WPPI 2012 : Recap

really just want to start this post by saying thank you. I can't really explain the web I managed to weave in the past few weeks, but there were a few moments when I looked out the window of my Las Vegas hotel room last week and asked myself, What did you get yourself into?! Because, really, that's how I felt. Once, on my ninth birthday, I took a huge bite of cake and when I realized I wouldn't be able to swallow it, I spit it up and started crying. I had, quite literally, bitten off more than I could chew.

Twenty something years later, I felt the same way.

Except there was nothing I could do but simply walk onto the WPPI stage...and not spit up. I gave a presentation on Monday afternoon, entitled The Anatomy of Lips and Clicks : How People Talk About Your Business, and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing group of photographers. To those of you who attended, I'm going to say it again: thank you.

Many thanks to Regis Chen for being an amazing friend and documenting many memories...

I was extraordinarily thankful to have DJ Flashdance set the perfect mood...I loved his music and it helped calmed my nerves as I sat back stage and reviewed my notes...

I was honored to spend the afternoon with over 2,000 photographers and it's something I appreciate more than I can express...

Many thanks to WPPI for allowing me to stay afterward and talk to those who had questions and just wanted to chat more...

More than anything, I feel lucky to have connected with people who shared their lives and's one of the greatest benefits of my career.

Happy Wednesday!
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Emily - I love your blog Jasmine, I've read it for years now and you are always so inspirational i wish WPII come to Australia so i could go it always looks like so much fun  03.05.12 - 11:49pm
Julie - "talk" of the conference in my opinion. I was so excited, and wasn't disappointed. You are such an inspiration- and dude(ette) I totally "get" you!  03.05.12 - 11:20pm
Betsy Snyder - The bag of tricks actions would b awesome! Great giveaway!!!  03.02.12 - 3:31pm
Denise prichett - I so wish I had gone to WPPI!!!! Jasmine, looooooove to the dress you wore in the pics above. You go, girl!!!!  03.02.12 - 4:24am
Tina Nandi - I wish I could be at one of these events! I just figured that a friend from my school Joshua Kommanapalli has been to the WPPI and met you and I was jealous! Keep it up, Jasmin Star, no doubt you are inspiring SO many people like me around the world.   03.01.12 - 11:02pm
Xiomara - Jasmin, Thank you so much for being so transparent, real and willing to share so openly with us. I learned so much and am pumped not only for my new Showit site and PASS but also getting to love on my clients and give them the best experience all around. Thank you for your inspiration! ?  03.01.12 - 1:13pm
Alissa Ferullo - Hands down, you were the best speaker at WPPI by a mile! Whether you were nervous or not, you truly inspired all of us there and I wanted to say THANK YOU for putting so much heart into your presentation!!! Made my first WPPI experience incredible, and I felt like I left with tangible, real ways to change and grow my business. Should have stuck around to meet you personally, but you were surrounded. ;) Someday! Thank you again!!!  03.01.12 - 11:39am
Brie Bu - Bianca's comment is funny.   02.29.12 - 9:13pm
Linsey Wilt - It was so great seeing you at WPPI, you are such an inspiration, so entertaining, and just flippin adorable! I wish I could of said hi, but you were so surrounded, I didn't see a way in! And I also didn't want to be the dorky kid that was like, "hi, i love you, okay bye." Haha. But, I should of. Thank you for being nervous for us and sharing your heart! Next time I'll say hi!  02.29.12 - 8:49pm
Christina Graves - I came home and sat down at my lap top so I could read about your day... Thank you : ) Always be true to who you are. Loveyaalot's   02.29.12 - 3:08pm
Cyndi - Jasmine, You looked awesome-as usual! Man, you are big time-2,000 people?!!! I hope to make it next year & hoping you are there again! Way to go!  02.29.12 - 2:15pm
Amber - I wish I could have seen you! You look gorgeous!  02.29.12 - 1:53pm
cass miller - I was at your lips and clips class and LOVED it. I haven't been able to put down my copy of exposed all week. You were so inspiring and I totally had the "ah-ha!" moment during it all. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful journey. xo - C  02.29.12 - 1:28pm
kat rocknrollbride - haha i can see my pink head in that photo taken from the back of the room!  02.29.12 - 1:27pm
LEOLAK - You are rocking that dress! I think I see the Rawr Claw in one of these pics! LOL I'm sure you rocked out your class! No doubt!!   02.29.12 - 1:08pm
emily - jasmine, you rocked it out at WPPI! defn. worth the super long wait just to get in to the room! a true inspiration to photographers everywhere.  02.29.12 - 12:52pm
Rhema Faith - Thanks so much for sharing with us! You are so inspirational and I loved getting to say hi! Can't wait to see you at The Fix in Denver!  02.29.12 - 12:21pm
April Vest - I saw your video on the presentation you did at Showit. I am always impressed with your ability to speak and how you can be so well versed as well as so upbeat and FUNNY! Wish I could have been at WPPI, but I'm hoping for next year! Thanks for being such an inspiration :)  02.29.12 - 12:11pm
Gabby / En Route Photography - I sooo wish I could have been there to listen to you... well maybe next year! ;)  02.29.12 - 11:49am
Andrea P. - One of my mentors told me to "bite off more than you can chew . . . then chew it." Looks like you keep chewing and doing it with grace. Congratulations.  02.29.12 - 11:29am
Kelli - Hey, you're welcome! You really did a great job and had nothing to be nervous about. (Easily said from the girl who didn't have to speak to 1,000 people...).   02.29.12 - 10:19am
B - So proud of you, Jazzy! And 10,000 bonus cool points on this years outfit compared to last years outfit. As your twin, I have to keep it real. ;)  02.29.12 - 9:53am
Carla Barnett - Hang in there! You seem to always get through everything with grace and humor and you'll make it through this! Can't wait to meet you at The Fix in LA!  02.29.12 - 9:31am
