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Kisses+Disses : Thai Pizza + TopShop

o he got this idea and it sounded nice until he got to the one part where I...hold on, lemme back up. JD suggested visiting his family this weekend and making them lunch. Now, I don't even make myself lunch, so the idea of making food for others is scary. It'll be easy, he said and then planned an Italian meal out loud. When he got to the homemade pizza part, he turned to me and suggested I make a Thai chicken pizza.

Really? We're gonna go there about THAT pizza? The pizza that tasted like peanut butter and ginger?! My friend Amy gave me this great recipe, but when she made it, it was deelish. When I tried a few weeks later, the dogs of Phuket wouldn't have gone near it.

So. Now what? Should I make Thai pizza and prove every assumption my mother-in-law has about my cooking? Should I suggest making a cheese platter instead? Should I simply say no and sip on Pellegrino? Should I hide in the living room and watch reruns of Real Housewives? Ugh.

This leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses...

This week's DISSES go to...
*My Thai chicken pizza. It doesn't love me back.
*Hollywood. I'm grateful to live in a country where I can freely watch movies, but this summer has been less Blockbusters and more Lacklusters. F'real.
*Real Housewives. Why is this show so awful? AWFULLY GOOD.

This week's KISSES go to...
*TopShop. I discovered this store in London and I'm sad thankful it's not here in California or else I'd be in serious debt.
*Massage chairs. Does it make me totally ghetto to sit in massage chairs at Brookstone longer than I should? Yeah, well, I don't care!
*United Airport Lounge. We finally became allegiant to a airline and accrued enough points to hang out in the lounge. This sounds way fancy, but really the only difference is we got free nuts and cheese while we waited...I grabbed a few packets to make it worth while!

