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Kisses+Disses : Car Accidents + ThinkTank

esterday was a big day for me. For weeks JD and I planned our day and all the details that surrounded the million pieces that comprised it. Until...wait for it...that freakin leak. Yes, leak I mentioned yesterday...the one that was supposed to be fixed on Sunday. But, no, the plumber came yesterday and JD texted me while I was at the gym to park in front of our home since the plumber's truck was in front of our garage.

Okay, fine. JD also tells me I won't be able to take a shower because the water is turned off. Again.

As I turn to park in front of our home--just feet from my front door--I get t-boned. Yes, a car slammed into mine and for a few seconds I'm completely lost. You see, I checked my rearview mirror for traffic and I was clear until I waved to my neighbor. And asked how his day was and wished him a great day at work. I was being very Mr. Rogers-ish minus the zip-up sweater. As we waved goodbye, I turned my car and got hit. And my neighbor? Got in his car and drove away.

Should I repeat that last part again? HE. DROVE. AWAY. Hey, dude, that's the last time I bid you a g'day. Seriously.

I cried, the other driver was shaken up, and JD--who ran out our front door knowing instinctively it was my accident--was already finding the silver lining: It could have been worse...she could have been driving least you're not paralyzed. Which leads me to another installment of Kisses and Disses...

This week's DISSES go to...
*Leaks. Because, really, they really throw a kink in one's plans. Or LIFE.
*Missing my friends. There are moments when I wish I could have them by my side every second of the day.
*Car accidents...and neighbors who leave the scene. Need I say more?!

This week's KISSES go to...
* I stumbled across this site and I'm in LOVE. No more printing, signing, and scanning happens all on the web. Printing is so 2009.
*Orowheat Sandwich Thins. These whole wheat confections are part bun, part english muffin, part slice of bread... only 100 calories...and quite delish. I now eat really fancy sandwiches.
*ThinkTank. I got a new camera bag and it's perfect because it holds all our gear and fits in an overhead bin for travel. We've used it for three weddings so far and it's pretty darn amazing.

...and a bonus kiss goes to JD for reminding me it could've been worse.

