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here's nothing more I love than a good heart. A heart that teeters on brink of bursting out of someone's chest and smothering you with good, 'ol fashion love. And Katelyn James? She is the owner of such a heart. Not only is Katelyn a great photographer, she's one of the most caring, giving, and kind people...and she dedicated to making the photo industry better. You might recognize her because I was lucky enough to photograph her Virginia Wedding on 10.10.10, but has since grown her business in amazing ways.

I'm honored to have her guest blog today and offer great insight into how to create a beneficial workspace...and,'s Katelyn...

I realized several years ago that PHOTOGRAPHY could not be my only outlet for creative expression since it had become my career. I needed something else. So I started decorating... A LOT. I think I've re-hung the frames in our living room at least 5 times and when it's Christmas time, LOOK OUT WORLD! I get a little carried away! However, over the last several years, I've learned how to become ORGANIZED and decorate on a BUDGET. I've also realized that creative individuals who own a small business need to have an inspirational work environment! It's a MUST!

I started my business right before my junior year of college and so my office was at the end of my bed..... NOT ideal. That 9x12 foot room never felt so SMALL! Talk about a TIGHT SQUEEZE! I actually had to pick between displaying my JEWELRY BOX or my iMAC! There wasn't room for both! However, despite the lack of space, I was able to create a workspace that was totally functional and inspirational. After graduating college, moving home before my wedding and then eventually moving into our first home, I have realized that there are several key components to having an organized office, no matter the size of the space!! Whether you have a fancy studio office or are working out of the corner of your bedroom, here are some tips to help make that space not only ORGANIZED, but inspirational as well!

1. Keep the desk CLEAN! This will make such a difference! Seriously, if I leave a Diet Mountain Dew can, a stack of file folders, and lens caps strewn all over my desk at the end of the workday, guess how I feel when I re-enter my workspace in the morning.... OVERWHELMED! If I started every workday automatically feeling unorganized, I would never get anything accomplished! So how did I fix this?... Well, at the end of every day, even if my work isn't done, I CLEAR the desk. I have a secret drawer that exists solely for "desk clearing". Anything that I'm still working on or isn't ready to be filed away, I put in that drawer at the end of the day. This allows me to come into my office in the morning and start FRESH. My motto is: Easy on the eyes = easy on the mind. Having a clean desk creates an atmosphere without distractions and stress.

** Quick Tip: If you have a SMALL SPACE, try decorating with MIRRORS around your desk! No, I don't like to stare at myself all day.... but instead of feeling like I'm stuck in a corner, the mirrors give an optical illusion that my office is bigger than reality! I used this trick when I was in college and my computer was resting on top of my SOCK DRAWER! Just one mirror beside my chair made the room double in size! **

2. Show your Systems! I learned very early on in my business that I needed a work-flow. Things just were not getting done and I didn't know why. I had a work-flow planned out in my head but it wasn't until a year ago that I actually started DISPLAYING my plan of attack! I highly recommend showing your systems. Having my work-flow, client production chart, and album guide all in clear view during the workday saves me SO much time! I like to call this a "Production Wall". It's the wall that keeps me sane and on track. It's positioned behind my desk so that I'm not constantly staring at all I have to accomplish, but it's there when I need it! I'm a firm believer that in order for things to STAY organized, they have to be EASILY ACCESSIBLE. This production wall has made a HUGE difference in my business and it's very easy to replicate! All I did was make a few charts in Photoshop that display my different work-flows, I had those files printed and then displayed them in frames from Target. I write on the glass with a dry erase marker and it's very easy to maintain! It's the same idea as a White Board, only classier!! :)

** Quick Tip: My charts are broken into three categories: Client Production (Takes me from the initial booking through album ordering), then I have "In the Works"
(which helps me through the work-flow for current shoots) and my last chart is an album guide! **

3. Brand your space! We spend so much TIME and EFFORT on the branding of our businesses. The colors, the look, the feel.... we want our brand to exude US! .... and I think our work spaces should mirror our brand as well. There are no limits when it comes to branding and decorating your office space. Now I don't want to get all "Martha Stewart" on ya but it can be as simple as finding a cute teal mug to hold my pens or as extravagant as hanging a vintage chandelier from my ceiling! My advice would be to start checking out the clearance aisles at Target, Pier One, World Market or Anthropology for little goodies that could make your office more "YOU"! After adding a ceramic vase, vintage clock, or elegant lamp, it may make a huge difference in your work environment! Studies have shown that the lighting, temperature and atmosphere of a work environment directly affect our work habits and creativity! (I use that little nugget of information whenever I have to convince Michael to let me get a new lamp!!!)

