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esterday was my nephew's 4th birthday party, which normally wouldn't have been an issue with the exception that the night before we didn't get home until past 1am from a wedding in Los Angeles. I blinked my eyes open on Sunday morning then moaned immediately as my feet hit the floor. My body felt like it'd be tossed around in a dryer all night. Permanent press cycle.

We spent the afternoon at the park and--like always--JD was a hit with the kids...and I...well I ate my weight in snow cones, held a baby to avoid the water balloon fight, and took pictures of the birthday cake. I was way efficient. There were times when I was overwhelmed being around JD's super-sized family (he has 16 aunts and uncles), but I've somehow managed to come out of my shell through the years.

I suppose that's been the story of my life in the past five years. Getting Uncomfortable. I recently had the honor of writing an article for Rangefinder Magazine about this very notion and how it's helped me approach attending conferences like WPPI and ways a photographer can optimize his/her experience by Getting Uncomfortable. And, no, it doesn't require a person to eat his weight in snow cones.

You can read the entirety of the article HERE. Happy Monday!
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Cyprus Wedding Photographer - Although I read it now, this article remains a great inspiration for all of us, people in the wedding photography business! Thanks Jasmine!  11.06.15 - 1:54pm
Kaitee Doll - Hi Jasmine, I am going to WPPI 2012 and am extremely nervous. This is m first time going. I am completely revamping my business and it is making me uncomfortable every step of the way... but I am loving it! Do you offer workshops? I thought I saw that you offered workshops at your home teaching everything about your workflow and process... I could have been dreaming or wishful thinking, but it doesn't hurt to ask.   09.03.11 - 1:08pm
Brooke Summer Photography - Holy moly, 16 aunts and uncles? Wow! That can definitely be overwhelming. But fun too. :)  09.01.11 - 7:43am
Carolyn Clement - Thank you so much for sharing this article. I read it yesterday and I guess it made quite an impact. All day, all I keep thinking is: enjoy being demonstrates growth! Wonderful advice that I won't soon forget.  08.25.11 - 8:42pm
Shannon Von Eschen - I just love how you write! It makes me smile at your wit! =)   08.25.11 - 7:16pm
james darden - You know what they say about the road less traveled.... I would have sat with you in the food court after saying hello and asking if I could share your table. I did struck up a conversation with someone in the parking lot going into the David Hobby/Joe McNally Flashbus Tour seminar earlier this year. It made it more fun actually. I would have been too embarrassed to show you my Pentax film camera and probably left it in the car because that's all I had at the time.  08.25.11 - 5:56pm
Matt - Thanks for writing/ sharing. definitely something I can relate to!   08.24.11 - 7:19am
Wedding Snapper - Great article, inspirational.  08.23.11 - 9:23pm
{nataliebrayphotography} - Congrats and what a great article!! Love it!   08.23.11 - 10:25am
Kristin Nicole - love it  08.22.11 - 10:53pm
Jonni - Hi Jasmine, I read your article the other day when I received Rangefinder and I have to say, your writing is always a real treat and of course your photography is too. :) Congrats! Hugs, Jonni  08.22.11 - 9:34pm
JamieY | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - loved this article. i really found it inspirational. i am totally the keep to myself shy one and then i beat myself up for not meeting more people at things like wppi. next year i think i will take your advice  08.22.11 - 8:45pm
Kira Noble - Thanks for speaking TRUTH. Loved this article.   08.22.11 - 3:56pm
Alexis - Aww! Great article Jasmine! I meant to compliment you before on your creative writing skills! Did you ever take a class? You're good! :) And I love the adorable factor at the end of your mini-bio about spelling rhythm on the first try! It reminds me of a word I have problems with not writing but saying: "aluminum" for some reason my tongue twists all over that word and at first try I sound like a toddler trying to pronounce a big word.  08.22.11 - 2:50pm
pixelmixture - RF magazine ??!!! are you about to buy a leica ? :D  08.22.11 - 2:42pm
Lydia - This is something I know is good for me and have experienced as helpful time and time again...but have to pep talk myself up to doing each and every time! Thanks for living it out as a reminder for us!  08.22.11 - 2:38pm
Ivan Luckie - cool going up and up! great Jasmine!  08.22.11 - 2:35pm
Maggie - Such a great article Jasmine! Thank you so much for being open and honest. I know I feel insecure and left out at times, but thanks for the reminder that those uncomfortable times really help us grow. Thanks for the tips too! Great ideas to make attending conventions and events more successful.   08.22.11 - 2:06pm
Nam - As a new street photographer in Pakistan, I totally get what you mean by "getting uncomfortable". There is so much that I see on the streets that I'd love to capture, but... I hesitate. I fear what people would think of the sensitive situation or if they would disapprove. Ah. But gotta push through this! :) It's good to read your post on this. - Nam xo  08.22.11 - 12:20pm