Happy Friday!
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canon bey - top shop is also in scotland :) -if you like real housewives you might also like my newest dirty indulgence " big rich texas"   08.02.11 - 8:22am
Kate Neal - I just read this and cracked up Jasmine. Love it!  08.01.11 - 12:52pm
Melinda - Try this Thai Chicken Pizza Recipe...seriously good! Also, last time I was at Brookstone there was a very large fellow asleep in one of the massage chairs and the employees were fighting over who had to wake him up!  08.01.11 - 6:26am
Lindsey - Ummm....what about "X-Men 1st Class" or "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" or "Green Lantern" - 2 words for that movie - Ryan. Reynolds. There have been lots of great movies this summer!!!  07.31.11 - 9:34pm
Yeni - I love cooking! :P  07.30.11 - 10:19pm
Mikaela - ahem...i happen to know, first hand, that you own a very lovely apron...put that on for good luck! ;)  07.30.11 - 8:06pm
Corlis Gray - +1 on the Hollywood diss. Looks like another year wait for next seasons "blockbusters" :(  07.30.11 - 8:23am
sarah - you just make me laugh. all the time.  07.30.11 - 3:30am
Roshan - Could u type in bigger font???? Lol   07.30.11 - 12:31am
aubry - my husband puts me to shame in the cooking department. i pretty much just sit back and if he doesn't feel like cooking we go out. i know, i'm spoiled. try making a bbq chicken pizza next time, those seem to never go wrong.  07.29.11 - 11:02pm
Lydia - I just had the best cheese pizza topped with Arugula and a zesty sauce from Trader Joe's. If all else fails, pick some up on the drive over!  07.29.11 - 10:55pm
Katelyn James - Ugghh I can't cook EITHER.... to be honest, I never try. I never fix lunch, dinner, or anything in between. PB&J's all the way!!  07.29.11 - 8:36pm
Ginger.Murray - "Yeah, well, I don't care! " Bah hahaha.  07.29.11 - 5:46pm
Cristina Rossi - Real Housewives is terrible but I can't help watching it, good to know they are back lol Thai pizza...hmm very interesting ;-) xxx  07.29.11 - 11:48am
jeramy - i say make a bbq chicken pizza  07.29.11 - 11:40am
Kristin Nicole - Can't wait to hear how this cooking dilemma turns out...  07.29.11 - 10:51am
Rachel Marie Photography - Yes! we discovered TopShop while in London too! Isn't it heavenly?  07.29.11 - 10:48am
Dave - Lol, how funny is that! Topshop getting a big thumbs up! Perhaps it's just me, but it's always seemed like a seriously lacklustre store. Perhaps it's better for girls than guys? All the guy stuff is sooo tiny and tight and I'm not fat. I'm not fat... I'm not fat...  07.29.11 - 10:25am
Jessica - I totally do the same thing at Brookstone! Don't feel bad. ;)  07.29.11 - 10:03am
Rachel Tatem - That's too great! Thai chicken pizza is not an easy recipe... go spaghetti when you want easy italian. Seriously jealous of your airport lounge!  07.29.11 - 9:54am
Meridith - You can order Top Shop online and I bet there will be on on the west coast soon! We used to go to the NYC one at least once a week when I worked in fashion, next time you're here hit it up:)   07.29.11 - 9:47am
Shawna - I used to work at Brookstone several years're one of THOSE people, aren't you? ;) Actually, I do the same thing now that I don't work there. :)  07.29.11 - 9:47am
Tina - LOVE TopShop! I shot a wedding in Europe in July and travelled to London too. Did you go to ZARA?? LOVE Zara too! I got some circle sunglasses at Topshop I love them. My sister tells me I look like Yoko Ono :)  07.29.11 - 9:40am
Yadira Laguerre - "...the dogs of Phuket wouldn't have gone near it" has to be the best line I've read in a blog. Ever.   07.29.11 - 9:15am
Gail - Go see "Beginners". The first 10 minutes alone will redeem your faith in the film industry. Then make you want to steal Arthur the Dog. AND, tonight is the premiere of Crazy, Stupid, Love -- OMG THAT MOVIE. I will try and refrain from drooling at Ryan's abs. *Try* being the key word here - hehe PS - Another good flick coming out soon? "My Idiot Brother." Jury is still out on "The Help." They chick flicked the trailer. That book is NOT a chick flick. Ugh. OH AND OMG, ONE DAY!!!! lacklusters there!   07.29.11 - 9:07am
LEOLAK - Hide chick...HIDE!!! LOL! Good luck in whichever you can always "fake" make it. ;-) Oh the RWofNY...ugh...that reunion made me sick. Pretentious people who are so quick to want to point out others "faults" but never see there own...get off my TV!!! LOL TGIF!!!  07.29.11 - 9:00am
Life with Kaishon - I love the Real Housewives with a passion. I can not get over the NYC reunion? What is wrong with them? And what, pray tell, is wrong with Ramona? 54 and thinks she might be pregnant. OH MY GOODNESS. She is going to adopt a baby before next season. Mark my words : )  07.29.11 - 8:36am
Megan - HIDE! Hide and watch TV... and sip water... :)  07.29.11 - 8:19am
Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Totally dig Topshop too! When we went to see London a couple of years ago, my husband didn't want to go in the store, so he waited outside with all the other guys waiting for their girlfriends/wives to come out. I told him I'd only be in for twenty minutes...I ended up staying there for an hour! So yeah...I love Topshop!  07.29.11 - 8:13am
Gabby / En Route Photography - HaHa... I have to say that Thai pizza sounds freaky! ;) Happy Weekend J and good luck with cooking (or drinking ;) xxx  07.29.11 - 8:04am
Bombchell - LMAO people love the drama of real reminds me that some people never really grow up.  07.29.11 - 7:49am
naomi chokr - i love TOPSHOP so much! We had it in the philippines when i lived there. I really wish we had it here though. but im glad Zara and Mango finally made its way to the US. i love Euro clothing stores.   07.29.11 - 7:38am
anda - oooo, jasmine, just you wait. i bet topshop hits LA very soon because the first US store opened in NYC a couple years ago. it's coming for you ;)  07.29.11 - 7:26am