When we first got married, I didn't have a large budget (really ANY budget) for decorating my office. I would find amazing pieces from Restoration Hardware that I wanted to order and my husband would just raise his eyebrows as if to say "You want to spend WHAT on that chair?!!". There was NO way that was going to happen. So I had to get creative!! I wanted to have a work area that looked like my brand had come to LIFE! So I took the layout of my Showit site and recreated it with a wall of thrift store frames. These frames cost no more that $10 and that settee is a budget friendly piece from Target! Can you believe it?!

** A quick tip! : One VERY easy way to start branding your workspace is to simply FRAME your LOGO. Just print a 5x7 of your logo and find a funky frame! Wa-la!
You've started to create a space that will inspire! And lastly.... I think Jasmine would agree that having a fluffy office buddy is always a good idea too!:) **

So whether your space consists of a desk on wheels (I've had several of those!) or an office with a view, there are several ways to make your work environment a place that INSPIRES YOU. Making a few little changes can dramatically change your attitude towards your work space and if you're like me, we spend WAY too much time in our offices to not love what they look like!! So here's to clean desks, a fresh start and an organized business!!!

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OC Family Photographer - Love the work environment. Not just because it's creative, but because it's so freakin' organized! Haha. Also, I like the physical to-do boards. I can use online workflows, but I like having something physical to check off even more. Thanks for sharing!  01.11.16 - 8:31am
Gloria - Love your work space!! Where did you find the chair and desk?  11.28.15 - 8:34pm
Audra - Where did you buy that desk I love it!   09.16.15 - 12:09pm
Millgrove Photography - Some very interesting thoughts there, absolutely love your workspace by the way. Now to get down to work instead of browsing the blog! :-)  01.27.15 - 12:55pm
Deanna H. - Ooops... I read too fast.. I love your blog and images Jasmine and Katelyn, I love your office space... so so pretty! :)  02.19.14 - 12:24pm
Deanna H. - I just want to say, even this post is a little older, I love it! I love your style, I love your office space... I'm still working on mine, I love your little dog... I have a white one... and I love your whole blog and your photography! I am from the Bay Area too... your work inspires me... and you have made me laugh in quite a few of your posts. Just had to comment, instead of just "stalking" ha! :)  02.19.14 - 11:40am
Christie - Love this work space! So inspiring! Do you remember where you found this desk? Have been looking for something exactly like this!   02.15.13 - 5:50am
laura - What color paint is this? And where did you get the chair and desk? Thanks!  07.24.12 - 9:08pm
Molly - Your work space is beautiful Katelyn and your dog is so adorably perfect that he doesn't look real.  06.30.12 - 11:17am
Lindsay D - This has been fantastically helpful, thank you so much for this article. I've become disorganized and overwhelmed with my workflow lately and these pictures have really inspired me to improve things. It's just a shame my office is the size of a shoebox!  05.21.12 - 11:06am
Amanda - THIS WAS SOOOO HELPFUL! Not to mention I now want a little furry companion :(. Thank you again for sharing! <3  03.28.12 - 6:52pm
Sarah - You have no idea how much this blog post excites me! We are in the process of buying our house at the moment (now nicknamed the 'country retreat') and I have the third bedroom pegged as my new office for my photography business so I'm just going to pinterest all these photos for inspiration on how to decorate my office! Weee!  03.21.12 - 6:06pm
Jess Parker - Oh my goodness thankyou! I'm currently looking at a messy desk and totally uninspirational setup! I compromised with my boyfriend on colours as we share an office but now I'm gonna change things up a bit on my half of the room!!   03.21.12 - 5:34am
