03.27.12 Photography Gear

Win a Canon 5DMII from Adorama!!!

D and I are meeting with our accountant this week for...wait for it...taxes. While this is normally a lackluster moment for any business owner, I definitely use as leverage for emotional purchases. In the midst of preparing our financial records, I'll usually point out that I should've invested in gear for more write-offs and JD will absentmindedly nod his head...which I'll interpret as free reign to buy new gear (ladies, you can thank me for this technique later). I'm excited because I'm buying the new Canon 5DMIII from Adorama...but this news gets even BETTER...because...

Adorama is sponsoring one of the biggest giveaways this blog has ever seen! Yes, one lucky winner will score so much swag JD even wants to enter the contest to keep my spending at bay!

If you'd like to be entered to win a...
* Canon 5DMII with a Canon EF 24-105L Image Stabilized Lens
* Think Tank Photo Roller Luggage
* SanDisk 16G Extreme Pro CF card
* SanDisk 8G Memory Vault
{that's almost $3,500 in gifts!)
...then feel free to sign up on There you'll be entered for this giveaway and even if you don't win, another lucky Adorama contestant will win $200 to spend that month (it'll automatically sign you up for both contests when registering).

The deadline to enter is THIS Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 9pm EST and the winner will be picked on Monday...I'll do a End Zone Dance right along with you. Well, really, just because I like dancing.

I'm terribly excited for what's in store and I hope it's the start of amazing things in 2012! If you'd like to see my entire gear set-up, you can feel free to check out this blog post for more details.

Happy Tuesday!
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Surrey wedding photographer - I can't believe I mist the deadline.. Doah! Congratulations to the winner.   04.30.12 - 4:51pm
Bethany Fegles - Woo-hoo, I love me a contest!! :) Thank you!  04.01.12 - 11:43pm
Danyiel J - Since I didn't win the Mega Millions this would certainly be the next best thing.  04.01.12 - 7:38pm
1314 STUDIO - Just missed the Mega, now hoping for this one! lol, :-)  04.01.12 - 7:04pm
May - Love the 5DMII! crossing my fingers!  04.01.12 - 1:03pm
Jessica Lee - WOW!! This is so amazing!! Thank you so much Jasmine + Adorama for such a generous give-away!! Fingers crossed...   04.01.12 - 11:55am
Vika Aaltonen - Thsnk you for this post!!! Would be a dream cone true to win it! Hope you feel better soon! Vika A.  04.01.12 - 10:45am
Vika Aaltonen - That would be a dream come true!!! Thanks for this post! Hope you feel better soon! Vika A.  04.01.12 - 10:38am
Dee - Thank you for this giveaway. I think I might pee my pants if I win. Just kidding... or not. Ha! ;)  04.01.12 - 10:15am
Jenny @ Hank + Hunt - What a great giveaway! Thanks so much! xoxo  04.01.12 - 10:12am
Susan - This is a good give a way! Fingers crossed!  04.01.12 - 9:32am
Brooke - What if I'm already an Adorama customer? LOVE THEM!! What an awesome giveaway, I would love to win, thank you!  04.01.12 - 1:17am
LILIA - I just signed up. I"ll be waiting Thanks Jasmine :)  03.30.12 - 10:34pm
sarah - Cool...I've always wanted to see what it's like to be a Canon girl. Thanks for the chance to win my way there!  03.30.12 - 7:58pm
Chase Williams - Sooo cool!! Jasmine you rock for doing cool contests like this!! Hope to win something sweet!! :)  03.30.12 - 12:57pm
Jessica Buck - Oh I hope I win! I need to upgrade, so I can get my business off the ground!   03.30.12 - 11:57am
Samantha - Oh how would love to win this to up grade from my other camera. <3   03.30.12 - 7:43am
CheriAnn - WOW! This is a super exciting contest! Someone is going to be thrilled to find out they've won! I can barely sit still in my seat for thoughts that there's a remote chance it could be me! This will make someone's day/week/month/year! I can't stop making exclamation marks!!!!!  03.29.12 - 7:39pm
