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For Who I Am With You

As a child I dreamed of visiting England, a world of thatched roofs, tea with cream, and Peter Pan. Many years later, its morphed into a universe of aperture, shutter speed, and, well, tea with cream. Yesterday I had the honor of hosting a photography workshop in London and I am incredibly thankful to do what I love. For those of who have encouraged this endeavor, thank you. I'm a better person because of your support.

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cassandra-m - Congrats to u & JD on your London workshop! You still inspire me more than u could know!! Xoxo  07.26.11 - 10:32pm
Matt - Congrats on dreams coming true!  07.25.11 - 7:09am
HOUSTON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - Very sweet couple. And you are very talented. Thanks for sharing.   07.24.11 - 8:14am
kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Beautiful!   07.23.11 - 3:27pm
Jillian Tree - Wow, BEAUTIFUL!! :)  07.22.11 - 9:17pm
Kim Chan - Stunning! Love this image, quote and you! Can't wait to see more!  07.22.11 - 4:42pm
Elbie van Eeden - Jasmine and JD, what an incredible experience to have met the two of you! Thanks for having me there, and even though I worked backstage, I managed to leave the day with so much inspiration!  07.22.11 - 4:30am
Anne Elisabeth - Ahh breathtaking..  07.22.11 - 1:07am
Carrie - Jasmine and JD, so lovely to meet you both. You were both amazing and so friendly! This shot is beautiful and the words are breathtaking. I can't wait to start making changes to my business thanks to you x  07.22.11 - 12:55am
sherri lynn - seriously my favorite love quote since i was like 12. so inspired by this: i need more of my dreams to come true!  07.21.11 - 10:32pm
Wedding Snapper - I'm hearing good things about your UK workshops Jasmine. When are you coming to Australia??!!  07.21.11 - 9:45pm
Shauna - So inspiring to see someone's career fulfill childhood dreams. Ahh, I'm jealous!  07.21.11 - 7:42pm
LEOLAK - Gorgeous image...beautiful words... Thank you for being so inspiring in showing that taking risks and living your life to the fullest is...well how life should be lived. Can't wait to see the rest.  07.21.11 - 7:21pm
Cathleen Siler - That must have been a dream come true! You obviously earned it! Can't wait to see you speak at WPPI Road Trip in Long Beach  07.21.11 - 6:13pm
Patti Maravolo - Your photography and who you are continue to be an inspiration and an admiration to me!   07.21.11 - 5:59pm
Rachel Marie Photography - I thought that was jessica Claire at first glance too! such a sweet quote  07.21.11 - 5:43pm
Kristin Nicole - Gorgeous...can't wait to see more !  07.21.11 - 5:30pm
Tanya - Beautiful work, as always!!  07.21.11 - 5:28pm
SvetlanaHillKovich - OMG! That looks like Jessica Clair!  07.21.11 - 3:01pm
emily - congratulations jasmine! i'm so glad your dreams are able to come true, because that means one day, mine will too :)  07.21.11 - 1:23pm
rich - beautiful shot! so amazing what a journey photography has put you on - thank you for sharing with us all on your blog!  07.21.11 - 1:22pm
meg manion silliker - beautiful.  07.21.11 - 1:08pm
kat - rocknrollbride - i have no more words. just wow.  07.21.11 - 12:45pm
Mikaela - i have you, so happy for you, xo!  07.21.11 - 12:31pm
Rose DeVore - Thank you for being an inspiration.  07.21.11 - 12:23pm
Marie - We had that poem on our wedding day - sounds like an amazing workshop!  07.21.11 - 11:37am
Sydney Paige - This is beautiful. A lovely moment.   07.21.11 - 11:13am
Georgina @RubyWeddings - We are so lucky to have you here - can't wait to see more from the workshop!  07.21.11 - 11:08am
Hai Doan - Thank you so much for all of your inspiring works and tremendously helpful tips and advices in photography business! Big hug and kiss to you!  07.21.11 - 11:07am
Rachel Tatem - I love Peter Pan... such a wonderful ideal. Congrats on following your dreams. London has always looked almost too pretty in pictures, it's on my list.  07.21.11 - 11:06am
Autumn Teesdale-Dash photography - No thank YOU for being who you are and your encouragement and support for all of us to be able to follow our dreams, boldly and passionatly!  07.21.11 - 10:58am
Dave - Seriously, if you like the idea of "thatched roofed england" you need to get yourselves to the Cotswolds before you go. It's like middle earth without the hobbits and scary ring! I'm from Kent and I just adore the Cotswolds, for quanity englishness there is nothing like it. A 2 hour drive from London, just do it!  07.21.11 - 10:55am
