Los Angeles Engagement Photos : Elyse+Andrew

he'll never forget the way he looked pushing her and her roommate on a sled over a chilly Boston ice skating rink, his face flushed from just under his ski hat. Elyse met Andrew by way of Natalee, who worked for Andrew. It was their company's ice skating night and Natalee invited Elyse to join her. That evening she met his adorable ski hat. And, yes, adorable is the word Elyse used to describe how he looked the first time she saw him.

After a few dinners out with mutual friends, her graduation party from Boston University, and asking for her phone number while celebrating a friend's birthday, Andrew showed up on Elyse's doorstep with a bouquet of sunflowers. Her favorite. They enjoyed dinner, dessert, and later that evening joined friends for what could've been the best first date, well, ever.

A few months later, Elyse interviewed for jobs in California, but her heart vacillated between coasts as she wondered what would happen to her and Andrew's new relationship. However, before they started dating, he'd been interviewing for a job in California as seemed as if life was pointing them to the West coast. Together. They've since settled in Los Angeles, but will wed in New York City later this year with many thanks to a ski hat and a bouquet of sunflowers.

I'm terribly excited to be photographing Elyse and Andrew's wedding because spending an afternoon with them made me smitten with everything they are. I was lucky enough to shoot their engagement photos in the Larchmont neighborhood where they spend their weekends at farmer's markets, buying great wine, and enjoying their favorite indulgences.

Elyse and Andrew have great taste, so when they recommended one of their favorite pizzarias for a midday snack, I couldn't have been happier. I mean, a little bit of bling and mozzarella are a match made in heaven...

After a quick change, we walked to one of Andrew's favorite wine stores and picked out something nice to go with dinner later that evening...

The weather was spectacular on Monday, so we enjoyed roaming the streets adjacent to Larchmont and the beautiful light it provided...

Many thanks to The Dry Bar on Sunset Boulevard for doing a phenomenal job with Elyse's hair and Jessica at Blushington for a lovely job with makeup...oh, and Elyse? Rawr.

To see more of Elyse and Andrew's Los Angeles engagement photos, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with music by Hannah Miller provided by The Music Bed.
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James Melia - Loving this, beautiful work as always  04.12.12 - 11:26am
Wedding Photography Melbourne - Very relaxed and casual.  04.08.12 - 3:41am
Ariana Watts - Love the photo In the wine store!   04.07.12 - 7:43am
Jessica - I love these photos! Just beautiful!  04.06.12 - 9:32am
LEOLAK - GORGE!!!!  04.05.12 - 10:07pm
Brad - Pizza + wine + engagement pictures? Sounds like a perfect day to me, love it!  04.05.12 - 9:29pm
Bowerbird Photography - Love the lifestyle look here - we really get a sense of the couple's personality!  04.05.12 - 8:04pm
Ashley Goodwin - The pizza and the ring! How REAL!  04.05.12 - 7:19pm
Mikaela - beautiful! love the different angles and how they included their 'favorite indulgences' throughout :)  04.05.12 - 3:59pm
Elizabeth Rose - I love her flowered dress, and the shot in the wine shop is just beautiful!  04.05.12 - 1:37pm
rich - beautiful images! love love the personal touches throughout!  04.05.12 - 12:50pm
Shauna Nicole - As usual - I love. <3  04.05.12 - 12:46pm
Stephanie Stewart - I don't know what it is about this session...Aha, I just figured it out! I love that they used their own neighborhood for their photos, you can see just how comfortable they are not only with each other but in their surroundings. Perfection!  04.05.12 - 12:23pm
stacey ramsey photographie - Beautiful light and compositions Jasmine! well done!  04.05.12 - 12:22pm
Lauren Kim Photography - What a gorgeous little love story with beautiful photos to match :-)  04.05.12 - 10:32am
Haley Johnston - Gorgeous! :)  04.05.12 - 9:52am
Whitney Bower - gorgeous work as always... crispy, clear, and beautiful light. Now, I want pizza, thanks! =)   04.05.12 - 9:46am
Gail - GORGEOUS couple! Love that perspective in the first shot. And looks like they live in a super cool neighborhood in the city!   04.05.12 - 9:41am
Kristyn Farrell - LOVE the focus on some of the couple's favorite places...killer portraits, keeping it incredibly photojournalistic. if you just happened to be witnessing a very sweet date. Gorgeous as usual!  04.05.12 - 9:35am
Kathryn Denelle Stevens - The light in that last photo is yummy...and now I want pizza!  04.05.12 - 9:30am
B - Great job, Jaz! I love the lighting on all the shots.   04.05.12 - 9:24am
molly - oh. my. wow. these are fabulous! i love how they kept the whole shoot true to their personalities - the pizza, the wine, the love! i love it all! can't WAIT for their wedding!  04.05.12 - 9:17am
Liz - These are just so naturally gorgeous!! Thanks for the Music Bed link - I'm an editor and always looking for new songs for projects!  04.05.12 - 9:08am