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Oooookay, so I got some really cool news from Ron Dawson!! He's a phenominal videographer, but recently created a podcast for photographers and videographers called F Stop Beyond and myself and Dane Sanders to be the first guests! Woohoo!!

You can CLICK HERE to read the hear the podcast directly, or you can hear the interview by clicking on the bar below! The interview is broken into three parts: Me, Dane, then Ron asks us various questions to close out the segment. So fun!

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**On a sidenote, I need to stress how AWFUL it is to hear myself speak. UGH!!! Seriously, I talked waaaay too much and it's something I'm working on. And I sounded like a chipmunk who drank a pint of Diet Coke?!? From here on out, I'm going to try to impersonate Barry White. Seriously.** :)
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Cameron Ingalls - That was awesome! Great to hear your heart.   09.24.07 - 6:03pm
Heather Espana - Yeah, I think it's rare when people actually like to listen to themselves on recordings. If I have to record my voice, I always try to talk two octaves below normal just because I hate sounding like a "chipmunk". But it always sounds completely normal to everyone else whether I try to lower my voice or not. You sound great. No sweat ;).   09.24.07 - 1:35pm
Ron Dawson - Jazz, you sounded great! And it was such an honor to have you as one of our inaugural guests. We'll have to have you back some time. :-)  09.24.07 - 11:38am
Jennifer - Wow, what an inspiration on so many levels. You are such a testimony to following passions and working out the opportunity and gifts that God has given you.  09.24.07 - 8:14am
Mark Brooke - So encouraging! I love your story it really gives me hope that i will one day be able to quit my my day job and actually survive off of my photography!  09.23.07 - 7:44pm
Dawn - I loved the interview! I am hoping and praying to get into photography (I e-mailed Dane about a camera I had been eye-balling!), so to hear your story was amazing.   09.23.07 - 4:58pm
YoMissy - You really are an inspiration for someone like me who aspires to be a great photographer-your article and podcast show me that I need to keep plugging and learning! Thanks for the inspiration!  09.22.07 - 1:18pm
abraham - DE LA TORRRRRRRRRE! (i was rolling my R's as i wrote this). I dont think you sounded like a chipmunk, you sound like a happy, friendly, postitive person. Actually, since I read you were raised in LA, for some reason I thought you'd have more a "chola" accent! j/k! j/k!  09.22.07 - 12:57pm
david baxter - jasmine you TRULY are an inspiration.  09.22.07 - 11:56am
Bumatay - That is so inspiring - looks like you had a blast with it! Keep up the faith.  09.22.07 - 9:04am
Jenn Regruth - Your voice is lovely-very classy and well spoken. Great interview!  09.22.07 - 4:16am
Gloria Mesa - Hello!! your voice is so cute!!!   09.22.07 - 12:47am
Fed - Thanks Jasmine, this along with what you wrote over at really gave me that extra bit of encouragement I needed today. Thanks your rock and are so nice.  09.21.07 - 8:17pm
MsB - BTW, you sound like a cuter "chipmunk" than I do! =/  09.21.07 - 7:33pm
MsB - FUN!!! I thought about including video clips on my official site; but, maybe an audio clip here and there would be better because 3D and I don't mix well. *pout* Of course, like you, my voice is not like what I think I sound like, I'm more chipmunk-like too. =/  09.21.07 - 7:27pm
Brian Khang - Very cool Jasmine.. thanks so much for sharing your story with us. You're truly inspirational to up and coming photographers.  09.21.07 - 7:14pm
cassandra m - bravo...bravo...bravo. I could literally feel your happiness and excitement about photography. I sometimes feel goofy talking about how I love love love it was nice to hear the same passion in your voice. What an inspiration you truly are... :)  09.21.07 - 5:30pm
Tanya Perez - Loved it! The "And I sounded like a chipmunk who drank a pint of Diet Coke?!?" comment was hilarious I cracked up laughing out loud.  09.21.07 - 4:53pm
Emily DeWan - That's awesome Jasmine! Congratulations!  09.21.07 - 4:49pm
Amy - You and Dane are so inspiring and encouraging!  09.21.07 - 4:09pm
andrea - Just listened! You are so inspirational--way to follow your heart! You voice is adorable.  09.21.07 - 2:36pm
Kate Mefford - Jazzy---you do NOT sound like a chipmunk, my dear! Great interview...showed your personality, definitely!   09.21.07 - 2:21pm
Rachel Brooke - Okay, can't blame you. Its so humid here anyway! And you know... its kinda ironic that the two men who helped you get where you are have the same initials, just reversed. Proof that God has a sense of humor!  09.21.07 - 12:49pm
Jasmine* - Hahaha! We actually bought an investment home in Texas and even though we like it, we don't like it enough to move away from beeeautiful California!! :)  09.21.07 - 12:09pm
Rachel Brooke - so you grew up in cali...i think its time for you to move to Texas! :)   09.21.07 - 12:04pm