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appy Monday and I hope life is sweet as a warm s'more. Mmmmm, sugar. Is it too early in the morning to be craving such terrible goodies? No, didn't think so either. It's Monday and last I heard calories don't count at the beginning of the week. Speaking of this week, I'm working on a new Shooting Star which will be posted in a couple days where I address photographing preparation details. As the lead photographer, I'm with the bride as she prepares...and JD is with the groom. Our approaches are entirely different, but I'll get into the details later. For now, I just wanted to post a few of his pictures to give a few samples of his work as they'll be used as examples at a later point.

All of these photos were outsourced to Photographer's Edit and processed with Adobe Lightroom. I've edited them with Kubota Photoshop Actions and used BlogStomp for sharpening and the application of the photo border.

JD takes a fully photojournalistic approach to preparation photos. Jeff and his groomsmen arrived in the morning and decided to play croquet...sorta...
Saturation: -100
Bronzed God: 17%
Contrast: +2

Most of the time, a groom just wants to hang out with his friends and have a great time...
Fassion Passion: 9%
B/W Enrichment: 13%

Pieter was one of the sweetest and tender-hearted grooms...ever. His future wife wrote him a love note that brought him to tears and JD captured the precious moment.
Saturation: -100
Black Satin B&W 4: 36%

Often a bride gives her groom a wedding gift...Jody's reaction to his new iPad is priceless...
Saturation: -100
Contrast: +2
BW 70/20/10
Bronzed God: 6%

...but Jody's reaction to realizing Shannon loaded it with personal photos is even better...
KPD X-Process Combo: 7%
B&W Enrichment: 10%

Vince was one cool and laid back groom. He prepared by himself and enjoyed a brief moment of respite before the craziness of the day...
Kiyoko Punch: 15%
Creme Bruleee: 5%

Making sure the guys are enjoying their time and each other's company is JD's top priority...
Saturation: -100
Black Satin B&W 4: 36%

There's always one groomsmen who makes the day extra fun...
Kiyoko Punch: 14%

This was posted for a few reasons, but the main one was to express how thankful I am to have such a solid partner. In business...and life. JD's contributions to the wedding portfolio are immeasurable and I hope these Photoshop tips also helped a bit. To see more blog entries related to post processing, feel free to CLICK HERE (also, this post refers to the first action set I purchased and how helpful it was).

