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Decadent December : Family Photos

Dear God, thank you for gathering our family together, but please allow us to like each other in an hour or so. Family pictures haven't ever really been my thing and I really don't wanna make anyone cry this year, so if you could help me out, that'd be great. Oh, and please forgive my twin sister FOR DRESSING LIKE ME and making me relive those childhood nightmares of identicalness. Ummm, and please make me my parents' most favorite child for taking family pictures so they don't have to go to Olan Mills. Amen.

Yes, I made the family hold hands before our photo shoot and say a prayer because last year was slightly disastrous. This year I decided to enlist Alexandria's boyfriend, Martin to photograph our group photo (instead of a tripod), but I had to give him a crash course in shooting a group backlit.
Note to self: Never make this face again. Ever.

This is Alexandria and her boyfriend, Martin. They've been dating for five years and he's kinda slipped into our family seamlessly.

This is Zoe. Or as I refer to her: CRAZY ZOE.

She's the baby of the family and has everyone wrapped around her tiny fingers.

This is my twin sister, Bianca, and her husband Matt. At this moment, Matt surprised Bianca with a bear hug from behind and their reactions are what memories are made of.

This is Sebastian...he owns a part of my heart I'll never be able to get back. I'm incredibly close with this kid and I love him...especially because he's been helping me and JD with shipping magazines and saving us in our darkest moments of insanity. We pay him in burritos and Korean BBQ.

This is Sebastian and his girlfriend, Dani. We love her too...and yes, she works for Korean BBQ as well.

This is my parents. I posted a hoity toity picture of them for their anniversary, so I opted to post a silly one of them. To be honest, this is exactly who they are. Happy, carefree, and in love.

I'm sure I said something inappropriate.

This is Handsome Face. Otherwise known as JD.

Don't be jealous of my smooth dance moves.

I am who I am because of my family. I don't deserve such amazing people in my life, but I consider myself blessed to call them my own.

As part of Decadent December, JD and I spent the weekend with my family in Lake Arrowhead, California. We rented a cabin and enjoyed the time we spent together playing games, eating junk food, and making fun of each other. It's our love language. Late one night, after watching Home Alone, all the kids (I can still call myself that, right?!) fell asleep in the living room. We had a slumber party of epic proportions and I hope to do it again next year.