Rhema sturgeon - I love this TOO much!!!! I am gonna go out tomorrow and make this happen!  03.20.12 - 11:42pm
Marlo Laney - Wonderful advice. I'm excited about re-organizing my space. I love the ideal on framing my logo and the workflow chart. Thanks for sharing :o)   03.20.12 - 6:03am
paris - What fantastic advice. My workspace is seriously cluttered and now I will for sure be re-organizing and putting my logo in a frame and scattering mirrors all around!!! :)  03.19.12 - 4:38pm
Marianne Nicoletti - I love your office space. I am dying to renovate and include some awesomeness in mine!  03.19.12 - 2:19pm
Luiza Hajdu - Wow Love your space and I am dreaming to have one just for myself. For while I am sharing the basement with my husband (his side overwhelmed me -IT guy can you imagine? )besides I gave a tiny space for my daughter organize her toys, as she is 9 years old now, is getting in order. I loved your inspirations. I will check some "quality good deals" plus mirrors, also I already have some. Besides I love your chart idea definitely I will go for it! Happiness  03.19.12 - 10:04am
Cassandra Aruba Photographer - Very interesting view on the business. Making a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing this very personal information!  03.19.12 - 7:18am
Joni - LOVE! boy do I need to get around to doing these things.... my 'office space' is not doing well at this time. Thanks for the inspiration!   03.18.12 - 11:41pm
Katelyn James - @greg there are Drobo systems under the desk. Both have 8 3tb Bays. The workflow charts have my personal workflow listed. I made a chart in PS of everything I do in post processing so this chart would be different for everyone. It's very basic but super helpful!  03.18.12 - 8:08pm
Emma Barker - I love this! So jealous! :)   03.18.12 - 11:33am
Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} - I've always loved your office, Katelyn! I actually remember pinning it forever ago, before I became obsessed with your work and blog :) You inspired me to gut and reorganize my office yesterday! It needed it. Thank you! xoxo  03.17.12 - 10:22am
Erin Blackwell - This is beautiful. Can you tell us what color paint the walls are? =)  03.17.12 - 8:39am
Greg - I don't see any form of data backup equipment in these images. What kind of data storage unit or units do you use? Also could you do a post on your work flow from step one to step finished?   03.17.12 - 3:56am
sarah - love the workflow chart idea!! seriously, seriously love it!  03.16.12 - 10:54am
J - oh bokeh!!! you made this post awesomer than everrrrr... *dies of cuteness* but i love the idea of branding the office/workspace as well. at my corporate workplace (where i am right now, shh), i have millions of stuffed toys because it is my personal mark of me. but i hope that when i have the space for a home office, i can fill it with the colours and things i feel contribute to the branding of my photography... thanks for this post!  03.16.12 - 6:41am
Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer - I'm loving your clear desk policy - I MUST enforce it upon my workspace this year!  03.16.12 - 2:31am
jutta - Wow! Actually this is so perfect and beautiful. I would love to get some work to here.  03.16.12 - 12:07am
mike - Solid advice, J. We've got some work to do here.  03.15.12 - 6:23pm
Jessica K. Sullivan - Wow! I would love to do this with our office. I really want a cute puppy too! Your space looks great!  03.15.12 - 3:53pm
Debbie - Great post! Wonder if I could talk my hubby & 2 sons into painting the dining room aqua? Love your girly office. Gonna make me some of those faux white boards for sure.  03.15.12 - 3:10pm
Jennifer Medeiros - Wow! This literally looks like a home decorating magazine editorial! Thanks so much for sharing!!! xoxo  03.15.12 - 9:08am
Christy - I'm LOVING that you have your workflow printed out on white boards! Did you just print & laminate your workflow & then frame it - or what Katelyn? LOVE IT!  03.15.12 - 8:41am