Tiffany Stuart - Wow, I'd love to win. I have a wedding photo shoot, my first one ever, in June. And I'm already dreaming of how to make the pics pop.. This is a shoot of a friend of mine's daughter. They are on a budget so I hope and pray I do them justice. The wedding photos are so important.   03.29.12 - 7:21pm
Kellie J - This is such a generous giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity! xo  03.29.12 - 5:15pm
Justin Douglas - I so just signed up and hope to win. Thanks Jasmine and JD  03.29.12 - 2:52pm
AmandaW - Yahoo yip yip, thank you for the chance!!  03.29.12 - 2:13pm
Adam - I will not sleep until April 1st !!:):) Thanks Jasmin !!  03.29.12 - 2:09pm
Phil Thornton - Wow, amazing give away! Very generous of you and Adorama! Would be sweet to win!  03.29.12 - 12:44pm
melanie doutre - EEEEPPPPPSSSSS.... I think i would die! What an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much adorama & Jasmine! On another note @Priscilla before me...I was literally LOL at your april fools joke ;))   03.29.12 - 12:00pm
amanda - I love Adorama, thanks so much for this great contest!  03.29.12 - 11:47am
Blair Van Bussel - SO exciting! Crossing my fingers!! :) Thanks Jasmine & Adorama!  03.29.12 - 11:28am
Brooke - Holla! I SOOOO need this!!! Thx!  03.29.12 - 11:20am
Roy - Love it, thanks for the opp!  03.29.12 - 11:17am
Nancy Mitchell - Thanks for sharing this giveaway! I LOVE contests:)   03.29.12 - 10:33am
LoriT. - Wow! I would be so blessed to win this!! :)  03.29.12 - 10:18am
Christina B - Wow this is awesome!!!  03.29.12 - 9:22am
Crystal - Sweet - thanks for the opportunity! I am launching my business very soon and would love this camera! Don't laugh, but I'm still shooting with my Rebel (which I love!).  03.29.12 - 9:07am
jasmin.D - Just signed up ..i hope this sin't a april fool joke from adorama  03.29.12 - 7:39am
Kara - I am so hoping to win this. It would be incredible!  03.29.12 - 6:57am
MelissaFoscardo - Awesome giveaway! Thanks Jasmine and Adorama!!  03.29.12 - 6:28am
Michelle - I hope hope hope I win this. It would completely change my life!!!  03.29.12 - 6:06am
danielle - eeeep! thxs so much for doing this-i was just drooling over the Mark III online lol  03.29.12 - 5:06am
Susie Katz - Wow, I would be willing to convert from Nikon to Canon if I won!  03.29.12 - 4:32am
Paula - What a great give away, I hope I am a very lucky winner!!!! Thanks for the post. You rock!!!   03.29.12 - 1:36am
Lindsay Hart - AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing... you know, I meant to ask you at theFIX if you were planning on making the leap! Let us know how you like the III :)  03.28.12 - 9:42pm
Jay Rivera - Ok, I signed up! I am crossing my fingers so bad for this! Thank you for sharing this awesome giveaway!  03.28.12 - 8:08pm
Tanya Petraglia - WOW! IM SWEATING... REALLY. Thank you Jasmin.  03.28.12 - 6:05pm
Ewa - Awww... So cool!  03.28.12 - 4:18pm
amanda - Thanks for the chance to win Jasmine and Adorama! You both rock as much as anyone can.  03.28.12 - 4:10pm
Ana Telma - I signed up at the contest, but it just mentions the $200 giveaway, not the MII!! Where is it???  03.28.12 - 3:20pm
Kim C - Just enter the slot that says its for the $200 and that enters in for your giveaway too? Wow. I never win sweet things like this--praying for this blessing!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!  03.28.12 - 1:16pm
Nicole Warner - Please? :D  03.28.12 - 1:10pm
karina - Do you think that someone like me from far far away (Poland) could win?? 5D is my dream...   03.28.12 - 12:53pm
Heather Brandt - What an awesome giveaway! Yay!  03.28.12 - 12:37pm
Dana - what an awesome giveaway!!! :) xo,dana  03.28.12 - 12:32pm
{leah} - Seriously fabulous giveaway! Of course I've been drooling over this since they announced it's release! Congrats on the upgrade! Good luck to all the entrants! ^_^  03.28.12 - 12:21pm
