Tanya and Cesar : Anytime

A friend of a friend. That's how it worked. Sort of.

Cesar saw Tanya on his friend's profile, and there was something about her that popped from his computer screen. Her smile, her long brown hair, her looks. He immediately called his friend and asked for a good word hookup. After a self-proclaimed terrible first date (complete with his car being totaled), Cesar doubted Tanya would give him another chance. But she did...again and again and again. They married close to three years ago and are completely in love, both with each other and their photography business.

They flew from Dallas, Texas last week and sat warming in the Huntington Beach sun along Main Street. Cesar stood holding his camera bag, making awkward shadows on the grey sidewalk, and Tanya gazed at surfers will their longboards perched on their heads as they walked past. They arrived prepared for the engagement session they never had and were ready to have a little fun in Orange County.

Tanya and Cesar, thank you for making my afternoon so enjoyable. It was great meeting you in person and I think nothing but the highest of you both. The passion you possess is evident and I'm honored to allowed me to document your love. Yes, I was quite possibly the MOST nervous I've ever been before an engagement session, but I thank you for immediately putting me at ease. Again, thank you and I look forward to our paths crossing again soon! Much Love...J*

Tanya and Cesar wanted to start the shoot with a more urban feel, so we walked around Huntington for a bit before heading to the beach...

To see more of their photos, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
**I've never done this before, but when I saw this picture, I fell out laughing. So I have to post it. Tanya and Ceasar had their cameras out while I was shooting and snapped the following picture and posted it on their blog...hilarious! I'm quite sure I'm going to get a frigid email from my mother insisting I couldn't possibly have been sane in dressing the way I did for this engagement session, but, hey, I wanted to be comfortable while I was shooting! :)

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vasia - I decided to randomly look at some of your archives! That hat is hot ;) I think I have the same one at the back of my closet somewhere hee hee.  03.07.12 - 6:12am
Kay English - Nice pictures! I love photographing at the beach and I love how you get really low to the ground! I'm going to try that at my weddings this weekend :)   07.29.09 - 8:42am
Serge - You are really photogenic couple :-)  03.27.09 - 9:25am
Tonya - This is what my husband and I need to do! Our wedding and engagement pics were crap! We have been married 2 years already but that is ok right? Do you think you could email your pricing for doing something like this? Then I can save up for next time we are in California! I have always wanted killer pics on the beach!  10.03.07 - 1:43pm
Marlin Munoz - Great images Jasmine! I'm really diggin that nixon watch your wearing!  10.02.07 - 2:10pm
Tiffany - I lovin the pic of you Jas and the one of him holding the camera! You captured them well=0)  10.02.07 - 9:49am
Margo - I love the fifth picture and the one of them holding their cameras. And what's wrong with your outfit? You're working! There's nothin wrong with what you're wearing.  10.02.07 - 9:20am
Titit Alakija - Thats my burrito!!1 Tanya you look lovely! Cesar, Hola papi!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  10.02.07 - 8:42am
Justine Ungaro - Love these Jasmine! I think the outfit is cute actually, you should see some of the numbers that I wear...sometimes it looks like I was dressed by a 3 year old. :)  10.02.07 - 8:06am
Jasmine* - To those who asked about the light in my's actually a video light. I'll sometimes bring it out when it gets rather dark. The sun had already set, but I still wanted to shoot, so I tried something a little different. It didn't really work, but it was worth the try, right?! :) Oh, and Julie...I wasn't wearing my wedding ring because it's getting resized. I guess all the shooting has made my fingers fatter. could be the Ben&Jerry's. Hmmm. Let's settle for the former option! ;)  10.01.07 - 8:35pm
david baxter - these are awesome jasmine! tanya & cesar look hot in these! i think i like the one on the couch the best and the last one ;)  10.01.07 - 8:35pm
Misty - I love these photos!! this is what exactly what I want the engagment photos we never got (our engagment photos was taken in his parents bathroom with me holding the camera out lol) and I personally like what you're wearing, comfy and cool :-)  10.01.07 - 8:32pm
Millie Juarez - JB...What an honor to have two very good photographers have you take their personal pictures!! Great job!  10.01.07 - 8:13pm
Brian Khang - Yup, you totaly kicked butt on this one Jasmine and don't worry.. I wear pretty much the same stuff on my shoots too... well.. minus the girly hat.  10.01.07 - 7:18pm
Julie Avina - excuse me missy.where's your wedding ring :-)  10.01.07 - 6:10pm
Matthew Saville - Ahh, I checked out their blog, and hmmm I thought I was the only person who just held up my remote flash! Cool even the top pros do it! Take care, =Matt=  10.01.07 - 4:30pm
cassandra m - I Love the last two photos where they are holding their cameras...nice! and the one of you is great girl :) i wear the same casual attire for engagement shoots...hee hee :) photos are awesome!  10.01.07 - 3:55pm
Ronnie - rockin' shots!! are you using a fill flash? saw on their blog with your hand in the air with a light striking out? wireless? hmmm. great stuff!  10.01.07 - 3:24pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Hot Hot the couch shot!   10.01.07 - 2:59pm
Jasmine* - Thanks y'all for the comments! Tanya and Cesar deserve it all, though! :) Hi Mark! I use raw presets to process wedding images, but seeing how I shoot all jpeg for e-sessions, I use iView to view and choose my images and then open them in Photoshop. So, yes I use Bridge, but I have yet to use Lightroom...however, I want to get the ball rolling with it soon! :)  10.01.07 - 12:55pm
Stacy Cross - Love 'em! I cannot wait for you to shoot me and Stanbo. We'll make it happen sometime soon! :) We just love your stuff lady!  10.01.07 - 12:19pm
Mark Brooke - Really Great shoot! I just did the same thing for a couple that has been married for two years and never had an engagement. Iwas curious after looking over a lot of you photos, do you prefer to edit in Bridge or lightroom, and have you made your own presets or do you use DJ's? J* you did a really great job keep up the INSPIRING work!  10.01.07 - 11:47am
kara pennington - awesome!! love them all and the one of you is great :)  10.01.07 - 11:22am
Tanya Perez - I absolutely love all of them and I usually hate the way I come out in pictures! You were nervous... HA! We were! Can you believe that my mom is actually the one that emailed me to tell me the pictures were up. I didn't even know she had your link! We look forward to seeing you some time again soon too. Your awesome personality is refreshing!   10.01.07 - 11:04am
cesar perez - Man these pics rock!!!! That guy is a stud....must be a part time model or jk. You rock jasmine thanks so much for everything!   10.01.07 - 10:46am
alicia - jasmine - from what i've seen on your blog - you are incredibly adorable and could wear sweats and still look great! such beautiful shots of these two! ; )   10.01.07 - 10:44am