Happy Friday!
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Stacey - Okay-obviously you are an identical twin! I've heard of feeling each other's feelings but making each other's faces (at the same time) and in a portrait, no less, is crazy!!!  12.17.11 - 10:39pm
Evonne Wong - What a beautiful and fun family. Can we sign up for the next gathering? :)  12.15.11 - 2:08pm
Jon Hurst (Bristol wedding photographer) - What a fun, smiley family you have Jasmine. Great natural shots!  12.15.11 - 9:37am
Wess Gray - Jasmine, Please give yourself a gift for 2036, a 24x36 matted, glassed, and framed portrait of the last image. It will be a treasure.  12.14.11 - 4:09am
Moch - Yo' sista Bianca look exactly you! She is gorg too! Happy Holidays :)  12.13.11 - 9:18am
cassandra-m - Love the b/w photo series...but more than that, I love all the emotions I can feel from just looking at the images . . . happiness . . . Love . . . Joy . . . Fun . . . And happiness again! Hello Jasmine's family! Merry Christmas!  12.12.11 - 9:50pm
Samantha - You have a twin?!! Me too! :) Love the family photos! It's cool they're in black and white. Your family is awesome : )  12.12.11 - 8:23pm
Em - I really appreciate that your family is normal. Well, at least by my family's experience of normal. : -)  12.12.11 - 4:20pm
tim king - awesome post, jazz. really, really glad to see you taking advantage of this time together with friends/family. makes me wonder if this is something that's going to affect how you do things moving forward?  12.12.11 - 2:26pm
ALMA - You captured the true essence of your family, soo..lovely.   12.12.11 - 1:04pm
Belinda - Awww! These are awesome Jasmine! Thanks for sharing!  12.12.11 - 9:33am
Ren - Your family is gorgeous and they look so fun! I think it's hilariously adorable that you and your twin dressed similarly.   12.11.11 - 11:06pm
Jessica St. Johns Photography - Jasmine, among the many things that you inspire me to do, I think I am going to have to add "Don't be afraid to edit moremoremore in black and white." to that list...I love how your family photos look so ridiculously fun, but so completely classy at the same time. P.S. I freaking adore your parents.  12.11.11 - 4:52pm
LEOLAK - LOVE THIS!!! So awesome...I bet it's a blast to hang out with all of you! Great pics...and love love the last shot of you and JD!! Talk about swoon and sizzle in one pic!!!   12.11.11 - 7:46am
Mom - I loved the whole idea of going up to the mountains this year for our family pictures. Jasmine, like always, your pictures bring a smile to my face! I love you, Mom  12.11.11 - 7:16am
Mireya :) - Happy Decadent December to you I ? the prayer :D  12.10.11 - 3:41pm
Jill Samter Photography - Absolutely beautiful and real! I adore your love for one another and that shot of you and JD heads touching - PERFECT! xoxo Merry Christmas!!  12.10.11 - 2:29pm
Giovanna - aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww and again another aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww I'm so happy to see you enjoy like this with your family Jasmine, you deserve that and more sister!   12.10.11 - 1:36pm
Vasia - Adorable family! We have a big fat crazy family spread out all over Canada, Greece and Korea... If I EVER get everyone in the same room together, I'm locking 'em in until we get a decent group shot!  12.10.11 - 1:06pm
Jodie Lemke - Beautiful! THIS is family.. this right here! Love it!  12.10.11 - 12:50pm
michelle gunton - real laughter makes the best family pictures. Love them!  12.10.11 - 8:49am
Schaffer Photography - Your family seems like so much fun!! I love it :)  12.10.11 - 6:33am
Alicia Candelora - So OUR family photos pretty much all turned out like the first one in this blog. 11 people and a dog always family family portrait time very, very interesting. Thank God for a tripod and photoshop so that I could piece together a picture where everyone was at least looking at the camera...  12.10.11 - 1:55am
Avishek - Awesome photos. The first time I saw photos of your twin sister, i got confused with you. :P Its indeed a very nice feeling to have a wonderful family. God bless to all. BTW I am a fan of your work. I feel inspired all the time.  12.09.11 - 11:41pm
Sherry Hebestreit - Loved seeing this happy family. The secret ingredients are Love and having fun together!   12.09.11 - 9:36pm
Stacey - Total City Girl - Glad you had such a nice time. Happy to see you are so close with your family. Have a great weekend!  12.09.11 - 6:53pm
Angie Mack - I always look forward during this time when you post your beautiful family Christmas photos. Your photos always somehow make me feel like I've jump out of myself and into the your family mix. Thanks for sharing them, J*. the way...I adore the shot of you and JD and Bianca and Matt and especially of your beautiful parents. Merry Christmas!  12.09.11 - 6:18pm