Paige Ewing - Great advice! I love your colors...totally my style and seems so peaceful. I wish I could do that to my 'office'...but I share it with my 2 year old's playroom:('s chaotic ALL THE TIME!   03.15.12 - 8:36am
Jade Clift - I love this post !! I have been putting off cleaning and sorting through my desk and office space for a very LONG time ! This finally gave me the inspiration to have a day off work and get it done ! I have spent the whole day organising/cleaning and hanging frames and have nearly finished ! So thank you :) x  03.15.12 - 3:25am
Antony Turner - My office is in the corner of the room and near a pile of clean washing! I can't work in my "office" if its a mess (usually my 2 kids creating it). Loving the idea of the spreadsheet behind the glass, think I'm in need of some change. Great post!  03.15.12 - 1:52am
Indra Gunawan - I noticed you use wireless keyboard and mouse with your mac. Have you ever had any problem with Photoshop where the keyboard and mouse just stop responding in the middle of working? Weird.  03.15.12 - 1:37am
Amelia Rhea - wow... I can only dream that one day I will have an office space that I can work with. "Brand Your Space" love it!  03.15.12 - 1:25am
Sara - This was great!! I must know two things! Where did you get the beautiful white corner desk and what kind of dog is that adorable dog?  03.14.12 - 8:47pm
Tina Leu - Very Nice Katelyn!! Can I clone your office?? It's so nice and bright!!! If I weren't renting and lease wasn't up soon I would totally invest and get it dabbed up with color galore. Love it!  03.14.12 - 8:41pm
Brenda James - Yay Katelyn!!!! It's great seeing you on J*'s blog. Unlike your father, my desk is cleared every day before going home. But that's not news to you! And to think that Michael laughed at my many "lists" while the two of you were growing up!!! Jasmine, thank you for featuring Katelyn (and Bokeh). She is honored . . . and Bokeh, well, I think he is famous!  03.14.12 - 6:15pm
Patty - I just love this space and your tips! I especially love the color of your walls! Do you mind telling me what the paint color is? Please forgive me if you already said it but I couldn't find it. Thanks so much!  03.14.12 - 6:00pm
Micaela - I needed this. Thank you!! xx  03.14.12 - 5:58pm
Anastasia - I have been admiring your office for a while now Katelyn! Love the light and pastel colours, and your consistency in everything! Great tip on "production wall" and keeping it behind your desk so you don't get too overwhelmed looking at it all the time. And thanks J* for hosting Katelyn on your most amazing blog! xxx  03.14.12 - 5:44pm
Emily Hudspeth - Fabulous! I want you to come create my workspace!  03.14.12 - 3:44pm
Meredith Sledge - Great post Katelyn!!! I always wondered how you did your organization/workflow boards!!  03.14.12 - 3:32pm
Alicia Candelora - LOVE THIS! I recently made a whole wall of organized charts after I read Katelyn's blog post on her own blog about it. And who doens't love another reason to decorate?  03.14.12 - 3:30pm
jamie - The post was perfect timing as I am in the process of redesigning my office space. I first need to start with tip #1 a clear desk! Thanks Katelyn for sharing!  03.14.12 - 2:54pm
Lukasz - Great job as always. Greetings :)  03.14.12 - 2:36pm
jessica vidmar photography - Oh my that dog real?! He/She is way too cute! Thanks for the awesome tips. I can't wait to implement the classier pseudo whiteboards. great stuff!!  03.14.12 - 2:32pm
Katie - LOVE this! Thanks for the organization and decoration inspiration, Katelyn!  03.14.12 - 2:06pm
Jen M - Beautiful work space!!  03.14.12 - 2:02pm
Jackie Lamas - such a beautiful space!!! love all the white! and that couch! love it and all great advice. i'm going to frame some workflow and hang it up asap!  03.14.12 - 1:49pm
Meghan Capozzi - I Love the progress charts. Where did you get them made?   03.14.12 - 1:23pm
