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How to Win a Scavenger Hunt.

ast night I searched through my purse and looked for something. You know, SOMETHING. The thing that's somewhere in my I must sift through other necessities ("necessities" being used loosely because I'm a girl and slightly high-maintence). I'm an organized person, but I feel the urgency to carry everything I might need at any given time, Apocalypse included, so it can get the way of The Search.

When I was a kid I snuck into a baby shower my mother attended and they were playing a game. It was a scavenger hunt of sorts where ladies were broken into teams and had to find the items on the scavenger list based solely on what was in their purses. Since that day, I've been determined to win every scavenger hunt. Ever.

This is what a winner's bag looks like...

The Purse - I adore this leather Madewell clutch...I'm pretty much a sucker for a good clutch and this one? Functional and adorbs.

The Bandaid - A necessity for any girl in heels.

The iPhone - This is a camera and I hate when it rings and gets in the way of taking a photo. Duh.

The Dimes - I keep random change at the bottom of my purse. It makes me feel like I have swag.

The Ticket Stub - It reminds me of happy memories and places.

The Bobbypins - For hot mess moments.

The Ring - Whist Christmas shopping, I bought myself this ring from Nordstrom and it makes me feel like a hippie from Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Camera Caps - I have no idea why these are in there, but HOLLLLLLA for my Canon gear.

The Pen - I will always, 100% carry a pen. If I could carry a quill I would because I like feathers.

The Lip Wear - I never leave home without glossage and this week's colors du jour are Subculture liner, Beaux, and Ready Or Not!

The Memory - A zip drive. Just in case I'm needed by the FBI and need to transfer files at any given time.

The Necklace - Found this it at a thrift store and it fulfills my hipster urges.

The Scent - I love this petit parfum solide (I Made You a Mixed Tape) by Tokyo Milk and I never have to worry about spillage.

The Notes - The Tokyo Milk packaging kills me...die! Included are small note cards and I carry them around for emergency--yet stylish--communication.

The Book - I always carry reading material, but have yet to remove this precious book from my personage since finishing it.

Happy Scavenger Hunt Tuesday, y'all!
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Jennifer Kelly - I thought I was the only person who knew how AMAZING Tokyo Milk I Made You A Mix Tape was! I wish they made it in more ways to apply...I want to take a bath in that stuff :)  01.14.12 - 1:57am
Karen - I've been following your blog for yyyeeearrrsss and I had always wanted to see a "what's in my bag" post from you. =]  12.29.11 - 5:37pm
Alyssa - I am absolutely the same way when it comes to my bag. Even when I carry the smallest of clutches. My hubby jokes that I have a magical bag beacuse he doesn't understand how I can fit so much in them. Last year at a girlfriend's Bridal Shower we played this game... I nearly won by myself!! :-)  12.28.11 - 8:31pm
Shannon Rosan - LOOOOOOVE Tokyo Milk products...I totally swoon over their packaging too :)  12.27.11 - 10:58pm
Bryan - No "guy version" of this game, is there... "Keys?" "Yeah." "Wallet?" "Uh-huh." "Ok, we're done." :-)  12.27.11 - 7:59pm
anda - love this post :) also love madewell and tokyo milk is my fave! i was just picking out a new scent day, actually. the best!  12.27.11 - 5:40pm
Sarajane Case - Jasmine, I played one of those scavenger hunts and won by like 15 items. I took it WAY to seriously. It was awkward.   12.27.11 - 5:08pm
Tony Belmont - You know that when they have a scavenger hunt it will include everything. Except. What. You. Have. LOL. I think that's a corollary to Murphy's Law. But you have those things you need/want, so all is good.  12.27.11 - 5:05pm
Faith Cherisse - J* only you can be this Fabulous! :)   12.27.11 - 4:11pm
Erin - Wow so organized! Mine is Bigger with so much more STUFF. :) But each thing has a compartment. My way of staying organized in my unorganized world.   12.27.11 - 3:54pm
Christa - I remember that game....funny what stiff you find in a purse :)  12.27.11 - 3:34pm
Robert - Great list...can I replace lipgloss with Carmex?  12.27.11 - 2:29pm
Jai Catalano - It's the Canon cap that makes you a winner. The lone bandade helps.   12.27.11 - 1:57pm
janina - I love scavenger hunts at parties! Whenever I put one together, I also include tissues, grocery card/tab, lotion, and mints or gum. :)  12.27.11 - 1:36pm
Penny - Love it!! Tokyomilk Le Petit No. 2 Parfum  12.27.11 - 12:55pm
Anna - time ago I published on my blog also content of my bag: All woman bags are amazing treasury ;-) greetings from Vienna.  12.27.11 - 12:24pm
Alex - Def a winning collection! Does your lipgloss not ooze on the inside of your bag? Is it just me and every lipgloss I have purchased ever in my life? :(  12.27.11 - 12:23pm
Lydia - A cute clutch? I need a hobo bag twice the size to fit all my "necessities!"  12.27.11 - 12:22pm
Paola - Wow! Your bag is amazingly organized compared to mine. My purse is a scary thing to search through, haha!  12.27.11 - 12:13pm
alexandra - lip gloss, point-and-shoot, and iphone are a must! as well as emergency bobby pins. newest acquisition: yummy Michael Kors wristlet functioning as a wallet, containing credit cards that bestie has not yet confiscated to hide from me. new business cards!! for leaving boys my number, obvi.   12.27.11 - 11:54am
Liz Flaherty - Even the contents of your purse looks like art :)  12.27.11 - 11:35am
emily - i don't feel so alone with my giant purse findings anymore! some days i find mine full of candy, chapstick and coupons among other random thing-a-ma-bobs. but winning the scavanger hunt? totally legit reasoning :)  12.27.11 - 11:25am
Erica Halstead - I'm feelin' this blog post. lol #1.) You crack me up, and #2.) I too have an affliction for jewelry/accessories that make me feel like a hippy. :) lol Although, my purse is no where NEAR as neat as this. Ever. Happy Holidays woman!! <3  12.27.11 - 11:21am
Jodie Lemke - What is the little green thingy by your lens cap!? This is nothing like my purse you wanna see a hot mess hahaha i have diapers, lotions..tissues and well its just not gonna fit in a clutch ;) Super cute though!   12.27.11 - 11:19am