Denise Prichett - I love the black and white photos. It looks like you all had a good time - getting everyone together for one photo is truly an achievement. ;)  12.09.11 - 5:49pm
Juliet - Love the photos! So much fun. My twin sister gets mad at me when we dress alike too. But, it's not my fault. It's a twin thing right?  12.09.11 - 2:37pm
Life with Kaishon - The love just makes me cry. So beautiful.  12.09.11 - 2:31pm
Abbie Kressner - I feel your pain on the nightmares of identicalness! It's really annoying when people think you are literally only 1/2 a person. But... at the end of the day, I would rather have her in my life than not!  12.09.11 - 2:19pm
Alex W - Your brother is HOT! Can I trade my husband in for him? Ha ha... Only joking.... a bit!  12.09.11 - 1:47pm
Lauren Wakefield - This whole post makes me smile.  12.09.11 - 1:37pm
Tanya Petraglia - Oh Jasmine! I did a belly laugh! xo  12.09.11 - 12:32pm
Nancy Wyatt - This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs from Conroe, TX  12.09.11 - 12:10pm
Samantha R - I seriously didn't know that you had a twin sister; cool! I'm a twin too and we are very identical. Honestly, I can barely tell you and Bianca apart so you must be identical too? Great family shots and it looks like you all had a blast!  12.09.11 - 11:45am
Liz - This made me smile - a lot. In March my small family will be getting together in the same place at the same time for the first time in 7 years (we've been brother & sister together, or brother and parents, or sister and parents, across 3 different countries). And we'll be welcoming two new additions - my husband and my brother's girlfriend (also a Dani!). Your post reminded me to get my bum in gear and practice seamlessly setting up a tripod and then sprinting to the group :) Gorgeous photos and I love the black and white!  12.09.11 - 11:24am
kristin Nicole - So fun...just love it!  12.09.11 - 11:07am
marisa - home alone is my favorite christmas movie of all time!!! and my family would totally do the same thing...i love it :)  12.09.11 - 10:56am
KB - Happy happy happy! :)  12.09.11 - 10:41am
ashley barnett - even your family photos are glamorous!! we tried to do ours last night, but the christmas lights blew out halfway through.... JUST MY LUCK. So maybe no one will get Christmas Cards this year... hrmph.  12.09.11 - 10:34am
Christa Hann - Okay so I wanna see a photo of the twin sisters dressed alike :) you know just like when you were young.  12.09.11 - 10:07am
Jeni Brower - You guys look like you had so much fun! I'm glad you all took the time to hang out together & I'd love to hear what was making everybody laugh...even the kids! :)  12.09.11 - 9:39am
Tardy - HAHA! that first picture is a keeper for the living room wall for sure! glad to see JD getting some face time on the blog! :)  12.09.11 - 9:38am
Nicky Chadwick-Buckley - Gorgeous as always :)  12.09.11 - 9:34am
Jessica - Ok, so your dancing picture totally made me think of the movie with Sandra Bullock where she's dancing out in the woods...can't remember the name of it. But this totally made me think of that scene. Hilarious. How awesome you have a family who all gets along :)  12.09.11 - 9:33am
Nicole Lennox - Love, love, love! I was TRYING to get this type of outcome for my recent family pics but when the weather dropped below 40, everyone bailed... Here's to next year!   12.09.11 - 9:22am
kati - It's so good to be loved! Loved this post! Merry Christmas!   12.09.11 - 9:15am
Haley Johnston - This is so great! The pictures are beautiful!  12.09.11 - 9:15am
Jenny E - This is what life is all about. It is amazing how a photo can say so much. This is love & happiness at its best.  12.09.11 - 9:14am
Jen K. - this is so stinkin' sweet and I especially love the last photo of just you and JD!  12.09.11 - 9:13am
Michelle March - I don't say this to you enough... I'm so thankful for everything you do to help and inspire. You have an awesome family. You're all so lucky to have one another. :)  12.09.11 - 9:06am
Aimee - You were the first twin born, right? You have to be! Love the family candid photos!  12.09.11 - 8:57am
Shane Bradley - Hahaha "Back-back-back it up..." Love the dance photo...and all the rest of course!! Happy December Jasmine and JD!! :)  12.09.11 - 8:51am
Caroline Lima - Jasmine! I love the pictures!!! Oh boy, looking at your latin family makes me miss mine even more! It is hard to be away. I wish all the best to you and your family. Give them a big Brazilian hug for me! Carol  12.09.11 - 8:51am