Life with Kaishon - Big families are the best, aren't they?  08.22.11 - 12:18pm
Karisa Joy - Been there. Read that. I yes, even clipped out your photo to put on my inspiration board. Stalker much? Yes.  08.22.11 - 12:15pm
Colorado Wedding Photographers, Jason+Gina - Great article!!  08.22.11 - 11:42am
Belinda - Great article! It's so funny, over the weekend I was thinking about how badly I want to go to WPPI and how rough it would be to do alone.   08.22.11 - 11:32am
Carla Barnett - Wow, like a few who have commented, i too have just signed up for a BIG workshop NEXT SUMMER and the day after I put in my deposit I woke up with anxiety and wondered how I could get out of it. Will I be the worst one there? The one with the least experience? Will anyone talk to me? But a friend said, "It's only about YOU and where you are right now. It's not about anyone else. go." So I'm going but I'm scared to death! Thanks for your post!!  08.22.11 - 11:13am
Stephanie Rose - Very inspiring! : ) Awesome article.   08.22.11 - 10:26am
Kate Douthwright - I agree with Mary, i will rock your world in person, on my blog or over email but if you get me on the telephone, I suddenly become a mute. Not sure they can make out what I'm saying when I'm miming the motions of my own comfort box on the other end.   08.22.11 - 10:20am
Manya Keseloff - Thank you for getting uncomfortable for us! I'm always fell uncomfortable before and after or when I see myself in the mirror. We just need to keep truckin along. K.I.R. :)  08.22.11 - 10:16am
sherri lynn - Great article!  08.22.11 - 9:56am
Rachel Tatem - That's awesome! Sounds like you need a couple days vacation!  08.22.11 - 9:53am
Cathleen Siler - I hear ya Jasime. I hope my future goes in the direction yours did! I have faced a few fears in the least three years (public speaking and taking a photo workshop w David Beckstead that had nothing but really good professional photographers in it with a 40D!) that have prepared me to just hang in there and be strong, but it is hard when it is like a reunion and you feel so unequal. The thing for people to remember is that there are a lot of us there trying to meet people. Keep your eyes open everyone and just talk - you will be shocked at the welcome response you will have if you step out of your comfort zone.  08.22.11 - 9:43am
Columbus GA Wedding Photographer - Really great read. Now you have me thinking of snow cones. Looks like the ice cream truck this afternoon may get some business after all.  08.22.11 - 9:31am
Emily Crall - I loved this article so much! I have been contemplated WPPI for a year now and am still too terrified to go for the very reasons that you described in your first experience. You don't know how much I appreciate your sharing of knowledge and your push to make me be uncomfortable and grow. THANK YOU.  08.22.11 - 9:12am
Falcon - Thank you for sharing this article, I keep hearing about it! I always know something's not right unless I feel a tad uncomfortable, and I've always been told that you can't be truly playing a big game in your life unless you're willing to get uncomfortable :)  08.22.11 - 9:11am
Catie Ronquillo - I just received the new Rangefinder and hadn't perused it yet, but I opened it up and found your piece! :) Love it, great advice. Have a fabulous week :)  08.22.11 - 9:11am
Gabby / En Route Photography - Sounds very interesting! Checking it out right away!!! and 16 aunts and uncles???? I have 2 but sometimes even that is too much! ;D xxx   08.22.11 - 9:04am
nauheim - as always...thank YOU! I'm a 55 yr old woman, successful in corp America, photographer wanna-be! I go to my first official workshop in a couple of weeks and am scared to death of all the pretty young 'real' photographers who will be there! I'm getting 'uncomforable' because I truly want to learn...even if it's just a side-job of passion and I take photos for people who can't afford to pay someone. I want to honor the craft. I always ALWAYS appreciate your kind words and your belief in your readers ability to be the best they can!   08.22.11 - 8:58am
Sharma Shari - Great Article! Once more, it feels like you are talking directly to me! I'm battling with the uncomfortable right now. I decided to start my business as a portrait/wedding photographer, and I'm paralyze with the idea. I have everything I need except the courage to jump...but I'm working on it...I'm there, I'm all uncomfortable all right...let's see how it goes!   08.22.11 - 8:57am
Michelle - you Seriously make me want to break my little box I've created... THANK YOU...!  08.22.11 - 8:45am
elisabetta - Hey Jasmine, I'm going to my first wedding professionals networking event next Tue (rather intimate in comparison), and I'm already looking for any plausible excuse to get out of it for fear of meeting unknown people! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much... Encouraging, as always! x Elisabetta  08.22.11 - 8:44am
Mary Veterano - Somehow your posts always come in a timely manner to what I'm working through. Like today? Phone consults with my first two brides that I'd be booking on my own. The phone terrifies me for some weird, unknown reason. I'm much cooler in person or in an email. Thank you for giving me the courage to suck it up and get uncomfortable to make myself better! :)  08.22.11 - 8:39am