Emily Ebeling - Wow- this would be more than amazing :) This would make my YEAR!!! lol ;)  03.28.12 - 12:19pm
Samantha June - I can't even begin to fathom winning this! AMAZING giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, fingers crossed! :)  03.28.12 - 12:07pm
Sharna - Good luck everyone!   03.28.12 - 11:56am
jami - Oh my Lord, I can't even imagine!! Now, THIS would make a hubby happy!  03.28.12 - 11:41am
Marissa M - Pick me, pick me and make all my wildest dreams come true.   03.28.12 - 11:25am
Jessica - Thanks, Jasmine. :)   03.28.12 - 10:21am
Gunnar - Yes! Now its my turn, hopefully :-) Few days ago I dropped my camera on the floor and now its broken. Im in! I have to practise my moves.... Go dancing .... Go dancing :-)  03.28.12 - 9:38am
Meg - YAY! I'd love to have a markiii  03.28.12 - 8:19am
Misty - Oooohhhh, I've been wanting a new camera for awhile but couldn't pull the trigger. This would be icing on my cake!  03.28.12 - 7:53am
Sarah Mariel - Oh my goodness. Monday's my birthday. If I won, that would ne the best birthday present. EVER!  03.28.12 - 7:51am
Susan Evans - OMG I have dreamed of owning a 5D, but without winning one that would be a "way down the road" dream. Thank you J* for posting this!! Anxious to hear (and see) how you like your MarkIII!  03.28.12 - 6:39am
miriam leitner - wow - that is amazing! thank you! wanna do an end zone dance!  03.28.12 - 3:50am
Erin - Starting Photography class soon.....this would help in a big way!!!   03.28.12 - 3:04am
ronnie - SWAG= stuff we all get!!  03.28.12 - 12:46am
Mireya - Oh man!!! If I win I will go to a busy corner in L.A. and dance for five minutes no music, no rhythm. (For some reason I believe that promising I will do something ridiculous increases my odds, so far it hasn't worked)  03.28.12 - 12:37am
Rachele Scaringelli Watkins - What an AMAZING contest! I hope the 5DMIII was worth the wait! Yeay for new camera gear!! :o)  03.27.12 - 11:13pm
Shae Lorigan - My fingers are crossed!!  03.27.12 - 10:42pm
Fiona - :)   03.27.12 - 10:17pm
Joey - I love this contest and Jasmine I have heard from a couple people who have met you and think you are awesome! Still learning my camera, but it would be fun to have another one to play with.  03.27.12 - 9:28pm
Meranda Olson - EEEEEEKKKKK so flipping excited!!!! thanks for hosting this!   03.27.12 - 9:24pm
Weezie Keiner - Just started the serious thought process of switching from Nikon to Canon. How amazing it would be to win this and then be able to use the money I get for selling my Nikon equipment to purchase Canon lenses. Sounds like a dream come true!   03.27.12 - 9:01pm
Sara S - Holy schmoly! I would LOVE this! I'll share with JD if it improves my chances of winning LOL  03.27.12 - 8:12pm
Margie Visnick - Thanks for the heads up! Fingers crossed!  03.27.12 - 7:58pm
Laura Molloy - Love it!!  03.27.12 - 7:23pm
Jessica Chavez - Like if it wasn't enough to come and read your posts! this is what I call pampering your cyber friends :)   03.27.12 - 7:12pm
Ingrid - that would be incredible to win. Closing my eyes..making a wish. Thanks for sharing this!  03.27.12 - 7:02pm
Stacey Dawn - What a true gift this would be!  03.27.12 - 7:00pm
giedre - Yay! Just entered! I'm assuming I have to comment here to enter your giveaway and the money giveaway is separate? Because when I entered the adorama one, it only mentioned the mula. Keeping my fingers crossed!!! :)   03.27.12 - 6:50pm
shelley Hohe - I saw the place to sign up for the $200 gift card but not for the Camera. Oh boy, I could really use this camera!!!   03.27.12 - 6:35pm
Ninka - Crossing my fingers and toes, this would be a dream to win!  03.27.12 - 6:33pm
ashley barnett - Ya know, I played the super mega millions lottery today, and although my chances of winning that are zilch, I would totally be happy winning this instead :)   03.27.12 - 6:32pm
Emily - This would be amazing!! I would absolutely LOVE to win! It would be perfect for my photography internship this summer!  03.27.12 - 6:29pm