Happy Friday!
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Jessica Sweeney - UH! I'd like to go give your neighbor a good talking to. I'm glad you're ok, and nothing seriously bad happened. Also glad you have JD to talk you through it all.   09.02.11 - 9:28pm
Melinda Leal - Jasmine, first of all I am glad you are ok, and JD is sooo right it could have been worse. I heard a quote the other day and it seems to fit here "You are still on this earth because God isn't done using you for his will!" You are a selfless individual and I admire the person you are. (and I only know you through the internet!!) I can see why your job isn't done are amazing!   09.02.11 - 12:53pm
Shane E. - I vote against car accidents. I vote for ThinkTank.  09.01.11 - 8:14am
Maxine - I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, Jasmine!! Those are definitely scary incidents and can really shake you up. But definitely praise the Lord that you were able to walk away without any serious injuries! By the way - I started reading the Paris Wife on your rec and LOVE IT. Thanks for being so open with life, you are an inspiration!  08.31.11 - 1:42pm
cassandra-m - :( sad face for bad days & weird neighbors. :) happy face for JD and his always positive outlook.  08.30.11 - 11:41pm
Stefanie Hampton Morrow - OH NO! I am so sorry you were in a car accident... SO glad that you are okay!   08.30.11 - 9:41am
Jessica Becklenberg - I also love those orowheat sandwich thins. Best thing ever to make a sandwich with. Just the right amount of bread.   08.29.11 - 9:24pm
Logan Photography - That's nuts! Being in a car accident was the worst thing of my life, I hope you're okay!  08.29.11 - 11:36am
Jodie Lemke - Aww I hope you are ok and now hurt at all! Thats awful! i've been in a car accident while i was pregannt and it was horrifying.. even though in the end I was 'OK'.. still hard! Thinkin of ya! Hopefully your leak is now fixed!!!  08.29.11 - 10:22am
School Ball Photographer - Universal Laws of Kama will always win. If i was your neighbor - I would be very worried!  08.29.11 - 3:12am
Oakstream Photography - Girl I totally get you on the T-Bone accident, EXCEPT I got T-Boned by a damn deer last night in the canyon leaving an engagement session! Um..YES could of been ALOT worse than it was. At least 'I'M' alive. The deer...not so much!  08.28.11 - 10:01pm
Lydia Chen - OMG! A car backed into mine last night! :( At least no one got hurt. Gotta stick to the silver lining! Now...on to a better day!  08.27.11 - 10:39am
Melina Ruiz - Dear Jasmine, I would like to ask a huge favor. Next time you see your neighbor PLEASE ask him "Did you hear about the accident that was on our street?" I can't wait to hear his response!!! People are so interesting !!;-)   08.27.11 - 7:49am
Lydia - So glad you're not seriously hurt, and hope that leak got fixed! Go get a massage and relax after your stressful day!  08.27.11 - 1:33am
autumn Teesdale-Dash Photo - Glad you are ok!! I love those sandwhich thins!! NOt a bread eater so they are a good substitute!!!  08.26.11 - 9:24pm
Life with Kaishon - I'm so sorry about the accident. Super annoyed at the neighbor. Whatta creepazoid.  08.26.11 - 8:43pm
Alexis - At least you're alive. :) What would the world do without such talent? Brides would be crushed! :) Trying to make you laugh here Jasmine...:) But seriously, you make brides and brides-to-be look beautiful on their special day. The world needs your talent so be careful! And don't worry about the neighbor who drove away, at least your husband was there to help you! :)  08.26.11 - 5:06pm
Teresa Appelwick - On one hand, super excited to see this website. I am putting it in my folder for "things I will need in the future." On the other hand...what a junky day. But, JD is right. And, God was watching out for you. You know this.   08.26.11 - 2:45pm
Lilliya - Dear Jasmine, glad you are safe! Your sense of life and never ending optimism is a great example for me! Have a wonderful day!   08.26.11 - 2:30pm
Stephanie Stewart - Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you are alright! A bonus kiss to JD indeed!  08.26.11 - 2:15pm
Shefali Lindsey - Sooo happy you are ok and no one got hurt! LOVE the bonus kiss...JD sounds like my hubs. :)  08.26.11 - 1:35pm
Lauren Pinson - That is scary!!! So glad you are ok! So - I use for contracts and invoices, and a bunch of other stuff to try and keep my life paper free. What type of programs or services do you use for the other stuff besides contracts?  08.26.11 - 1:11pm
Ashley Cherie - Glad you're okay, however, you neighbor is whack for driving off...  08.26.11 - 12:56pm
Christopher Johnston - So glad to hear that you are all right. Definitely take that neighbor off the Christmas card list and let Polo go poop on his lawn.   08.26.11 - 12:54pm
Sheila - ::shakes head (and fist) at neighbor:: How's your back?   08.26.11 - 12:44pm
gladys jem - SO glad you are ok! That JD! Always such a positive guy. Gotta love him :) Happy Friday Jasmine!  08.26.11 - 12:29pm
Jessica K. Sullivan - Oh my goodness! So happy you are alright.   08.26.11 - 12:26pm
Lindsey - Ohhh JS I'm sorry that sucks. I'm hoping the car gets fixed the leak stops and things quiet down enough so you can rest and be fabulous all over again.   08.26.11 - 12:25pm
Amanda - Oh my goodness! That is craziness! I'm so glad you're ok. I can't believe your neighbor just drove away, though, how rude!  08.26.11 - 12:23pm
vikki - yes double boo to your rude. Praise God your okay.  08.26.11 - 12:09pm
anouschka - glad you're okay!  08.26.11 - 11:50am
