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Seven Degrees Wedding : Natalie + Joe

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hey knew she was the one when he picked up yoga as a extracurricular activity. They knew he was the one when she fell ill at a USC game, they left together, but ended up coming back to ensure he saw the end of the game in person. They knew she was the one when he began to dress up and smile more. They knew he was the one when one fateful night in Fullerton, she made room in her heart for only him.

Their friends and family knew when Natalie and Joe met, that was it. It being their ability to function without the other person as their whole. When you meet them, their love, attention, and care to those around them are merely a manifestation of what they feel for each other. And for those around them. They glow knowing they're walking through life with a partner who knows and accepts everything. Wholeheartedly. Last Sunday in Laguna Beach, they vowed to accept each other. Forever. And right then, they (friends, family, Natalie, and Joe) knew life was nothing short of perfection.

Natalie and Joey're the best! Thank you for welcoming me like an old friend and allowing me to capture your love. And your friends. And your family. And everything in between! Your wedding was amazing and I was honored to be a small part of the day you married your best friend. Enjoy Thailand and be sure to eat pad thai and think of me. I mean, why wouldn't you be thinking of me on your honeymoon?! ;) Much Love and Appreciation... j*

The wedding day started at Pelican Hill Resort where the bride and groom prepared...and I was able to capture pictures of Natalie's Jim Hjelm wedding dress and Jimmy Choo shoes...with a modern glam bouquet by Shawna Yamamoto.

Many thanks to Kelly Zhang and her team for makeup and hair...

Like always, I absolutely lovelovelove when clients opt to see each other before the wedding ceremony. It allows for a perfect flow of events and more time to enjoy wedding photos...and here's Joe's priceless reaction to his bride...

JD captured this moment...and the light at Pelican Hill was spectacular...

After the First Look, we headed to Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach for the wedding and the day couldn't have been more perfect...


Because we completed all family pictures and bridal party pictures before the ceremony, we had plenty of time to roam the Seven Degrees property and capture more wedding photos...

I cannot express how much I loved working with such an amazing and talented group of wedding professionals...Platinum Weddings by Kerrie and her team were absolutely fantastic and made the day flow effortlessly. Love her!

I worked with Shawna Yamamoto a few weeks ago at the Los Angeles Athletic Club wedding, so I felt lucky to be able to document her amazing work once again...

The First Dance captured by JD

Many thanks to Tasos of LSM Entertainment for orchestrating a wonderful reception at Seven well as bump the awesome of jams. Yes, I just said jams. And special shout out to Elysium Productions for being the most amazing videographers to work with and providing that video light I just adore!

And this right here? This is what Happily Ever After looks like...

To see more of Natalie and Joe's Seven Degrees wedding in Laguna Beach, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Adriana Morett - LOVE IT!! Gorrrrgeous photos, the bride is SO beautiful!!! Love your work as always. xoxo!  09.21.11 - 12:06pm
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