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Engagement Photography in Review : 2011

ne of my favorite things to do as I gear up for the new year is to plan engagement sessions. I adore getting to know my clients before their wedding, and the opportunity to see how they love in front of my camera makes me feel lucky. Really darn lucky if I was being honest. Each session reflects the core of their love and highlights their personalities (afterall, they choose the location, their wardrobe, and the overall aesthetic), and watching their love unfurl has its perks.

Namely, these perks come in the form of seeing the world through the eyes of lovebirds. And, really, the world is a beautiful place.

Here are a few of my favorites from 2011...

Happy Monday!
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Brighton Wedding Photographer - I love the more candid feel to engagement shoots :)  04.23.12 - 4:28pm
John - Ha! That picture of the girl in the purple shirt behind the white fence was taken in Venice Beach, at the EXACT same spot Jeremy Cowart did a BTS photoshoot video with Scott Kelby! Very cool! Oh, and great pics as always!  04.12.12 - 10:38am
Photographer Barrie - Awesome series of shots, love the midway/fair shot - would love to do an engagement session at a fair. Really enjoy your work Jasmine!  04.08.12 - 6:59pm
Rob Bridge - Inspiring images Jasmine, thanks for sharing!  02.21.12 - 2:22pm
craig george - jasmine, thank you for all the inspiration you have given me... craig george  02.08.12 - 10:44am
Esquissewei - I remember you talking about burnt skies. You don't care because it makes the picture original: I AGREE WITH YOU  02.07.12 - 2:55am
Anna Kim - I cannot get enough of how colorful, playful and stylish these couples are--you make everyone looks so hip! xoxo  02.05.12 - 4:21pm
Wedding Photographer Essex - Jasmine some wonderful photo's here with some very inspirational posing and composition - great stuff, great year, well done!  02.03.12 - 3:29am
Cidpa - AMAZING & FABULOUS. The quality is on TOP.  02.02.12 - 4:19am
Kirsten - Engagement photos are the best because you an get to know a couple and see how they transition from engagement to being married. These are some fantastic shots!  01.31.12 - 5:16pm
David Stubbs - In search of inspiration just 12 hours before doing an engagement shoot in Manchester UK, I found this blog. I now cannot wait to get my camera back in my hand!! Thank you for such inspiring photos! David Stubbs  01.28.12 - 4:56pm
Gyaneshwar - Awesome pictures. Looks like you have real Knack to get the right mood and lighting everytime you shoot.  01.27.12 - 7:34am
jamesdean ray - dc photographers loves the feel of these captured moments in time...jamesdean  01.27.12 - 7:15am
Dade Freeman - Stunning images, it must be amazing to have been involved in all those lives and making their time together even more special :)  01.20.12 - 4:17pm
Peterborough Wedding Photographer - i love your style! very inspiring!  01.20.12 - 1:26pm
Hilary Cam - This is STUNNING!! Lovely inspiring photography as always.  01.19.12 - 9:51pm
Fotograf Sofia - These pictures makes me happy! :)  01.19.12 - 4:22am
Evan & Melissa Roth - Love it!  01.18.12 - 8:07pm
Marian Majik - I'm reading from never posts so this is second amazing gallery for me. As many people here I like your compositions and natural moments in pictures... so thanks again  01.12.12 - 11:59am
Ali - You are amazingly talented, Jasmine!! Seeing all your beautiful photos of couples in love just makes me so happy!  01.11.12 - 11:16am
Ronni Haslett - Thank you for sharing your year with us fellow photographers. You have been such an inspiration to us all. Keep on rockin'.  01.10.12 - 10:58pm
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography - I love your engagement shoots Jasmine - so much fun.  01.10.12 - 10:22pm
lauren - You are such an amazing photographer!  01.10.12 - 3:04pm
rich - SO SO SO good!  01.10.12 - 9:52am
Marienne | Online Printing - I can't help but fall in love with these photos. Very commendable. You're really good at capturing emotions.  01.09.12 - 9:45pm
Millie - Love all of them!!!!!!!!  01.09.12 - 8:08pm
Meredith Sledge - Mikaela will forever be my favorite bride of yours!!! Her pictures are unbelievably gorgeous!!! And so is she, obviously!  01.09.12 - 4:44pm
Adriana Morett - Gorgeous as usual!! Love all of them!!  01.09.12 - 1:09pm
Paula Franco FOTOGRAFĂ­A - Difficult to choose between all your engagement photos. I love your 2011 selection. Have a Happy 2012 full of love!!  01.09.12 - 11:38am
Lawrence Perkins - Great selection of images, thanks for sharing them. Your work and your story on how you started life as a photographer is an inspiration to me. Best Regards Lawrence  01.09.12 - 11:38am
LEOLAK - GORGE!!!! ;-)  01.09.12 - 11:28am
emily - love them all! if i had to pick one... i couldn't! okay, maybe i might lean a little but towards the full length with the white fence. they're all so excellent :)  01.09.12 - 11:21am
Melissa Cramer Photography - The images of the couple sitting in the hanging chairs. Good grief I lovelovelove!  01.09.12 - 10:57am
Lawrence Perkins - A great selection of images, your work is a great inspiration to me,   01.09.12 - 10:12am
Jennifer Medeiros - Wonderful photos! I especially love the mirror shot. Personally, I think engagement shoots are my favorite.   01.09.12 - 9:01am
Tiffany Russell - I absolutely love your style. The way that you capture moments where it looks as if we are getting a glimpse into their lives is so inspiring.  01.09.12 - 8:36am
Kate Neal - LOVE! Like usual:o)  01.09.12 - 8:35am
May - I see love and excitement in the shots, beautiful work always!  01.09.12 - 8:29am
Gail - Straight up gorgeous. Or, 'cause it's you, straight up GORGE. :)   01.09.12 - 8:06am
Gina - Love them all! You are an inspiration!   01.09.12 - 8:04am
Emma Godfrey - A gorgeous collection of images - just the inspiration I need for my first engagement shoot this week!  01.09.12 - 8:03am
Delia - Such a good year Jasmine! Beautiful images as always! Hope you, JD and Polo are well. xx  01.09.12 - 7:57am
Columbus GA Photographer - Very awesome roundup!  01.09.12 - 7:57am
Laurie Noblit - BEAUTIFUL!  01.09.12 - 7:55am
dang - speechless  01.09.12 - 7:36am
Kate Douthwright - Love them all! I can't wait to see what work you do this year. :)  01.09.12 - 7:35am
sarah danaher - loooooove them.  01.09.12 - 7:09am
Rachel Tatem - I love how different each is not only for the location but actually the feel. Each couple is so different, it is really nice to see them all styles compared.   01.09.12 - 6:49am
corey - Great photographs as always J question does your clients ever purchase enlargements from engagement sessions?  01.09.12 - 6:45am
Amy - Definitely some of your best images! Good luck in 2012, I know you'll be prosperous! (yup, i had to google the spelling of prosperous)  01.09.12 - 6:42am
Life with Kaishon - So much fun : ) I love seeing the different personalities in the pictures. Love is beautiful. Life is beautiful.  01.09.12 - 6:38am