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Two Year Anniversary

ast night I arrived home from dinner with a few friends and was greeted by a ball of white fur relentless licking my toes. Polo grabbed his leash and began running in circles, letting me know it was definitely time for his walk.

JD and I strolled hand-in-hand and spoke about our day as Polo led the way down the darkened path. Work, editing, what I ordered for dinner. Okay, so what were you doing this night exactly two years ago, I asked JD. I knew the answer, but in lieu of our wedding anniversary, I wanted to hear the story again. I’m like that.

This time two years ago, we were on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii for our destination wedding. Without a shadow of doubt, it was the happiest time of my life. JD and I were surrounded only by the closest family and friends, and promised our unwavering love and devotion to each other.

So much has changed in two years, yet nothing has. Life on the margin is entirely different, but life at the core is undoubtedly the same. I’m still insanely in love with my husband and—even though I doubted its feasibility—I love JD more than I did when I married him. Love spills from my heart and into my soul for him.

JD has morphed into my every being and I now see his reflection in my fingerprints. I feel his spirit when I speak. I hear his voice when I dream.

As we crawled into bed last night, JD said that while he’s proud to make it to our two-year anniversary, he’ll be extra happy when we make it to our 25th anniversary. I turned to him and said, Are you crazy?! I want to make it to our 250th anniversary!

JD…I mean it. I want to be 250-years-old with you. I want to grow old with you. I want you to comb my grey hair and hold me like it was our first night together all over again. I love you.

As I was searching for pictures of us to post from this past year, I realized that the ONLY time we were in front of a camera was last February while in Cabo San Lucas. This is one of my favorite pictures that the fabulous Jessica Claire captured.

