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'm currently out of the country until Thursday for a conference, but I'm sitting in a hotel room early in the morning, so it still feels a little like home. Except I miss Polo. He's usually up with me in the morning, curled in between my legs as I sit in bed. I don't think it's proper dog behavior, but he pretty much runs the house and I'd be embarrassed to have a conversation with The Dog Whisperer. Polo's such a diva I convinced JD to sign him up for a dog behavior class. We're starting in December and JD isn't sure we should attend the classes together...he's afraid Polo won't be considered the valedictorian of sit/stay/roll and I'll storm out of the class saying, WE SO DON'T NEED THIS, POLO!!!

Before leaving town yesterday, I decided to film a Shooting Star that focuses on Marketing. In this installment, I'll discuss why I stay away from print and online advertising and focus, instead, on how to build your business with a network of peers.

Like always, these videos are merely meant to help at least one person...if I'm missing the mark, holla back in the comment box and let me know what questions I should answer next time!

Happy Monday!
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Debbie Dean - Question: what do you do if you don't really agree with or support the other photographer's styles? I'm just getting started but have an internship at my university doing photography (and have started 2nd shooting some weddings) and am learning a TON from the head of photography at my school. However, many of my photographer friends around school are newer too but use editing/shooting techniques that i don't like or support. (Very very heavy editing, awkward angles, bad use of lighting, LOTS of b&w shots where one awkward object is saturated, etc.) I don't want to come across like a snob, but some of these friends I just don't like as photographers! Should I seek to expand my "photog friend bubble" to photographers I really respect and appreciate their style, or should I get over myself and use the friends I have here, even when I wouldnt want to recommend them to clients?  11.21.11 - 3:19pm
London wedding photographer Nick Rose - Great advice as always Jasmine. Nick  11.21.11 - 5:01am
Wedding Photography Essex - Great video, great advice, it's vital to network with other photographers and not just see evryone as competition. I loved your final words too - never heard that expression before, will have to try and fit it in to a conversation!  11.19.11 - 4:47am
Denise Nicole - Yayyyy! We are starting one in our city because of this post! Sooooo excited to see what happens!  11.16.11 - 10:07pm
Irvina - Hey Jasmine! I found out about you through Trever Hoehne. (He has done some photo work for my non-profit) We specialize is changing how girls see beauty in themselves and the more I see of your blog and your posts the more I am inspired by you! I love that you're creative, but also give back to others what has made you successful. Rock on woman!   11.16.11 - 10:51am
Cliff - Awsome stuff...those last few seconds...made me laugh...had to watch it over and over again!  11.16.11 - 3:41am
Ashley Esfandiari - Great information as always! I love your shooting star videos. Keep up the great work! :)   11.15.11 - 6:30pm
Jodi Harris - Great advice Jasmine. I need to get back to basics. After being in the industry 16 years you forget those things that you did 16 years ago to make you stand out.   11.15.11 - 4:57pm
Natasha Hurley - You read my mind Jasmine - I was doing the "Im freaking out" chant in my head about next year's weddings. Relief that Im not alone. yay.   11.15.11 - 2:19pm
Tardy - this is really helpful. thanks!   11.15.11 - 11:47am
Aisha Mujib Khan - I love how happy you are in this video!  11.15.11 - 10:19am
ErikaM - This is awesome, thanks for sharing! I'd love to hear you talk about how you deliver client products w/DVD after the wedding :) Have a great trip!!  11.15.11 - 10:12am
//Dani - Did you change your hair colour? Looking gooood :)  11.15.11 - 9:57am
karen (Mikols) Bonar - Doggie school? He'll love it!  11.15.11 - 9:33am
Jennifer Hudspeth - Perfect tips. Thanks j*! I always love, love, love your shooting star posts!  11.15.11 - 8:00am
ira @ chicago remodeling - Your words are indeed true and helpful! Enjoy your trip Jasmine..   11.15.11 - 4:07am
Gabrielle - wonderful! so helpful!! :)   11.14.11 - 8:01pm
Feuza - I love the calendar idea but if you only lets say have a couple of weddings you cant really share that with one who has more, or you would like the needy one, you know what I mean? but will real out and you are right networking with other photograpehrs has been the best thing for my business.  11.14.11 - 5:53pm
Julie O'Dell - Fabulous!!!  11.14.11 - 3:15pm
Rebecca Nash - Thanks for this Shooting Star Jasmine! It's always great to hear what you have to share and this week it was right up my alley! I am still rather new to the business and new to the area I live in so my contacts are very limited. I've been trying to figure out a real marketing plan instead of just throwing money on some idea and hoping it works. I've connected with a few people in town, photographers and other wedding pros, that I've really clicked with and we try to work together or refer to each other whenever possible. Thank you again and I hope you have a fantastic trip!  11.14.11 - 1:20pm
