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e're about half-way through wedding season and now's about the time if confronted by a gypsy, he'd sell me for four goats, a turtledove, and a pack of magic beans. We have a lot on our plates, but JD somehow takes things in stride whereas I spin around in circles, leaving a mess in my wake. Yes, like a hurricane.

Through it all, we're trying to keep it together. And by it I mean us. Making sure the computer is off when it's supposed to be, focused on being present, and enjoying the chaos we know as life. Our life.

A few nights ago, we had dinner with our good friend Gail, who snapped this photo of us while we waited for our reservation. Never before have I been more thankful to have our meal delayed, especially if it results in capturing a memory of who we are in this moment.

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Logan Wedding Photography - How important it is to make sure we leave enough time for what's most important!   08.23.11 - 8:29am
Odalys Mendez - Awww... my heart is melting right about now. You guys are so adorable together and so fashionable!  08.22.11 - 10:46am
Brooke Summer Photography - You an inspiration to me when it comes to getting through this season! This is my first wedding season, and I have my own wedding in September as well, and I feel like I'm going to fall over every single day. :) You look amazing, both of you, and so happy!  08.22.11 - 10:43am
cassandra-m - You + JD + polo = caring, sharing, giving, inspiring, supporting, encouraging, teaching, reaching....well you get the idea. Love you guys bunches!!!!!  08.22.11 - 12:26am
Faith - gaaahhh...I love love and im not even married yet and i ont need to be married to know what love is...and love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, IT KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONG, it always protects, always trusts, always perseveres and last but not least LOVE NEVER FAILS... I see so much of this kind of love in your marriage and its so infectious, and thats why i keep coming back here to get my daily dosage of LOVE!   08.21.11 - 9:06pm
Claudia - this photo made me smile. love how you are looking at him.  08.18.11 - 7:07am
Wolfgang Lonien - I like this. A lot. You two make a cute couple!  08.17.11 - 11:07pm
Danielle Honea - you guys are total hotties!! :) Plus you have the best personalities, so it makes you even more "rawr". :)  08.17.11 - 8:59pm
Alaina Bos - I love your posts, they're always so insightful. That being said, I'm dying for your outfit in that pic! It's soooo cute.  08.17.11 - 5:34pm
Chelsea - Favorite.Picture.Ever.   08.17.11 - 2:00pm
Amy Paulson - 1. You are GORGEOUS. 2. I'm sad that you aren't here this year for the Chicago stop of WPPI Road trip when it was ACTUALLY in Chicago instead of the suburban thing they did last year... 3. I love that in the midst of the busy-ness you are taking time for ya'll. (Yep. I totally just used that as a real word. And I liked it) 4. So grateful for you. For your commitment to loving your clients, loving your life and for sharing it all here and inspiring people like me all along the way. I love reading every day...  08.17.11 - 1:36pm
Jasmine* - @Christy: I'm definitely not too busy to respond! ;) JD's shirt and jeans are from J.Crew and the vest was bought from a vintage store in London :)  08.17.11 - 10:33am
Nancy - Oh the cuteness! Just adorable.  08.17.11 - 10:11am
Kristin Nicole - Adorable guys are too cute for words.  08.17.11 - 9:37am
Cristina Rossi - You look so happy and beautiful!! What a great memory to have for the future. xxx  08.17.11 - 4:02am
rich - beautiful candid moment - you guys look so stylish!  08.16.11 - 11:07pm
Camille - Is there a sign up list to be friends with you two? If so, then yes please! From all this blog tells me, you have such a powerful and beautiful relationship. Inspiring.  08.16.11 - 10:43pm
Kristen Conte - So stinkin' CUTE!  08.16.11 - 6:36pm
Elizabeth - Cute, cute, cute....  08.16.11 - 5:18pm
Julie O'Dell - SUPER cute!   08.16.11 - 5:10pm
Christy Williams - Jasmine, I love this post. I love all your work but this is just wonderful. I have to know where I can get JD's shirt and vest. You guys are always so stylish. I would love to know where you shop!!! If there's anyway you can respond I would appreciate it. But you're a busy gal, so I understand if you don't. :) Have a wonderful evening! You are most definatly fabulous!  08.16.11 - 5:02pm
bethany - for some reason this made me tear up a little bit. i completely feel you  08.16.11 - 2:47pm
Marilynn Lerum - This is truly a picture of love and friendship. You two are incredibly great-looking, too, so it's easy to look at for a long time (until I feel stalkerish, then I stop).  08.16.11 - 2:05pm
jamie delaine - you're good lookin' together. and apart. but especially together.  08.16.11 - 2:03pm
Julie - You guys are so cute. :) Love your beautiful smile.  08.16.11 - 1:25pm
ashley barnett - Aw you guys make me smile. I am so happy for you both that you make the time to be present and enjoy each other, even when things get hectic. I admire that, and I admire you both :)  08.16.11 - 12:29pm
