to be better. So I totally feel your pain. LITERALLY. :) Hope it gets better soon! Your fellow Hobbit ;)  06.27.11 - 10:55am
Ana Telma - No, no, no... WE give YOUR back a kiss! Get well soon, sweetie! PS: I'm just beggining to watch second day of the last CL course, and I'm just loving it so bad!! I can't wait to practice more and more of KIR J*!! Kisses from Brazil!  06.27.11 - 10:53am
Jenelle Sewell - Hope you feel better! I think this calls for a massage or two from JD.   06.27.11 - 10:44am
Natalia - Hope you feel better soon!!! Try reading "Healing Back Pain" by John Sarno. Unconventional but works. My mom was immobile for months and this book got her up and better...  06.27.11 - 10:44am
Sydney Paige - Sorry to hear about your back! Sweet of JD to carry everything for you! I have to ask, what kind of dog is polo!?! He is adorable!  06.27.11 - 10:30am
Alexis - Aww, you'll be ok! I sympathize with you because I pulled a back muscle 7 weeks ago possibly in a weight lifting class (not sure exactly if this occurred at the gym or at work) and it's only until this week that I feel back to 100 percent. Throwing your back out is much more painful I'm sure! I hope you get better soon and that you will be restored to 110 percent! :)   06.27.11 - 10:26am
lynn - I sprained my back 3 days before a wedding. Ask your chiro about a "tens machine (sp??)" relieves the pain without meds.   06.27.11 - 10:20am
Gaby Fuentes { NJ Wedding Photographer } - Many many years ago, I suffered terrible backaches. Not wanting to sound cliche or movie like, my mom took me to a Chinese doctor who lived in this tiny little house that was falling apart. After weeks of commuting through a terrible Ecuadorian neighborhood for my therapy, I was able to walk again ... like an homus erectus. So I feel your pain... and I hope your diagnosis is not serious, and that you feel better soon.   06.27.11 - 10:12am
Mallory - Jasmine, I have had the same experience and I know how much fun it is NOT. So, rest, ice, warm compress, stretch. Take care girl!  06.27.11 - 10:11am
Jasmine* - Thanks for the suggestions, friends! Yes, once I start getting healthy, I'll be sure to get back into yoga and using weights for my's like I KNOW this...and yet I just can't seem to make time. Oy vey...  06.27.11 - 10:03am
Annetta - Sorry to hear of your mishap. I know what your going through since I have back problems too. Take it easy and hope you are better soon.  06.27.11 - 10:02am
ashley barnett - Aww Polo just wants to make sure his momma is okay! My little dog likes to climb on my back when I do this. Feel better Jasmine! Rest up!! :)  06.27.11 - 10:00am
donna - Feel better!!!   06.27.11 - 9:57am
Paul Buttle - I wish you a speedy recovery... Having suffered before with my back I know how debilitating it can be. I adore that photo of you and polo though - beautiful capture (as per the norm). With Regards - Paul  06.27.11 - 9:54am
Tanya De Leeuw - So sorry to hear this ... take it easy with your back ... you only have one! Get well soon!  06.27.11 - 9:53am
Life with Kaishon - Oh my goodness. I hope you feel better soon!  06.27.11 - 9:52am
Shannon Wimberly - Jasmine, everytime I hurt my back, the first thing I do is do back exercises pushing weights. It works every time.... realigns the spine by contracting the muscles that hold the spine in place.....usually just doing leg lifts does the trick.. try it... it has been instantaneous relief for me many times..... love!  06.27.11 - 9:44am
Kris - How sad! I pinched a nerve at the wedding on Saturday - still can't feel my left index or thumb very well. Oh the joy's of living in a body that lives in a fallen world. Hope you get well soon!! <3  06.27.11 - 9:44am
Emily Crall - Good grief, girl! You gotta take care of yourself. At least you get extra Polo snug time. :)  06.27.11 - 9:43am
Rachel Tatem - I am so sorry! The first time threw my back it I was 20 so don't feel bad... visualize a 5'6" 125lbs throw a bag of trash in the dumpster, seize and collapse to the ground (right next to the dumpster)... 4 min later a guy walks by and asks if he can help but being me I say, No, I'm ok... just having a lie in" (I am too stubborn for my own good) Rest up and get a couple messages (you know you wanted an excuse), it really does help!  06.27.11 - 9:41am
Robin - Sorry to hear about the back problem, degenerative disc desease is my thorn in the flesh, put paid to my wedding business, so take it steady and dont believe everything you are told without an MRI scan. Rob from UK.  06.27.11 - 9:41am
Noa - Hope you feel better soon.... Sounds like a lot of pain! Sending feel better vibes.....  06.27.11 - 9:40am
Allen - Sorry to hear about your back. A couple of months ago I converted my desk to a stand up desk because sitting and editing so much was just killing my back. It has completely alleviated my back pain. Might be worth a shot for you.  06.27.11 - 9:39am