Meghan Capozzi Rowe - Love the client charts! Where/how did you get those made?  03.14.12 - 1:15pm
Valerie - Whoop! Whoop! Go Katelyn!  03.14.12 - 12:55pm
caroline - That's crazy! Not only do I have that settee with different fabric but I'm just about to decorate my office and I picked that same paint color (it matches my logo as well) needless to say this post was UBER helpful. THANKS!  03.14.12 - 12:45pm
Emily James - YAYAY!! KK your office is beautiful! you have such an eye for design and decorating! And Mr. Bokeh is as cute as ever!! ;)   03.14.12 - 12:44pm
Sharon - I have that same desk chair in hot pink!!! :) Yay for fabulous j* brides!!! :)  03.14.12 - 12:41pm
LEOLAK - Katelyn is awesome! Thanks for the ideas! Love that picture of Bokeh!!!   03.14.12 - 12:33pm
Cindy McLawhorn - ove it! Saw this office somewhere else and ooo'd and aahhh'd over the beauty and size  03.14.12 - 12:30pm
Monika Greenaway - Awesome! Thank you so much! I am moving into a new place soon with an extra bedroom so this is PERFECT for our fresh start! I appreciate this information.   03.14.12 - 12:09pm
Michael - Of course Bokeh had to make an appearance. Can you come clean my desk at the office!   03.14.12 - 11:47am
Carmaleta Ann - Extremely helpful and super cute!!  03.14.12 - 11:45am
Justine Cirullo - i absolutely LOVE this! so many great tips and tricks and its so encouraging to know it can be done on a budget:)  03.14.12 - 11:41am
ashley barnett - Katelyn! How freaking awesome is this?! :) Love it, and Bokeh!   03.14.12 - 11:39am
Allyson Garrison - Thank you Katelyn for an AMAZING blog post and Jasmine for inviting Katelyn to guest post for you! Such awesome suggestions! I have been feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged lately, and my lack of organization is part of the problem! I live for organization in my life so why not take steps to apply that to my business?! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!  03.14.12 - 11:23am
Keren - SO beautiful!! I want a gorgeous office space!!  03.14.12 - 11:18am
Carrie K - THANK YOU for the inspiration. I'll be clearing/cleaning this weekend. Just what I needed for spring. :)  03.14.12 - 11:11am
Gina - Fantastic post. I wrote notes and everything! Thank you :D  03.14.12 - 11:00am
Mikaela - This is amazing and just what I needed to see and to read! Talk about motivating. Thank you Katelyn & Jasmine!! PS Katelyn - thank you for saying hi and introducing yourself at WPPI, fellow J* bride :) xo  03.14.12 - 10:54am
Julie - Love this. Beautiful space! Makes me want to go thrift store/antique shopping for things!  03.14.12 - 10:42am
Malorie - this couldn't have come at a better time.   03.14.12 - 10:36am
Allison - Yay Katelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  03.14.12 - 10:25am
idie - Great tips! I am on a mission to get my office space organized and need all the help/ inspiration I can get!  03.14.12 - 10:23am
Gertrude - I'm officially inspired to kick up my work space...which is pretty much just me making the tiny space i have in my room work...but that corner is going to get organized & dedicated to my work! these are great tips!  03.14.12 - 10:18am
Nikki McKenzie - Thank you for sharing! So helpful and what a beautiful work space!!  03.14.12 - 10:16am
Julie Hurley - I wasn't sure that dog was real - he looks like the most perfect stuffed animal I've ever seen! And I LOVE the idea of framing your logo! I'll be doing that today! Thanks Katelyn and Jasmine!  03.14.12 - 10:09am
Mandy Henry - What a beautiful space! And, these are my colors too!! Thanks for showing your system for displaying your workflow. Definitely going to use that idea.  03.14.12 - 10:08am
Amy - Fab post Katelyn - thanks so much. I love your workspace, it's very inspiring, I can see why you love it. I definitely want to incorporate your ideas into my workspace, you've made me want to get organising straight away!  03.14.12 - 9:47am
Sarah McKenzie - Great post! And adorable puppy! I have the same one but chocolate!  03.14.12 - 9:42am
