That's right, folks. This here little 'ole blog just passed her 2000 comments marker. Hollllla!

As many of you know, I unabashedly love comments. Lame? Trite? Banal? Yes, yes, yes. But I still love them and they make my day, so THANK YOU to everyone who sprinkles a little love around these here parts. Why am I writing like I'm from the South? I don't know. Perhaps when I'm happy I speak with a twang...or so I've been told.

Lucky Commenter 2000--Scott Wharton--will be getting a $25 iTunes card!

And in keeping with the comment celebration, I randomly typed in "2000" in Google Images and this is what appeared. Yes, this blog and that comic book now share something in common. Or should I say, 2000 things in common?! ;)
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Kay English - I want an Itunes giftcard! lol.   07.29.09 - 8:17am
Serge - Great job! Very inspiring! Thanks!  03.27.09 - 9:20am
Joanne - Congrats! And thanks for inspiring so many and also sharing your knowledge!   09.28.07 - 8:52am
Melissa Koehler - How cool! Congrats on 2000 comments. Love the blog :)  09.28.07 - 8:29am
Mark Brooke - J* i was curious after looking over a lot of you photos what are you using to edit Bridge or lightroom, and have you made your own presets or do you use DJ's  09.28.07 - 8:24am
Michelle - That is fantastic! I'm happy for you and happy that you have such a great blog!  09.28.07 - 8:21am
Misty - Congrats Jasmine that's awesome!!!  09.28.07 - 5:53am
cassandra m - 2000? Wonderful Darling!!!!! simply and absolutely, won-der-ful....Darling! hee.hee. girl, can u tell I'm from south? ha.ha. High five...way to go! numero uno u are! :) i am doing a happy dance for you ;)  09.27.07 - 10:56pm
jackie - jasmine, i was looking through some of your engagement sessions and was wondering: where do you find all these wonderful, colorful, and unique places?! great work!  09.27.07 - 9:55pm
ScotWharton - WHOOO HOOOO! -- How awesome is this??!! -- Thanks Jasmine and CONGRATS!  09.27.07 - 9:22pm
angel swanson - yahoooo! up up and away!  09.27.07 - 8:28pm
Simply Modern Weddings - YAY....congrats!   09.27.07 - 8:02pm
Annie - I found your blog through Cameron Ingalls' -- I guess I count as a blog stalker -- I'm pretty much addicted to your pictures. =) But I had to comment because I LOVE comments as well... congratulations!  09.27.07 - 5:13pm
Stacy Cross - Congrats, girl! :) So funny!  09.27.07 - 3:58pm
Ricki Ford - Hey! I from da south whatca tring to say? :)  09.27.07 - 3:30pm
Mia - CONGRATS! And here is to 2000 more!  09.27.07 - 2:34pm
Carlie Davis - When I am happy and or nervous I speak with a twang also!! All my vows sounded like a southern belle. It was actually really funny. Well to me it was.  09.27.07 - 2:19pm
Jasmine C. - Congrats!  09.27.07 - 12:29pm
Adam - Woot!! Please keep 'making' picutres!! Grats on 2k!! y'all keep postin naw ya hear  09.27.07 - 11:51am
Shannon - WOOOHOOO!!!!!! That just means 2000 times the LOVE!!!! Before you know it, you will be hitting the 10000 mark.....I say less than a year from now!!!!!!! Congrats Jasmine* ;) YOU ROCK!!!!!   09.27.07 - 11:48am
Nataly - Congrats on the 2000 posts!!!  09.27.07 - 11:43am
Nathan Sawatzky - way to go Jasmine, keep it up!  09.27.07 - 11:37am
C.J. Scott - Yay for you Jasmine :) Holllla!!!   09.27.07 - 11:36am
Mark Brooke - I am so happy for you, way to go j*!  09.27.07 - 10:57am
david baxter - awesome! always a blogger never a weener. haha.  09.27.07 - 10:46am
Tanya Perez - Congrats Jasmine!   09.27.07 - 10:18am
Jenn Regruth - Congratulations!  09.27.07 - 10:11am
Rachel Brooke - I know why you speak with a twang... because God is telling you to move to Texas!!! (I will keep trying this til you cave :))  09.27.07 - 10:07am
Tiffany - woohoo! Glad to share the love!   09.27.07 - 9:46am
Regina - WOW! 2000 comments.....your so loved chica! Congrats!   09.27.07 - 9:27am