Katie and John : Wedding

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atie and John are two of the sweetest, kindest, and genuine people one could ever meet, and these two beautiful souls married this past weekend. They are a truly amazing match and perfect for each other! JD—accompanied by our good friend and fabulous photographer Amelia Lyon--photographed the wedding and they did an amazing job!

Tucked away in a beautiful church in the Los Angeles, Katie and John promised their lives to each other surrounded by their closest family and friends. The day flowed beautifully thanks to Uyen Nguyen of Sassy Girl Weddings and as the evening came to a close, everyone knew Katie and John were destined for a happily ever after…

Here are a few of my favorites...

JD went straight to the church to catch up with John's pre-ceremony massage...

Amelia went and captured Katie getting ready at The Standard Hotel...and later caught up with John and Katie's First Look...

JD captured some beautiful moments between the couple...

This was my most favorite shot of the day...JD was rockin' it! :)

Here are a few more of Amelia's timeless photographs...

I love JD's series of the first kiss...

While JD was capturing this shot....

Amelia caught this!

I was so happy to see that Katie had painted a picture from their engagement session...what an honor! :)

Amelia got this shot...

...while JD got this one a few seconds later...

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

**On a sidenote—and I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place for the following comments—I need to publicly thank JD for being the best business partner, husband, and, most importantly, friend. This was his first wedding on his own and although we’re quite sure we’ll be shooting our weddings together, I have to say how proud I am of him. He amazes me.**
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zo belle - the 9th picture is so cute i bet u tolled the kids 2 do that you dork i love you i wanna nibble on your ear. oh ya your probaly ganna delete this comment cause your emmbarissed of me then your ganna call the house and ask 4 me and tell me i am lame.. jk i love you butt face. love zo bele*  10.01.07 - 6:03pm
amelialyon - So glad to have been there with JD to enjoy shooting this wedding...thanks for having me along! Katie and John were adorable and so sweet to work with. Hope your leg is feeling better!  09.22.07 - 10:32am
Bumatay - Wow wow wow! JD you did an awesome job and I'm proud of you too!  09.22.07 - 9:02am
Donna - Yay! I remember this couple. Go RED SOX!!!!  09.21.07 - 1:20pm
Nataly - WOW, I just realized that JD took these images all on his own! You guys are a talented couple!  09.21.07 - 10:14am
liana - WOW - super props to JD!!! Big hugs to both of ya!  09.21.07 - 9:48am
Melissa McClure - I hope you are feeling better! JD did awesome, and I'm always a fan of Amelia's work!! So great! You have every reason to be so proud of him.  09.21.07 - 9:47am
Amy - I love the kiss shot with the kids! That is too cute! Way to go JD!! Hope you're ok Jasmine!  09.21.07 - 9:02am
Stacy Cross - They did a great job! :) Hope you're okay, girl.   09.21.07 - 8:54am
Melissa Koehler - Wow, JD rocked it. Awesome job. You are a blessed lady :)  09.21.07 - 7:28am
Janice - That couple looks like so much fun!! Your hubby is a rockin' photog just like you! Oh, and Amelia's shots are awesome, too!  09.21.07 - 6:26am
abraham - what happened to you jasmine? why didnt you shoot?  09.20.07 - 10:30pm
gabriel ryan - you guys make a great team! and way to go jd! i love that first look shot, #4... so rad.  09.20.07 - 10:29pm
Ashley Brockinton - Wow. They did an awesome job. It sure is nice having such an awesome husband/photographer/business parnter isn't it (I have one too!)?  09.20.07 - 10:03pm
david baxter - the grossed out children on the kiss is awesome. their faces are hilarious. beautiful images jasmine.  09.20.07 - 9:59pm
Simply Modern Weddings - What fun photos..they look like such a sweet couple!  09.20.07 - 9:50pm
Jen Harris - JD and Amelia did an AWESOME job!!! Beautiful photos!!!   09.20.07 - 9:02pm
C.J. Scott - Yay for JD for doing a great job!   09.20.07 - 7:49pm
Rachel Brooke - Congrats JD, you and Amelia did amazing! The Stars are a killer duo!  09.20.07 - 7:39pm
cassandra m - PSS...High five for JD and Amelia..way to go!  09.20.07 - 7:37pm
cassandra m - hey girl...I hit 12 STATES in the past week...had a little laptop mishap and I have missed your blog! Just spent some time catching up with you. WOW...not enough room to comment, so I will simply say AMAZING. I so enjoyed the pics from Katie & John and Martina & George were flawless! you rock! PS. remember, no pain no gain...ha.ha :)  09.20.07 - 7:35pm
Nataly - Like always, all the images are amazing! You rock!  09.20.07 - 7:32pm
Amy Martin - Rock on JD (and Amelia)! Awesome job :)   09.20.07 - 7:26pm
Iliana Salazar - Lord truly has been so faithful to you and your sweet husband. What an incredible testimony to have!! JD did excellent work...I know I'm not a photographer but I am a huge fan and I'm rooting for you two in this incredible journey.  09.20.07 - 6:52pm
kerri mcconnell - JD and Amelia did a fabulous job! and yes, it is the appropriate place to tell JD how you feel :) congrats!! BTW - how are your legs??  09.20.07 - 6:35pm