London Hotel Wedding : Courtney + Isaac

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or eight years everyone knew he was different. Unlike Courtney's past relationships, this one--Isaac--was different. Sure, he was charming, chivalrous, and funny, but he was entirely his own. Person. Courtney's strong personality had a way of creeping in like sweet syrup and she managed to always get her way. Until he arrived. Isaac kindly set the course of the relationship and Courtney happily followed. Which isn't easy for two lawyers.

Despite their insanely busy schedules and billable hours, they keep each other number one and are determined to help each other. Yes, even if this means pecking out emails on Isaac's phone while he drives. Not only are their personalities complimentary, they work in one accord. This was perfectly evident on their wedding day and the amazing party they planned in Hollywood at The London Hotel.

As family arrived from around the U.S., friends from Vanderbilt University, and friends from law school gathered in their honor, glasses were raised to two people who simply fit. In one accord.

Courtney and Isaac, I hope you're enjoying every last minute of your time in Napa...remember, no email check-ins while you're on your honeymoon, but if you happen to creep on the web to take a sneak peek at your photos, that's totally fine. Blogs aren't emails. LOOPHOLE! Thank you for being the best of the best and reminding me why I feel like the luckiest photographer in the world. I appreciate your kindness more than I can express. Much Love and Appreciation...j*

Courtney donned a pair of Miu Miu heels on her wedding day...and, yes, anything she'd wear with them would look amazing, especially her wedding dress...

Courtney kept her bridal party small, asking her sister Angela to be her Maid of Honor...their relationship was so beautiful to watch, especially since they've been planning Courtney's wedding since she was 11 years old! ;)

Of course I don't need to say it, but I will...I ADORE First Looks. When a couple opts to see each other before the wedding ceremony, the day unfolds effortlessly and allows breathability for relaxation and wedding's Isaac's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time...

Courtney and Isaac's wedding was in the morning, so the light was crisp and beautiful...

Courtney and isaac married at their home church in Bel Air and it was the perfect setting for their love...

After the ceremony, we headed to The London Hotel for the wedding reception...and good times...

One of the best things about the The London Hotel is the white hallway leading to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant...the light is perfect and away from guests for a few private moments...

Courtney, you're so downright beautiful. Really.

The view of the wedding reception from The London Hotel rooftop...

I need to give major props and a HUGE thank you to Gloria McCune of Grand Engagements...I love her!! The wedding day was pulled in many directions, but Gloria stayed the course and kept the party perfect. She and her team worked it out...just look at this rooftop tent!

I loved the floral work Mark's Garden put together for Courtney's Secret Garden theme wedding reception...

The First Dance...

The couple had a Grand Exit and while JD was shooting this picture (how cute is that kid!?)...

...I was able to shoot this picture a few seconds later...

To see more of Courtney and Isaac's West Hollywood wedding at The London Hotel, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or watch it here:

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