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Friday Randomness : Einstein + Email Addresses

esterday I set out to carpe the heck out of my diem. No, really, I was determined not to become overwhelmed with everything, including a two hour drive to an engagement session. I made a new play list, packed snacks, and slipped into a comfy pair of shoes for what the day held after sitting at my desk all morning. On my way home after the shoot, the commute was a solid red 4-hour line on my iphone that led from Ventura to Orange County.

My carpe-ing? It was making me work.

Not to be deterred, I pulled off the freeway and got a manicure. I'm pretty sure I'm annoying as I sound, but it was either that or be seen on the nightly news. LATINA PULLS OFF HER EARRINGS AND GOES CRAZY ON THE 405 FREEWAY.

In more random things about life, here are a few gems I came across the Internet this week...

I'm not really the baking type, but these camera cookie cutters are too cute to pass by. If you make them, I'll eat them!

I'm not brave enough to share my first AOL email address...

Happy Friday!
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Wedding Photographer Colchester - Anarchy in the UK so simple so effective. I love it.  02.25.12 - 11:04am
shani - LA traffic...gotta love it.... I've stopped at IKEA on the way back fromOC to LA.... I ended up redoing the whole kids playroom over... would have been cheaper to just get a manicure....  02.21.12 - 8:27am
Erin - I love them as always. Buying the cookie stuff right now! And I don't even bake. :) I have to now. I love the awkward moment when you have to give someone that email address. My husband had an email that was He named it that because there was a big shiny thing on the floor when he was trying to set up his email. It was cool through college though he didn't really know why or care to ask. But one day a few years back he was putting a resume together for a job, I asked him, "Are you really going to put that on your resume?!" with a little sarcasm. He said, "yeah." I told him to re-think it. All of a sudden a look came across his face and he broke out in to loud laughter. What once was innocent was not longer. He changed it right then.   02.20.12 - 3:41pm
Nicole - Try having to give out the e,ail address your MOM made FOR you when you were 11 "based" on your interests. Embarrassing doesn't even begin to describe it.   02.20.12 - 9:30am
Melanie - The camera cookie cutters make me wish I baked!  02.20.12 - 6:26am
David G. - Thanks for sharing. You have a great way of keeping things real :)  02.19.12 - 8:35pm
robyn - That last one makes me feel old, because email didn't exist when I was 11 years old. My first email account was the one assigned to me during my first year of college, in the fall of 1995. :)  02.18.12 - 9:09pm
meg manion silliker - santa gave me those cookie cutters for christmas. i have yet to make cookies but i use them to make camera sandwiches as my daughter calls them - pb+j - fun shapes with the lens detail - she eats her sandwich every single time! i hear the 405 is a good taste of your patience!! manicure was a wise choice i'm sure.  02.18.12 - 6:56pm
ALLIE - Loooooooooooove it! Fabulous as always, Jasmine:)  02.18.12 - 3:49pm
Dugun Fotografcisi - I still use the first email adress I've taken; my last name. Now it looks like I am the central point of contact for the entire family :)   02.18.12 - 4:46am
Mirko Herzner - Amazing. You made my morning... Especially the anarchy bit :-D  02.18.12 - 1:41am
emily - i totally have those cookie cutters! well, i bought them for my dad, but still! it's too late for me to make them now since i leave for WPPI tomorrow, but maybe when you hit up the fix in SF! they are pretty fantastic :) see you monday!  02.18.12 - 12:41am
Jodie Lemke - Not even kidding injury bought those cookie cutters a couple weeks ago. Soooo cute!! You'll have to stop in for tea and cookies. Lol.   02.17.12 - 11:38pm
Yarra Valley Wedding Photography - I love the How to Feel graphic really great advice to remember - we all get caught out on these things sometimes!  02.17.12 - 9:53pm
Shannon Rosan - I always look forward to your Friday Randomness posts! Always makes me smile :)  02.17.12 - 6:20pm