Deneen - Wow I would so love to win that sweet package it would be such a wonderful upgrade for me since I currently shoot with a Canon Rebel xti LOL. Thanks for the chance to win and I signed up over on Adorama :)  03.27.12 - 6:24pm
Cheri Bracic - DID IT!!!! So exciting! I never win anything. So if I won this it will be drawn on April 1st which is April Fools Day here in Canada. That would be the best joke EVER!!!!  03.27.12 - 6:21pm
Liz Lovi - Thank you for the link for the giveaway :) You are awesome!!  03.27.12 - 5:47pm
Lin - What a great opportunity to help me upgrade to full frame! Thanks Jasmine!  03.27.12 - 4:56pm
Jose Roces - WINNNINNNGG!!! lol  03.27.12 - 4:47pm
Jackie G - I would love to win this for my husband! Signed up! Time to do the happy dance and cross fingers! :)   03.27.12 - 4:30pm
Angie - This could be just what I need to launch into the photography biz...  03.27.12 - 4:20pm
Tami Inoue - Wow! Of course, I'd love to win, but I can't help but just be SOOOO excited for WHOEVER wins 'cause this is JUST SUCH AN AMAZING giveaway!! Way to go Adorama with your generosity!   03.27.12 - 4:20pm
djharner - AMAZING!!!! Would loe to win this  03.27.12 - 4:00pm
Allison - Thanks Jasmine and Adorama! He-he! Hope JD wins... :)  03.27.12 - 3:49pm
Lydia - LOVE Adorama!!  03.27.12 - 3:29pm
The New Diplomat's Wife - as usual, you're the best.  03.27.12 - 3:24pm
Dawn & Michael Mitchell - Thanks so much Jasmine (and JD) for alerting us to this. We really could use another camera for our wedding photography business. As always you two are the best!  03.27.12 - 3:13pm
Charlotte - OMG. I would die. I would just die. this would be the best thing EVER. I am praying to win. Thanks for making this possible, Jasmine. You really are my favorite photographer. (Phew, I can say that and not look like a suck up since you aren't choosing the winner!)   03.27.12 - 3:13pm
Jamie - Awesome giveaway!!!   03.27.12 - 3:05pm
Lindsay - My fav camera is broken and winning this would make it all better! I'm crossing everything I have. Thanks!  03.27.12 - 2:59pm
Juli L. - Thanks for the heads up! I would love to win this camera...nice!  03.27.12 - 2:53pm
Ashley Green - I just entered...praying for a win!! I never win anything, though!  03.27.12 - 2:48pm
jessica vidmar photography - this is soooo awesome! I'm spreading the word to all my photo friends...thanks!  03.27.12 - 2:32pm
Stephanie Stewart - Ooooh! I would love to win the gift card!!! I already know what I would buy...well, that would cover some of it anyway! Otherwise, more tax deductions, right?!   03.27.12 - 2:20pm
Robyn Barkley - I SO need to upgrade, so much so that I am willing to switch over from using Nikon! I am currently pushing my amature camera, amerture glass and SO AMATAURE of a flash. I have been praying for months that God would help me!! Gonna be waiting on Him for this one for sure :O)  03.27.12 - 2:19pm
Dayna - Fingers crossed for this - really hoping people outside the U.S are eligible!! Thanks for the contest and for your always entertaining posts. x  03.27.12 - 2:18pm
louise - Oh wow!! enjoy yours and good luck everyone x   03.27.12 - 2:17pm
Renee Tucker - How exciting...I sure hope the ODDS ARE EVER IN MY FAVOR!! Thank you Jasmine, JD and Adorama!!  03.27.12 - 2:15pm
Tammy - I've been longing for a new camera for more than a year! To win one would just be peaches!  03.27.12 - 2:13pm
Richard Grebby - I signed up but I wonder if im not allowed to win as im in the UK. I do have an address is can goto over there though :) Good luck everyone and thank you so much Jasmine for hosting the comp.  03.27.12 - 2:05pm
Mateo - hope this works for the european who follow this blog!!! that's the camera i want!!! :)  03.27.12 - 2:04pm
Barbara Marcella - ahh thank you this is amazing!!   03.27.12 - 1:58pm
Jacqueline - Thanks Jas! Lord willing I will win, my 5-D is broken so I would love the upgrade to this fabulousness.   03.27.12 - 1:57pm
