03.23.12 Personal

He Looks How I Feel

e're home from being gone four weeks and finally settling back into the regular hum of life. I suppose I could pretend the laundry was done and put away, or, heck, even pretend I'VE UNPACKED MY BAG, but why front? My biggest accomplishment in the past two days was putting on yoga pants and getting the steps, Internet, baby steps.

Polo and I have mostly taken refuge under a blanket, talking only when necessary. And by necessary I mean turning to my suitcase and asking, Why haven't you unpacked yourself?!?

Today we're going to LA to see the premiere of Hunger Games...and if I go in something nicer than yoga pants, I'm going to high-five myself.
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Melbourne Pet Photography - We love Polo. He just looks so super cuddly!  03.28.12 - 4:58am
Lorna - gorgeous picture of Polo x  03.27.12 - 3:10pm
Vanessa Balenovich - Thank you so much for doing this!! The night was truly amazing!! I can't beging to tell you how The FIX has chaged my way of thinking not only in my business but also my life. There are so many times during the week that I go back to points you made. I must be rubbing off on my family -the other day my daughter said- "what would Jasmine do?" -LOL. Just wanted to say thank you for all the hours and hard work you, JD and Polo put into this and know that you have touched so many people in such a positive way. xo  03.27.12 - 6:36am
Anil Fernandes - Sorry this is off the mood here. I had a question. I noticed that Polo is like smooth satin white and usually merges with the background light? do you ever face challenge to seperate him from the background and avoid merging him. I sometimes face similar problem when photographing my pet cat and He is super white on his face and abdomen and has super black back and shooting him b/w because whichever i shoot (over or underexpose) it merges with the background some or the other way .   03.26.12 - 2:21pm
Antonis - You may feel spent, exhausted, and light-headed, but the way you made thousands of photographers feel is worth it, I hope. I think I speak for many of us when I say, "Thank you" for your words, your advice, and your inspiration. I'm honored to have met you.  03.26.12 - 8:20am
Tobie Patzkowsky - Polo is so cute  03.26.12 - 1:52am
Evonne & Darren - It was so great to see you, JD and a little glimpse of Polo! Hope you had a great weekend and got some rest! xoxo  03.25.12 - 9:18pm
Edouard Montfort - Lovely photo...  03.25.12 - 10:06am
cassandra-m - a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e little polo!!!!  03.25.12 - 12:59am
Kimberly Murray - Saw the picture of you and JD at the premiere. I hope you gave yourself a high five!  03.23.12 - 10:48pm
Tina Nandi - Relax, recuperate, you deserve it!! Well done, you! :)  03.23.12 - 9:11pm
Amy Jensen - Crawl back under those blankies, Jasmine, and just breathe ... doctors orders. (uh - actually i'm not a doctor but know what it feels like to be that exhausted). Cozy blanket, squishy pillow, and fuzzy socks = Aaaahhhhhhh ...  03.23.12 - 8:44pm
Nikki Closser - Yay for yoga pants and the Hunger Games!! I'm going to show my husband this blog entry so that he knows I'm not the only one who doesn't unpack right away.  03.23.12 - 8:12pm
Janet Cruz - Oh thank goodness for Polo and yoga pants <3   03.23.12 - 7:37pm
Jennifer Medeiros - Hunger Games!! Can't wait!!  03.23.12 - 3:55pm
Life with Kaishon - Yoga pants are fine for movies!  03.23.12 - 3:20pm
Mikaela - your giant leaps across the country and this industry have given you the okay for the baby steps and relaxation. soak it in! xoxo  03.23.12 - 2:59pm
Bethany Ann - Enjoy being home! Take your time and relax. You were awesome at The Fix in Nashville, as I'm sure you were at every other city. You've helped so many of us! :) Happy Weekend!!!   03.23.12 - 2:56pm
Liz Lovi - You've been working your butt off, so you deserve to live in yoga pants for {long} a while! :)  03.23.12 - 2:38pm
Ashlee - My Christmas decorations still haven't taken themselves down.....I hope your suitcase doesn't follow their example!! However if it does I have found that finding a nice corner to put it in keeps it quiet for a few days/months. Welcome home!!! :O)   03.23.12 - 2:32pm
Alaina Bos - I'm sure it's been a long four weeks sleeping on a bus! Glad you're taking some time for yourself and cuddling with your baby!  03.23.12 - 1:26pm
Darren Caballero - The yoga pants part made me LOL. Enjoy it!! I can't wait to see it either. :D  03.23.12 - 1:04pm
Elaine - Welcome home. You worked your bum of these past 4 weeks. R&R baby! I hope your sleep cycle gets back on track soon! XOXO  03.23.12 - 1:04pm
Christina Wall - My bags are still unpacked from my Christmas vacation.. Hope you do better than me! Glad you are back home!  03.23.12 - 1:03pm
Haley Johnston - Glad to hear you are able to relax with your fur baby!   03.23.12 - 1:02pm
Liz - I am glad I am not the only one who asks the suitcase that very same question ;)  03.23.12 - 12:54pm
Ashley Goodwin - ME. TOO! I have been waking up super early due to the time difference and all, but yesterday it was a whole lot of Jersey Shore catching up and trying to remember where everything is in this house. Feels strange being home, doesn't it? I bet Polo Bear is happy!!!  03.23.12 - 12:53pm
Darci - Owned By 2 Pugs - You can always go in PJ pants!! :-)  03.23.12 - 12:45pm
Eileen - Yoga pants rule  03.23.12 - 12:41pm
Lars J Photography - Four weeks is a long time. I couldn't imagine the life on the road like that. Wedding season is kicking off so I know there is more travel to come. Looking forward to seeing a season of great pictures.  03.23.12 - 12:40pm
Tami Inoue - Glad to hear you're taking it easy for a couple days. :)  03.23.12 - 12:29pm
Shauna - You deserve to lay low and chill for at least a week! I'm sure I'm not the only one that's thankful to have met you- you totally rocked it out. PS: I'm seeing Hunger Games Sunday to feel like a teenager all over again Stoked.  03.23.12 - 12:12pm
Elizabeth - home is where the heart is...glad you had a safe and fun trip....but nothing like your own bed and pillow...have a wonderful weekend Jasmine and JD oh of course Polo  03.23.12 - 12:11pm
Robyn - I say rock the yoga pants. You've earned it! (I tell myself the same darn thing... sooo often!)   03.23.12 - 12:06pm
Sydni Jackson - enjoy your time off! you deserve to relax :)  03.23.12 - 11:38am
Claudia - Nothing wrong with yoga pants...I love them, I wish I can shoot wedding with them. :)  03.23.12 - 10:17am
LEOLAK - POLO PIC!! Ahh...he's so stinky cute! Darn that suitcase for being so defiant! LOL Enjoy the movie...I have to get to reading that so I can see it! Jennifer Lawrence is one funny girl (Chelsea Lately interview was hilarious)! Enjoy your time getting back into the swing of deserve a nice long rest!!  03.23.12 - 10:15am
Katelyn James - Love me some polo!  03.23.12 - 9:42am
Meg Courtney - Woot woot for The Hunger Games! Enjoy your break from the busy-ness :)  03.23.12 - 9:34am