Virginia - Oh Jasmine, I just hope you get better soon! I know how back pain feels like, and it's just horrible. I wish you the very best!   06.27.11 - 9:36am
Gary - Best.Pic.Ever.  06.27.11 - 9:36am
Bethany - You ought to try acupressure. That's what I do for pain when nothing else works. It's weird but it works!  06.27.11 - 9:34am
Natasha - Girl so sorry to hear that!! I hope you feel better soon!!!   06.27.11 - 9:34am
anouschka - yikes, that sounds painful! hope you feel better soon!  06.27.11 - 9:32am
Vanessa - Ohhh Sweetie... I threw mine out in January and I feel for you!! Take it easy (like you have ANY choice) and let yourself heal. The work will wait. How about a snuggly puppy as a nursemaid. Polo is so sweet.   06.27.11 - 9:32am
shannon-may - oh so sweet! my ruthie too seems to think that she is automatically involved in whatever i am doing when i sit near/on the floor anything.   06.27.11 - 9:32am
Bill Raab - I understand and sympathize. I have chronic back issues. A book that I found which helped quite a bit was I also "try" to do my stretches and strengthening exercises everyday. Hoping you are 100%+ very soon.  06.27.11 - 9:32am
adela - OUCH! hope you get back to your normal self soon!  06.27.11 - 9:31am
Vince - I hope you feel better soon! Kudos for grinding it out, you're doing great work that inspires many :)  06.27.11 - 9:31am
Laura Olsen - After having some back issues myself, I really think that "Spine Care" should be a line item in a photographer's business expenses! Just put it right there in the fixed costs column: Second shooter: $000 Outsourcing: $000 Back Care: $000 Total wedding cost.... :)   06.27.11 - 9:30am
Joanne Thomas - Praying for healing of your back through the Dr.s or otherwise. It is no fun and taking painkillers is no fun either. Hangeth thou in there--or shall I say "layeth thou in there". So glad you got through your two sessions.  06.27.11 - 9:27am
Ashley Berto - I think you love it too, secretly anyway...  06.27.11 - 9:25am
Brooke Stevens-Patrick - Before I went FT photog, my day job was a Chiropractic Ass't. I could not believe the way people walked in all hunched over. Don't over do it but stay active. It takes time so you might have to take advantage of JD for a little while longer *wink! Praying for a speedy recovery!  06.27.11 - 9:23am
{leah} - Oh no!! Feel better!!  06.27.11 - 9:22am
Nani Annette - Jasmine! So sorry to hear that. Always so upsetting when bad things happen to good people. And you surely are one of them! Thanks for beeing such an inspiration, even from the floor. All the best from Finland! :)  06.27.11 - 9:22am
Abby Grace Photography - oh man, that's the worst! I hope your back recovers soon, but I am glad you made it through an entire wedding day. You're a trooper!  06.27.11 - 9:21am
Jeremiah Daniel - Hope ya feel better soon. Back pain is the worst:(   06.27.11 - 9:20am
Natalie Tuggle - Oh no! hope it gets lots better soon! I've had back problems before, so I know what a pain it is :/. That would so be my cat if I worked on the floor! except he would try to sit on the keys..  06.27.11 - 9:20am
Leo Timoshuk - Awee, that is adorable.  06.27.11 - 9:19am
Amy Arrington - Get well Jasmine. I'll be praying for you!  06.27.11 - 9:19am
Julie O'Dell - I had a wedding on Friday, a family shoot on Saturday, my back was bad too when done with both! Ouch!   06.27.11 - 9:18am
Kathleen Clipper - My pup does the same thing when working in "her environment". Too cute! Prayers for you to feel better soon, Jasmine!  06.27.11 - 9:18am
Desiree - AWWW! Jasmine hope you get well soon! I've thrown my back out to and know how you feel. I pray for a speedy healing for you...God bless!  06.27.11 - 9:18am
Riz Crescini - Hang in there, Jasmine! I know what you're going through. Sending prayers your way for a quick recovery.  06.27.11 - 9:17am
Kristin Nicole - Back pain is no fun! Hope you feel better soon!  06.27.11 - 9:17am
Bethany - O no!!! I can't imagine shooting a wedding in that condition. I was BEYOND terrified when I sprained my ankle last year. I panicked thinking of all the work i had, instead of thinking about the FACT that my body was messed up! ha! Things went well for me and it seems they are going well for you too! Get better soon Jasmine!  06.27.11 - 9:17am
Milton Gan - Hope you get better soon Jasmine! I'm a wedding photographer and suffered a slipped disc last year. I'm better now but still like to see my chiro every 3 weeks for a little adjustment and maintenance.  06.27.11 - 9:16am
Stephanie Stewart - Oh no! That is no fun! I hope you get better soon! Thank you for your email over the weekend - you made my day! :)  06.27.11 - 9:16am
Paige Anderson - polo suits him. sweet!   06.27.11 - 9:15am
Rachel Merchand Abplanalp - You are in Nathan and my prayers!!!  06.27.11 - 9:15am