09.23.07 Personal

A Sore Loser

n Friday morning, after logging nine and a half miles the day before, I sprung out of bed, threw on my running shoes, and dashed out the door. I just broke the 20-mile marker, and I was determined to put The Challenge behind I was going to finish the nine and a half miles to win the race.

Or so I thought.

Many thanks to Justin Timberlake, Incubus, Jamiroquai, Nelly Furtado, Michael Jackson, and many other musicians to helped me run the ten miles...but I fell short. Literally by less than an hour. As I ran home, I felt the excitement as I was to log the closing thirty miles, but when I plugged my iPod in, I noticed Sean Mclellen just completed the race. Darn it all!! :) In all truth, I didn't mind losing to Sean because he was the one who pushed me every day to run a little faster and push a littler harder. We've never met, but when we do, I'm sure I'll be just as impressed with who he is as I am with his hard work and dedication.

So, while I'm bummed I didn't win, I'm quite happy knowing I ran 36 miles from last Monday to last Friday. I spent most of Friday and today celebrating by consuming whatever my eyes fell upon--Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal...sure, why not...Ben&Jerry's ice cream...make it a double scoop...Sprite...on the rocks, please. My stomach aches from all the sugar and no-no's I've eaten, but I'm rationalizing it by insisting it's helping cure the aches in my legs.

Because, literally, I'm such a sore loser.
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jesi haack - hey jasmine! I LOVE your work! Also, i am training for a marathon in april...and really have NO idea what I have gotten myself into...:)  12.12.08 - 11:13am
Tana Huffman - haha - that's okay Jasmine, you AND Sean were the ones that actually had me wake up, look at your climbing stats, look at my iPod and climb back into bed.... hahaha. You BOTH rocked!! Great job.   09.24.07 - 11:20am
david baxter - way to go super girl!  09.24.07 - 11:03am
Michael Norwood aka "not so sore loser" - Well, if it wasn't me I was pulling for you. I fell off the boat on Wednesday. Work got the better of me... along with two more weddings this weekend. Excuses, excuses, I know.  09.24.07 - 10:51am
cassandra m - Congrats! Be very, very PROUD!  09.24.07 - 9:05am
Scarlett Lillian - LOLOLOL. You and I are so much alike. I feel like I defeat the purpose of running all the time when I go on my sweets binge afterward. Oh well, at least we are helping to cancel out the calories, right? We need to start a new challenge. :-)  09.23.07 - 11:15pm
amber Holritz - That is my VERRRRRRY favorite ice cream in the entire world. Yummmmers. (love you)  09.23.07 - 9:29pm
Crystal Goss - I commend your efforts, girl! You're my hero and a winner in my eyes! :)  09.23.07 - 9:06pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Ok...the fact that you even did it....I give you much props! I am so lazy, I don't even like walking down the street to Dairy Queen for a milkshake. LOL!  09.23.07 - 8:47pm
:e: - oh Jasmine. Tough loss. We'll go running next time we hang out and you can totally kick my butt and feel redeemed. And, as always, rain is only liquid sunshine. Be awesome. eric ps Tell Jerry and Benjamin that I said hi.  09.23.07 - 6:56pm
angel swanson - jas -- the mere fact you ran that many miles in that short a span of time is INCREDIBLE! majjjor props to you! it takes so much for me to just drag myself to the gym 3x a week!!!  09.23.07 - 5:09pm
meg - i'm inspired. i just got my nike + on friday and i'm hoping it will boost my running. this sounds like an added benefit and think i'll look into doing it. p.s. since you asked a while back, check out "video" a book of short stories i just finished. you may want to skip the one entitled "video" though.   09.23.07 - 4:41pm
Shannon Sewell - Congratulations! Aw, you still win in my book- what's an hour anyway? ;) You were an awesome competitor and totally kept me on my toes. It was great 'racing' with you. Great job girl...  09.23.07 - 1:10pm
Sean McLellan - Thanks for pushing me--I never would have gone that far in such a short time without the competition! And congrats on the near win :)   09.23.07 - 11:47am
kristy b. (aka, wrecklessgirl) - Jas- GREAT job. I think everyone really did amazing, what an encouragement you are! Now, maybe next time we can get girls in the top spots!   09.23.07 - 10:40am
Emily DeWan - I'm very impressed! You definitely deserve the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and B&J.  09.23.07 - 9:21am
Jasmine* - Hi Jamie! Actually, I wasn't running before The's just that I'm so darn competitive, I had to go full throttle! :) I hate that part of me sometimes!   09.23.07 - 9:07am
Jamie Delaine - That's CRAZY. How much did you run BEFORE the competition? I've never logged more than 13 miles/week in my life! And that's with me, PUSHING myself. Holy cow! Ten miles in a day. You definitely have something to be proud of. I don't know how you do it.  09.23.07 - 8:30am
AmandaD - 36 miles in a week is awesome though. I'm *almost* inspired to do my own one week challenge.   09.23.07 - 7:03am
kerri mcconnell - 36 miles IS something to be proud of!! congrats for your determination... icouldn't do it! :)  09.23.07 - 4:58am
C.J. Scott - did great! Totally admire your dedication to it all :)  09.23.07 - 1:21am
Jen Harris - I am so proud of you!!!!!! You did more then i could. Awesome job girl!!! :)  09.23.07 - 1:13am
Gina - i was rooting for you ... how could you do this!! fall short?! sheesh ;) i kid i kid. My butt wasn't running haha. Good work though!   09.23.07 - 12:59am