Adriana Morett - OMG that is the best photo of you guys I have seen, you look so beautiful and happy! I hope you are like this forever, truly. Love to both of you and to Polo from Madrid.  08.16.11 - 11:45am
Gail - You two are beyond adorable. And if we (and by we I mean, Nick and I) make it out to SoCal together, I'm asking JD to let Nick raid his wardrobe. That man has some SERIOUS style! (not to mention, you my dear!) Mwwahhhhhhh!!!!! PS - THANK YOU for that yummy Italian dinner. AMAZING!   08.16.11 - 11:33am
autumn Teesdale-Dash Photo - Love it! I can tell you are so happy and I only hope to be as happy myself!  08.16.11 - 11:12am
Lydia - You two are so cute together!  08.16.11 - 11:04am
Justina Mikalik - When we went to our required weekend retreat for our church this is something that came up in our marriage discussions... we worried we wouldn't have time for each other during the summer. But if you can do it, I know we can do it! Even if I do get busier thanks to your book suggestions. ;)  08.16.11 - 10:58am
Jesselynn Quinn - Eeeks, you are both so adorable! And Jasmine, I love your outfit as usual!  08.16.11 - 10:47am
Manya Keseloff - I love this photo! You both are so wonderful together! May the Lord keep sending you blessings throughout your marriage! :)  08.16.11 - 10:43am
Hershey Kisses - I can hear you laughing in that picture =) And I wanna move to SoCal just so I can borrow your clothes.   08.16.11 - 10:00am
Dana Laymon - what a great pic. it is nice to have those moments were you are waiting because people aren't on their phones or computers or watching tv. you just get to enjoy each other. remember when people used to do that? you guys are so cute!  08.16.11 - 9:47am
Jillian Tree - Such a cute, adorable, love-filled, genuine, beautiful photo of you too! <3  08.16.11 - 9:37am
Candice Benjamin - If any two people could keep calm during a storm, it's you two. Much-much <3  08.16.11 - 9:32am
Lorrie Prothero - cute! Love how JD is always in style - is that all him or have you helped him with his wardrobe?   08.16.11 - 9:29am
Susan - So cute. I love seeing love and you guys totally ooze of it! ;)  08.16.11 - 9:26am
Kara M - Ha ha ha...I was just thinking this morning that I'm blessed to have a husband that stays calm when I'm running around like a crazy woman!  08.16.11 - 9:23am
Tanya De Leeuw - An understanding, supportive and loving partner is essential ... especially when you both live AND work together. Long may your happiness endure, J* and JD!  08.16.11 - 9:21am
danielle - I <3 you guys. I really, really do.   08.16.11 - 9:21am
Mel - so sweet. it's lovely when you get a chance shot like that of you, as a couple.   08.16.11 - 9:21am
Regina Marie - I'm not a gypsy by blood, though i live some of the lifestyle... but I think i could come up with 4 goats, a turtledove and a pack of magic beans if it meant I got to adopt you! LOL!  08.16.11 - 9:20am
Ali Lee - LOVE this photo! And I love that you realize that you need to take time for each other, no matter how crazy things get. I'm married to a photographer, who also still has a full time job, so I often get discouraged with how little we spend time together. Great to hear you guys are making it work, and the photo captures that completely!  08.16.11 - 9:18am
gladys jem - Oh, stop! ;) So sweet you two!   08.16.11 - 9:14am
Jen Owens - So gorgeous and natural. What an amazing photo to have and treasure forever x  08.16.11 - 9:14am
Marissa Rodriguez - you guys are super hot :)  08.16.11 - 9:03am
LEOLAK - guys are too stinking adorable! (yes, that's a compliment lol). Funny and cute post...thanks for sharing..and enjoy!   08.16.11 - 8:42am
clarivel.ann - Love that, girl. Enjoy your husband. Praise God for your marriage. This has encouraged me this morning, so as usual--thank you for sharing with us. :)   08.16.11 - 8:42am
Gabby / En Route Photography - Ah... that love shining in your eyes is magical! It´s such a true gift finding the person that is meant for you and sharing life with that significant other! You are my favorite web couple by far! ;) xxx  08.16.11 - 8:35am
sherri lynn - Great picture of you two!   08.16.11 - 8:26am
Life with Kaishon - Beautiful in every way.  08.16.11 - 8:14am
Rachel Tatem - I love how in love you two are. My husband and I have been married for 3 years and we still love spending time together, it helps we were best friends before we got married I guess, but everyone says "yea, that won't last". It is glad to see that it can!  08.16.11 - 8:14am
Chris - LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Slow down and enjoy every moment together.   08.16.11 - 8:01am
Kristen - Hi! I am one of your millions of internet stalkers and I felt it was time to finally say Hi! I look forward to your blog posts, and even more forward towards each and ever session shot that you share with the world. I love hearing about you & JD, and love seeing shots of you two working during your sessions. Thank you for being so open with the world, and for having such website....I hope to one day be as awesome as you (with a camera....I am already just plain awesome). CHEERS! Kristen   08.16.11 - 7:57am