sara priddy rogness - I am taking the Texas bar in 11 days & I can't stop reading your magazine (it arrived this afternoon). Photography is what got me through those 2 years (I rushed it) & (I know this is weird. I know) but I feel like I have to take & pass the bar before I can legitimately pursue photography whole-heartedly. A finishing what I began thing. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for writing the 'zine--it's just the inspiration I need after the last two grueling months (dream food) of study. I'm bummed that there's no Fix for me because I'll be busy trying to remember what amendment gives what right to whom, but I'm pretending you're going to pick my yet-to-be-taped video for the creative live course. Yep-pretending. Mostly, though, Gracias! Now, back to page 53 in the mag or back to taking notes on consumer rights?   02.17.12 - 6:04pm
Dianne - Hilarious. All of it. Really. I have a friend in Orange County so I totally get to hear about the traffic. Anarchy in the U.K. - LOVED it!!!  02.17.12 - 5:12pm
Stacey - Total City Girl - Hey Jasmine, - I've seen those cookie cutters making their way around the internet. Way cute! I want to have a photography themed party just so I can buy them! :) That artist list is hysterical..yet so sad at the same time. I'm guilty of way too many of those items! Eeeek!! Have a great weekend.  02.17.12 - 5:07pm
Kristen Driscoll - Your post brightened my day. Thank you <3  02.17.12 - 1:30pm
liana - HAHA, my girls and i always say "hold my hoops" lol  02.17.12 - 12:24pm
Emily T - Haha "pulled off her earrings!" Made me think of two of my good high school friends who were Dominican & Puerto Rican, they even carried "back up earrings" in case anything happened to the first pair & they were def the first thing to come off if things got hairy!! Happy Friday!  02.17.12 - 12:01pm
Haley Johnston - Such a great laugh!   02.17.12 - 11:14am
Lydia - Yep, that miserable list was me to a t last week. I'm so ready to be inspired at Showit United!  02.17.12 - 11:10am
Annetta - I can relate to most of the 'how to feel miserable as an artist'.  02.17.12 - 10:53am
Malinda - Great post Jasmine! Way to make lemonade out of a just plain old lemon kind of day! I'll share my first e-mail address. Ready- Hey I worked at Starbucks and thought I was cute. Ha ha!  02.17.12 - 10:42am
Abby Grace - a) I'm pretty sure I NEED those cookie cutters. 2) That last image- were you aware it's a still from Harry Potter? SO AWESOME.  02.17.12 - 10:16am
Jacob Vorpahl - Yeah, I'd rather not have to rehash my old AOL email address. Some things should stay in the past.  02.17.12 - 9:35am
Lydia - hahaah!!! yep been there with the whole awkward email address moment. it actually happened to me a few years back and the guy just looked at me like i was SO stupid! thus, i now have a new email. :)  02.17.12 - 9:22am
Aligna - Made me laugh this morning!! and i would have gotten my nails done too:)  02.17.12 - 9:17am
Tara - haha! I love these!! Oh man! I love the albert einstein quote and the email address! :)   02.17.12 - 9:16am
Tina Nandi - Loved them all but especially the "how to feel miserable..." one. Too many checks on that one!  02.17.12 - 9:04am
Pavithra - I totally feel all of the how to feel miserable as an artist. and does dictate success. :(  02.17.12 - 8:35am
Janelle Chung - I love this! I died laughing at the last image! I am so ashamed - I still have my old AOL email address that I created when I was 12! ::Shame!::  02.17.12 - 8:35am
Christina Elston - You are hilarious- "I"m pretty sure I'm as annoying as I sound"...  02.17.12 - 8:33am
Adriana Morett - jajajajaja LOVED it! Your blog always puts a smile on my face :) thanks for that!!  02.17.12 - 8:28am
Scott - Thinking a batch of cookies might make its way to The Fix in Chicago from us to you :).  02.17.12 - 8:24am
Life with Kaishon - I still have the stupidest email address ever. I really should change that : ) Thank you for reminding me!  02.17.12 - 8:24am
Christa - Would you like some tea? No! HA HA HA HA!!! Love it :)  02.17.12 - 8:15am
anda - haha, my AOL IM name was "madisonartsygirl." haha!  02.17.12 - 8:15am
Jaye Cole - I love the 'Anarchy in the UK' comic.... I had an actual LOL moment. I live or die by hot beverage.   02.17.12 - 8:09am
BreezeStyling - Oh my gosh. THANK YOU so much for this!   02.17.12 - 8:03am
LIZ - Jasmine, I am going to have to borrow that British anarchy cartoon and email it to my very British father - he is going to love it. You had me laughing out loud at my desk (thankfully my boss is out, or he may have thought I was crazy . . but not freeway crazy :) Have a great weekend!  02.17.12 - 7:49am
Kim - I love the "how to feel miserable..." SO, SO true!!  02.17.12 - 7:48am