SJC Mission Engagement : Rachele + Will

hey sat in the same room during their sophomore year of high school. Rachele was the over-achiever in the first row of their History class and Will--and his long, wavy hair--could be found squarely in the back. They talked on their way in and out of class, but Rachele was busy raising her hand, answering questions, and perfecting the art of being perfect to notice Will. During junior year, they paired to be partners in their Chemistry class and though sparks flew over the bunsen burner, they still remained friends.

Then senior year came around and something happened in their English class...and/or over AOL Instant Messenger. Brightly colored text appeared on their computer screens and the overuse of emoticons made their friendship flourish and one night before a holiday break, Will asked Rachele to a movie. They bonded over late-night shakes at Carl's Jr and soon became best friends.

Thirteen years later, they're still best friends...and soul mates. They'll wed in San Diego next spring and stand together in front of their friends and family promising to start their lives the same way they started their friendship: by making history.

We met at the beautiful San Juan Capistrano Mission for their engagement session and I couldn't have dreamt of a prettier Southern California day!

After a quick outfit change, Rachele donned a special dress given to her by one of her best friends (Hi Robbie! Can't wait to meet you at the wedding!)...

Oh, Rachele...rawr...

The backdrop of the Mission served so well and created just the perfect setting for the engagement session...

The best thing about Will is his ability to make Rachele laugh without even's an amazing gift.

These two make a simple portrait radiate because of their love...

To see more of Rachele and Will's San Juan Capistrano Mission engagement session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Tuesday!
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Terri M. - The pictures take my breath away. There are no words that can come close to the amazingly beautiful pictures, and the awesome couple you are.   11.30.11 - 9:30am
tardy - ahh! beautiful.   11.30.11 - 8:09am
Sachin Khona - Mad skillz J boogie .. love the slideshow .. The track you used is awesome :D  11.30.11 - 8:04am
Gabby / En Route Photography - Congrats!!! She will make a beautiful bride! ;) xxx   11.30.11 - 7:35am
Stephanie M. - These pictures are as beautiful as they are. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures. Love <3  11.29.11 - 8:49pm
nena - What a beautiful couple and they look so happy together! =-)  11.29.11 - 7:51pm
saposki - i think you should patent the ease with which you spot and apply the beautiful light....luv luv luv this pics   11.29.11 - 7:49pm
John - I really like the way you capture the moment of the couple. So natural and a good sense of using available light to your advantage.  11.29.11 - 6:34pm
Mat - Amazing location and beautiful shots!  11.29.11 - 5:53pm
Haley Johnston - I love the texture of the Mission!  11.29.11 - 2:59pm
Mike Moore - Beautiful couple, beautiful location.  11.29.11 - 2:56pm
Alexis - I like the story. The bride's behavior as a student reminds me of my school days because I was the same way-- too busy with the books and making good grades to notice the adorable guy(s) who liked me more than a friend....clueless! lol The bride and groom make a beautiful couple. And they're already starting to look like each other (you know they say that about older married couples who spend so much time together they start to resemble each other)! :) Keep up the beautiful work, J*! :)  11.29.11 - 2:14pm
Cord - Beautiful images! Such a great location. I adore your work!  11.29.11 - 2:08pm
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Jojo Pangilinan - great pics!   11.29.11 - 1:04pm
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Cristina Guerrero - I love the music you put to the slide show!  11.29.11 - 12:10pm
Gail - BEAUTIFUL! And Rachele looks a smidge like Anne Hathaway (meaning, she's beautiful and is going to look GORGE on her wedding day!)   11.29.11 - 11:58am
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LEOLAK - Love the dress and that shot of them walking toward that structure (sorry Chi-towner here no clue what it's actually called lol). They favor each other too...very good looking couple. That single shot of her ....smoking!   11.29.11 - 11:39am
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