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Good Reads

ometimes you read a book and it changes you. In the past two months, I read two. I consider myself to be very lucky. I'm not reading as much as I'd like to, but I try to squeeze in at least a chapter or two a day to ensure my brain in coated in things that keep me balanced. Like pretty words strung together that feel like the tails of many colorful kites. For all the jokes I crack about my obsession with reality television, I'd trade 12 hours of Real Housewives for 10 minutes of a good book.

Here are a few of my recent reads...

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LeAnna - I absolutely love Thirteen Reasons Why. It was such a touching book for what it was and had a really strong voice somehow.  03.20.12 - 3:38pm
Katie Trujillo - What did you think of 13 Reasons Why? I just picked it for my book club this month and while I loved it and got the message that every little thing you do, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can affect someone else- MANY people in my group HATED it and said it was the darkest book they've read. I rather enjoyed it and think it is a thought provoking book :)  03.02.12 - 3:17pm
Vasia - I'm so excited because I haven't read ANY of these books! I'm always looking for new books for my list :) thanks Jasmine!  03.02.12 - 9:49am
Jessica - Ive read Thirteen Reasons Why and was such a sad book! I'll have to check out the others since I just finished a book today!  03.01.12 - 1:04pm
MELRISH PHOTOGRAPHY - Jasmine, I am in love with you! I hope that didn't creep you out. I love reading your blog and I love your photos. You have brought me back to reading again which is why you are my "book hero". Thanks!  03.01.12 - 11:40am
Lisa B. Photography - I had the opportunity to read Jay Asher's 13 Reasons Why a few months ago and I was blown away by the story (kind of saddened too) and the intricacy of the cast of characters -- a good read, indeed!   02.29.12 - 3:58pm
Lloryn - Your "good reads" post are like the Oprah's book club stamp to me! thanks for sharing I always enjoy them :)  02.29.12 - 2:29pm
elizabeth s. - I'm a little late to the game here, but Poisonwood Bible is a favorite of mine. E.  02.29.12 - 9:14am
dana laymon - wait i'm still trying to catch up from the last list of good reads you gave us! but i always love your recommendations. just wish i had as much time to read! and YES, you still need to tell us which were the 2 good ones and why! hope the tour is going well! (i'm sure it is!)  02.29.12 - 6:16am
Gabby / En Route Photography - So which one of these would you say changed you? I definitely need to read more!!! DEF!!  02.29.12 - 2:22am
Edith - I love it when you are talking books! Thanks to you, I have finished 6 Louise Penny-novels in the last weeks, and am now reading no. 7. :-) I'll definitely look into the books you're showing today.  02.28.12 - 11:40pm
Amy - Wait, you need to tell us which two are the good ones! :)  02.28.12 - 5:51pm
Laura - Love the Poisonwood Bible - such a good read!  02.28.12 - 5:36pm
Kaley - The Poisonwood Bible is one of my all time favorite books. Love it.  02.28.12 - 4:02pm
Jessica Peters - I loved 13 Reasons Why! Have you seen the youtube videos??  02.28.12 - 2:39pm
Joni James - It took me years to get through poisonwood bible! Lol! Good for you- I LOVE me some Barbara Kingsolver, but that book took some chewing.   02.28.12 - 1:58pm
Carla Barnett - the Poisonwood Bible is one of my all-time favs!! Thanks for the rec's!  02.28.12 - 1:53pm
Alison Dustin - Love the PoisonWood Bible. Such a good read. You might like a book called Kabul Beauty School. Love!  02.28.12 - 1:40pm
Amie aka @mammaloves - Oooh! The Art of Fielding is on my list. Did you love it??  02.28.12 - 1:39pm
Kyle Bromley - One you should add to the read list, Film Is Not Dead. Awesome book, and very educational.  02.28.12 - 1:33pm
Kate Neal - Jasmine, I completely agree! I love me some reality TV, but get all my reading in on the NYC subway to and from work. I don't know what I would do without it:o)  02.28.12 - 1:32pm
Erika - The Poisonwood Bible is one of my favorite books of all time! I read it in years ago and the characters still stick with me. By the end you don't even have to see the chapter titles to know who is talking the character development and their voices are that strong.   02.28.12 - 1:27pm
Amelia - I've read 13 Reasons Why! It's a pretty interesting read!   02.28.12 - 1:11pm
Danielle - I'm just starting 13 reasons and the Poisonwood Bible too!   02.28.12 - 1:10pm
Yasmin Sarai - 12 hours of reality TV... wow, you must LOVE reading! ;) Hope theFix tour is off to a good start for you J*... see you in SF!  02.28.12 - 1:07pm
{leah} - Love it. I'm the same - I enjoy television a bit, but I still love reading so much more. Thanks for sharing this part of you!   02.28.12 - 1:07pm
liza - Love Barbara Kingslover.  02.28.12 - 1:07pm
Janet - Thank you for this post! I immediately went on paperbackswap and requested a copy of The Poisonwood Bible. Keep the book recommendations coming :)  02.28.12 - 1:03pm
Liz - I troll the teen fiction section all the time. Glad I'm not the only one!  02.28.12 - 1:00pm
shannon - you can totally blame it on the sickness hangover...but there is a naughty word typo :)  02.28.12 - 12:59pm
The New Diplomat's Wife - loved teh poisonwood bible but there was the one character - the sister who stays behind - that also drove me nuts for all sorts of reason. but the fact that i would get so enflamed with her is probably is a good indication of her being realistic - she would probably drive me nuts in real life.  02.28.12 - 12:58pm
Kelsey Blome - Jasmine! I LOVE your goodreads posts! Just wanted to say that I'm sorry you aren't reading "ass" much as you would like to...Hope you get some time to read more in the next few weeks while on the road!  02.28.12 - 12:57pm
Debbie Smith - you said "ass" in the 3rd sentence LOL!  02.28.12 - 12:56pm