Caroline R - Yayyy go Katelyn!! So awesome!!!!  03.14.12 - 9:42am
Kate - I'm OBSESSED with this office! That chair is to die for. Love it!  03.14.12 - 9:34am
Kevin James - I need to clear my desk.  03.14.12 - 9:33am
Nancy Mitchell - Katelyn you seriously are a ROCK STAR! I adore your heart and passion for your business. Keep up the great work girl! GOD surely has blessed you today and continues to bless you. I can't wait to see what the future brings.   03.14.12 - 9:33am
Mrs. Jeffrey - Love, love, love your workspace! Gotta love we share the same initials as well!  03.14.12 - 9:20am
marissa nicole - These are fantastic ideas. I particularly love the idea of printing & framing.  03.14.12 - 9:18am
Amos Moses - Wow! Thanks for the inspiration and tips! I would really like to see your fabulously organized charts in more detail. Maybe Jasmine would let you post again on just those. Would love to know how you use the album guide. What great ideas!! Thank you, Katelyn and Jasmine!  03.14.12 - 9:07am
Kelly Hosch Photography - I want the workflow chart.... and her dog! :)  03.14.12 - 9:06am
Sara Eastman - This is very inspiring. The only space I have to turn into my own is a small bedroom with a king size bed and crowded desk. This has me prepared to overhall that space...right after my guests leave.  03.14.12 - 9:04am
Shelley Hohe - How exciting to read about Katelyn James {i love her} on Jasmine Stars {i love her too} blog! I love your style, color and office. I have a shared office/homeschool room that I am in the process of gathering items so I can start decorating. Thanks for the inspiration!!!  03.14.12 - 9:04am
Hayley Brafford - OMG! Is that a REAL dog??? What a precious pup! Back to business stuff, (forgive me if someone already asked this) but where are those custom dry erase boards from? I want some for myself!  03.14.12 - 9:04am
Lacey - This is such a fabulous space and I love the idea of a production wall!   03.14.12 - 8:54am
Sarah - Love, love, LOVE the photoframe as a white board. And framing your logo - I can feel my corner of our games room becoming more like an office already - and I don't need to buy a thing!  03.14.12 - 8:52am
Lana - Sorry, but posting that adorable dog at the end distracted me from all I learned above it! I want him!  03.14.12 - 8:48am
Janelle Morcombe - Inspirational, Katelyn! As soon as I read, 'Keep it Clean', I darted my eyes left and right... and realized I have a few things to put away! Thanks for sharing!!!  03.14.12 - 8:44am
Melissa - This space is inspiring thank you for the ideas :)  03.14.12 - 8:43am
AnnetteW - What an inspirational post! I am the queen of clutter. Seriously! And I hate that about myself. I try to be organized but it always ends up falling short of my expectations. I think you have provided some great tips here and I will read this post again!! Cheers!!  03.14.12 - 8:42am
Anne Kelley - This is wonderful!!! Thanks Katelyn for sharing!!!  03.14.12 - 8:41am
Jill Powers - Great choice for a quest blogger Jasmine and you're right, she is one of the sweetest people EVER! And Katelyn, I love you and I'm so proud of you! I don't know whose cuter, you or Bokeh! :) xoxo  03.14.12 - 8:39am
Laurie Chapman - Beautiful space and I love your work flow tracking system. Very helpful!  03.14.12 - 8:38am
Nik - The dry-erase charts in frames are a GREAT idea! Definitely gotta steal that one!  03.14.12 - 8:38am
Alexis - Aww, Katelyn sounds like a sweetheart! I'm happy you two are working together! :) Beautiful pictures-- makes me look at the color teal in a whole new light ;).   03.14.12 - 8:38am
Kristen - Oooh this is awesome! Love your space Katelyn! Would love to see more close ups of your charts, they look fantastic - picture frames are such a great idea :)  03.14.12 - 8:38am
kat - great read!! i've been dealing with this lately, since my office is just a little nook in the corner loft of our aframe. i've been stumped trying to make it my own! i would LOVE more info on your charts?! (since im artsie, not biz minded...) could you elaborate on them? FaBuLoUs idea!  03.14.12 - 8:34am