cheryl - Fingers crossed, prayers said and thinking positively. What a great contest! Thanks!  03.27.12 - 1:53pm
moi - Great ;)  03.27.12 - 1:48pm
Jodie Lemke - done done done! SOOOO EXCITED! Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks J* Have a fabulous day!  03.27.12 - 1:47pm
Janet Gerbutavich - I would LOVE!!!! to win this, the link let me sign up for a 200.00 give away, not the camera and gear give away, what did I do wrong? Hurry don't want to miss the chance to win....and hey my birthday is next week.....SWEET birthday prize!!!  03.27.12 - 1:41pm
Adam Pacheco - The contest is not wokring. It appears the link is broken  03.27.12 - 1:24pm
Cathleen Siler - IS THIS A SIGN?! It says "We'll be back soon!" OMG! LOL  03.27.12 - 1:23pm
LaTara - Oh wow--what an amazing give away! Thanks so much, entering now!!  03.27.12 - 1:15pm
Allison - This is incredible! :)  03.27.12 - 1:14pm
David Thorson - Oh if I win I would pick a monkeys nose! (maybe not - but at least I would do a lil humpty dance)  03.27.12 - 1:00pm
Amanda Sanchez - Thank You for the link!  03.27.12 - 12:49pm
SILVIA BELL - Thank you for giving us this opportunity!  03.27.12 - 12:45pm
Jessica carney - Ooo la la!!! That would be awesome!  03.27.12 - 12:40pm
ANgelica - Love how J* referenced The Hunger Games! Like Katniss and Peeta I hope to WIN those odds! :-)  03.27.12 - 12:39pm
Steve Coombs - Thank-you for doing this! I love your work, your energy and your excitement to share your knowledge and be excited for those who learn with/from you. This giveaway would greatly boost my gear for the business I am trying to launch this year...  03.27.12 - 12:38pm
ellie - this would be wonderful. :)   03.27.12 - 12:37pm
Claudia - Entered.... thx.:)  03.27.12 - 12:35pm
Christy Marie - WOW! WOW! WOW! I was just drooling over this camera this morning on the Canon website.   03.27.12 - 12:31pm
Johane - Hi, I really need to win; this will replace my (very) old t1i !!!  03.27.12 - 12:30pm
April Cenora - It would be so amazingly awesome to win! Fingers crossed...arms, legs, eyes and toes too!  03.27.12 - 12:29pm
GRACE WONG - OMG I would be head over heels to win the new Canon 5D Mark III! I would be in heaven with that camera if i won it....  03.27.12 - 12:24pm
Krista Johnston - This would change my life, literally! All I have is a Rebel T1i. I hope I win.   03.27.12 - 12:21pm
Jen G - How awesome! *Swoon*  03.27.12 - 12:21pm
Allison Suter - Holy awesome-sauce. 5DMRKIII FTW!! Best giveaway ever.   03.27.12 - 12:20pm
Jen P - I would love to win! Thanks for the chance.  03.27.12 - 12:17pm
Tifani lyn - Ive been dreaming of a full frame for too long now, this would be the biggest blessing a camera lovin girl could ask for!   03.27.12 - 12:16pm
Ashley Goodwin - YOU BEST BELIVE I AM SIGNING UP. xo  03.27.12 - 12:14pm
Julie Blair - Just entered!! I would love to own such a wonderful camera! And all that other stuff looks fabulous too! Wow! Thanks Jasmine and thank you Adorama!  03.27.12 - 12:11pm
Christine Phillips - Wow! Fab contest - hoping this is the one I can finally score on! Thanks Jasmine!  03.27.12 - 12:10pm
Robin - I entered! Fingers crossed :) My current camera is too embarrassing to mention.  03.27.12 - 12:07pm
Stephanie - Awesome :)  03.27.12 - 12:07pm
Nikki - OMG!!!!!! This is the best news I've heard all day!!! Thanks Jasmine! I LOVE your blog!!  03.27.12 - 12:06pm
Rebekah - Awesome! Thanks.  03.27.12 - 12:05pm
Redstar - Winning will be huge for me?  03.27.12 - 12:02pm
Alexandra - I am from Germany and not sure if I am allowed to enter this but I'll try and believe in God's grace.   03.27.12 - 12:02pm
Anta - Being an April Fool's baby, winning this would definitely make all those years of being subjected to bad April Fool's jokes worth it! One question though, Jasmine: do you have to live in the US to enter or is this for readers that live outside the US as well? Either way, it's great to know that that camera we see right there could change someone's photographic destiny, whoever that may be!!  03.27.12 - 12:02pm
