Using Facebook in my Wedding Photography Business

Yesterday I logged onto Facebook's F8 Conference via the live stream. I listened to pre-keynote chatter from the hosts and by the time I got settled onto my couch, I laughed in front of my laptop as Andy Samberg imitated Mark Zuckerberg. SLOW POKE!!! How many exclamation points can I use in a post? Let's see!!!

While the entire presentation was close to three hours in length, I watched the entirety because I felt Zuckerberg's annoucement about Facebook's new Timeline was important. And imperative to how I do business. Yes, I consider Facebook an intergral piece of my business. It has, by far, been one of the most effective marketing tools for my wedding photography and I'm excited for what's in store!

And there's another exclamation point. Lemme just tell you, I'm gonna annoy you!

In case you missed it, you can read more about what, exactly, Timeline is here on this Facebook blog post. Okay, so now what? How will the new changes impact my business?
     *Timeline gives my clients on Facebook the ability to archive their wedding...and highlight it as an important moment in their lives. This will most likely result in a larger picture and denoted as a milestone. No longer will my photos disappear down a rabbit hole of status updates or buried in photos of what a bride ate for dinner. The wedding is highlighted...and archived as a big deal. If a client's friend is looking at huge moments in my client's life, my photos will come up. And when my photos appear, that's marketing. Priceless archival marketing.
     *The new ticker is a great feature as well and I'm excited to see how companies in the photo industry begin to create apps that allow clients to interact with their friends, specifically related to her wedding photos. For instance, if a client is viewing her online proofing gallery through a Facebook app, the ticker can notify her that her friend is looking at the images too. Perhaps the bride can start a chat with her friend through FB about the wedding images I captured. Awesomesauce.
     *The apps within Facebook are freaking sick. Facebook is basically replicating what Apple has created with phone apps, but juiced up like a cast member of the Jersey Shore. You can download an app within Facebook that will allow you to connect with friends via similarities. Right now the apps are focused on movies, lifestyle, and music, but they're evolving and I have no doubt photo sharing capabilities are the next roll out.

All of this is new to me. I'm still trying to navigate how it'll play out in my business, but it's important to stay ahead of the game. Clients adapt much faster to Facebook changes and I need to find ways to help them talk. About their wedding photos, but--moreso--about the person who captured their photos. Me. And you, if we're willing to work hard.

Just to show how vital Facebook is to my business, here's a recent example. Last weekend two of my brides happened to be guests at the same wedding. An entire year after their weddings, and this is what unfolded:

Yes, Bree and Keren are still connecting...with each other...with me...and creating the type of conversations that drive connections/business my way. For this, I'm thankful. And I see a bright future! <-- exclamation point

