Pelican Hill Wedding : Christina+Chris

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t was a common theme throughout the day: They were meant to be. And while it could be said of almost any couple on their wedding day, it was different for Christina and Chris. That's what their friends and family said, insisted, and toasted to. Their belief in their unadulterated love was staggering and their day was filled with support and love.

They met in high school and Christina's mom had a soft spot for Chris. Christina's mom saw his heart of gold...and later told her daughter he was handsome. On the inside. Christina listened to her mother's advice and later realized--like much of her childhood--mom's always right. Oh, and it helped he was handsome. On the outside.

They're paths intersected as teenagers and as life ushered them into a new arena on a gorgeous day in Newport Beach, Christina and Chris are assured of their love and that they're meant to be. Forever.

Christina and are two of the most incredible people and I felt incredibly lucky to document your wedding day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart of sharing your lives (and amazing families) with me and allowing me to see just how promising your future is together! Hope you're enjoying every minute in Hawaii and working on your tan! Much Love and Appreciation... j*

The day started just outside of the Pelican Hill Bridal Suite, where Christina's Priscilla of Boston wedding dress was looking extra stunning...

Something Blue...

One of my favorite things about Christina is her ability to completely be herself, refreshingly candid, real, and raw...

I was super excited to see Melina of Reign of Beauty on hand to do the makeup...lovvvvve her!

Just before the wedding started, we snuck out of the bridal suite and she grabbed a sneak peek of her ceremony site at Pelican Hill...

Officially official.

Chris is kind of guy who'll put you at ease with his confidence and charm...and he clearly knows how to make Christina melt.

Christina, you're breathtaking. F'real.

We walked to the Pelican Hill portico and the light was simply divine...I'm so lucky to have clients who'll set time aside for pictures and enjoy a quiet moment together...

A special thanks to Erin and Kellee of Pelican Hill for ensuring the wedding day was perfecting and always taking such great care of us!

Did I also mention Chris was a charming gentleman as well?

I mentioned in the past that while I shoot with flash during the First Dance, I also take artistic freedom to shoot with ambient light (many thanks to Side by Side Videography for the video light!) and the off-camera flash...

...and JD will remain shooting with flash to capture moments like this...

What a perfect way to end a perfect night...a sparkler exit! Here's my view...

...and JD's view...