Johnny Testler - I understand that this is a promo that Adorama is using Jasmine to see how many people that she can sign up for the email list. If she signs up enough people, she will get her FREE Canon 5D Mark III. The contest ends on April 1. Sounds like a SCAM.  03.27.12 - 12:01pm
Mathieu Wauters - That is one amazing contest!  03.27.12 - 12:00pm
Meredith Sledge - I've wanted Mark II FOR SO LONG. I enter a contest like every two weeks. And I mean, the Mark III is pretty cool too.... Haha. Lucky girl!!! But I'll take a Mark II! Hoping I win with all my heart!  03.27.12 - 12:00pm
Mark Zemnick - I don't see anything on Adorama about the Free Giveaway on the Canon 5D Mark II. Might want to clarify with a direct link to the contest itself.  03.27.12 - 11:57am
Ashley - This is an AMAZING contest!  03.27.12 - 11:56am
francine - what an awesome giveaway!! thanks for sharing your blessings with us, jasmine!! :)  03.27.12 - 11:56am
Joice Kelly - Ohhh I need that camera!!! :D  03.27.12 - 11:54am
Jasmin - I want to upgrade my Rebel so bad and winning this would be great!  03.27.12 - 11:51am
Teri Salvino - Entered!!! Hope I win. It will be a gift to my daughter. :-)  03.27.12 - 11:46am
Teri Salvino - Entered!!! Hope I win. It will be a gift to my daughter. :-)  03.27.12 - 11:45am
Katie Turner - OHMY! So excited! I love my 5DMII but would LOVE even more to have another plus all the other fun giveaways!! Fingers crossed so many times, I can't see straight! :) Thanks for the contest!  03.27.12 - 11:45am
wilna - oh let it be me, me, meee!!!! :))  03.27.12 - 11:34am
Kendra Jean - Would love to win, entered!!! Thank you!  03.27.12 - 11:31am
Jackie Beale - how exciting!!! and thank you adorama for sponsoring!! :)  03.27.12 - 11:27am
Melissa Barron - I sign up for the giveaway, and it directed me to the $200 giveaway and nothing was mentioned about the camera. This is a sweet give away BTW! My little old canon 50D is ready to retire. To win would be awesome!!   03.27.12 - 11:26am
Hannah - Thank you!!!   03.27.12 - 11:23am
Sarah M - Oh yes please!!!  03.27.12 - 11:19am
Kristie Nicoll - Just what I need to pull me out of my funk this month! And then I could use my tax return to add to my much needed lens collection boost! RETAIL THERAPY FOR ALL!!  03.27.12 - 11:19am
Heather Shiver - Pleeease!!! I want to win! thank you for posting!  03.27.12 - 11:19am
Jennifer - I LIKE!!   03.27.12 - 11:17am
T - I want off my Rebel and onto a grown up camera   03.27.12 - 11:15am
Rebecca - Thank you for posting this information. I am going to enter right now :)  03.27.12 - 11:09am
desiree - This is awesome! Even though I shoot Nikon, I would LOVE to have a Canon to play with as well!!! :)  03.27.12 - 11:08am
Cassandra D. - Thanks! I've registered! Fingers crossed!   03.27.12 - 11:04am
Laura - Thanks Jasmine!  03.27.12 - 11:03am
Mehreen Qudosi - Oh my goodness, what an AMAZING giveaway! I'm currently using a Pentax istDL, and it's so old that it should be getting it's own social security pension soon. I entered my email on their site - I'm crossing my fingers! <3  03.27.12 - 11:03am
Yuliya M. - I'm still shooting with mark i, and I'm happy, but this would be a great deal.  03.27.12 - 11:02am
Edith - Woohoo, that's awesome! I am just in the process of upgrading my Xsi, wouldn't it be wonderful if my upgrade were a 5D. :-)  03.27.12 - 10:55am
Terence Alvares - Isn't 1st April dedicated to all the fools :P  03.27.12 - 10:55am
Steffen - Love it!! Fingers Crossed. :)  03.27.12 - 10:53am
Larissa - Wow! Entered and hoping to have a reason to do a little shimmy shimmy shake on Monday!   03.27.12 - 10:49am
Tori Gillit - "So you're sayin' there's a chance..." -Floyd Christmas. Here's hoping that I can upgrade from my 40D (that I'll still love ever so dearly if I don't win, but would gladly have as a back-up instead) Whoo-hoo!  03.27.12 - 10:49am
