11.17.11 Personal

Cayman Islands

I laid on the deck of the boat and closed my eyes, willing myself to remember. Everything. The sounds of the crashing ocean, echos of laughter at the helm, the trace of salt water on my lips. I opened my eyes and watched sunset. Beginning, middle, and end, the orange clouds spreading like threads of cotton candy. I couldn't remember the last time I watched the sun set, but I vowed to again soon because it held the promise of an even brighter tomorrow.

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Alina K - went to cayman islands several months ago! absolutly loved it! stunning pictures!  12.01.11 - 3:41pm
tardy - awesome. just awesome.  11.21.11 - 7:31am
Hannes Uys - Absolutely STUNNING. Living the life.  11.20.11 - 11:33pm
Jodie Lemke - wow! Love this. I hope you had a fantastic time!!  11.20.11 - 9:30am
Scottsdale Wedding Photographer - I sooooo need a vacation like this!  11.18.11 - 7:50pm
Jen Smith - Looks dreamy! And not just because my pal Charlotte snapped it. I know she was thrilled to meet you and soak up the sun with all those inspiring Engage 11 peeps!  11.18.11 - 12:35pm
charlotte - J*!!! Words cannot fully describe what it meant to me to meet you and tell you how much your blog has helped me in the past few years. I am so grateful to you for sharing your story with us and for encouraging us all to take a leap of faith. Because of your courage, I have become one of your biggest advocates! Let's make Chucktown happen in 2012!!! And to see my photo credit on your blog is like a dream come true...seriously, THANK YOU! You are awesome and it was so lovely meeting you!!! Hope you made it home safely! XO! Char  11.18.11 - 12:16pm
Brighton Wedding Photographer - I am quite jealous! We've been dreaming of sailing now for more years than I care to admit. Maybe in another 5 years we'll get there!  11.18.11 - 6:12am
alex woods - Your descriptions make me want to visit the beach. I love to see the ocean and enjoy the cool breeze as it touches my face. I hope you enjoyed your time there. As for me, I still need to wait for a few months before I get to go to the beach.   11.17.11 - 10:01pm
Erin Oveis Brant - <3   11.17.11 - 6:03pm
Tara Wheaton - This makes me so wish I didn't get seasick!   11.17.11 - 3:47pm
Denise Prichett - Jasmine, Enjoy your time away!!! Thank you so much for all that you share with us.  11.17.11 - 1:36pm
Brent Pilgrim - So... frikin'... jealous...!  11.17.11 - 11:12am
James B. - Beautiful gallery, perfect weather and good looking angles. Thanks for the share  11.17.11 - 10:40am
MartaV - Great photo of you! You look so happy, carefree.   11.17.11 - 10:04am
Denise - The sights & sounds from my Caribbean trips is the "happy place" I think of while sitting in a dentist's chair.  11.17.11 - 8:45am
karen - Beautiful!  11.17.11 - 8:21am
Heather Mompean - Beautiful images, beautiful moment! Enjoy Jasmine! You deserve a little salt on your lips and wind in your hair!  11.17.11 - 8:19am
Cat - Wow! looks amazing on that boat, lovely photographs :) I adore seeing the sun setting over the sea. sigh* x  11.17.11 - 8:17am
Alicia White - I do this EVERYTIME I travel. I try to will myself to remember all the sites, sounds, and smells around me. Try to soak in the relaxation of that time to remember it during any stressful times. Thanks for the reminder this morning!   11.17.11 - 8:16am
Carla Barnett - Oh, that looks so awesome!  11.17.11 - 7:56am
Penny Wolfe - Great photo of you. I feel happiness just looking at it!!  11.17.11 - 7:55am
Regina Marie - There really is nothing in the world like being on a boat watching sunset. It's one of the things I've formed my life around! (ie living on a sailboat and living in southern FL)  11.17.11 - 7:43am
LEOLAK - Nice shot of you! Now on a the Cayman Islands...that's a way to watch a sunset!!! =)  11.17.11 - 7:07am
Kate Douthwright - I'm so jealous! It's so cold up here in Massachusetts right now, I need a boat, ocean and sun like I need air right now. You deserve a break though, hope you had a nice day off :)  11.17.11 - 6:42am
Mindy Kaye - Just the smile alone on your face tells a story all of its own. Awesome!!! Enjoy, I am wishing me some tropical feeling!!!  11.17.11 - 6:38am
Rachel Tatem - Wanna know a crazy? My sister is moving their in a year. The man she is marrying in January is from there. So beautiful! Love the way you thread your word to make such a fully formed picture!  11.17.11 - 6:35am