Happy Friday!
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Mathew Irving - Great article! Thanks for posting and sharing your knowledge! It really sounds like FB is the future!  02.26.14 - 5:40am
Essex Wedding Photography - I'm relatively new to using Facebook for business so it's interesting to read how successful it's been for you and how it's developing. I just hope it can be half as successful for me.  09.29.11 - 4:26pm
Aurea - That's really good for you, Jasmine! While everyone is complaining about the new FB updates, here we are, gushing about them! :D   09.29.11 - 9:53am
Ivan Packer - Such a great post Jasmine. So many people don't realise the full potential of Facebook. Ivan x  09.28.11 - 7:53am
michelle gunton - When I first heard of the changes I didn't really get it, so thank you for this post I understand how it will help me in the FB marketing world better now.  09.27.11 - 1:36pm
Gazz - Facebook is a very useful tool for today's businesses.  09.27.11 - 6:38am
Lena Karabushin - I've always believed that Facebook has changed the way of advertising and outreach. Thank you for a detailed explanation of the Timeline feature, as it applies to photographers. It's been very helpful to me. Going to look into it and experiment shortly!  09.26.11 - 1:23pm
Neil - I still have to get time line sorted but looks cool  09.25.11 - 1:05am
Schaffer Photography - Facebook is another way that referral or word of mouth advertising really works. Brides can just see my work on their friend's page and then contact me. I have had so many referrals through FB. With these new marketing tools, I can't wait to see how the FB marketing world will change!  09.24.11 - 2:40pm
MemoriesandColors Dallas Photography - That's very interesting and no doubt a great FREE marketing tool! I'm just concerned about the privacy side of it. Would everyone want others to know what their looking at NOW? I'm hearing lots of concerns already!  09.24.11 - 12:10pm
Michael Anthony | Santa Clarita Photographers - I love the new features, just need to learn how to use them. I am also a big fan of Google+  09.24.11 - 9:46am
Susannah Storch - I am so happy to read something positive about Facebook changes! Many of my friends have been complaining about it; love this take. Thanks Jasmine.   09.23.11 - 10:10pm
Manik Rathee Photography - Jasmine and friends, I just finished up a post to piggy-back off of what Jasmine started here with connecting facebook's new changes to our marketing strategy. Read if you like: Thanks again!   09.23.11 - 9:58pm
Amanda - Wow Jasmine, this is so so helpful!! I'm no longer terrified of the changes to come! And even better, I have a better idea of how to make the changes work for me!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!   09.23.11 - 9:30pm
Veronica Hudley - I happened to stumble on the livestream also last night. I wasn't planning on watching it, but Andy Samberg had me hooked. He's so funny. And although I didn't watch the whole thing, yet, I do love the timeline and our posts/photos/videos not being lost by other people's status updates. Can't wait to see your timeline page!!  09.23.11 - 9:19pm
Wendy Cunningham - I watched F8 too and I am soooo excited! At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like the ticker because I thought it was kind of stalkerish. But then when I updated to the new layout, I noticed that people who I was not even friends with started connecting with me because they saw some activity in the ticker that they decided to click on. HOW CAN THIS BE BAD? I love it and can't wait to see what unfolds with the apps in the coming days. OH AND BY THE WAY... I can't wait to see you next week in Atlanta!  09.23.11 - 6:55pm
Emily Heizer Photography - TROJANS! GO! FIGHT! WIN! I grew up going to SC games and kicking those metal tin thingees on game day and collassal dogs, and GOSH I miss that! I still have dreams that someday I will be able to go to USC for grad school! Or AT LEAST... shoot at wedding where the TROJAN MARCHING BAND is present! AHHH! You are lucky, lucky girls!!!!! It was the ring tone on my phone for YEARS you know?! lol!!  09.23.11 - 5:34pm
Robin McQuay Anderson - I'm loving the new changes and see so much potential to keep my photos front and center much longer. Love my new FB page with larger photo and timeline.  09.23.11 - 4:10pm
Sachin Khona - Awesome post J Boogie!  09.23.11 - 3:45pm
Christi - I wasn't sure of the changes. Thanks for the tips!  09.23.11 - 3:28pm
LEOLAK - I love the color of your wall! LOL I've been on a long hunt for just the right gray to paint my office/second bedroom! LOL Thanks for the info on FB...when I get it on (eventually...slightly relunctantly) I'm sure they will come in handy. Happy Friday!   09.23.11 - 1:44pm
Charlie - I see what you mean Jasmine. Sounds like the big changes may make a difference. I know lots my friends don't care about the changes and some don't like the extra complexity.   09.23.11 - 12:56pm
Melissa - Thanks for the post, I'm switching to Timeline this week. I was annoyed with the FB changes earlier in the week but I think Timeline is genius.  09.23.11 - 12:29pm
Linda Dalton - Jasmine that was such a great and informative read! Thank you for taking the time to not only write it but to share your thoughts in such an understanding way! I gave up on Facebook over a month ago for Google+ but now I am second guessing my choice.  09.23.11 - 11:48am
Christy - Thanks for breaking down the details of how this new Timeline can be an effective maketing tool. Now what I've read about it makes sense and I'm ever so anxious for it to go live!!! You're awesome J*!  09.23.11 - 11:47am
Sarah McKenzie - I am so excited for Timeline too! Its great for us photog's! Off topic: your birthday is the day before mine!!! LOL  09.23.11 - 11:17am
Tom Viturino - It`s totally realy... The Facebook is fixed social webmarketing!  09.23.11 - 11:14am
Chris Chen - how about your fan page?  09.23.11 - 10:56am
The Detailed Life - I just finally caved and made a fb page and got twitter as well... I wanted to avoid these things, as I find it a little disheartening that success in photography has so much to do with social networking and basically, our popularity- over our skill... but that's the way it is and if I'm going to try this full force, then I have to partake in all of the aspects of this business. and I'm okay with that now. cheers!  09.23.11 - 10:44am