Jeni Brower - This could not have come at a more perfect time. I've scheduled this very thing over the next month & needed direction. Thank you Jasmine & Katelyn. I hope to have the chance to meet you again, Katelyn. It seems I missed my opportunity to talk with you in DC... :( The word Overwhelmed catches my eye hear. It's where I've been for too long. Organization is greatly needed for my business to grow. I'll be using this as my starting point for direction in how to get it done & KEEP up with it! I love that you included so many photos for reference - beautiful! The cutie pie dog is the best...little foot hanging off the edge - head tilted - precious!  03.14.12 - 8:34am
Kate - That dog is SO CUTE! I want him/her!  03.14.12 - 8:31am
Life with Kaishon - Great tips. Her workspace is gorgeous!  03.14.12 - 8:30am
Lelia Marie - Thank you Katelyn! That was a beautiful and helpful post. My office has never been in it's own room due to my tiny apartments but I'm moving in a month and will have a tiny little office and I can't wait to use everything you mentioned to make it a place I want to work. What beautiful ideas!  03.14.12 - 8:30am
Darren - Thank you - Those are great tips. I'm the process of re-creating my workspace, so will be sure to incorporate some of them.  03.14.12 - 8:30am
Mariano - So true; when you enter a neat, clean, organized workspace your whole mindset is focused on work and productivity. Thanks for the post.  03.14.12 - 8:28am
Pam - LOVE the white desk and looking out into the room - this is how I want to change my desk to be!  03.14.12 - 8:28am
George Koroneos - Fantastic blog post Katelyn. Would you be willing to share your Production Wall templates? I've been looking for a workflow white board solution, but hate the idea of writing on an unlined white board. This is a fabulous concept.  03.14.12 - 8:26am
Sophie - Always so wonderful to see where the magic happens. We're moving to a new studio space next month, and I can't wait to decorate. Love the idea of empty frames from a thrift store. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!  03.14.12 - 8:26am
sharon elizabeth - GREAT POST!!!! YAY KATELYN!! =)  03.14.12 - 8:19am
rachel - This post makes we want to go home and re-organize, re-do, and re-design my office :) but wait I have to get married first so the wedding budget can go to the office budget :) love the ideas!  03.14.12 - 8:19am
Michele Shore - Great post Katelyn! Thank you for all of the great tips! Your office is so pretty and your dog is absolutely adorable!! :)  03.14.12 - 8:14am
Dana Mackay - What an amazing and inspiring post. Thanks so much for covering this topic. I'm in the works of converting a small space and this speaks volumes!  03.14.12 - 8:11am
Krista A. Jones - Kaitlyn this post is filled with so many amazing tips! I love your production wall and the charts that can easily be reused and added to from year to year ! It's so nice to have that information out on the wall instead of hidden in a document on the computer!  03.14.12 - 8:11am
Tx Doc - Fantastic advice for anyone, photographers and not. Thank you Katelyn and thank you Jasmine!   03.14.12 - 8:10am
Michelle Edgerton - Thank you Katelyn (and J* for featuring her)! I really needed this right now because I am relaunching my brand and need to create a beautiful and comfortable client meeting/office space  03.14.12 - 8:10am
Jennifer Krieg - Katelyn!! Such awesomeness to see you on Jasmine's blog! I woke up this morning and frantically started clearing off my desk & telling myself I desperately need a better system. Open up my computer & Woooo Lah! Here you are blogging on the very subject and my desperation of managing my workspace at home. Never fails... and this is why I ADORE ya ;)  03.14.12 - 8:08am
Katelyn James - So honored... thank you! thank you! :) xoxoxoxo  03.14.12 - 8:06am