Emily Dobson - Headed to a meet up in my area tonight and I've been getting nervous as the day progresses because my usual 'buddies' aren't able to make it. The initial meet and greet always makes me uncomfortable, so this shooting star came at the perfect time. THANK YOU!  11.14.11 - 12:46pm
ala cortez - i owe lots of my business to you AND this method. such great advice. love you!  11.14.11 - 12:45pm
nadya - OMG we just signed up our Gizmo for behavior training as well, because we have a baby on the way and well he is getting a little out of hand lol. The trainer comes tomorrow to evaluate him @_@ im sure it mostly my doing that he is so spoiled  11.14.11 - 12:40pm
Kate Douthwright - I really love the way you market yourself. I also stay away from print ads etc. Some people don't understand why I have no interest in bridal shows etc but I want someone to find me organically through word of mouth. Sounds so cheesy but so far, its working pretty well. Once it stops working, I'll rethink how I run the biz!  11.14.11 - 11:39am
Gary Derbridge - Great post Jasmine, very interesting!  11.14.11 - 11:30am
ely - Thanks for reminding me not to FREAK OUT because I am a little. Thanks for the suggestions on how to keep my mind off of it!  11.14.11 - 10:44am
Jessica - Hello. My name is Jessica and I am a second year business management student. I just want to say that I LOVE your blog and the way that you have branded your business. I really enjoyed this post on marketing. Your blog is not only fabulous, but it is very inspiring to those like me who wish to make something of themselves in the wedding industry. I recently got my wedding planner certificate and my dream is to have my own flower shop once I get my bachelors degree. I can't wait to finish school so I can peruse my dreams too. Thank you for sharing.   11.14.11 - 9:47am
brokenresolutions - This is great! Thank you. I'm trying to start a side photography business since I work full-time as a social worker. I don't have the funds to create lavish print and online advertisements to start. I have good friends... a lawer, a graphic designer, and a web developer who have agreed to help me in exchange for free photos. I've been doing A LOT of free photography lately, but it's great for the practice and the free word of mouth. I recently had an exec at a large company in our area ask me to take photos of their family and donate some work for a silent auction. I'm a firm believer in word of mouth and then rewarding my referral sources! Love you work. You continue to be an inspiration for this gal in trying to succeed in my dreams!  11.14.11 - 9:43am
Jessica K. Sullivan - Thank you Jasmine. I always love watching your Shooting Star installments!   11.14.11 - 9:30am
Adriana Morett - Thanks J*, I love these posts every time.  11.14.11 - 9:07am
yvonne moss - any thoughts on how to market to schools for high school senior pics that provide another option to that standard pic all seniors hate a year later?   11.14.11 - 8:34am
Rachel Tatem - Thanks for encouragement! I don't often put myself out there with other photographers and I should.  11.14.11 - 8:28am
Emma Godfrey - I love the way you are so positive about the things that get photographers anxious. Thank you for sharing!  11.14.11 - 8:17am
naomi chokr - i have that same dress!!! target! holler! Are you talking to me in this post? I think you are because of the email i sent you. But it can just be a coincidence. I will say that you are right connecting with other photographers is really really good. I created a FB group for a wrokshop i was in and it has helped me get a ton of 2nd shooting gigs. I think now i just have to go out on a limb and email some photographers and see if they wouldnt mind refering business to me especially since my prices are still lower than theirs. Wish me luck! Maybe one day i can buy you dinner or yoghurt at pink berry when i finally make it... somehow in this industry.  11.14.11 - 8:01am
michelle - Dog school is the most fun ever! Every week after class my husband calls and asks "Top Dog?" To which I reply "Of course!" I'm sure Polo will shine in school as much as my dog, Elaine Benes. :)  11.14.11 - 7:16am
Life with Kaishon - You look SO skinny today. WOW! Have a fun trip!   11.14.11 - 7:10am
Tanya De Leeuw - Thanks for the reminders, J*! Sometimes we lose sight of the basics. Hope you're having a great trip!  11.14.11 - 7:05am
Tiffany Anne - Another great shooting star, Jasmine! I LOVE having photographer friends. Someone is always looking for another photographer to take a job they couldn't do. And it's really fun to have like minded people to hang out with. :)  11.14.11 - 6:59am
Pamela - Thank you for the advice. I'm starting with my friends who work as photographers.   11.14.11 - 6:36am
Allix B. - I LOOOOVE your marketing concepts...they're so helpful!!!  11.14.11 - 6:15am