kathleen frank - It was so amazing to see you at WPPI! Seriously, I was so flustered I could barely say hi! Thank you for being so gracious and staying to talk to all of us. Such an amazing experience. *I just downloaded all of my WPPI pics, and my one photo with you is completely blown out! Will so be tracking you down at thefix miami for a do-over :)  02.29.12 - 9:16am
Tara - I feel ya! I often feel like I bite off more than I chew, and then I lay low for a little bit and then I go in for another bite... TOO big! on repeat! 2012 is the year I am trying to learn balance! It is a tough one! But i know you rocked it!  02.29.12 - 9:14am
Rebecca Floyd - I had a great time attending your class at WPPI (my first year- ack!) I wanted to stay and say in person that I appreciate your presence... not just at WPPI but online. I didn't stay because I was hungry and had another class half an hour later. I've been following you since you had 6,000 facebook fans, and your influence on the approach to the photography business has been essential to me. That is, be nice. To everyone. It's not really in my nature to be mean or rude, but it was totally encouraging to see that it is possible to still be successful beyond imagination, even if you're nice. And even if you're insecure. Anyway, thanks Jasmine. And I wanted to get your magazine at the class and couldn't because I didn't carry cash! I even ran around asking for an ATM, but the nearest one was nowhere close by.  02.29.12 - 9:11am
Rebecca Lozer - I was present during your seminar.... and it's an understatement to say I was blown away.... you may not or ever realize the impact you leave on people.... I have followed you from the very start of my own career and you have inspired me at every turn... while we have never formally met I do hope to one day just to simply say Thank you- thank you for being you!   02.29.12 - 9:05am
Heather Bird - I can't tell you how much of an honor it was to hear you speak in person, finally!! You are such and inspiration and so motivating.  02.29.12 - 9:01am
crystal - Jasmine, your talk last year changed my life. Your talk this year, changed the way I do business. Thank you so much for all of your amazingness! You are all kinds of awesome!  02.29.12 - 8:53am
Juliet - I'm probably one of the few non photographers who came to hear you speak at WPPI. My associate and I are wedding planners in Las Vegas and absolutely LOVED your presentation. It's refreshing to also hear a photographer tell a group of photographers that she is happy to deliver images to all vendors involved in a wedding. Sometimes it's a struggle to get photos from events we have spent all year planning. Thank you so much for doing what you do.  02.29.12 - 8:51am
Veronica - Your Welcome! I was there and LOVED every minute of it. I am working on my thank you! =)   02.29.12 - 8:32am
Gina - You are truly amazing, the way you write and explain, and speak! I feel blessed to have found this sweet place and be able to learn from one of the best! High's and five's from this portuguese girl! P.S.: I do hope you feel better!  02.29.12 - 8:31am
Stephanie Lindsay - I honestly had the best time ever seeing you and hearing you speak. I feel like I took home an overwhelming amount of inspiration. thank you :)  02.29.12 - 8:25am
Kate Neal - This is so amazing! I am so glad I got the chance to meet you in NYC. It looks like I would have had to battle major crowds there:o) Glad you had fun!  02.29.12 - 8:21am
Kelly Sauer - There have been times that I've wondered about your confession at being a private, private person and still being so real wherever you go. I went to a conference of my own this weekend, and realized how totally, completely possible this is. After my own experience, I admired you even more for what you DO put out there. I'm WAY looking forward to someday when we won't be bound by our physical limitations and "biting off more than we can chew" will be a moot point because we'll have eternity in which to live. From one girl who cries to another... You're awesome.  02.29.12 - 8:16am
Davenna Trahan - Don't you know by now..we love you no matter what. Those are some lucky people in that audience!!   02.29.12 - 8:14am
Luke Neumayr - Your talk was one of the best! When you said that you only need XX number of brides to like you each year, not 4000, it was like you were talking right to us! We had just been discussing this :)  02.29.12 - 8:13am
Sarah Mariel - Loved seeing you in Vegas and I can't wait to see you again in DC!  02.29.12 - 8:10am
Ashley Goodwin - TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Holy smokes! Welp, you did awesome, especially for such a crowd!!!!!   02.29.12 - 8:08am
Keith Jack - Looks great Jasmine, big crowd to work but I'm sure you knocked it out of the park. KJ  02.29.12 - 8:08am
Bethany Ann - LOVE your dress! So awesome! I hope to attend WPPI next year. :) Have a great week!  02.29.12 - 7:34am
anda - love that dress!  02.29.12 - 7:22am
Mom - The event looked wonderful Jasmine! So happy to see so many benefiting from your experience and knowledge!! Proud of you..........Mom  02.29.12 - 7:11am
Kristin Cook - j*- I LOVED your presentation at WPPI! It was by far my favorite. (that's me diligently taking notes in the pic above!). Thank you for being YOU! ....real, fun and lovely :)  02.29.12 - 6:53am
Rachel Tatem - I know the story of your childhood self was sad but it just is so adorable and cute it makes me get the "aw, poor thing" face. Thank you for giving back... even if it makes you feel as though your mouth is corked with too much cake. We deeply appreciate it! (not the cake corking but the advice and encouragement you give out)  02.29.12 - 6:32am
Lacey - Your presentation was fabulous and I felt so fortunate to be one of those that attended at WPPI. Even though I don't do weddings, I took away SO much info to apply to my own business. Thank you!!   02.29.12 - 6:26am
Dana Laymon - no, THANK YOU! i was so excited to be able to attend your session- it was awesome and has got me pumped to be me and don't listen to any naysayers! I was listening so intently that I totally forgot to take pictures so I'm glad someone did!  02.29.12 - 6:20am