If you'd like to see more of Christina and Chris' Pelican Hill wedding pictures, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or watch it here:
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Bryan - love the b&w of the first dance, well love them all but that just stands out for me, stunning!  11.03.11 - 2:07pm
angie - always! ;)  09.05.11 - 7:01pm
Erika - How adorable is the groom holding his wife's dress? Heart throbbing. Nicely caught  09.05.11 - 1:27pm
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Brenda Ray Kennedy - Absolutley Beautiful!! Words cannot say enough!!!  08.28.11 - 9:08am
Gabrielle Foster - Christina, you look absolutely amazing in all these photos. I hop that your day was as wonderful as is looks!  08.24.11 - 10:48am
Paige Overturf - Gorgeous!! Love the ring and shoe shots!! Looks like a fabulous location... a photographer's dream!  08.24.11 - 6:27am
ZipporahK - Stunning wedding, simply stunning  08.23.11 - 8:47pm
Alicia Candelora - GAH! LOOOOOVE that first portrait of Christina!  08.22.11 - 12:01pm
Odalys Mendez - I am absolutely in love with her gown. That image of her coming down the stairs is breathtaking! It looks like it was shot in a luxury villa in the Mediterranean.  08.22.11 - 10:27am
Tori Deslauriers Photography - Simply stunning...  08.22.11 - 1:51am
Jenny - I love the shot how they are walking through everyone holding sparklers  08.21.11 - 3:31pm
Beza - Hi! I'm a huge fan of your work, you're such an inspiration. Just wish you posted more videos, they're so full of great tips! I just started a wedding blog, would you mind if I show that image with blue heels? I would also love to do a post about your photography. Please say yes! Best xxxx  08.20.11 - 5:31am
WeddingSnapper - Your black and white images are fabulous!  08.20.11 - 5:22am
waderr - This is an amazing photography only a talented wedding photographers can able to give such pics. Its really a great work. Hats off.  08.19.11 - 11:51pm
Andrew - My first thought when I saw the dress was "Yeah... no crappy plastic hanger on a great dress". :) Drives me nuts when I see this amazing dress on a two buck hanger. Maybe I'm just weird.  08.19.11 - 8:21am
Kristy Field - love the first dance shots, beautiful!  08.19.11 - 12:54am
jena alviti - wow, what a stunning couple - and AMAZING wedding dress! I am in love!  08.18.11 - 8:21pm
Jessica Becklenberg - These have to be some of my favorite photographs I have seen. Beautiful location!   08.18.11 - 7:29pm
RedSphere Photography - These are amazing Jasmine, very creative and gorgeous colors throughout!  08.18.11 - 3:08pm
Lorna - Gorgeous set of images, I love the sparklers  08.18.11 - 3:04pm
Brittani Gonzalez - I just wanna follow you around for a whole day. Or 2. That would be suh-weet. ♥  08.18.11 - 11:33am
gladys jem - such pretty light. what a classically beautiful couple. love love her dress! i really love those sparkler exit shots jasmine! rock it out!  08.18.11 - 10:52am
Claudia - she is absolutely gorgeous. the photos are breath taking.   08.18.11 - 7:06am
Suzy G - Simply amazing. What a wonderful thing to look at photographs like this and feel as though you were there. God has certainly blessed you with amazing talent.  08.18.11 - 5:58am
Emma Gardiner - I don't care what anyone says, I'm a huge fan of dip shots, especially when they're in the first dance! Also LOVE the shot of them getting in to the car - so Hollywood.  08.18.11 - 5:44am
Stephanie Karen - So beautiful! The bride has such a lovely smile and you captured it so well!  08.18.11 - 5:33am
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Becky - Stunning! You captured the GRANDness of the location and the event in every frame. Just epic! And not easy to do. :) Thanks for sharing!  08.18.11 - 12:33am
Amy Rizzuto - I am in love with this wedding Jasmine! The pictures are stunning, as usual. I think it is great you are always pushing yourself to capture the same moments in a different way.   08.17.11 - 11:08pm
Aislinn Victoria - One of my favorites to date. Truly stunning pictures (and couple!!)  08.17.11 - 10:54pm
Amy Arrington - BEAUTIFUL :)  08.17.11 - 9:08pm
Boston wedding photographer | Roberto Farren - wow love that first shot of the dress hanging off the lamp!! stunning stuff as per usual!! regards, Roberto  08.17.11 - 8:33pm
Alexis - Beautiful pictures, Jasmine! You don't have to post this comment. I just wanted to offer correction for a typo: You wrote, "They're paths intersected". 'They're' means 'they are'. You meant to use "Their" as in possessive of the two people you're talking about so it should read, "Their paths intersected" because the paths belong to them...sorry I just thought you'd want that written in the most correct way...I had great English/Grammar/Journalism teachers and professors at a young, impressionable age, so I'm like a walking dictionary/spell-check/English grammar lady. And by the way, it's a common mistake you made...a lot of people confuse "They're" with "Their" and "You're" with "Your". :o)  08.17.11 - 7:28pm
danielle - you're welcome :) hah we enjoyed working with you and the photos look great!!   08.17.11 - 7:10pm
Melissa Pearce - Wow, these photos are breathtaking. Beautiful couple, beautiful light, beautiful angles. I love it. It's inspiring.   08.17.11 - 6:57pm
Falcon - Jasmine you've done it again! These are so elegant, you did a beautiful job capturing their raw emotion. I also love how the way you consistently shoot makes me admire each shot and think, "Yep, that's totally a Jasmine Star shot."  08.17.11 - 5:59pm
Alaina Bos - One of my favorites of yours from this season!! Awesome shots! These shots exemplify the synergy you and JD have as a TEAM! YAY!  08.17.11 - 5:39pm
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Vail Fucci - J'adore the make up shot from the top. What a unique angle. It is PHENOMENAL! Take that any critics out there that says J Star makes it on personality alone. These are truly ART!  08.17.11 - 2:43pm
Carolyn Doxie - Oh Jasmine! You photographed it like it was a fairytale. Every shot was breathtaking!! I don't even know what to say without sounding cliched. These photos are just flawless perfection. Go girlfriend.  08.17.11 - 2:42pm
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Kylie - These are perhaps my favorite photos you've ever posted... Love the lighting...the couple is gorgeous...and the venue is splendid. Great job!  08.17.11 - 2:11pm
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