Tara - These are fabulous! LOVE all the genuine laughter  12.09.11 - 8:48am
Keren - LOVE!! You think I wouldn't be so shocked that you and your sister look so much a like...I mean you are twins...but it is so weird looking at 2 of you! haha. You should post a pic of the two of you next to each other wearing the same thing. :)  12.09.11 - 8:44am
Regina Marie - What a beautiful family! The whole lot of you are amazing, you can tell just by the photos. you can really feel the love your family has in these. Thank you for sharing your family with us.  12.09.11 - 8:44am
Reverie Magazine - But where oh where is Polo? Beautiful family and beautiful photos! x  12.09.11 - 8:43am
eric vargas - Luv the family shots just alittle more to know about u luv your style  12.09.11 - 8:41am
Shannon K. - You most certainly DO deserve to have such a wonderful family. And they are equally lucky to have you! Something tells me, it just wouldn't (dys)function quite the same way without you!! ;)  12.09.11 - 8:34am
Laura Fiore - Nice to see everyone was well behaved for your family photos! I'm sure the memories they evoke are perfectly you and yours! LOVE them!  12.09.11 - 8:31am
Ashley Goodwin - I absolutely love these, especially the last one where you and Bianaca are totally being twinsies. And your brother. ;)  12.09.11 - 8:29am
Neda Lahrodi-Blake - You are blessed to have them and one lucky family to have such a dedicated daughter, sister, wife, friend. xx  12.09.11 - 8:23am
Katherine Salvatori - This made me feel all warm and mushy inside!!  12.09.11 - 8:18am
Chrisinda Treadwell - Such a beautiful family! Love these kind of family images!   12.09.11 - 8:18am
Mike Moore - Jasmine, I love the "in-between" moments and how you capture real life and real love. Congrats!  12.09.11 - 8:16am
Rachel Ranalli - These are SO CUTE! I feel like I have met the whole family now!   12.09.11 - 8:15am
Tasha Prescott - Gorgeous Jasmine! Love the backlight, but adore it in the image of you and JD! Beautiful family!   12.09.11 - 8:15am
Jan _Green Tree Photography - These are SOO sweet! Thanks for sharing these precious moments with your gorgeous family! You are blessed =)  12.09.11 - 8:13am
Abby Grace - I love this post! I love the glimpse into your family's life. The canvas you did last year with everyone's individual photo and the group image is something I've been thinking of doing for my mom, but I can never get everyone together at the same time. Maybe next year!  12.09.11 - 8:13am
Autumn Teesdale - What a beautiful and happy family! This brought tears to my eyes to see all the love in this family (Im a little hormonal, preggo LOL) But I think every family photo should be like this...filled with love, laughter and the true spirit showing through!!  12.09.11 - 7:36am
rich - such fun and beautiful family shots! would love to work for you for korean bbq too haha! such a heart warming post!  12.09.11 - 7:27am
Penny Wolfe - THAT is exactly how a family portrait should look. Family portraits, I believe, should show who we are. Laughing, having a good time, and not looking at the camera. :) Those are the memories we want to have. How we were. How we loved. BEST. FAMILY. PORTRAIT. EVER!  12.09.11 - 7:13am
steph - LOVE the photo of Bianca and Matt!  12.09.11 - 7:04am
Carrie K - Love the "hoity toity" shot of you and JD. ;) Beautiful photos! I don't know that my family will be as craaazaaaay in front of the camera, but one can only hope...!  12.09.11 - 6:47am
Katelyn James - I look forward to this post every year! I sure hope it becomes a tradition. I adore your family and I've never met them. Beautiful post jas!  12.09.11 - 6:27am
Antonis - How does a family consist of so many beautiful people?! Your family's love shines through in these photos. #jealous.  12.09.11 - 5:57am
Kate Douthwright - Your family is so gorg! What awesome pictures you can all keep forever. hope youre having fun in Cabo!  12.09.11 - 5:32am
Edwardson - I feel the love, craziness and genuine happiness. Simply awesome! Everyone in your family is photogenic especially with Zoe and her hair ;-) Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2012!  12.09.11 - 5:21am
Gino - Wonderful Jasmine, makes me feel good all over!  12.09.11 - 4:48am
Alvah Reida Photography - Beautiful family! You guys look like you had a blast and I especially love the last pic of you and JD  12.09.11 - 4:47am
a little bit of whimsy photography - for the smiles, for the laughter, for the love.. be still my heart. BEAUTIFUL!  12.09.11 - 4:43am
Alexis - Aww, J*! Your family photos are: 1) GORGEOUS 2) BEAUTIFUL 3) PERFECT 4) Overflowing with LOVE :) God bless you!   12.09.11 - 4:27am