Karena Dixon - You're right about that! Katelyn is a ray of sunshine on the net. She's very generous, too. I read her blog daily. ...and seriously, have you ever seen a cuter photog's desk? Everyone should have a Bokeh adorning their workspace. :)  03.14.12 - 8:06am
Caitlin Gerres - Great post, Katelyn! My husband and I share a desk right now and it's definitely not a pretty space. It's actually the messiest and ugliest room in our house. Maybe I'll make that my little project for the next couple of months.  03.14.12 - 7:59am
Kimberly Murray - Katelyn, I LOVE your office space! You've got such a clean and chic style! These are great tips. "Easy on the eyes, easy on the mind." I need to memorize that. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed with a cluttered workspace. And let's say I am frequently overwhelmed. LOL. Can't wait to implement some of your tips to make my space more "me." Thanks!  03.14.12 - 7:58am
Jennylynn - um. basically, this is AWESOME!!! I <3 all aspects and have heart this time and time again without putting it into practice! Absolutely stunning workspace Katelyn!   03.14.12 - 7:56am
Stephanie Dunn - Isn't she just the best?! So proud KK:) Your work space wouldn't be complete without an adorably cute puppy like Bokeh!  03.14.12 - 7:54am
BreezeStyling - BEAUTIFUL!!! What a great post!  03.14.12 - 7:52am
Christy - What a beautiful space, Katelyn! Love the colors, the clean and timeless. You and Jasmine are my absolute favorite photographers - I was SO excited to see you on her blog! Love you both. Thanks for the inspiration!! xo  03.14.12 - 7:52am
Beth Daane - True that! Beautiful heart, beautiful soul! :) Katelyn, you certainly do have a gift for mad decorating! Your space is stunning!  03.14.12 - 7:51am
Ashley Daniell - I've always LOVED your space Katelyn! It's clean, refreshing, and beautiful! Just like your work!   03.14.12 - 7:51am
Alicia - This post was so inspiring Katelyn, thank you! I love your production flow charts-brilliant! Your office is beautiful. Here's to one day getting off the rolling desk and into a beautiful setting like yours! :)  03.14.12 - 7:51am
Leigh-Ellen - Can I live in your office?? I'm particularly in love with your work flow presentation. So much better than a white board.   03.14.12 - 7:48am
Deborah Zoe - This makes me so happy! First I get to hug Jasmine in Boston now Katelyn you're on her blog! What a week! So incredibly proud of you! You're such an inspiration:)!  03.14.12 - 7:48am
Katie Nesbitt - Great tips, Katelyn!! I can't wait to learn more on FRIDAY!!!! BTW, I'm definitely going to get my logo framed!  03.14.12 - 7:46am
molly stillman - YAY! this is so awesome!!! congratulations, katelyn!! and i just love your workspace so much - but i've probably told you that a bazillion times. :P haha   03.14.12 - 7:45am
Natalie - As one of Katelyn's brides AND a wedding photographer - I am blown away by her branding and passion for everything she does! She has been an incredible inspiration to me and I honestly can't wait for her to be a part of my very own wedding day!  03.14.12 - 7:44am
Jade - Love love love... Two of my most admired Photographers :) whenever I need inspiration, you are both who I turn too :)  03.14.12 - 7:43am
Emilia Jane - Aww I love this! And you've totally inspired me to get even more organized on paper instead of just online!  03.14.12 - 7:38am
Tara - I just love her decorating skills! WOW! Can she come do that for me? :)   03.14.12 - 7:29am
Rachel Tatem - What an awesome workspace, you definitely have a great eye for decor! I love your framed white boards, my husband thinks I'm crazy for liking having something to touch instead of just a spread sheet.   03.14.12 - 7:26am
Malinda Warder - Love your space as well as all of the workflow ideas! BRILLIANT & effective. Thanks for sharing!  03.14.12 - 7:19am
Dana Laymon - I absolutely love this! i love workspace inspiration and you have definitely done a great job! Thanks for sharing!  03.14.12 - 7:19am
Janelle Chung - I love Katelyn's space!!! I am a follower of her blog and she is so inspriational to many! This girl is just awesome!!!  03.14.12 - 7:10am