Caroline Nicholson - Such a beautiful image Jasmine, hope you got home safely, it was an absolute honour to be part of the workshop, to meet you both and to learn from you. You are both wonderful individuals and a truly generous couple. Much love. Caz xxxx  07.21.11 - 10:55am
Caroline Nicholson - Such a beautiful image Jasmine, hope you got home safely, it was an absolute honour to be part of the workshop, to meet you both and to learn from you. You are both wonderful individuals and a truly generous couple. Much love. Caz xxxx  07.21.11 - 10:55am
Lucy Down - Jasmine and JD.... I can't find the words to say how inspiring you are and how wonderful the workshop experience was. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for coming to visit us on our little Island - I feel incredibly honoured to have been part of the 1st UK workshop (hopefully the first of many more to come! :) xxxx  07.21.11 - 10:47am
Cathie Heart - Jasmine & JD, it was such a pleasure to meet you both. It was a dream and a wish come true to meet you and listen to your advice. I'm gleefully running around the interwebs getting my back end servers configured for a new setup and design to come! Not to mention a rock solid business design too :D THANK YOU!  07.21.11 - 10:39am
Barbara Yasuhara - Beautiful image but the story of how the Universe and God works is what really gets me! Gracias!  07.21.11 - 10:37am
Eliza - Thank you for taking a risk on us Brits and coming. It was great to meet you and hear your wise words of insight. My business will be forever changed, and my business model challenged, thanks to you.   07.21.11 - 10:34am
Venetia Norrington - You're home already?! Thank you so much for such an amazing day yesterday. I learnt so much, laughed so much and loved every moment of it. Thank you so much to you and JD for making this journey over to share yourselves, your passion and your 'craft' with us all. I'll be blogging tomorrow....I promise! xxx   07.21.11 - 10:22am
Karen Flower - I'm sad I missed your workshop and hope you don't leave it too long before you are in the UK again -despite our grim weather this week ;)  07.21.11 - 10:03am
Abby Grace - gorgeous image, as always. and I'm still rageingly jealous of your travels in the UK. :)  07.21.11 - 9:38am
Neda Lahrodi-Blake - Wish I could have been there. I've heard the course was inspirational I'll catch you next time who know where you be next. Enjoy English breakfast veggie version of course x  07.21.11 - 9:17am
Peter hearl Photography - Thanks Jasmine, great meeting you and JD, learnt a lot about branding, I will start making changes to me business as soon as I can. Loved being part of your first UK workshop. Best Wishes Peter xx  07.21.11 - 9:15am
mariela - I love your work Jasmine!! and you are a huge influence.... and this picture above is as good as I expected from your creative touch... cant wait to see more  07.21.11 - 9:09am
Stephanie Stewart - Can't wait to hear more about your workshop...what a gorgeous image to go along with your lovely words. Have some more tea with cream for me! :)  07.21.11 - 8:48am
gladys jem - can't wait to see more! love you!  07.21.11 - 8:45am
Cristina Rossi - Dearest Jasmine, it has been a true honour to partecipate and be inspired by you! You are truly blessed with the amazing gift of giving to others in a way that only you can. With much love and appreciation, safe trip back to you. xxx  07.21.11 - 8:26am
aubry - what a treat to be able to travel to awesome places and do what you love. someday.. maybe. still holding out for a spot in one of your workshops. love this black and white  07.21.11 - 8:19am
Life with Kaishon - Lovely. I hope you run into Tinker Bell.  07.21.11 - 8:18am
Mireille - Wow! I can only say, what a beautiful image.   07.21.11 - 8:12am
Pj - Hope it went well  07.21.11 - 8:07am
Hayley - I am already saving my pennies for when you come back - I would have loved to come this time, but I was a bit late on the uptake. I hope you've had a fantastic time and enjoyed the city. Next time, visit Devon and Cornwall- it's beautiful and I would be a great guide!  07.21.11 - 8:07am
Jim Dierking - Lovely B&W.  07.21.11 - 7:54am
ashley goodwin - No thank YOU for YOUR support! This quote is perfect. Absolutely perfect for Marshall and I. I may have to slip it into my vows. :) So happy that you get to do what you love, travel the world, and help so many people along the way! And that bride's dress is stunning. Can I return mine?  07.21.11 - 7:51am
Jenelle Sewell - beautiful....cannot wait to see more!   07.21.11 - 7:34am