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Kisses+Disses : Melatonin + Tiny Tim

watched from the sofa as everyone opened their gifts and smiled. I love Christmas and derive no greater happiness when someone opens a gift I bought her. The gift, as small as it is, is a way for me to express my appreciation and let that person know I read between the lines and got her something special. I just reread that sentence and it makes me sound like a Robbins Brothers commercial...I need to cut it with the cheesiness.

No, but really, gift giving is a big deal to me. And not the gift itself (one of my favorites this year was a $10 gift from my little sister), but the thoughtfulness of it all.

At the end of night, my mom asked if I liked everything and I replied, Sure, mama..., but she stopped mid-sentence and ran to my twin sister and started whispering. Apparently, someone forgot to get me a few gifts. Moments later, after rummaging in her room, my mother cornered me in the hallway and apologized, but before I could stop her, my mom handed me an unwrapped bottle of Melatonin (I know you have trouble sleeping at night) and a $25 gift card to Olive Garden.

Later that night, I recounted the story to JD and before I knew it, I was crying. I swore to him it wasn't about the gifts, it's just that I feel like my mom didn't think about me this year... I trailed off and JD stomped into my pity party with a machete. Six years ago, he said with as much patience he could muster, we weren't sure your mom was going to be here...alive...with us, so if anyone is being unthoughtful, it's you. He then reminded me it wasn't about the gifts under the tree, but who's around the tree.

Right about then I had a Tiny Tim moment (God bless us, every one!) without the crutch, which leads me to an installment of Kisses and Disses.

This week's DISSES go to...
*Me. A petulant daughter who couldn't see a real Christmas miracle standing in front of my face.
*Left over holiday desserts. Cookies, cake, brownies, rice crispy treats...they're piled in my kitchen beckoning me like sirens at sea.
*The gym being overcrowded this time of year. It's those darn desserts, I tell ya!

This week's KISSES go to...
*Today being New Year's Eve Eve. I feel like popping some bubbly just to ensure I'm ready for's all about practice, Internet.
*Olive Garden gift cards. Went to the OG (that's what us locals call it) for dinner this week...and ordered a dipping sauce to boot!
*Basketball being back...I'm a Lakers fan through and through (still miss you, Lamar!)...but tell me those Clippers aren't looking darn good this year! Dang it.