**I will be taking the day off, so please forgive the delay of email responses. I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow, so I won't be responding until Monday. Thanks!**
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Kay English - Aww cute picture. Was it shot with high ISO? I noticed the different logo you used to have on your pictures. It's very cute!  07.29.09 - 8:19am
davina - Jasmine, you have such a beautiful way with words, of seeing life, and of living life. Everytime I see you in person and when I read your blog I'm moved by it.  10.10.07 - 10:45am
Tiffany - too cute! so in love=)  10.02.07 - 9:52am
Amy Martin - Happy Anniversary J* & JD :)   10.01.07 - 12:32pm
Korey - That put tears in my eyes. I hope to have such a wonderful anniversary 3 years (and 10 days) from now. Congratulations!!  10.01.07 - 11:19am
Trista - Congrat's you guys!!! Jas, I TOTALLY know what you mean about loving your hubby even more now than you did on your wedding day..isn't that such an awesome thing!! Wishing a MILLION more years of marital bliss! Hugs, Trista   09.30.07 - 8:56am
ksenija - WOW! you definitely have a way with words that is extraordinary (as well as your photography!). CONGRATS to you & J.D. as you celebrate your anniversary & the great love & passion that you share for each other. : )  09.29.07 - 9:56pm
kadi - congratulation question what templates do you use for your collage ?  09.29.07 - 9:39pm
Amy DeYoung - Congratulations! Jasmine, you seriously have such a gift for writing!!   09.29.07 - 3:50pm
Mark Brooke - Way to Go! I am so hapy for you two! I hope that the wedding is seamless.  09.29.07 - 2:40pm
Sinead - Good heavens! You're [i]both[/i] fabulous. Happy Anniversary!  09.29.07 - 2:29pm
lauren c. - yay!! happy 2 years!! : )  09.29.07 - 12:45pm
Dianna - So sweet!! Congratulations on your two years.  09.29.07 - 10:21am
Chantal Stone - Sooooo sweet! Happy Anniversary!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox  09.29.07 - 5:26am
Jenn Regruth - Congratulations to you. How sweet. Can you post one of your wedding pics taken by the great David Jay? I would love to see one!!   09.29.07 - 4:35am
Kristin - I love hearing that there are people as happily married as me!! We just celebrated our 5 year and I just adore my hubby more every year! I am so glad to hear you are so happy and in love...STILL!  09.28.07 - 11:16pm
kristen dawn - oh yea, and it's time for you to make some beautiful babies  09.28.07 - 10:07pm
kristen dawn - did u GET a point and shoot YET!? And post some pics from your wedding girl!  09.28.07 - 10:06pm
Melissa Koehler - Happy Anniversary! You two are the cutest!  09.28.07 - 8:33pm
Jasmine C. - That's so beautiful. Congrats on your anniversary! :) May He always bless you and your relationship with each other and with Him.   09.28.07 - 8:21pm
Joy Nudd - Warm fuzzies :) How beautiful is your relationship! Happy Anniversary. Nudds  09.28.07 - 8:16pm
Will Parris - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two amazing people! And here's to the 250th, which seriously, that's impressive! :) Happy anniversary guys! God bless!  09.28.07 - 5:58pm
jenniferL - that's so sweet!! happy anniversary.  09.28.07 - 5:35pm
Kelly Park - Yeah! Congratulations :)   09.28.07 - 5:05pm
Stacy Cross - You two are absolutely gorgeous together - congrats!  09.28.07 - 4:43pm
jen - Reading this actually made me cry. I am going through a really tough time right now and your lovely description of your love helps me see I need to keep on this road and walk away and maybe one day, if I am really lucky, I might get a chance at a love like yours  09.28.07 - 3:56pm
meg - congratulations and here's to 248 more!  09.28.07 - 3:16pm
Misty - Happy Anniversary!!! ya'll are a gorgous couple!!   09.28.07 - 2:34pm
angel swanson - happy anniversary to you both! enjoy the day off. :-)  09.28.07 - 2:32pm
Jeanette - Beautiful...pitter patter!!! Congrats on 2 years and here's to much love for the next 248. Ü   09.28.07 - 2:20pm
cassandra m - genuine, unconditional, 100% true & forever love, thats what you guys have...its like a fairy tale i do say! If there were not pictures of JD, I would wonder if her were real...ha.ha. You should let him post one day on your blog. I'm sure he would have a lot of beautiful things to say about you too. Congrat on your #2 Anniversary. so happy for you both!  09.28.07 - 1:32pm
Rachel Dallaire - Happy Anniversary! You have an amazing ability to share your emotions in a way that speaks to the soul. I hope you had an awesome day and enjoy your upcoming years of bliss. Isn't it awesome to celebrate being in love?!? (My husband and I will celebrate 4 years this November)  09.28.07 - 12:31pm
Jolene - This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful! The line about combing your grey hair did it for me...I'm a sucker for pure and genuine two definitely have just that. Happy Anniversary! Here's to 248 to go. :) Cheers!  09.28.07 - 12:21pm
Carlie Davis - YAY!! Happy Anniversary!! We love you guys!!  09.28.07 - 12:03pm
Jess Strickland - Uhhhh.....GOOSEBUMPS!! ;) Isn't love the BEST thing EVER??? Happy Anniversary!! :)  09.28.07 - 11:38am
Elena - Congratulations!!! If you feel this way about your husband now, just wait until you have been married longer--you will feel that you won't be able to breath or dream without him. It only gets better!  09.28.07 - 11:28am
Shannon - YAY!!!!! HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY!!!!! May each & every day be full of LOVE, LAUGHTER & FRIENDSHIP for you both; & may each & every day feel like the very first time you felt those wonderful butterflies fluttering their wings of love!!!!! Here's to another least!!!!!!   09.28.07 - 11:20am
david baxter - blessings to you both! may you always be as happy as you are today , tomorrow & forever.   09.28.07 - 11:13am
Stephen - Congratulations on your milestone!  09.28.07 - 11:13am
Joyful Weddings & Events - So beautiful! Your words always inspire me- I cannot imagine what they mean to JD. Have so much fun!  09.28.07 - 11:11am
jessica claire - happy 2nd anniversary! you are both really really good looking.  09.28.07 - 10:47am
kara pennington - happy anniversary :)  09.28.07 - 10:46am
Simply Modern Weddings - Jasmine, you truly have a gift for words...I love how you describe your love for JD. Happy anniversary!!! :-)  09.28.07 - 10:42am
Nataly - The love you have for your Husband is apparent every time you write about him and by looking at that photo I can tell he feels the same way for you. Happy anniversary and may God continue to bless your marriage!  09.28.07 - 10:15am
[ b ] e c k e r - happy anniversary you two! let's hang out soon.  09.28.07 - 10:07am
cesar perez - congrats you guys!! Happy Anniversary  09.28.07 - 9:39am
Tanya Perez - May you two always be blessed in your love for each other. Happy Anniversary! :)  09.28.07 - 9:33am
Brianna - I love the two of you so very much and I am blessed to have seen your relationship grow from the very beginning. You guys are special...more than special actually, you are incredibly blessed! Have fun today doing all of your sweet little romantic nothings...I am sure it will be a day filled with love that is actually just a highlighted version of every other day you two spend together. Lots of love!!! xoxo  09.28.07 - 9:28am
Angelina - I loved your story...seriously gave me cute!  09.28.07 - 9:16am
Amy - Congrats you two!! Have a great day!  09.28.07 - 9:10am
AmandaD - Happy Aniv! You are so gorgeous in those pics and love that you had a DW ;)  09.28.07 - 9:08am
gabriel ryan - enjoy your day off. you and jd are deeply beautiful people. thank you for blessing both carlie and myself with your candid warmth and inspiring love.  09.28.07 - 9:07am
Tana Huffman - Blessings to love and eternal bliss!!  09.28.07 - 9:02am