Lynette - I hope I win! Definitely need an upgrade!  03.27.12 - 10:49am
essiejane - My 20d has been begging me for about a year now to be just my back up. :) Great giveaway  03.27.12 - 10:47am
Tom K - Would love to get my hands on a full frame is tight.  03.27.12 - 10:45am
Hanna Salonen Photography - I just signed up under 'Hanna Stamper'. I didn't see a place to enter for the giveaway I hope my commenting to your post I am actually entering :)  03.27.12 - 10:44am
Alicia - What an amazing giveaway! A huge thanks to Adorama and to you! (And I love the previous post about how awesome your mom is, it made me smile.)  03.27.12 - 10:41am
Julie - Awesome!!  03.27.12 - 10:41am
Marla - Oh, fingers crossed. I'd love to see the video of you doing an End Zone dance for me!   03.27.12 - 10:40am
Sarah - Can people outside the US enter? *crosses fingers and squeezes eyes tight shut hoping for a yes*  03.27.12 - 10:33am
Danielle Nunes - Where do I sign up? !!  03.27.12 - 10:33am
Jasmine* - Yes, the sign-up page for the $200 contest and this contest are the same...once you sign up, you're golden! May the odds be ever in your favor! ;)  03.27.12 - 10:32am
Adam Packard - Clicking the Adorama link only pulls up the $200 GC contest, and doesn't mention the camera... should it?  03.27.12 - 10:29am
Michelle - ENTERRRRRRRRRRRRED! Oh, my goodness. I'm still rocking a 5D original. I love my baby but it's just about time for an upgrade. C'monnnnnn baby... mamma needs a brand new SLR!  03.27.12 - 10:28am
Rayleigh Leavitt - I hope I win!!! I need a new camera.  03.27.12 - 10:27am
V - I along with many are wondering, is this link only for the $200 card? It is the only thing that is on that page. Does entering for the $200 card enter you also into the drawing of the 5d2?  03.27.12 - 10:26am
Kristen - What an awesome opportunity. My poor 20D needs to go into retirement!  03.27.12 - 10:26am
Ali - Entering RIGHT NOW!  03.27.12 - 10:25am
Karen Lee - Just entered - crossing my fingers (and toes)!  03.27.12 - 10:24am
Whitney Dupuis - I went to the link you provided to enter at Adorama (how amazing would that gift be?!), but I only saw an entry for a $200 gift card. That would be great too, but it wouldn't buy me a 5dMII! Any suggestions?  03.27.12 - 10:23am
Angel Williams - How do we enter to win? All I can find is the email list sign-up.   03.27.12 - 10:22am
Aurora - Thank you for this amazing giveaway opportunity! This would be such a dream to true.  03.27.12 - 10:21am
Ceci - I sooo want this!!!.... eeek! so excited! I hope I get this....sooo NEEEEDed :D I was wondering if the link provided is also the entry to win the equipment or is just for the $200 gift card? It doesn't say anything about the 5D MarkIII??? hmm  03.27.12 - 10:20am
Amanda - How do you enter to win?  03.27.12 - 10:19am
Lupe Ruiz - OMG!!!! I hope I win!!!!  03.27.12 - 10:19am
Angel - The only sign up was for their email list?? I didn't see an entry form for this contest :(  03.27.12 - 10:19am
Paul - This looks like a pretty exciting contest - hoping to do an End Zone Dance with you, Jasmine!  03.27.12 - 10:18am
Whitney - I would LOVE love love this set up omg I am so excited. Thank you for posting! so much swag my head will explode!  03.27.12 - 10:18am
Jackie Lamas - what an amazing contest! I hope I win! How do we enter? By leaving a comment here?  03.27.12 - 10:17am
emily - WOW! That. is. AWESOME! exciting :)   03.27.12 - 10:17am
Keri - Wait, how do we enter to win?! :D  03.27.12 - 10:16am
Kimberly - So, when I enter the $200 giveaway, it automatically enters me into the camera giveaway? I am not seeing any link for the camera swag pack, just the $200.   03.27.12 - 10:16am
LEOLAK - CRAZY AWESOME!!! Got my fingers crossed!!!   03.27.12 - 10:15am
Blair - Amazing!! I can't wait to hear what you think of the MarkIII!  03.27.12 - 10:13am
Lindsay - Being an April Fools baby, this would be the perfect bday gift!!! :)  03.27.12 - 10:12am
Julie O'Dell - Camera LOVE!  03.27.12 - 10:11am