Happy Friday!
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Judy Coleman - Jasmine, you are a gift to me! It is now 3 in the morning. Three-- did I say, "THREE am!" I have been on your blog for hours, and have loved all the 'off the wall' humor that goes along with the warmth and wisdom. I've never met you, but I looooove you! Love your style, through and through. I have been in such a slump, and you certainly have given me more of a drive. Thanks grundles . . . I love yer guts, Jude  01.27.12 - 1:58am
Katie - That last "kiss" at the end made my heart sink (as a die hard Laker Hater) and then SOAR (as a lonely Clipper Lover)!!  01.06.12 - 2:27pm
Julia - Still catching up, so yes, I'm late on this, but just thought you might want to know (me being the all knowing - HA!): "New Year's Eve Eve"? I think that's called New Year's Adam. (Comes before Eve?!) Cracks me up every time! And if you can't crack yourself up, well...  01.04.12 - 8:45am
Susan Jennings - Jasmine, Maybe you should read this book: Our Sunday School class read this book a few years back, it helps put things in perspective. I think you would benefit from reading it. Happy New Year!  01.04.12 - 8:36am
May - Being able to spend any holoday with people who really matter to you is a precious intangible gift; not many people can have it!   01.02.12 - 4:59pm
christine - I've always been a Laker fan too, but you can't deny the Clippers are lookin to win! :)  01.02.12 - 4:46pm
danielle - maybe its because I"m away from my family for the holidays, but this post made me cry.. thanks for being so open and honest and keeping it real, even the personal things that you don't have to share... and when you do share that stuff, you touch people and even convict them! Even push them to to look at themselves. Thanks for being honest. And the OG's the :) oh and JD's the man, he's got talent. Well happy holiday to your and yours <3 i know you are counting your blessings!!  01.02.12 - 1:04pm
Lainee Regina Photography - I read this and was ok till I saw your Mom's little "I love you". Then I cried. And also, I have a whole coconut cream cake sitting in my fridge and I'm wondering if I can have it for breakfast?  01.02.12 - 8:01am
Erin - I had a similar moment on Xmas morning when we finished opening our stockings and there was no Exposed magazine. My hubby could tell I was down-cast, but my reaction when I found it under the tree made up for it. Great work on the magazine, it has been inspiring and a great push in the right direction. I hope there is another issue in the works!  01.02.12 - 5:20am
Life with Kaishon - I love melatonin. I am so glad you have your mama.   01.02.12 - 5:14am
Wedding Photography Melbourne - JD - ever the wise man. He's a bit like Yoda!  01.02.12 - 4:27am
Lisa - I loved how you portrayed your hubby with the machete!!! You are hilarious!! I love how you write, it makes me think plus laugh all the time!! xoxo  01.01.12 - 9:20pm
Tara - I love this post, because it touched on several things for me. I LOVE gift giving and my favorite gift this year was Capri Sun Juice Packs for my nephew! He loved them! I am a mom and my presents have to be even amongst all my kids or I feel guilty. I am a bit hurt when a family member doesn't reciprocate and it is NOT about the presents, but that they were thinking of me.... and then guilt again for thinking that way! As my family grows up and moves on I need to be joyful that they are all under the same roof at the same time no matter how short the time. Because life and life shared with family is precious. Happy New Year Jasmine and JD. Thank you for sharing your life.  12.31.11 - 10:15pm
Bryan Lindsey - Awesomeness: "Mom I love you Jasmine! Mom 12.30.11 - 4:20pm"  12.31.11 - 7:44pm
Angie Mack - I don't know if I should laugh or cry when you said that JD stomped into your pity party with a machete. I want to thank you, J*, for your ongoing inspiration. One of the wisest thing I did was ordering your Exposed magazine. My stance for 2012 (thanks to you): "Living out loud and being EXPOSED."  12.30.11 - 4:33pm
Sheila - "He then reminded me it wasn't about the gifts under the tree, but who's around the tree." ... My husband said the exact same thing this year!  12.30.11 - 4:24pm
Schaffer Photography - So glad that your mom is ok! I also have soooo much Christmas junk food, aka chocolate awesomeness lurking around my house. It is torture!!  12.30.11 - 1:32pm
Mom - I love you Jasmine! Mom  12.30.11 - 1:20pm
Aimee - Wow, it wasn't until I read this that I remembered - Ohmygosh, I didn't even THINK about the fact that my dad was cancer free this year. I just took it for granted and his cancer was oh so last year like a fashion fad. I'm glad you reminded me - or JD. Either way, thanks, being appreciative for his good health just moved to the top of my NY resolution list.  12.30.11 - 1:07pm
Christa - It's all the sugar from the desserts that make our emotions all out of whack. Well...that's my story & I'm sticking to it :)  12.30.11 - 12:55pm
Tiffany Angulo - Hope you and JD had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year poppin bubbly! So to comment on your post...1)Melatonin = mimis...nice lil helper for hard nights! 2) I also LOVE the OG even though people say it's the worst Italian food..umm hello breadsticks! and 3) Go Lakers!!  12.30.11 - 12:02pm
Andrea Paris - It takes a lot of courage to see our less than perfect self and even more to share it with the world. Thank you for sharing the story and JD for reminding us to look beyond ourselves. Happy New Year to both of you. BTW, I recommend David Shenk's The Genius in All of Us, I think you'll like it.   12.30.11 - 11:22am
LEOLAK - Thanks for sharing such a vulnerable moment. Great post! You are on fire this week! Happy NY Eve Eve!   12.30.11 - 11:21am
Annia - ...Aaaand the infinite wisdom of JD strikes again! Good looks AND smarts to boot. You did well. Happy New Year!   12.30.11 - 10:47am
Elizabeth - Funny... Funny the fact that I was telling someone that I felt underappreciated by our siblings with kids. We always get the nieces and nephews a little something... But it seems we and our furkids (we have no children) are not thought of by those with kids. Thanks for putting in perspective that maybe my attitude and expectations should change. And that sometimes the gifts we do have are not necessarily purchased.   12.30.11 - 10:12am
Kate Douthwright - Can I please borrow JD about 17 times a day so I can have someone make me see the big picture? Also, I'm so not looking forward to a packed gym next week! Its gonna be bonkers and no one better steal my spin bike! For realsises!  12.30.11 - 10:02am
Katelyn James - I took Melatonin in high school before I tried out for american idol! Yes... I couldn't sleep for DAYS! :) so embarassing!  12.30.11 - 9:32am
Colleen - ...and now? I'm the one crying. JD is so right...I so miss my Momma and Daddy. 55 years old and I miss them like a 5 year old. The people around the tree ARE the gifts. Thank you for reminding us JD...and thank you Jasmine for having the love to share the story.  12.30.11 - 8:53am
Haley Johnston - This week has been a Kiss and Diss week for me too! I loved this posted!   12.30.11 - 8:51am
Crystal - Disses to me too. I found myself in a similar boat. When complaining to my husband that it just wasn't that great of Christmas, I realized Christmas was great - it was my attitude that wasn't. Here's to the loved ones that remind us to see past ourselves! Happy New Year!  12.30.11 - 8:41am
Amanda Mumford - Wish I had some dessert in my house - I ate them all already!  12.30.11 - 8:34am
Tami - The best present is presence. Have a great new year j*!  12.30.11 - 8:27am