Happy Monday!
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Bobbie Brown - Okay, I am totally craving a S'more now!!! I haven't been able to keep up with your blog lately, and am playing a little bit of catch up now...just wanted to say love all your stuff, your images are amazing! And thanks for always sharing :)  08.17.11 - 12:19pm
Kathleen Clipper - Love the idea of an iPad with loaded images for a wedding gift. Anything with photographs involved is a great gift in my opinion!  08.09.11 - 7:38am
kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Love the black and whites!  08.06.11 - 9:32pm
Danielle Bryan - Jasmine, i was just curious about you outsourcing your photos, when you edit them as well... Or do you do it only on blog photos?? LOVE LOVE you & JD's work!!! Thank you for all your tips!!!   08.03.11 - 8:00am
seabass - i really like the second to last one! go chu!(:  08.03.11 - 4:22am
Sandy - Hi Jasmine! You said you use Kubota Photoshop Actions, but do you ever use Kubota Actions in Lightroom? If no, why don't you use Kubota Actions in Lightroom? Wouldn't it be faster to use the Kubota Actions in Lightroom? Thank you :)  08.03.11 - 12:32am
Molly - These pictures are wonderful. I love how even though you use different actions all the coloring of your images still flow.  08.02.11 - 10:42am
Sara - I just realized I recognize a groom in one of these pictures... HI MIKE! :) ...and I love seeing JD's perspective with the guys. ...and the groom crying with his love note - so sweet.   08.02.11 - 7:43am
aubry {phoenix wedding photographer} - you know you are good when you don't even think twice about giving up your editing secrets. that's one of many reasons why i love you so much. thanks for the tips and now i just need to find me a good assistant.  08.01.11 - 11:33pm
Heather - Thanks for the reply, Jasmine! It totally lowered my stress level. I get what you're saying now. Thanks so much for all the amazing information you share - I appreciate it soo much!  08.01.11 - 10:10pm
Jess Robertson - Thank you, Jasmine! I'm so excited to look into BlogStomp. I've been looking for a way to make that process quicker :)  08.01.11 - 8:12pm
Papi - Don't know much about history, don't know much biology; Don't know much about geography, And don't know much trigonometry nor photography…But I do know that I love you, and I know that if you love me, too, what a wonderful world this would be. Dad   08.01.11 - 7:13pm
Alex R - Awesome! Looking forward to the next shooting star! Thanks Jasmine :-)  08.01.11 - 6:22pm
Jasmine* - @Heather + @JasonSilver: No, I don't normally edit photos when they come back from Photographer's Edit. I did, however, for this post because they were the photos I had archived on my computer. In full disclosure, I wanted to let readers know they had already been cleaned up in Lightroom. @Christina: I have a few Kubota Action sets, but starting with Artistic Tools V1 is a great place to get a solid idea of actions and help discover your style. I also use Production Tools because Magic Sharp is a lovely sharpening action...lurve it! If you're looking to add to your actions, Artistic Tools V3 is great as I'm a huge fan of Fashion gives a nice editorial feel when run at a low opacity. Hope this helps! :)  08.01.11 - 5:33pm
Falcon - Words cannot express how excited and inspired your posts make me! And it's not only your photos but your words, you're such a wonderful storyteller. When I move back to the states I'm totally doing the Workshop no matter which state it'll be in!   08.01.11 - 5:03pm
Rachel Marie Photography - These behind the scenes posts are my fave! keep em comin'  08.01.11 - 4:37pm
Heather - I have the same question as Jason Silver. You send your photos to Photographer's Edit and then you re-process them when they come back? Why? Thanks so much for all your help Jasmine!!  08.01.11 - 4:36pm
Sandra Fazzino - JD is my idol. Or maybe I should say I want JD to be MY husband's idol. From your descriptions he seems patient, supportive, organized, sans-ego, and as loving as they come. Not to mention, he can shoot a great photo.  08.01.11 - 4:19pm
Danielle/Almondphotography - I was thinking last night about how I wished I would have asked you to speak to taking prep pictures and before-the-wedding pics with groomsmen. Glad to see where you're head is at :D Can't wait to learn more.  08.01.11 - 12:31pm
Tim King - Do you want a smore? S'more of what? A smore! Hahaha, love that movie, but I love your posts even more. If I remember correctly, today is your "friday"? In that case - throw on some Rebecca black, kick back, and have some fun! Missed you this week in Denver - hope you guys are doing well!  08.01.11 - 12:24pm
Lydia - JD is amazing! I wouldn't be able to do my job without a good partner, so I'm thankful my sister steps in time and time again to help out!  08.01.11 - 11:21am
Jason Silver - Hi Jasmine - You send these all to photographers edit and then work on them again after P/E have ? and add sharpening again after PE - Thanks Jason  08.01.11 - 11:11am
Gabby / En Route Photography - I must admit I'm a little bit jealous of your JD! ;) I need to find a photographic partner in crime... and it definitely won't be my boyfriend! (unfortunately) xxx  08.01.11 - 10:38am
Christina - Thank you for the post! Which Kubota Action set did you purchase?  08.01.11 - 10:15am
Kristin Nicole - Totally agree that having a great partner makes all the difference, can't imagine what I would do without my husband at every wedding!  08.01.11 - 9:39am
Keri - Can you mention what action set that it is that you purchased? I think I need to employ a fun loving male to help with those groomsman shots.... They don't seem to open up to me like they do JD. Hmmm  08.01.11 - 9:04am
Sean - Thanks as always, Jasmine! Great information. What should really be noted about your images is that they are not OVERLY processed. The integrity of your images has not been destroyed by your intelligent use of actions. Too many photographers think that actions used at 100% is the way to go. It's not!  08.01.11 - 8:48am
Shauna - Love the subtlety of your post processing... and of course, JD's work. ;)  08.01.11 - 8:43am
Abby Grace Photography - I love how and JD are not only husband and wife as well as business partners- you're partners in life. You do life together, and I love the humility with which you approach one another. It makes me wish my husband is a photographer :)  08.01.11 - 8:42am
Rachel Tatem - I like how you and your husband's takes on photography are so different and yet work together so well!  08.01.11 - 8:14am
Jamie - LOVE these posts! I print 'em out and keep them to refer to or when I need a boost. Thanks for sharing.  08.01.11 - 7:58am
Trish - great post - everyone processes differently & it can make or break all your hard work :)  08.01.11 - 7:53am
Sue Gauthier - You're very lucky to have JD as a photographer working with you. Kudos to you, both. Great "eye" JD!!  08.01.11 - 7:26am