amy - i signed up for the $200 does that also sign me up for the camra??   03.27.12 - 10:10am
cristen flores - Just did! So easy! I should get an extra "I did it early point"!!!!  03.27.12 - 10:09am
Tina Nandi - Awesome! I actually just searched your blog for that post this morning as was planning for a possible wedding shoot in a couple of months!  03.27.12 - 10:09am
Adam Sullivan - Thanks for the tip, Jasmine! Entered and shared it.  03.27.12 - 10:08am
Life with Kaishon - Oh my goodness. Exciting!  03.27.12 - 10:08am
Jenna - Just signed up on Adorama. It didn't say anything about this giveaway though...hope I'm still entered in both. I also hope that I'm the one doing the End Zone dance with you!!! I may still be working on my photography but I can definitely rock out an AWESOME End Zone dance. ;0)  03.27.12 - 10:07am
jeanine - Oh man! I've been dreaming of this camera for years (yes, I know it just came out!)!! I promise to not open the email saying I won until my birthday on the 3rd! Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway.  03.27.12 - 10:06am
Kimberly Murray - OMG! I'm so excited. I shot my first solo wedding this weekend, and I rented the 5D Mark II as a backup/second camera. (I own a 7D.) I fell in love. I can only imagine how fabulous the III is. Heading over to Adorama to enter. Thanks for the heads up!  03.27.12 - 10:05am
Nick Gonzalez - Jaw dropping! WOW!  03.27.12 - 10:03am
Jessi - How do you enter Jas? I could so use this for my photography! Im using a Rebal XSi! :O  03.27.12 - 10:02am
Michelle Dudley - Oh wow!! Saying a prayer now!!!  03.27.12 - 10:00am
Anokhi Shah - Are you automatically entered to win the camera if you sign up for their $200 giveaway?   03.27.12 - 10:00am
Andrea - I want I want I want!!!! OMG, I never win anything, please let this be the time! Do you only enter your email address in their giveaway?  03.27.12 - 9:59am
heaven - Q. so when we follow the link it's to sign up for the newsletter and be entered for the $200.. is that the right link? VERY VERY cool contest by the way. would make my decade! xx  03.27.12 - 9:59am
Claudine - Oh my.... Holding fingers, until they go blue and fall off. I would die for this prize, it would help the hub and I out so much, with the little weeding biz we are trying to set up. Jasmine, I am so glad I discovered your blog. You are a gem :-)  03.27.12 - 9:58am
Caron Cooper - WOW!! Yes please and thank you. Signing up now. Happy Tuesday!  03.27.12 - 9:57am
Sarah D'attoma - Wow!! This is amazing!! Thank you Jasmine for hosting such an amazing giveaway!!  03.27.12 - 9:57am
Tina Leu - Hmmm.. I followed the link and it just showed me the monthly giveaway of $200, nit the Mega pack of canon 5DMII swag. Unless that part if through you! Either way, I'm in! Entered! :)))  03.27.12 - 9:57am
Emily L - Do we just enter our email where it says to sign up for the $200? Does that qualify us for the MKii??  03.27.12 - 9:56am
Jake Nabutovsky - Sounds great but where do you enter?)  03.27.12 - 9:55am
Marya - Ohhhhlalala! This would just save my budget! Crossing my fingers! Thanks Jasmine and Adorama!  03.27.12 - 9:54am
Spence - I'll sign up just to see the dance! lol  03.27.12 - 9:53am
Dewi - Awesome ! Thank you for the info. I will definitely do it right now.  03.27.12 - 9:53am
Kara M - Wow! Of all the contests I've seen across the blog world, this has to be the coolest! My heart jumped a little! :D  03.27.12 - 9:51am
Sydney Paige Hollingsworth - HECKKK YESSSSSHHHAAAAAAA! Entered!!!! *Spinning around and doing a little dance (okay not so little)*  03.27.12 - 9:50am
Melissa Jean - So doing this! Maybe I'll finally be a winner!  03.27.12 - 9:50am
Kandise - Done and done. Bring it on :D Can't wait to hear what you think of the MkIII!  03.27.12 - 9:50am
Priscilla - I hope this isnt a "April fools" joke from Adorama... " Hi, you won the Canon 5D! ME: "Really?!" Adorama: " hahah just kidding April Fools!"   03.27.12 - 9:47am