mark-eric - What a jack ass! I think he deserves the old dog-poop-in-a-bag-set-it-on-fire-then-ring-the-door-bell-and-run-away trick.....  08.26.11 - 11:46am
Patricia Knight - Sounds like you are so ready for a tropical vacation after the week you've had. Thanks for mentioning SignNow. I've been using Adobe eSigns for my Contracts and Model Releases but I love that SignNow can be used on Mobile Devices. Hope you, JD and Polo have a wonderful weekend!  08.26.11 - 11:44am
Susan - I'm so sorry that happened. I was run off the road 1 time when I came over a hill and found a car coming toward me in my lane. As I sat in my car in the field I cried - not because I was hurt, because I wasn't at all - but because nobody cared enough to stop and see if I was okay. Thank God for your "silver lining" husband!  08.26.11 - 11:41am
Adrian Brown - I use ThinkTank bags too. I bought my first one in Dever when I was over in the US on a trip to Yellowstone and now it's in use 90% of the time to carry pretty much all my gear and a laptop. Brilliant!  08.26.11 - 11:39am
Neda Lahrodi-Blake - I thought long and hard about this Jasmine and my conclusion is that your neighbor simply is a fugitive who didn't want police to start asking 'questions'. Glad you are fine x  08.26.11 - 11:38am
Jakki - Really??? Seriously??? the neighbor drove. away. yeah buddy...serious Diss applied here...  08.26.11 - 11:30am
Debbie - So scary. What is wrong with your neighbor? How rude. And yes... glad you're okay:)  08.26.11 - 11:25am
Lorraine - Cars can be replaced but you can't! Glad to hear you are ok......   08.26.11 - 11:24am
Andrea - Glad to hear you're ok, and thank goodness because it could've been worse :). Boo for the neighbor.   08.26.11 - 11:23am
JC Ruiz - I can't believe your neighbor drove away. I'm losing faith in people. Glad you're ok  08.26.11 - 11:15am
kris rupp - Glad your ok Jasmine!!  08.26.11 - 11:09am
Susan - Glad to hear you're ok :) Oh.. and signnow is AMAZING ;)  08.26.11 - 11:00am
Courtney Jade - OMG! I hope you are ok!! Scary, and how rude that your neighbor just left!!! Isn't there some law that states if you witness an accident that you are obligated to submit your info?! RUDE! Also, THANK YOU for linking the SignNow!! This is AWESOME and just what I have been looking for!! <3  08.26.11 - 10:57am
Sara - So glad you made it through the accident okay... scary stuff, though!   08.26.11 - 10:57am
Ashley A-Photo - YOU POOR THING!!!! I think I'd be more traumatized by the neighbor and the next time I'd have to see him/her. Like...seriously? You should chime to him next time: Way to "love thy neighbor as thy self" .... not! You still did the good thing and just keep on keepin it up :)   08.26.11 - 10:55am
Katherine - I'm glad that you are ok. That was very CRAPPY of that neighbor, so much for being neighborly, what a jerk! And what is it about Husbands finding that silver lining, soooo what my husband would have done, I guess that means they love us :)  08.26.11 - 10:47am
Erika - OH Jas! It's been a hell of a week - the the kisses part is what counts! And as for the neighbor - I'd get him at Halloween if I was you :)~   08.26.11 - 10:46am
Laura - Glad you are ok!   08.26.11 - 10:46am
Ashley Goodwin - Ewwwwwwwa. But hey, not everyone is as nice as you are girlfriend. So sorry to hear about your accident, scary! But happy to hear you are alright. JD, good job looking at the bright side! :)  08.26.11 - 10:44am
shauna nicole - I was also in an accident more-or-less recently, on the way back from your workshop as a matter of fact. Just be glad yours wasn't involving a tractor trailer! (<silver lining) SO glad you're ok!  08.26.11 - 10:43am
Anahy Escalera - Poor Jasmine! :( I hope you are feeling ok now.   08.26.11 - 10:43am
yen - i'm really glad you're ok!   08.26.11 - 10:42am
Lacy Fontaine - Oh my goodness!!! I'm so glad your ok!! I'm sorry that neighbor LEFT!!! I can't believe that he did that!! I hope the next few days recovering will go smooth for you. I'll send out a prayer for you!!   08.26.11 - 10:42am
Ryan Longnecker - I NEVER read people's blogs, but i dig how you have allowed fans to connect with you through all of this. PS, Mr. Roger's would wave to his neighbor again :)  08.26.11 - 10:41am
Tammy Stark - So glad you're ok, Jasmine! I think you should T-P the neighbor's house!  08.26.11 - 10:41am
Daniela - Glad you're OK Jasmine :) And thank you SO much for the Sign Now scanner just broke..ugh! :)  08.26.11 - 10:41am
LEOLAK - OH NO! So glad you are okay! Your neighbor however...rude! I feel you on the car is a magnet (I'll say has been) in a matter of 2 years...I had 3 accidents...1st due to weather (gotta love snowy Chicago), 2nd idiot rear ended me at a red light, a red light!, 3rd someone using a right turn only lane as a straight one and ran right into me as I was making a right turn...some people! Hope your weekend gets better! =)   08.26.11 - 10:41am
Jihan Cerda - Glad you are okay....brings me back to 2005 when the same thing happen. Except it was on a main road and luckily people stopped for us. xo  08.26.11 - 10:40am
Daniel Cruz - Yes! It could ALWAYS be worse, and thank God your not hurt. I think I'm a little like JD as I see the good in the worst situations.   08.26.11 - 10:40am
Ali - I hope you're OK! Get some rest if you can! Oh and I totally agree about that ThinkTank bag! Love mine.  08.26.11 - 10:39am
anda - wah! i have been looking for something just like awesome! glad you are not paralyzed -- sheesh, how scary!  08.26.11 - 10:38am
Rachel Tatem - Happy Friday! I'm sorry about your accident but I am glad that JD came to help you... seeing as your neighbor ditched...  08.26.11 - 10:38am