Priscilla - Looks great Jasmine! I am able to make my personal profile as a timeline but i am not able to make my "fan page" active as a timeline? -_- Does anyone know if timeline is available for FAN PAGES? thanks!   09.23.11 - 10:35am
Kacie Lynch - As always, thanks for your advice Jasmine!!! :)  09.23.11 - 10:23am
Andrea - After crying about all the changes that just took place, I have to say I love the Timeline. I have already apologized to Facebook for talking bad behind its back. I can't wait to see what your published Timeline will look like.  09.23.11 - 10:19am
tim king - I love how "on it" you are. It's cool to have someone as a friend that is rockin' an industry and keeps ahead of the game in ways like this. It's changes like these and progress that make things exciting. Woop woop!  09.23.11 - 10:13am
Melisa Draper Photography - I already love the new profile! I did my last night! Facebook did it right! Super excited about it and using +sites!!!  09.23.11 - 10:08am
Molly W. - I realize you are going to think I'm crazytown but WHERE is that pillow from to the left of you on the couch?!!! I must know!!!  09.23.11 - 9:59am
David Reed - I just reviewed the app to beta "Timeline" last night. I need to install it today. My clients love our sneak peaks on Facebook and if this can help them enjoy their images even more that is awesome. Thanks for posting this up Jasmine.  09.23.11 - 9:47am
Jason+Gina  - Just enabled our 'Timeline'. Wow... wasn't sure if I'd like it. I love it!!  09.23.11 - 9:47am
Joy Damm - Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks, Jasmine!  09.23.11 - 9:42am
Can't I have my cloud now? - But Jass FB is screening my news feed :( and they must not think I love you cause now my "top stories" are about random Zumba classes in Croatia...but i'm way more interested in what Polo ate for dinner :( fb has me all wrong.   09.23.11 - 9:20am
Manik - I tweeted this to you but figured it couldn't hurt to share with more people. You can use your own timeline to promote things just as well as your client's timeline, as Jasmine stated above. Just add a nice image like this: A little link up there and a huge representation of your brand on one of the largest social networks in the world. Free marketing people!! - Manik  09.23.11 - 9:15am
Mary Clarke - Lemon Fresh Designs Photography - Jasmine, thank you so much for offering your knowledge on the FB changes. Ladies, it's pretty easy to implement. And apparently it's going full tilt on Sept 29. Here's the link to set up your beta: Good luck and have fun!   09.23.11 - 9:12am
Jill - Nice Jasmine. *yawn* I still want my facebook back, the good old facebook that was good enough to make it popular. The new features are not going to necessarily bring converts to FB, it is kinda irksome to erstwhile users. I feel FB might have sponsored this post of yours because your business would still be where it is with or without FB, I believe your work is enough and speaks for itself indeed but oh well to each his own.   09.23.11 - 9:10am
Kate Douthwright - If it weren't for Facebook, I wouldn't have a business. Seriously. Best free marketing tool out there, can't wait for the new updates!!  09.23.11 - 9:08am
Damaris Mia - I LOOOVE the new look :) Got it up on mine already :)  09.23.11 - 9:05am
Jillian Tree - So excited for the new Timeline!! I watched the whole thing too :) Thanks for the tips Jasmine! <3  09.23.11 - 9:02am
Lindsay Kaye - i LOVE that polo is your cover photo!!! (more exclamation points!!!)  09.23.11 - 8:56am
Brad Halladay - I went to look at your FB profile, and I don't see the timeline. It looks like a great marketing concept. Do you know how to activate the timeline? Thanks for sharing.  09.23.11 - 8:38am
Tara - looks like I am going to be getting into facebook a whole lot more than I already am. :)   09.23.11 - 8:38am
anda - pps -- omg, i used the incorrect form of *your/you're*?! for real? ugh. now it's on the internet forever.   09.23.11 - 8:27am
Kristin Nicole - Love, Love, Love it!!!  09.23.11 - 8:14am
Katie Trujillo - How the HECK did you get to be one of the first to have your profile like that? I watched the conference too yesterday and LOVE the changes that are if only my profile can switch over! I love it!  09.23.11 - 7:56am
Gabby / En Route Photography - Great post J! Facebook is one of my biggets marketing tools as well and I'm looking forward to check what these new changes bring! So far I'm not crazy for the new Facebook from a personal perspective, but I hope the changes will be beneficial for the business! ;) Happy Weekend! xxx   09.23.11 - 7:45am
Anda - PS -- Your amazing and I love this blog post.  09.23.11 - 7:42am
Life with Kaishon - I am excited about the changes also. I think big things are in store : ) Everyone is complaining right now, but I think they will be happier eventually. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  09.23.11 - 7:41am
Anda - I absolutely agree with you about jumping on the bandwagon and adapting to FB Timeline right away. I see huge incentives for marketing and photography business purposes. But, as a former librarian especially, I cannot help but be alarmed by FB's intentions to archive people's every move and life. It's a little ... creepy. I also don't love the idea of people hanging out on FB because of all these new apps and trying to impress people with their virtual lives versus their real lives. I already often find myself eating an amazing dinner somewhere or hanging out with a good friend and thinking about how I can tweet or FB about it. How messed up is that? Because I care about my business, I will definitely be excited for Timeline and make an over the top effort to use it for that. But I hope I'm never the person who sits on FB apps/timeline all day in order to find new music/recipes/etc. FB is taking Serendipity out of the real world -- where what is not mainstream (including "indie mainstream" -- because really, indie is now mainsteam) exists. Whew, okay! (at least I didn't get into creative culture as pertaining to archiving and libraraies, haha).  09.23.11 - 7:41am
allison - I am so freaking excited about this! I started messing around with timeline yesterday (hint: become a developer) and know that the impact is going to be huge! Thanks so much for the awesome post, really got my head thinking about a few more options!!  09.23.11 - 7:23am